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Just got a Baja (Turbo), and noticed that there are a few ways to transport a bicycle. On the bed, over the top with rail attachment. I would like anyone who knows about where to purchace one for the Baja & which one to go with?

Also, i'm working on my first 1k miles: any input on changing at 1k, or wait for the 3k as it says in book? What about synth. oil vs. regular oil? Is there a major price difference, and is it worth it? :confuse:


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    Don't make the mistake I did. When you mount the bike rack, you'll notice that the roof bars won't separate to the required 32" span in the instructions. You can reverse the (2) forward mounting clips to get the span. However, if you do this, you should also reverse your forward roof rack bar so the pointed end cuts into the wind. If you tighten down the mounting clips backwards, you will damage the forward roof rack cross bar.

    Or I suppose you could drill (2) new holes for the bike rack.
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    I'm the proud owner of an '04 Baja Turbo and am looking to add a couple of accessories.

    It looks like we can get the same accessories from online retailers like for much less than dealer prices (about $100 savings on bed extenders)

    I'm considering an Ozzbros bed cover (pretty expensive though ~ $585 with shipping), a trailer hitch (possibly U-haul for ~ $250 installed vs. $450 for Subaru installed), and a bed extender (probably from Patrick Accessories).

    I'm curious if anyone else here has bought accessories from online stores that you'd recommend.

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    I haven't bought from non-Subaru yet, but I have bought OEM parts from Send an e-mail and ask for pricing. They are quick and efficient. They also have an on-line store (but not all the parts are listed).

    Note, if you have a Chase Subaru Mastercard, you can get $500 in Subaru bucks every year. So far I have acquired all my OEM parts (filters, belts, etc.) for free.

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    We're sure happy with our week-old OzzBros bed cover- great service from Roger and Zak. BajaJoe
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    I am interested in a Baja as an affordable alternative to a Forester and as a compromise between a solid family vehicle and a pickup (used Bajas are less desirable and therefore cheaper in my area). However, I have a one year old daughter currently in a "convertible" safety seat. Obviously she belongs in the rear but I would like to put her in the middle (further away from an accident on either side); however, because the middle has a "console" built into the seat, I don't know if a safety seat is meant to go there and whether the tethers on either side would work with a child seat in the middle. Is there any way to safely secure her convertible car seat (and eventually her booster seat) in the middle using either the seatbelts or some sort of conversion kit? I would prefer to use a conversion kit if possible so someone else sitting back there would have a seatbelt if necessary.
    Thanks, ~CathMac
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    I don't think you could do that. The center console sit high and the seat would fall to either side. Plus there isn't a seat belt for that position.

    I'll be honest - Baja has a small cabin so something like an Outback would be a whole lot more practical with kids. In a Baja you'd have to put the diaper bag in the seat next to the child, then it could become a projectile if there were an accident.

  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    The Baja is a 4-passenger vehicle. There is no middle rear seat belt (or seat).

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    I just might buy a new Baja; saw a nice turbo with the leather package, and the bed cover. One thing that is bothering me: I have two plastic kayacs, one is 12' and the other is 14'. The space between the roof rack bars is pretty narrow, at less than 3 feet. Any of you mount kayacs on your Baja? Is the distance between the front and rear crossbars sufficient?
    Dick in Sacramento
    [email protected]
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    for what it's worth, I put Mobil 1 in my Forester after 1,000 miles, and have changed it every 7,500 miles since. The price (about 3 to 4 times more) is worth it for me since I change my own and have avoided doing 3 changes had I been using dino oil.

    I don't have the turbo engine.

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    I worried about that, too, at first, but at this point i can assure you there will be no problem. I carry a Mad-River canoe, which is longer and heavier than your two kayaks. I replaced the Baja's factory crossbars with Yakima bars. I strap the canoe to the crossbars and tie down bow and stern firmly to the front and rear towhooks (the canoe is upside down, of course). Real solid. And it's great to be able to throw all the wet float gear in the bed.
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    Here's what i did: Buy a weather-treated 2x4, cut it to fit precisely in the anterior 2x4-slots in the Baja bed. Then buy two Delta bike-fork clamps and bolt them onto the leading edge of the 2x4. The Delta clamps will cost you $20 each. Strap the 2x4 in to the bed anchors, pop your bike on, and you're in good shape. Works best with a bed extender... otherwise you'll have to have the bed open without the extender. I loop a long metal cable through one of the bed anchors, thread it through the bikes, and lock it with a regular padlock. Its also a good idea to screw some big eye-screws into the 2x4 for extra anchors. I found that with two bikes on this rack, I can fit two others reversed (back to front) between the bikes and the side of the bed. Or you could put three Delta clamps on the 2x4. There is plenty of room for the front wheels. I think this is about the same logic as the factory bed rack, but i haven't seen one of those yet (costs $250 or so, i think).
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    I am currently transporting my mtn bikes w/ quick releases in my bed. However, my 'big hit' bike does not have quick release so I am ordering a hitch mount rack from Yakima.

    I bought my 2005 Baja w/ 12,000 miles on it. I have ran Amsoil since that day. I believe syn is worth the price. I run 0W-30 for 17,500 miles. Also, have increased gas mileage. 28mpg is the best so far. FL to TN, 9 hrs w/ cruise most of the way.
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    Unless you are set on a Yakima rack you may want to check out or for other bike racks. I have a Nashbar rack that I picked up for about 1/2 what my nephew paid for his Thule.

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    Is anyone using the Subaru Baja Bike Carrier, Bed Mounted E3610LS400? It's listed as a genuine Subaru accessory. I can't figure out how it is mounted to the bed. Does it work well? Safe traveling long distances? Thanks for any help.
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    It depends as to what year your baja is. I would suggest to go to ion_type=12&free_pub=13 and download the proper installation guide to get an idea as to how to install it. My car came with the plates already mounted so I just had to buy the carrier. I have not had any problems, except I am afraid someone might just figure out how to unscrew it (lacks locks to prevent removal from the bed) and steal it.
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    I purchased the Ozzbros bed cover today and installed it tonight. I live in Kansas City area so was able to pick up from company. It installed easily, works beautifully, and I think it will easily outperform the vinyl covers. I read frm other owenrs that the OEM cover tears at the corner. The Ozzbros cover can store behind the front seat if necessary. If you buy one from Ozzbros please tell them I recommended it. I am sure they will do for you what they said they would for a bird dog fee. Kirtes C, Raymore, MO.
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    It's true the OEM covers do tear at the corners. My cover rip the first week I had it. Is it true that the Co. knows that it's a bad product and will take it back, as I have heard thru the grapvine?
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    Recently purchased a super 2005 sport with only 44K on it and love it. I'm hooked so now I'm trying to decide on which bed cover to go with either the OEM soft or the Ozzbros. Good comments on this forum, so I thought I would ask a couple of questions for those of you who have used these two products. If you have either of these on your Baja for a couple of years now, how do either of them hold up and would buy the same product again. Also, are either of these really water proof?
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    I purchased my 2006 Turbo Baja about 2+ months ago and need either a tool box (which does not seem to exist) or a bed cover. I've seen two types, the vinyl one that might rip and the Ozzbros which seems to just fit over the top like a tupperware lid. Stupid question: Does the bed extender get in the way of either type? How reliable is the Ozzbros if it just fits in place like their website seems to suggest?
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    There is one other option for a bed cover. Snutop ( makes a hard top cover. I've had mine over a year and it works fine. Upside: lockable, great protection. Downside: has to be ordered/installed by a local rep, price.
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    i have searched all over the internet but i cant find any baja bed covers other then the ozz borthers or sung fit and im trying to find cheaper ones that work good too any help would be great thanks
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    Since the Baja was not manufactured for very many years. There is not a lot of aftermarket accessories available.

    With that said, you may wish to try scrapyards for a Baja bedcover.

    Here is a VERY good website which covers a nationwide network of scrapyard parts selection.
    All you have to do is search for what you want and the website locates where in the USA your part is available.

    HINT: Search for "Tonneau Cover"
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