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Someone posted a comment that the Impala SS's back seat is notably wider (for families) than the Grand Prix GXP.
If you're still out there... can you please elaborate? Did you try putting in car seats in both? Is it the difference between having 2 and 3 kids back there?

Thanks very much!


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    I have an 06' Impala SS, and I currently have 2 car seats and 1 booster seat in the back. It's a little tight, but they're in there properly.

    I looked at the rear seat dimensions on a LOT of cars when it came time to buy. I assumed that the Grand Prix and the Impala would have similar dimensions since (I thought) they were built on the same platform. However, going by the numbers, it seems that the Grand Prix's rear seat has smaller seats by a decent margin.

    I can't speak to whether or not 3 car seats will fit in the Pontiac, but they WILL fit in the Chevy. :)

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    I have a 2006 Impala LTZ and the body side molding strip on the left passenger door is pulling away from the door a bit at the front edge. Is there something that I can use temporarily to make the molding strip adhere to the body until the Chevy body shop gets a new molding and installs it? (They have promised to do so as a "We Owe" but are taking awhile.)
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    without making it difficult for the service dept to do whatever they plan on doing, whether completely replacing it or just using an adhesive, and though not the prettiest... I'd suggest simply using painter's tape or any other tape that won't damage the clear coat/pait and won't leave a residue. good luck.
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    I actually drove up there today and they put on adhesive to see if it would hold. The body shop people were helpful; the sales people have not been. This Chevy dealer is one I will not recommend or return to...especially since there are a few closer to me. If it starts to pull away again, I think I will use painter's tape until it can get replaced, but I expect difficulty with the dealer (unfortunately).
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    "I expect difficulty with the dealer (unfortunately). "

    That's silly eh?! It's rather quite an easy fix... it'd be stupid for the dealer to get all pissy about it. But I guess it happens. Good luck.
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    So far it has held for 36 hours. I'm hoping the adhesive will set enough and that the problem does not reoccur.

    This dealer is one with whom I should not have concluded a deal, but they had the only used 2006 LTZ in the whole area, and once I drove it, I was convinced it was a great car.
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    Hi I own a 2003 Impala LS. My passenger side rear outer door handle just snapped off on one side. I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and how difficult it is to change? Ive taken the door panel off but have not removed the door handle as I am awaiting the part to arrive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hey.. i'm an owner of a 2004 Chevy Impala(BLACK) and i'm doing a few things slowly but surley to it to make it look at its finest.. anyone have any tips as to what they did with the grey/black plastic lining on the exterior of the car? I mean.. if i want to remove the grey.. can you only paint it? or are there a peice you can buy to add on once you get the plastic removed? or.. i dont know lol. Help me please!.. hers a picture..
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    I have a broken "clip" for my driver side visor... which is quite annoying because the visor doesn't lock into place, just flops around.

    Anyone know what the part is actually cost, part # and where I can get one? I've checked a couple GM parts delaers but none have it.
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    Ummm...hmmm...this is an embarrassing question. I've got a used Impala LS and the trunk light has never worked. I've put of fixing it for months but now that its getting darker earlier its becoming a nuisance. This afternoon I went into the trunk to look at what kind of bulb I needed and I couldn't find it!! Where is it located??

    I did notice there's a small wire hanging down from the top of the trunk where one would expect the light to be - maybe its missing??
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    the weatherstrips on the doors of the 2006-2007 impalas are scratching the paint off the body where the door closes on to it. due to the texture of the weatherstrips on all four doors. please contact gm customer assistance to complain about this issue so they will get a fix for this big problem. i am a dealer employee and they said they need more complaints to consider this a real problem. CALL 1-800-222-1020 TO COMPLAIN OF THIS SOON OR YOUR CAR WILL BEGIN TO RUST AROUND THE DOORS
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    I have complained about this to the dealer, GM district manager and the GM 800 customer service line. I'm told it is normal and that all cars do this, but I continue to get more red paint on the weather stripping. AND, the weather stripping is so rigid, it is cracking. I started noticing it within 2-3 months of owning the car. I'm at a year now and after numerous complaints, they will do nothing.
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    Is anyone else out there having an issue with the sliding shade of their sunroof rattling? Mine has started this problem within the last couple of months. It's not a terribly loud noise but it is constant (as long as the car is moving) and definitely annoying. As it began, I could stop it by just sliding the shade open and closed. However, now it rattles no matter what I do...other than leaving it open.

    Any thoughts?
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    Ron, I chuckled as I read your comment. I then read it to my wife, and she chuckled also. You have perfectly described the situation she has with her 2007 Grand Prix. We, too, have not been able to find a cure. I haven't taken it to the dealer--yet. If the annoyance continues into warm spring and summer weather, then I will have to consider it. It's interesting that what appears to be an identical problem would occur in both the Impala and the Grand Prix. Clark
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