Chrysler Crossfire Maintenance and Repair

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of a Xfire roadster, Aero Blue, two tone, vanilla/black leather interior. We bought the car used from a Ford dealer. The car was on consignment and came from back East. We live in the Pacific Northwest. I love this car. It's not only a show stopper, but it has a ton of zip and it's just so fun to drive.
Two questions...I know that the "Limited" came with luggage. I checked Ebay, but none is listed. Is there anyone out there that has the luggage and may want to sell it? Please reply.
Secondly, I have the East CD for the Navigation system, but the Western states was missing from my car. I am hoping that someone may not need or want the Western CD and I can trade you for the Eastern? I won't be driving east of the Mississippi anytime soon. I would be happy to work something out. They are expensive even on ebay, and I would love to avoid forking over more $$ for something that came with the car.
I just love this car. I have read and studied the reviews for months. I don't agree with 99% of the comments made by the so-called experts on this car. Even the cup holder isn't that bad!
Please email me if some lucky owner can assist me with my questions. Thanks..Also, anybody know where I can get some touchup paint for the Aero Blue? It's a unique color. I have some minor chips on the hood..nothing too bad, but I would like to keep it that way.
Thanks for your help!


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    Welcome to the club! Nice feeling having a car with the 'sex appeal' that ours have, doesn't it?

    Sorry I can't help with the Nav CDs as I didn't see the cost worth it (when aftermarket is cheaper), but I realize that you got it second hand, so that wasn't a choice. Also, I haven't been able to find that luggage either (yes, I'm also a 2nd owner after a guy who traded only because he had to get a family wagon).

    I agree with you on the reviews. Honestly, it's a great car and I actually know of someone who was launched 12 feet into the air and came down on the two passenger wheels and then hit flat. All while doing 45 on a wet road here in Central Florida after being side swiped from the other direction. Police say it was the car that saved his life. That's a testament to our vehicles if anything else.

    Back to the reviews...they are right on the cupholder. It isn't the greatest and I use it for my mp3 holder. Also, some have things to say about the pricing and that's where I echo the sentiments for those looking at a performance vs price ratio. For that price, sure you can get a bit more on some other vehicles (namely the 350Z), but you don't have the look that we do, the lines that we do, nor the feel. 219 horses for a car just over 3000 lbs makes for a hell of a nice jaunt, doesn't it?
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    Wow, that's a great story. I have had the car for less than a week. I was driving to my local grocery store, and I had people stop dead in their tracks when they say my car. The top was up...imagine with the top down!
    The car drives like a dream. It's so responsive. I traded in my Sebring for this "baby", and there is NO comparison.
    I will likely live without the navigation CD, but will continue to check ebay. The luggage would be fun to have as an accessory. I just can't get over how great this car is. I don't mind the cup holder at all.
    Got a great price on this car, too! It had less than 10,000 on it and it still has the new car smell! It's perfect! :P
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    Congrats on the New Ride!!!! I am sure that you are really gonna enjoy this car. As for the luggage or "Touring Gear", you can find them on Ebay expect to pay about $200.00 - $400.00 for the set. The Nav CD's are also on Ebay from time to time. I also have the Nav Radio on my Roadster Limited, the Nav system is good but not great. The only reason I have one is because it was already in the car at the time of purchase. Good Luck and enjoy the ride.
  • golfergalgolfergal Member Posts: 10
    That's kind of pricey for the luggage. I was curious as to what it looked like. I'm sure I can live without a luggage set, but maybe there's someone on the message board that is interested in selling theirs. There is a CD set on ebay for $150.00. I don't think I'll go that route right now.

    Has anyone installed a wind screen in their roadster? I'm thinking of getting one. I'd love to know people's ideas on this.
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    I've been enjoying my car since December 27,2004, you're right about the response, my husband has a 1946 MGTC and he loves the attention. His car doesn't have seat belts and nothing for me to hold on to. And he's always saying he wished the seat would go back more, his doesn't even move. My xfire I've had for a year and half it's a 2005 blaze red limited roadster. When we got it it was 48 degrees out and road all over with the top down. I got my car with the luggage and it's really pretty neat the wheels look just like the car and the line down the front look like the hood. it's a 3 piece set but I haven't used it it does fit in the trunk with the top down but not sure about the rest of it. I also, have touch up paint that I bought from the dealer $8.00. It's not been used yet because there's a certain to use it. And I have to find out about getting some clear coat. not a easy thing to do. I did buy a fine nail brush for putting it on. Also, I have taken mine in for the recall, and 2 times for putting a new decal around the trunk lid. My husband found a product for the rag top. For washing and protecting.
    We go with the MG club a lot and I have taken mine with them on tours, what a blast. I want to find a club here in Atlanta, for the xfire. Hope this helps someone.
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    What is the product for the ragtop? Would appreciate info..I also had the tape replaced.
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    That is so great! I am having more fun with this car. Can you elaborate on the recall? I bought my car used, so I don't know about the recall. I can call my salesperson, but he didn't know much about this car. I had to inform him of the features.
    I am hoping to get some of the luggage. It is just too cool not to have. I guess I'm turning into a Xfire nut. I have never considered a car more than transportation, but this car has me hooked.
    My car has less than 10,000 on it and the car fax checked out fine. What was the recall for???
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    I bought 303 fabric guard from autogeek. I have been happy with any thing 303 makes. For the leather seats in my croofire convertible I bought wolfsteins ragg top leather cleaner and protectant from autopia its supposed to have more UV protection. i live in south Florida and its very hot here.My car is more or less a garage queen its only got 1015 miles on it
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    The product I'm talking about is Ragg Top which nova said.
    My husband found the product here in GA and went to the address given and found the guy selling out of his house. So he got a lot of info. My husbands MG's will need this for sure when he puts the new tops on. As for the recall it was for radiator cooing fan assembly. The letter said the radiator cooling fan may have been improperly assembled. This can cause the fan motor to fail & result in the engine damage from overheating under certain operating conditions.
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    Hey GG and anyone else that might not know this. When I took my car in for the recall the service guy told us that we should get a 15K TRANS SVC. That cost me $334.31 with a discount of 10%, but also included my touch paint. They said I wouldn't need to flush it again until 100,000 miles.
    If you don't do it now at 15K then it would void the warranty.
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    Per the recall letter (and it's pretty minor):

    "The radiator fan motor on your vehicle (your VIN # here), may have been improperly assembled. This can cause the fan motor to fail and result in the engine damage from overheating under certain operating conditions."

    I'm taking mine in either today or tomorrow to get it replaced. Estimated time for completion is approximately 1/2 hour.
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    Thanks for the information. Why owould the trans SVC not be covered under warranty? I would think something that would affect the warranty should be covered. I will call my dearler today, but I bought my car used. I would imagine if the recall work was done, Chrysler would have it in their computer data base under the vin number. I'll ask about your 15K trans issue. I've not heard of this on other chat lines, and maybe they need to be aware, as well.
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    The TSB you are referring to is for the Recall E19 "Cooling Fan Control Module" simple and quick fix, unless there is a back order on the part.

    The 15k transmission service seems weird, I have over 16000 miles on my Roadster Limited and my car is serviced religiously when the FSS is actived. If service was due your FSS should be sending you a message. I would definately get a second opinion. The routine service on your XFire unless negotiated at sale or as a comp from your dealer, will be at your expense. Another bit of advice that I can give new owners is to "check your heated seats" many owners (myself included) have had there seats either repaired or replaced due to malfunction.
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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this board. I just bought a new 2005 Limited Roadster in March and so far I'm really enjoying the car. I sold my much-loved 2001 Corvette to buy it and so far I haven't been sorry. My question is about the luggage. I got a wheeled case shortly after I bought the car but that was it. There are supposed to be three pieces of luggage? What else did you get? Sounds like I need to give my saleman a call!
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    I got 3 total pieces- matched set included wheeled case. Came as a suurprise!
  • eskielovereskielover Member Posts: 2
    When my wheeled case came by UPS I wasn't expecting it either. Were they all in the same box or did they come in separate boxes? Maybe I need to look inside the wheeled case?
  • xfireroadsterxfireroadster Member Posts: 81
    There should be 3 pieces, call your dealer.
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    The other two pieces of luggage where inside the wheeled piece when I got mine...I would check inside.
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  • nico3nico3 Member Posts: 2
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    A coupe rather than a roadster since a) I'm a real readhead, so sun is my mortal enemy b) I live in Toronto, where it's cold most of the year so ragtop just wouldn't work.

    Most of you wrote more than a year ago. You all still thrilled with your purchases? With snow tires, will this car ve okay in Canadian winters? What should I expect to pay for a 2005 Limited Coupe?

    Thanks so much for any and all thoughts.
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    I just purchased a 2005 Xfire red pearl limited coupe with 12 miles for 22K. I put 500 miles on it in the last 2 days and love it. It was owned by a Chrysler dealer that used it for car shows. Original 7/70 warranty still applies. Obviously, I am new to the forum. I have read the current posts and am looking forward to enjoying the xfire. Unfortunately, I live in upstate NY so it will be garaged for the winters.
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    I bought a 2005 SRT6 last month and it's the best car I ever owned. I love it! I found three of them in back of the local Saturn dealer's building in Bowie, MD, just off the truck from the auto auction. The one I got had 12 miles on it when I test drove it. I got a two year old, warehouse stored by Chrysler since 2005, sold as used, with a full new car warranty for $26900.
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    What have been your experiences with oil and filter changes
  • jbjtkbw00jbjtkbw00 Member Posts: 66
    No issues here. Got complimentary oil changes thrown in for 3 years as part of my deal. Saves me a ton of cash and I prefer to have it done at the dealer. That way, there's a record of it. Just a personal preference I guess.
  • mgguymgguy Member Posts: 5
    What I meant by my question on oil changes is:
    1 how often do you change the oil in your Crossfire(I have heard mileages much lower than the manual suggests)
    2 Do you do it yourself? (is the filter easy up top, or messy?
    3 What brand do you use?
  • jbjtkbw00jbjtkbw00 Member Posts: 66
    1. Done according to dealer recommendations (approx every 7k miles).
    2. Obviously, no I dont.
    3. Mobil 0.
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    Bought an 07 Limited 6-speed manual on 12/05/07 new, < $23K....out the about the bargain of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!! They are dumping them.
  • zq8zq8 Member Posts: 82
    Where is this dealer at?
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    Lees Summit Mo., about 20 miles east of Kansas City. All remaining Crossfires are advertised for $14K under sticker. The catch is though (minor)...if you want to pay cash (or get your own financing) there's a $1K have to borrow at least $10K to avoid the $1K upcharge ....& then you must not pay of fthe note for 2-3 months. It's my understanding Chrysler is paying the dealers $10K each to dump them????? So if your dealer isn't giving you at least $10K off're getting screwed & don't even know it! Swear to God....I gave less than $23K out the door for a brand new 6 speed Limited with a sticker of almost $36K. I can't even believe it! Have 200 miles on it now...yesterday I drove through a snowstorm in KC & never spun a tire....DSC , traction control & ALBs are fabulous!
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    If you go to the Chrysler can build an '08 Crossfire now??????? I don't think you could a few days ago??????
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    I got todays newspaper the ad now says $15K off ..last week it was only $14K off..the week before it was $12.5K off .they have 13 left on their website.....all are automatics 3 Roadsters - 10 coupes......I think it's a brand new dealership & they appear desarate to meat a 1st year goal.....cause another dealership in the KC area has 17 in stock & they aren't advertising such a deal????
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    After 1,000 miles......very happy with it! One sweet ride! Must have the shortest turning circle of any car I've ever owned.
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    did you ever find the cd you where looking for because if not i have both.
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    i bought my 05 limited roadster from drivers way had 100 miles on it $23,800 --they gave me good trade in price- - they said it was put into service in august 07(by them when they bought it from chrysler) come to find out it was put into service in feb 07- nbd there was a pack of parts in trunk one was the plugs mentioned-- I don't see where these go- can anyone help ?? also what is the chance of getting the luggage stuff? did that go to drivers way? or can i get it-- love the car-- only complaint I have to carry my driver and woods (golf clubs) in the front seat as it doesn't fit in trunk -- radio is kind of tin can ish- sure is fun to drive!!
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    I'm new here.
  • mgguymgguy Member Posts: 5
    I miss my '06 Crossfire. It has been in the shop since April 10, and we may eventually get to the route of an engine light problem. So far, O2 sensors, catalytic converter, computer, intake manifold gasket leaked, cracked exhaust manifold replaced, EGR valve replaced, now the Chrysler dealer believes it needs a new intake manifold, the found there was a seal missing that can't be replaced in it, so they have one on backorder. They have given me a loaner, but the problem actually began in mid-March with 19K miles. Anyone else have this depth of problems? Basically, too much air in the exhaust tripping the O2 sensor.
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    '07- 6 speed Limited, 9,000 miles so far, 25.8 mpg, zero defects!!!!!
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    Hi Folks,

    I have a 2006 Chysler Crossfire coupe with under 10k miles on it. I've taken it to the dealer 3 times for a foul musky smell coming through the vents. This last time I was told to lift the hood and spray lysol through the vents. WOW! A 30K car....I just can't see myself doing that daily and in heels.

    Before I take this forward with the GM...any suggestions? Does anyone have the same problem?

  • crossfiresrt6dcrossfiresrt6d Member Posts: 2
    Hi there,
    I know what you are going through and if you want to try our Cabin Filter, please let us know. The price is $49 includes shipping and handling.
  • xxxfirexxxfire Member Posts: 1
    I just bought my 2008 Xfire on eBay and need to travel 900 miles from Tampa to Roanoke IL to pick it up. I enjoy reading all the pleasing reviews of the car. They boost my confidence that I have made the right decision.
  • howweihowwei Member Posts: 1
    just got this 2004 xfire love the cars looks and performance ,but feels scary in heavy rain at speeds over 45 mph . any one else ?
  • xfire3xfire3 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks I'll give it a shot!. ;)
  • xfire3xfire3 Member Posts: 3
    Where can I purchase?

  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    No way ......I've done 80+ in heavy rain at night & the stability control / traction control make my 6 speed rear wheel drive Xfire handle better in the snow than any front wheel drive car I've ever driven!!!! Several times on wet or icy decreasing radius off ramps I've felt the "hand of God" (i.e. stability control) take over (at real high speeds) before any sliding-out even started!!!!
  • mgguymgguy Member Posts: 5
    Oil Changed @ 7500K (all highway). Mobil 0-40W, 4 screws to remove plastic cover underneath, filter easy to remove replace, just different than what most are used to. Doing it myself saves about $40 per change + I like doing it.
    6 qts Mobil 1 @ $6 ea (sale) + NAPA filter (gold) @ $11 ea.
  • jbjtkbw00jbjtkbw00 Member Posts: 66
    Oh I know you're saving a ton of cash doing it that way. I'm sure that the regular price people are paying is mainly for labour. I used to perform oil changes myself, but moving to Florida and this heat, I pretty much gave that up about 15 years ago and just pay to have it done. Also, I didn't want to take that chance with doing it when I had mine.
  • smogdungsmogdung Member Posts: 349
    I'd go check my dipstick if I were you ........the Crossfire takes 8.5 quarts of Mobil One, not 6 ??????
  • mgguymgguy Member Posts: 5
    You are correct, a typo, I did put in 8, and checked it carefully, last time I put in 8.5 and it went over the fill mark, which is not good. 8.0 brought it exactly to the full mark
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    I bought a new 2006 Crossfire convertible about six months ago and love it. It now has 1991 miles, and it runs great. Last weekend, I added about 10 gal. BP premium fuel at a convenience store while on a trip. I have burned only Shell or BP premium in it since new. I only made it about 1 mile before it started misfiring, losing power, and the "check engine" light started flashing before becoming constantly on. It continued to misfire, so I rode back on a rollback. At the dealer, the engine analyzer showed multiple cylinder misfires. The fuel was drained, the lines purged, new fuel added, and it runs like it's supposed to. The gasoline distributor claims there are no other complaints from other customer, their monitor computer shows no abnormalities, and that they sample checked the fuel after my call finding no contaminates.
    Has anyone else heard of such a problem? Any particular types of fuel to avoid?

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