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Saab 9-2x Accessories & Modifications

svobodny88svobodny88 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Saab
Does anyone know if the new 92-X will have an optional roof rack ? the photos from the show seem to show an aftermarket/Thule type of rack......would prefer one like is on the WRX wagon for carrying my kayak.


  • New to this board and with a new 9-2x Aero. Just wondering if any 2x owners have any info yet on availability of gauges that fit well in the interior. The Sub WRX lists some gauges in their Performance Gauge pack option (turbo boost, volt, oil temp and gauge housing) and I was wondering if anyone knew where they go and if they might be a good possibility for the 9-2x that looked like they belonged there (as opposed to some poor attempt at an aftermarket add-on).
  • snaab1snaab1 Posts: 14
    I test drove the Aero 5-speed the other day and the sales guy gave me a 9-2x accessories catalog with Saab aftermarket items. In it is a "Sports Gauge Pack" which is a 3-gauge cluster with turbo boost, voltage and oil temperature. Price is $735 plus $90 for the housing unit, and that does not include installation. Seems pricey to me, plus I can't really see where on the dash the thing would mount.

    I think I remember seeing a post that said no center arm rest for the 9-2x even though you could get one as an option for the WRX. Well, there is one in the catalog. It is not the kind that bolts into the side of the drivers seat, but is more like a taller center console with padding on the top. Extra storage plus an arm rest for $119.

    I think the best item in there is a short shift kit for $286. That's not a bad price compared to B&M short shifters. Try going to

    Oh, the test drive... I wasn't going to write about it because I am not sure if my dissatisfaction came from the 9-2x or the WRX on which it is based. I love the looks of the 9-2x (see my prior smarta** post) but just don't know if I can deal with no power until after 4000 rpm. The traditional Saab low end torque has spoiled me, plus my other turbo 4 (lightly-moded eclipse) explodes from 3000 on. The thing that I disliked the most was on the highway at 60-65mph in 5th gear, stand on the gas, and absolutely nothing happens. Even modest highway passing will always require a downshift. Also, the power delivery after 4000rpm seemed very non-linear up to 5500rpm (out of respect for its future owner, I did not subject the test car to its 7000rpm redline). The boost just seemed real jerky, not smooth. Does this sound like the typical power delivery of the WRX? Someone please tell me that my car just wasn't broken in.

    There was no trying to disguise the true roots of the car, and I loved that - the rear seats had a clear plastic cover on them labeled "Subaru"! Steering, suspension and interior noise level were excellent.

    The dealer also had a Car and Driver road test handout on the 9-2x, and it said 0-60 in 6.1 and the 1/4 in 14.7. Car and Driver's test of the WRX had 0-60 in 5.4. The 9-2x is only 164 more pounds than the 9-2x, so asside from test conditions, temperature and such, why would the 9-2x be so much slower? Did GM dink around with this car to make it slower??? Any thoughts on that???
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Even modest highway passing will always require a downshift. Also, the power delivery after 4000rpm seemed very non-linear up to 5500rpm (out of respect for its future owner, I did not subject the test car to its 7000rpm redline). The boost just seemed real jerky, not smooth. Does this sound like the typical power delivery of the WRX?

    The WRX comes on strong from about 3000 rpm and up. Yes there is turbo lag below that, but your comment that power is only from 4000 rpm and up sounds very fishy.

  • wolftimwolftim Posts: 34
    Last I checked they do offer the moonroof standalone. It costs about 1200 to have installed. Also the 17" rim/tire package costs about 1800. If you get GM employee discounts then it should be cheaper.
  • saaby92xsaaby92x Posts: 8
    This is a dealer install option? did not show the moonroof available a la
    carte, only packaged with the 17" rims for 1950$.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Must be aftermarket. There are a lot of good aftermarket shops in the DC area, they usually charge just under a grand.

    I might take a job with GM, then quit, just to be eligible. :P

  • wolftimwolftim Posts: 34
    Honestly, I have had a problem accessing When I did they had a lot of good info but it was not as much as the dealer offered. I saw a 9-2x at the dealer that had the rims added on after the car was delivered. It was printed on a second sticker that also included the addition of rear cupholders, roofrack, rubber mat for the back/trunk area, and one other thing I can't remember. All these things were added on at the dealer to make it a more attractive package deal. When I bought my car, I was also looking at one without a moonroof. The dealership said they could add the moonroof whenever I wanted and it could even be added into the final deal and be done at a later date. I don't consider this aftermarket, especially since the dealer was the ones doing it. I could be wrong but when I went to the dealer there was a lot of additional a la carte options available without a package.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If it's not cut at the factory, it is aftermarket. A 3rd party is doing it. That dealer, who sold it to you, might warranty it, but other dealers most certainly will not.

    That's not a big deal - ASC usually makes them and certifies installers. I've personally owned 3 such moonroofs and all have been perfect. Problem rates are no higher than OE/factory.

    The installer warranties mine (Adler & Mandell).

  • saaby92xsaaby92x Posts: 8
    wolftim thx for the info. I'll ask the dealer about the moonroof.
    Look like they are taking the forums down for a couple of hours ..
    so catch everyone later...
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    You are very lucky if you haven't had any problems with aftermarket sunroofs. About 5 years ago, I was shopping for a used (1995-1997) Chrysler LHS and required a sunroof. Unfortunately, most of the cars I found had the power sunroofs installed after leaving the factory. They were all ASC units, and though the sunroofs themselves (except in one case) still functioned properly, I saw a myriad of problems caused by the installation - the most common of which were sagging headliners (I saw one car that was only three years old and the headliner had been literally stapled to the roof in four places to keep it from hanging down like a tapestry) and unusual rattles coming from the liner and B & C pillars.

    Because I require a sunroof and a lot of dealers around Minnesota don't stock cars with them, I've always get told by salespeople that they can just pull a car out of dealer stock without a roof and add one. I won't notice the difference (fat chance). I recall one saleperson actually telling me that the aftermarket sunroof is exactly the same as a factory roof (either he was a total moron or completely dishonest - considering the profession more likely a combination of the two). It certainly isn't the same.

    If you notice, for factory installation the roof is actually built for the unit. The steel around the unit is actually folded over for rigidity (open the roof on a factory unit and you see a metal lip around the opening - open the roof on an aftermarket unit and you'll see a big rubber molding/seal where that lip would be) and the headliner is constructed differently as well. What I'm trying to get at is that the car around the roof is built differently when it's installed at the factory. Factory roofs have a drain system and aftermarket roofs have big rubber seals to prevent leakage. Which would you rather have? A sunroof in a car built for a sunroof or a sunroof in a car where someone has a carved a hole in the roof using a Milwaukee Sawzall, pulled off the entire headliner and all the surrounding trim pieces and spliced into the existing electrical system? Now factor in that it's going to cost you about twice as much to have a sunroof installed aftermarket (it's ALWAYS less expensive when added as a factory option) and the choice, in my mind at least, is clear.

    Unless you're only leasing the car for a few years and don't care about the long-term body integrity issues related to aftermarket sunroof installation, you don't want one. Trust me.
  • chills23chills23 Posts: 8
    Anyone have or install the trunk protector that's in the Saab Accessory catalog? It's a light colored Carbon-fiber looking plastic piece that goes on top of the bumper near the trunk opening so that youdon't scratch while loading/unloading. Looking for some feedback on fitment and actual color.

    So far i have the armrest extension, subaru cargo net, wheel locks, and trunk mat all from Subaru. Looking to get the trunk tray, rear cup holder, and the trunk protector.

    I also put on new 17" ADR competition rims (Black w/stainless rim) with 215/45ZR Falken Ziex512 tires. I tinted the all of the windows with Llumar 20% film and the car looks insane. My Aero is brilliant red w/5spd, premium, & cold and attracts so much attention (albeit some negative). The car looks very "boy racer" though, and all those kids with noisy civics, sentras, integras want to race me at the light. Car handles better now, holding the turns with more lateral grip and no sacrafice in ride quality. The Falkens are very quiet compared to the noiser Bridgestones and feel/handle much better. Unbelievalbe in the wet.

    alright...i'm done rambling.
  • satingreysatingrey Posts: 2
    Car sounds nice, keep rambling! Need the tint as well, and a tazer for all the people I've pissed off--awd is hero-material. First things first though--Cobb Tuning will get my $590 for the Access Port--268hp and better gas mileage. I can by a lot for this thing with the 10 grand I saved!!

    Brigeys are loud, true. I'll look into the Falkens. What have you done with the original rims? By far one of the nicest stock rims ever! Pack em away, and ebay em later.

    Notice how ugly WRX's look? Except, of course, the STi.

    No Autozone punks yet, but I did have some fellow in one of the Lexus space buggies gawk at my car. He motioned to roll down the window, and asked me what it was. Saab, baby! Then I let the hammer drop--good Lord this thing sounds like a 911. I believe the chaps at Fuji Heavy Industries actually studied at Stuttgart and then created this motor. Good thing they didn't study Porsche's pricing structure.
  • tonedebonetonedebone Posts: 36
    > First things first though--Cobb Tuning will get ...

    I have no urgent need for any more performance :-) but if anyone is still wondering, the Impreza dimming mirror and towbar hitch fit the 92X perfectly. The towbar in fact fits better than on the Impreza; you need to cut sections off the underside of the bumper, the Impreza requires huge cuts, but the 92X only two small cuts. If anyone is interested I could probably trace a template so you don't have to fit the hitch, trace the cuts, then take the hitch off again to make the cuts like I did.

    > By far one of the nicest stock rims ever!

    Some guy in a WRX offered to swap me his rims for mine. Dream on dude !

    > but I did have some fellow in one of the Lexus space buggies
    > gawk at my car.

    Some guy in a Merc SUV followed me into a store parking lot and ran up to me. I thought he was going to hit me for burning him off, but he just wanted to look at my car and know how much it cost. When I told him (and this was pre mega-rebate days) he said his "gas guzzling land barge" was going straight in for trade.
  • awhittierawhittier Posts: 1
    I'm getting a new 9-2x aero soon, and I'm wondering if there are any performance enhancements for it that don't violate the warranty on the car. I know that for BMWs you can get stuff through Dinan and it doesn't violate your warranty; is there anything similar for the 9-2?
  • mcdelimcdeli Posts: 3
    After reading the messages posted here, and checking out my Saab 9-2X Aero last week, I bought this mirror from the local Subaru dealer and though it was an easy install, even for a novice like me, it did not work. Before installing it, I confirmed power with ignition thru the 3-pin harness, but the mirror did not power on so that I could access the homelink or even calibrate the compass. Now the Subaru dealer will not honor the warranty and let me return the mirror and will only run a diagnostic on the part if I pay the normal installation & labor fee to have the mirror installed. Even if it is confirmed that the harness jack is bad or the mirror is bad, he has said I will not be allowed to return either.

    Has anyone confirmed that this mirror is actually compatible with either the Linear or the Aero 9-2X?

    Please offer some feedback. With all the interior nearly 100% the same and the harness there with power, and especially after reading this forum, I was so confident this would install without a hitch. Please help? Allenheights? Anyone?
  • on my 9-2X Aero.
  • mcdelimcdeli Posts: 3
    Did you get the mirror from a Subaru dealer and install it yourself? How long ago was it installed?
  • mcdelimcdeli Posts: 3
    Hmmm, I noticed today that the fuse to which it's connected was blown. It appears I must have short circuited it with the voltage meter I used to check for 12 volts before the installation. The fuse was tied to my side mirror adjustment and 12 volt cigarette light outlet. When I noticed this and replaced it, the mirror gained power as expected. Thanks for your feedback. It gave me confidence to keep checking for problems. This is the first time I've had a rear view mirror with home link and a compass...very cool! Now I just need to apologize to the Subaru parts dealer that I was talking to so nastily.
  • seapdseapd Posts: 1
    I found a picture online where someone had customized roof rails for there 92x. Has anyone seen or heard of after market roof rails? I assume that impreza roof rails would fit but can't seem to find them for sale. I have the thule system for mine but you have to get the short roof adapter and all that crap on the roof looks ugly.
  • wolftimwolftim Posts: 34
    I just asked my dealership to look into this too. Then I looked in the Saab accessories category and found the rails that would fit the 9-2X. The rails do not go from front to back, rather side to side. They cost about $70, but I couldn't determine if this was for the pair or a piece. Either way, this is not too bad of a price. They don't look like they would be too hard to install yourself, but I would check with the dealership to find out any special requirements. For those who like to kayak, they even offer kayak mounts, but I didn't check this price.
  • > I found a picture online where someone had customized roof
    > rails for there 92x. Has anyone seen or heard of after
    > market roof rails? I assume that impreza roof rails would
    > fit but can't seem to find them for sale. I have the thule
    > system for mine but you have to get the short roof adapter
    > and all that crap on the roof looks ugly.

    Having only seen one other 92X since I got mine, my heart
    stopped when a gold Aero drove passed me outside Safeways
    last week 'cos I thought some punk had stolen my ride.
    Then I noticed it had the Impreza roof rails installed.
    If I hadn't been in a state of shock I might've ran after
    him and asked how he got it done; probably at a Subaru

    The RackNRoad store near me said they could install a
    (Thule ?) system where they rivet a rail to the roof, but
    I didn't fancy that much.
  • I have been comparing the differences between the impreza wrx wagon and the 9-2x aero and noticed the saab's towing ability is listed as 1000lbs and the subaru's is 2000lbs. Is this a misprint on edmunds or would the suspension change really effect towing to this degree? Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)
  • harbachjharbachj Posts: 51
    A number of 9-2x owners have installed Imprezza roof rails by themselves. Involves dropping the headliner, etc. A little searching on will reveal pictures and instructions on how to do it. Rails can be obtained used from Subie owners.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    1000 lbs is Subaru's limit for unbraked trailers, perhaps Saab just went conservative and used those numbers.

  • jtkeefejtkeefe Posts: 1
    Looked at the roof of my 2005 Aero when I was washing the windshield today. There is a small appx 1 cm square ding sticking up above the passenger seat back. It's the strangest thing I've seen in a long while. I bought the car about 3 weeks ago from Patrick Motors in Auburn, MA. I didn't notice the ding, if it was there, when I bought it and it was very clean, I noticed it today when I was cleaning bird crap off the roof. It was in the shop last week to have the brake rotors replaced under warranty. I have not washed it since I bought it, due to the incessant rain, have not carried anything in it, and only I and the repairman have been in the car. It is always locked when parked. What does everyonr think? UFO's, or a clumsy repairman with a hammer? The ding was made from the inside, and there's not a mark on the headliner.
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