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BMW 6-Series - Should I Buy It?

bob5876bob5876 Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in BMW
At the risk of getting the Gods upset--is it ridiculous to consider getting the 6 or even the SL etc in "automatic" transmission?


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    topspin628topspin628 Member Posts: 373
    I am looking for a sporty convertible. I previously had a 330i sedan and loved it. I haven't driven the 6 mainly because it looks a bit large and ponderous (if that's a word). It doesn't look like it would handle sharply but the word large keeps popping up when I think of it. Would love to know if any others had compared or cross shopped with smaller sportier cars ie Porsche, Vette, MB SL etc.
    Also, how has reliability been? I know some people with nightmares with the first year of the 7 series.
    Thank you for any input.
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    bdr127bdr127 Member Posts: 950
    I've driven the new 6-series... It is a remarkable car. It might seem large looking at it from outside, but it has that classic BMW nimbleness and agility that you'd expect. It really doesn't feel big in the least.

    I highly suggest taking a drive for yourself. You won't be disappointed! :D
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    habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    "Would love to know if any others had compared or cross shopped with smaller sportier cars ie Porsche, Vette, MB SL etc."

    I think you need to check your definition of "smaller sportier cars". Here's what some weights will buy you:

    2,820 lbs - Honda S2000
    2,965 lbs - Boxster S
    3,200 lbs - Corvette
    3,318 lbs - 911S Cabriolet
    3,759 lbs - Jaguar XK
    3,781 lbs - M3 Convertible
    3,803 lbs - 550i
    4,012 lbs - M5
    4,210 lbs - 1996 Isuzu Trooper
    4,277 lbs - 650i Convertible
    4,280 lbs - SL55
    4,480 lbs - 750i

    When I was shopping last fall, I test drove the 645i 6-speed. I ended up with a 911S Cab, because I wanted a sports car that could hold my kids in the back. I gave up some of the nimble handling of the 300+lb lighter Boxster S for this privaledge. The 645i is a very nice car, but there is absolutely no way it can honestly be described as a "smaller sportier car". Granted, if anyone can make a convertible that weighs more than an Isuzu Trooper handle well, it's BMW. But even BMW can't defy the laws of physics. The 500 lb lighter 5 passenger 550i 6-speed is a lot more "tossable".

    I strongly suggest you test drive the cars you are considering and figure out if you want a relatively lightweight, nimble sports car, or a 2+ ton GT. If you decide on the latter, the new BMW 650i is one of the very best choices out there. But in no way should it be confused with the former.
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    erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    You wanted a car that could haul kids in the back and you got a 911S Cabrio? Those back seats barely hold a bag of groceries, let alone a kid with legs! :)

    The back seats of the 650i Cab are at least functional. I've seen larger teens and shorter adults in the back driving down the highway, so I know it can be done. Not sure how comfortable it is, but it can be done.

    If you want something smaller, there are a lot of options. I personally like the idea of a larger convertible that can handle more than 2 passengers on occasion in relative comfort and have a trunk capable of handling a fair amount of cargo. The 650i Cab can do that it would seem.

    You really need to determine to what extent you are going to use it. Will it be a touring car and require luggage space? Will you carry more than 2 passengers? Do you want it whisper quiet inside? Soft tops are noiser than hard top convertibles (SLK, Vette with removable panels), Lexus SC430, etc).

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    habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    We are fortunate in that I'm 5'7' and my wife is 5'1", so our pre-teen daughters fit reasonably comfortably in the back of the 911 Cab. I'd guess that they have occupied the rear seats for close to 2,000 of the 5,000 miles I've put on the car since September, including a couple of 200 mile day trips. If I recall correctly, the 645i rear seat leg room is marginally bigger than the 911, but still well less than a 330i convertible.

    My point to the previous poster was that the 650i weighs nearly 1,000 lbs. more than a 911 and 1,300+ lbs more than a Boxster. As a matter of fact, it is the heaviest BMW car other than the 7 series, and the 750i only outweighs it by 200 lbs.

    As a highway tourer, it would be well worth considering. A nimble sports car it is not.
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    topspin628topspin628 Member Posts: 373
    Thank you. The weight data is interesting although most reviews I've seen remark that it "feels" much smaller and lighter. I didn't know that the 330ic has more leg room in the rear. It will also have a hard top that for me will be a big plus and in addition I would imagine that it will be comparable in the speed department. What then would be the advantage of the 6 cabrio?

    Does anyone know if the new M3 convertible will be hard or soft top? Would they make 2 different 3 series drop top bodies?
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    habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    "The weight data is interesting although most reviews I've seen remark that it "feels" much smaller and lighter."

    My sister-in-law's husband would agree. He is considering a 650ic and currently drives a Hummer H2.

    I thought the 645i I drove felt very heavy. But I previously owned a Honda S2000 and was primarily interested in a true sports car.

    So it really is important that you test drive it yourself and don't pay too much attention to reviews and the opinions of others - including me.
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    lovemyclklovemyclk Member Posts: 351
    The CLK55 may be worth a drive...
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    bdr127bdr127 Member Posts: 950
    Well, if you can't drive stick, then you would either have to learn or get an auto. ;) The 6 is still a great car, regardless of the transmission. To each his own.
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    bob5876bob5876 Member Posts: 2
    I can do it but I find it a hassle-- but I don't want to be the geek in the playground that is wearing sneakers with dress socks-- upon re-review of the bmw website they push their steptronic but on the other hand I see the default box for this model in comparisons call for manual--so would I be the geek on the playground with it??????????
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    spiritintheskyspiritinthesky Member Posts: 207
    I am a strong proponent of manual transmissions in sports cars. But make no mistake about it, the 6 series is not a sports car. It is an (excessively) heavy GT. Most of the competition - SL, XK, etc. - only comes in an automatic, so a 6-series automatic will not make it an "oddball".

    That said, you should thoroughly test drive both the 6-speed and automatic if you have not already done so. I recently test drove the new M5 with it's 7-speed SMG and it seems that I am not the only one that came away dissapointed. There is no chance BMW will get the keys to my current 2003 M5 until the 6-speed manual version of the M5 is available.

    FWIW, I also drove the 650i 6speed and am dissapointed in the direction BMW took with the 6 series. My car actually feels more nimble, and it's a full 5 passenger 4 door sedan. I thought Mercedes opened the door for a sportier GT when the ran the SL up to 4,100+ lbs, but no, BMW just followed suit. I'm breaking my loyalty to jump over to a Porsche 911S, which doesn't give up much to the BMW in rear seat room but is nearly a half ton lighter and a true sports car. Now if you were contemplating that in a automatic, I'd be scolding you.

    If the 650i works for you, get an automatic and the hell with what others think. Just don't wear dark socks and sneakers or a pocket protector when you drive it.
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    likegirls1likegirls1 Member Posts: 3
    I think that 6-series is really worth its prise and have advantages which other cars don't have. It's sporty and luxurious. Also its powerfull engine sounds impressive. If you need some usefull and interesting information,can find it here:
    Hope it helps to you.
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    mhsbobmhsbob Member Posts: 1
    I'VE GONE FROM A 325I COMVERTIBLE tot bird to a lexus sc430 to a jag xk8 vert and this week i got a 645i vert the bmw is without a doubt the nicest,best handling, most advanced and fun to drive of all those cars.i've also gone from a vette to a prowler to a viper and now back toa vette.thebmw while not as sporty as the vette but it's still a blast try it. :shades:
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    donmcdondonmcdon Member Posts: 2
    I am thinking about buying a used 645 or 650, but cannot get over how much the car looks like a Toyota Solara. Am I the only one who feels this way? :confuse:
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    cadugandcadugand Member Posts: 1
    Yikes, a Solara! BMW took a lot or criticism for the rear end design (look up "bangle butt on the internet) starting with the 7 series, and extended through their line, including the 6. In spite of the criticism others have copied it shamelessly, including the Solara. I'd rather think the Solara rear end design is a poor imitation of a BMW than the other way around. At least with BMW its original.

    Look also at the new Mercedez Maybach and S class, also Hyundai, Honda Legend.
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    jed3039jed3039 Member Posts: 5
    I found this forum a bit late, but can someone please confirm that I got pretty good deal on lease in California for the 2008 650 Convertible I am picking up this afternoon:
    - Cold Weather Package
    - Premium Sound
    - Sport Package
    - Comfort Access
    - Heads Up Display
    - 12,000 Miles/Year
    - 36 Months

    $2,800 (Complete Drive-Off)
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    blackberryxyzblackberryxyz Member Posts: 8
    That lease is now $808.00 on a 2008 650 convertible as of 12-31-08, so probably not considering the same car six months later.
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    MoombaMoomba Member Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a used RWD 2005 bmw 645 coupe for use as my primary vehicle. I have indoor parking and would only drive it minimally in winter (20 mile commute to work comprising 7 miles on moderately plowed roads + balance on highway). I would fit it with good snow tires and smaller wheels for winter use (don't have problem storing the extra set of wheels in my apt). Question is - how driveable will this rear-wheel drive be in the chicago snow with snow tires/smaller wheels, if I drive slow etc? Would the back keep spinning uncontrollably and would I be unable to start in snow? This is the first car I am buying but it looks absolutely gorgeous so really want to buy it if winter driving is manageable, despite it being RWD. Also I have heard that the traction control (DTC and DTS) would help in winter conditions. Any advice/comments would be much appreciated. Thanks
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