Will the 9-2x Become A Collecter's Item?

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all of you 9-2X owners out there, you might have a collector's item on your hands.

The only Saab with the ignition NOT on the floor!

And the only Saab ever built in Japan!

Saab desperately needs a crossover, with 3 rows of seats, a la Volvo XC90.

A sale to Renault sounds interesting. You have Carlos Ghosn, lots of cash, and an engineering team that spit out an award winning Infiniti lineup.


I'd like to see it go to Renault. Ghosn is good at turnarounds.


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    I bet Saab tries to get a version of the Equinox/Torrent/Vue platform now.

    At least it would be a lot cheaper than the Subaru clone.

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    Certainly with time, anything that had a limited production will gain value from a collecter's point of view. But am I gonna buy a 9-2x and store it for future generations of my family? :P
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    Sure, badge engineering specials have a great collector future. Right now I have a Cadillac Cimarron, Dodge Colt, and Mitsubishi Precis in mothballs, awaiting the day when I can take them to Barrett Jackson and cash in. Cha-ching! Maybe I should add a 9-2X to that group.

  • The 9000 didn't have the key in the floor.
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