Nissan Versa Tire and Wheel Questions

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Can someone PLEASE help me?! I just bought a Versa SL. I absolutely LOVE it! (Although... I've only owned it for 1 day now) My question/problem is... The dealership, for some reason, didn't have an owners guide in the car so they have to order me one. (How lame!) There is a yellow light that won't turn off just below the speedometer. It looks like an exclamation mark in the middle of a "horseshoe." Does anyone have any idea what this is since I'm bookless?!


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    I may be wrong but that light sounds like the icon for the brake light indicator. It may indicate a fault in the brake system or just low fluid. Why not try calling the dealer ASAP?
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    It is a Tire Pressure Monitor. Either you have a tire with low pressure or as with many others the Pressure Monitor System need service. On another forum almost everyone that posted has had this problem. The Dealer can use his equipment to reset this. Then all should be OK. Notice I said should be OK. Some have had to go back a second time.

    Most posters believe Nissan will soon realize a problem exist and will have a fix.

    Enjoy your Versa. I think you made an excellent choice in the purchase.

    2007 Versa Powder White
    CVT, Convenience Package
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    Thank you for your quick response. I thought it was something serious! I traded in a 1996 Altima that was giving me problems, (I loved that car!) I don't want to start worrying about a new car.

    Since you were so informative, do you by any chance know why the light with the "red car with the key in the middle of it" stays on when I lock the car?? (If I had the book, I wouldn't have this problem!!!!)
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    The "Red Car" with the word "Key" is the security light. It should NOT stay on when you lock the car. It should BLINK to show the security system is functioning and the car is secured. You need to make a trip to your Dealer as soon as you can.

    Maybe just some little something or could be your security system is not working properly and would not give the proper response should someone attempt to open you vehicle, such as sounding the horn and/or blinking the lights.

    Someone goofed and didn't check your car over good like it should have been.

    Don't let little things like this discourage you. It's still a very good vehicle, just needs to be gone over and the little things checked.
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    I got a copy of the Versa owner's manual for free before I even received the car. I think I just googled Nissan Versa Owner's Manual and chose a sit that would give it to me "no charge" (some sites wanted $$). The download was in pdf format and, if you don;t have Adobe Acrobat, you can get the reader free from Adobe.
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    You can go to and download the Owner's Manual from there. (Go to the Downloads section.)
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    Thank you soooo much for the information. Everyone has been so helpful! This is a GREAT site!!
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    Thank you again! I should of stated that it does blink, but we tried to set off the "alarm" and it didn't budge. As for the "tire light" that was on...AMAZING!!! I've owned the car for ONE day and I managed to get a nail in my tire! (Just my luck too) Anyways, as soon as it was fixed, the light automatically went off! I was VERY impressed! So anyone out there that has a Versa, make sure you pay attention to that light! lol. Thanks again!!

    I love my new Versa!!!!!
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    So all is well. On the security, leave your window/s down and leave your vehicle, set the lock with your door or the fob, then reach into the car and attempt to open a door. You should then set off the alarm. If it doesn't go off, it needs attention.

    Good to here a person that is satisfied, or more than! I too like my vehicle very much. :)
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    The TPMS system will be the first recall in these cars. Here's what you do... aside from taking it back to the dealer to be reset:

    Fill all the tires to 40 PSI, and the light should go out. If it doesn't, then you probably need to go to the dealer.
    After the light goes out, bleed the tires back down to 33 PSI.

    I recommend going to an auto parts store and asking for the an accurate tire guage. The $1.95 one you get from k-mart won't be accurate.

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    Interesting I have not had a problem with my TPMS at all.

    Tony :shades:
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    Hi. I'm new to forums and have had my versa S 6-spd for 2 months now. I'm going to be taking it in by here's what's happening: TPMS light is on even though tire pressure is fine; alarm has gone off twice after I unlock it and am in the car; air conditioner automatically goes on every time I turn on heater & fan, doors have locked twice by themselves; key lite blinds whether or not I've locked the car. These little things are making me very nervous about the car. I'm an old grandma but not THAT old. Anyone else have these problems or have any advice? Thank you.
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    My TPMS light has malfunctioned THREE times in the less than 2500 miles I have driven my new Versa. It is quite annoying. My A/C is also automatically on every time I turn on the car, which is just as annoying.
    On the plus side, a Honda Prelude side-swiped me the other day and she got the brunt of the damage.
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    I took my Versa to Nissan shop. He says TPMS malfunction is very common in a lot of cars that have them. Light goes on when it gets cold enough for air molecules to contract within the tires (something like that). At the time my TPMS light was off, so they couldn't do anything and I'm not sure they can anyway. As for the A/C, they are going to repair it (had to order a part) so it doesn't go on when fan is turned on. You should take it in under warranty.
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    Hi, my a/c also automatically goes on everytime I turn on my fan or heater. Can someone advice us about this problem? Thank you. :confuse:
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    I'm waiting for delivery of a CVT. I'm going to put on 4 snow tires with steel rims for safety (I'm in Canada). I'd like to ask the dealer to replace the OEM 15-inch Aluminum wheels with 16" or 17" once. I'd like to know if this will improve my summer handling; and how much more should I pay the dealer for the switch?
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    The only time the A/C goes on automatically is when you have it on Defrost (the front windshield) that is the only time the A/C does that. Its normal..

    my TPMS light has started to come on, but our weather here in PHX has dropped to mid 30's at night. But once you start driving the car and the tires heat up the TPMS light does out..

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    I have a new Versa which I equipped with 5 studded snowmtires and new wheels and 4 tpms.Now the dealer tells me
    it cost $85 to program the tpms.Does this sound correct (help).
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    We have had our Versa SL for only a week. The TPMS light came on. We took it back and had to buy a new tire! There was a nail driven into the sidewall right below the rim. the funny thing was that I noticed it when we picked the car up but thought it was a paint spot. Also upon checking the tires when the light came on, the LF was at 55lbs, the RF was at 48lbsa, the LR was 40lbs and the RR was at 30. So they obviously didn't check them. I bought the car from adealer in the westend of Richmond and feel ripped off.
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    I've had my Versa since September and absolutely love it. I'm at about 11,000 miles now and have started to experience my first problems. Back around 8,000, a part had to be ordered for the fan system (I noticed that a corner of the passenger side of the dashboard was sticking up--my air had always worked fine). I figured it wasn't a big deal to have one easily fixed problem under warranty, but now my TPMS light is going on and off. I went to the dealer and they just told me "it happens when the air density changes." Well, two days after driving 20 miles to the dealership, my back right tire was nearly flat. I'm guessing I have a slow leak, as I filled it up at a gas station and it's slowly gone down over the last few days. Luckily I have it under warranty and should be given a new tire.

    I'm graduated from college a few years ago and have a low-paying publishing job. Not only is ther Versa hatchback affordable to me, but perfect for moving apartment to apartment.

    I guess I should ask a question instead of just saying "hi" to everyone. With the CVT, I've recently noticed that after driving on the highway for more than 10 minutes, when I exit and come to some place I have to make a complete stop (stoplight, stop sign, parking lot), there is a noticeable...well I don't know what to call it...shake as the engine revs down after I stop. Is this normal for a CVT?
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    With the white stuff already coming down (Nov. 5th) I have been searching for information on fitting my Versa SL with a set of winter snow boots.

    Going to "town" is a 100 mile round trip over dangerous winter roads.

    The "Tire Rack" lists the available snow tires and prices OK, but can't provide steel rims for the Versa. I find that hard to believe and wonder if anyone else has set up their Versa for winter conditions with dedicated winter tires and rims?
    They do have mag rims, but around here we spend 5 months a year driving on roads treated with salt and sand. Hard on mags, disasterous on front windshields and slow death for the rest of the car body.

    My local tire dealer is also stumped on the rim issue, but I thought somewhere I have read that the Versa rim is also the same bolt pattern and set-back as several other if I could just find out what they were..I might have some other options.

    Any thoughts?
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    The bolt pattern for our cars is 4-114
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    Well, after some serious computer pecking I bought a set of 4 steel wheels from a Versa S, 'take-off'. $100.00 including shipping.

    Now I just need to decide on a good set of winter tires. The Versa rims are only 5.5" wide, so I might stick with the skinny OEM 185 size.

    I really like the looks of the Bridgestone Blizzack tred pattern...sort of looks like the famous Nokias..but a lot less money.
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    Has anybody upsized their wheels/tires? I would like to firm up the ride without making it harsh. I am torn between 195/55/16 and 205/45/17. Please advise
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    For anyone tinkering with the idea of changing up to a different size of tire and rim on the Versa, there is little out there to go on as the model is so new.
    The advice from places like Tire Rack is a good start, but for DIY swaps, I found the best little site on the internet.

    Using this Miata link you can actually see front and side views of any tire and rim combination you can dream up, and compare them to the original Versa 185 65 15 OEM's. Tire Size Calculator
  • longo2longo2 Member Posts: 347
    Sorry that Miata tire conversion link needs to be cut and pasted in a search...this one should be a live link.
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    Well I finally wore out my OEM Continentals, two of them completely, at 30,000 miles. I was never impressed at all with the wet traction on them and they started to show unusual wear fairly fast. We've typically gotten 45-50,000 out of the Kellys I usually run, but Kelly doesn't make the size so I have a new set of Cooper CS4's. Time will tell the tale!
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    Drove the Versa SL last Sunday and was very unimpressed with the tranny, it hunted way more that the 1.8 engine in my Civic and they both have the 1.8. Does the CVT tranny behave any better in the Versa? The stock tires that came on the car I drove were kind of sucky around corners...not much grip and they were 15" wheels. Bet this car shod with 16" sneakers would handle so much better.

    The Sandman :)
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    You are right about the OEM Versa tires, mine are darty, wandering, and kind of skimpy looking on the 15" rims.

    The OEM 185 65 15's could easily be replaced by 205 60 15's without changing the dynamics much. I am using Hankooks in that size on wider Sentra rims for my winter tires.
    Fantastic difference..the car tracks true and straight, seems less reactive to frost heave cracks in the road and the wider tread looks more in proportion to the wheel wells.
    I love my CVT set up, no lurching, up-shift bumps or sudden downshifts on hills or passing.
    Not sure what your Civic is like in these areas, but if it's still running good.....hold on to it for another model year.

    When all the new 2009's start showing up there will be lots more to choose from that get better mpg's than the Versa.
  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    Just what I suspected...the CVT would be a much smoother ride. Not sure why the sales guy didn't put us into a CVT Versa after driving the CVT Sentra? Wider tires will always give a smoother, more controlled ride over skimpier sneakers. Plan on keeping my Civic till I retire...we're starting our search for my two girls.

    The Sandman :)
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    We are also looking at what the options are for a couple of teenagers. To be honest, these guys arn't car guys. ...sigh.

    So then, what we have decided is that for these kids, we want a car that has the best reliablity and longest warranty on the planet.

    They all love our Versa, but according to the newest info on reliabilty and 5 to 10 year warranty, will be a Hyundai.

    The Elantra beat the Civic for top spot by 1/2 a point on reliability, but our new 2003 Honda Odyssey 3 year warranty seemed to run out overnight.

  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    The oldest wants the Elantra and her sister wants a Mini, which I doubt she'll get. We're also thinking that they should lease to start building some credit history and hopefully with full time employment around the corner, they can get what they want after the lease period is over. I want them to get a 1st car that's "cheap to keep" so that reliable transportation won't be an issue.
    Now we're also floating around the idea of buying a "retirement" condo in Orlando for them to live in and pay us rent until we retire in a few years. A win/win situation for us all we think. Looks like it's gonna be an expensive 6 months in our house. Ah, the duties of a parent go on and!

    The Sandman :)
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    Just to let you know. I had this light go on. It turned out that I had a welding nail in my tire and had to have it fixed. My dealership was not able to fix punctures on the weekend so I went to Sears. They sealed the tire. When I left Sears the light was still on and they did not have a manuel. They said the light will re-adjust in a few miles and it did. No light going on since.
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    About my only "complaint" about my Versa was the Continental tires that came on it. I wasn't impressed with their traction, especially in wet conditions, and I pushed it to squeak 30,000 miles out of them. I would have changed them at about 20,000 if it hadn't been coming into warmer weather.

    I've got about 8,000 on the Cooper CS4's I put on and they're definitely wearing better and have better traction than the Conti's
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    I took a bit of time to closely inspect my Cooper CS4's yesterday. Over 9000 miles and they seem to holding up just fine as I approach the second rotation. The OEM Continentals were showing noticeable wear just 6 months and about 6,000 miles into their lifetime
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Finally got to put the new tires to the test in winter conditions. The Cooper CS4's are SO much better than the OEM Continentals were. Certainly a dedicated snow tire would be better, but I'm pleased with the choice.
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    If you put your heater on defrost most cars are disigned for A/C to come on automatically. This helps the defrost to defog the windshield more quickly and keeps A/C compressor lubricated inside during offpeak (winter) nonuse off A/C.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Well I'm loving the Cooper CS4's I put on 27,000 miles ago. The OEM Continentals were completely shot at 30,000 miles, but these CS4's ride quieter, have better traction, and if tire tread depth is any indicator, are going to have about double the tire life of the Conti's.
    I had been using Kelly Navigator Golds on my vehicles for years, but they don't come in the Versa tire size so my good buddies at Tire Town put me onto the Coopers.

    And if you're thinking I put a lot of miles on my car you would be right! Having a kid involved with AAU basketball will do that to you... in a hurry! I can't wait until she starts playing in college ;)
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    AAU basketball. I haven't heard those terms of basketball usage for quite some time. Obviously it's a level of ball that's still alive and well, and probably just as competitive as the AAU League's that existed when my Dad played AAU and college basketball.

    Good for you and for her, it sounds like a blast! ;)

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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    Has Anyone Else had any luck resolving the constant replacement of hubcaps in the 2007 hatchback? I have lost my second one and haven't had the car a year. When I took the car in I thought since I had retrieved the hubcap from the ditch it rolled into, that they could put it back on. No! So if they can't superglue them I have to be on constant hubcap patrol and can never hit a bump again? I finally talked with the sales mgr there and he said I had to wait and come back in a month but they would take care of it. What happens next time? I feel super cool driving around without a hubcap for a month and chasing rolling hubcaps into ditches. The service guy offers me no direction or suuport, just asks me what have I have running over? He has to have heard this before.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    I have over 62,000 miles on my 2007 and haven't had any issue with the wheel covers at all, and trust me, I've hit some tank traps on the roads in PA!
  • longo2longo2 Member Posts: 347
    Not sure how much of a DIY'er you are but here's my solution to the same problem I had with a wayward plastic wheel cover on my VW Jetta TDI.

    There are several flexible 'fingers' around the inside of your wheel cover that get forced into the little groove on your steel wheel rims. They have the difficult job of hanging on for dear life while all the time, sudden road shocks, hurricane force winds from your forward motion, centrifugal force, and just plain bad luck, are constantly trying to rip your wheel covers off, and send them flying down the road like a big Frisbee. ;)

    Take off the rims and mix up some small 'teaspoon' size batches of JB Weld, apply it to the back side of each of the 'fingers' to stiffen them up. Do all of them so you don't throw your wheel out of balance.

    The extra strength of the JB Weld material will force the little grabbers' to hold in the groove better, push on each finger to see where it bends the most and lay on the JB Weld at that point.

    (I like the JB Weld with the 5 min. set up time best)

    The hubcap will be a little harder to get on as the plastic fingers are now much tougher to bend, but once the wheel cover is hammered back on, that's the end of your problem.
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    The issue with Versas wheel covers falling off is a defective design. They fail by high cycle fatigue compounded by thermal ageing. The plastic standoff posts supporting the small diameter outer ring thermally age from a ductile mode to a brittle mode. High speeds, rough roads, and tires with less spring in the sidewalls accelerate the failure. The force transmitted by the vibration fatigues these posts which get weaker with age -faster in warm climates than in cold. The rear wheels will normally loose them first due to the stiffer suspension in the rear. I lost one rear at high speed in Northern CA on a medium rough road, it spun off, jumped a fence, and did a swan dive into a small aquaduct. I removed the remaining three and found several fatigue cracks in the other rear, but not in the front yet. The other rear came loose at ~25,000 miles (the first one failed at ~23,000 miles). Once it starts, they fail quickly.

    The dealer replaced two of them without a hassle. But, wouldn't replace all 4. Only solution, other than doing a epoxy reinforcement job, it to replace them with decent aftermarket replica covers. They can be had for $40 to ~$60, set of 4, at Covers only on for ~3,000 miles, but the retention is via spring steel tabs - much more vibration resistant.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    I guess experiences vary. My 2007 Versa has 78,000 miles on PA roads (not exactly the Autobahn) and no wheel cover issues at all. Tires rotated every 5-6000 miles so the covers are off and on. No signs of cracks yet. Certainly the wheel covers CAN crack, and can be cracked if you're not careful during removal/installation, but design defect?
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    DEFINITELY a design defect! I've lost 2 in the past 3 months and I've been very careful on rough roads and going over bumps. The stock hubcaps are junk and Nissan charges the dealerships $60 apiece for them! The dealership said they would "find one around here somewhere" if another came off, but I think I've had enough of the flying hubcaps. I'll get a set at Walmart or an auto parts store and they will probably stay on considerably longer.
  • brianhd71brianhd71 Member Posts: 1
    Really? I have 15k on mine and I've had all four fall off. Two while driving and 2 came off at the dealership I bought it from, but since they are no longer affiliated w/Nissan they can't do warranty work to replace them. Since no other dealer believes their wheel covers are defective, they won't replace them unless I pay 65 dollars a piece for them. I will NEVER buy a Nissan again!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372

    We've always run all-season tires, and we've done quite well even in the worst of winters with the manual trannies we prefer. But this year, the wife's office moved a little further away and she has to go through some pretty rural areas so we decided to try out some Nokian snow tires for her Versa and I am really impressed with the traction in the snow as well as how quiet they ride on dry roads. And as far as i've been able to tell, there's very little hit on the mileage. Since these should last us at least a couple of seasons and I also drive a Versa, I'm thinking that next year we get a new set of them for her car and I run the set she currently has. I'm thinking we may be able to get by buying a new set every third year.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454

    I didn't know you got some Nokians, Sneakers. We got some WR-G2s on the Outback last winter and liked them so well I put some on the van. The ones on the Outback have seen a lot of use the last week with two late night drives in the snow.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372

    @Stever@Edmunds said:
    I didn't know you got some Nokians, Sneakers. We got some WR-G2s on the Outback last winter and liked them so well I put some on the van. The ones on the Outback have seen a lot of use the last week with two late night drives in the snow.

    Ya, I'm really impressed with them, especially the quiet ride. And they only cost me about $40 more for the set of 4 than the Cooper all-season we normally run on. So I figure this will extend the life of those as well.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454

    Mine are "all weather" so I'm just leaving them on year round. We don't do near the miles you do so mine will likely age-out by the time yours "tread out". They really helped wet traction on the van in summer rains.

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