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Where Can I Find a 9-2x?

rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
edited March 2014 in Saab
This is it folks. Get'em while they're hot(?)!




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    jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    I wonder how much a Certified one would be in a coupla years. :)

    Perhaps people should wait for the Saab year end clearance.
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    drovemalldrovemall Member Posts: 29
    Yeah - Im so happy that Subaru finally cut loose Saab the dying quail of the auto industry. The Saab is like a car without a country . The marketing is pure bs " born from jets" ha born from 40 Years of Subaru technology . Saab dosent know how good they had it with a reliable engine and driveline !!! sionara Saab its back to the drawing board for the only thing that remains about that car is the logo to be traded , swapped and sold to the lowest bidder. I cant wait to see what frankenstein car they come out with next. Should be good for a chuckle . at least they are not ruining the Subaru name anymore.
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    jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    You might want to hurry. Production stopped a long time ago.

    I think that with the dwindling supply there won't be additional cash. I'd just go down to my local dealer, see what they have left, and start the negotiations at invoice minus all incentives.

    As for the car, it is the exact same car as the Subaru Impreza, save for the front end.

    Last year during the GM Employee Pricing deals I recall dealers were selling out of the Aero models.
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    bigchiefbigchief Member Posts: 6
    I went to the local SAAB dealer with the infamous $5000K deal and they started "laughing." They only made a very limited amount of the cars they told me and very few dealers actually had them. So Edmunds really needs to retract the "Best Deal of the Month!" I have heard of loss leaders but after checking around in some very major cities I heard the same story. It reminded me of the commercial where they tell you the car is only $25K and then you get down there and it is $35K and they never really made but one of the $25K cars for the entire country!
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    dino001dino001 Member Posts: 6,181
    Well, I don't know the details, but it doesn't really surprise me. If it was a customer cash, they would have to hand it to the customer, but if it was a marketing support and there is one left... Perhaps a sucker shows up and half of the dealership will go to Hawaii ;) Kinda game of chicken - who will budge first.

    Most likely the cars simply aren't there, as they manufactured something like 2000 of them over the year.

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    zoozeekzoozeek Member Posts: 32
    Yesterday I did some research in Southern California:

    The discount on the 9-2X is now $6,000... there are three available in Saab of South Bay (Torrance, CA), one at Continental Motors (Oceanside, CA), as well as several at Lund Saab (Phoenix, AZ), including the very base model in black, out the door for $19,450. I was hoping for the discount to go up to $6,000, but now that it has, I don't know whether to buy one or to wait for a $7,000 discount!
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    ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, if it's a dealer incentive they don't necessarily have to give it to you, or even let you know about it. Some use the money for advertising, for instance.

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    qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 33,026
    did you actually contact those dealers?

    i thought maybe you found them with an online locator, but I have been unable to locate the locator. Is there one?

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    zoozeekzoozeek Member Posts: 32
    I contacted four dealerships by phone. Three of them had 9-2Xs in stock.
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    jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    My bets are that the last of the 9-2Xs are at larger Saab dealerships like The Saab Exchange, Nxcess Saab,Jim Ellis Saab, or Lund Saab.(which someone says has 3) (I don't know if those are large Saab dealers, but I've heard of all of them, and the fact that they are no where near my house means that they must at least have a somewhat large internet presence)

    My local Saab-Jaguar-Porsche-Audi dealer is completely out of the 9-2X. I don't even know if they ever carried the car. They have a handful of Saabs, and that's about it. They mostly carry Audis.

    Does anybody know how resale is holding up on these things? With all the rebates, it might be better to go Certified-Pre-Owned in a few years...
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    earlamearlam Member Posts: 6
    I found a 9-2x aero at the local dealer. It seems like you get a better warranty on a CPO rather new, there should be some costs associated with that. Now the car is true one year old.
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