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Chevrolet Impala Climate Control/AC/Heater

Hello to new at this and would really appreciate if anyone could help me out....i have a 2000 chevy impala ls with 63000 miles on it.....when bought my dual temperature interior lights worked fine..after about 2 mnths my drivers side temp.switch lighting went out..not knowing much about the interior lighting i took apart the dash as carefully as possible to try and fix the bulb to then realize that the impalas bulbs are all sottered to the circuit boards...when I put back the dash I came to find out that the passengers temp. switch had also went out. PLEASE HELP! I would love to fix the issue. Also.. my right corner (the rpm guage) of my instrument pannel also is very dim. Looks like the bulb went out..can anyone assist. Please reply..Thanks a lot people. :confuse:


  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I had the same light go out on my climate control, as well as one on one of my radio buttons (TRAF). However, after replacing my power window switch and seeing how the light bulbs were soldiered in on it, I thought twice about tearing into my dash and trying to fix the other lights. I did keep my old window switch with the thought that I might be able to take one of the working bulbs and use it to replace the burned out ones elsewhere, but it hasn't been enough of an issue for me to worry with. No advice for you in terms of getting things working again unfortunately; I'm not much of an electrician, and when I saw the bulbs didn't just plug in I pretty much gave up on the idea of replacing them.
  • tstevenststevens Posts: 1
    Help! I have a 2000 Impala with dual climate control. Just today the passenger side began blowing out hot air regardless of the temp setting. The driver side blows out cool air regardless of temp setting. Any thoughts? Please advise...
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    If you have the bench seat you could just drive from the middle position!! :D
  • It sounds as if the temperature control switch went bad. Have it checked and replaced.
  • stevessstevess Posts: 1
    2003 Impala A/C on and both zones set to max cool. Passengers side is fine, drivers side is blowing vent temperature air. Any ideas? Help! It's hot outside!
  • It appears that you need to replace the temperature console. You can't just replace the slide bars. The whole unit needs to be replaced. Goodluck.
  • Steve, my son-in-law has the same problem but do you still think its the temp control unit if: when the slider is up, heat blows, when mid way, outside air blows, when down, outside air still blows? Also, we swapped vaccum hoses on the back of the unit behind the sliders but no change. It seems the working side has no vacuum pressure but the non-working side does (assuming they correlate to the sliders). The unit is about $100 and probably non-returnable. Your further advice would be big bucks appreciated!
  • My wife has noticed a musty odor coming from the ac vents during operation. I believe it may be a clogged condensate drain. However for the life of me, I can't locate the a/c drain. Before I take the vehicle in to the dealer for this "small problem", does anyone know where the drain is accessible from? I can see the freon lines going to the evaporator through the firewall, but no drain anywhere near. Sounds like an easy fix once I locate the drain. Any ideas?
  • I have an 05 Chevy Impala and the A/C works great but when heat is engaged I only get heat from the passenger side of the vehicle, regardless of the setting on the dual climate control...Others have the same or similar problem but no one can pinpoint the solution. Can someone please help???
  • i have an 02 impala 102k taken very well care of an its started last week geting low on coolant an no mater how much coolant i put in it it will over heat an say low coolant an now when i go to run my a/c it wont work it acts like its low on freon but itsn an when i leave the fans on it will start shootin out very hot steam help????
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I'd check the heater core, especially if the steam smells at all like antifreeze/coolant.
  • I had a 2004 Impala LS with the same problem. The dealership diagnosed it with as a bad temp. actuator. I just found the receipt the part number was 15249473. The total cost to be fixed was $195. The part was $45 and the rest was labor. I hope this helps.
  • I recently purchased a 2000 Impala Base. The AC/Heater fans only work on level #5. I assume that the control is bad. Is replacing the control hard to do yourself? I also am having the turn signal problem (not working). Is that something that could be replaced at the same time since the dash would be taken apart too, or is that an even bigger project? Any ideas or assistance would be great.
  • The problem was a Blower Motor Resistor (GM Part 89018643). Its located between the blower motor and the firewall under the passenger side dash. It was a little difficult to get to, but if you have reasonable mechanical aptitude you can replace it yourself. Just make sure you get the newer version of the was poorly designed and overheated and melted...but the new one seems to be a lot better designed. Cost of part was approximately $30...add approximately $150 to have replaced at dealership.
  • Update,That part number 15249473 has been changed to 15844096 and there are (3) of these actuators on this dual air control. And if the heat doesn't work on the drivers' side then it is the actuator on the drivers' side that is bad and needs replacing. And just the opposite for the other side. And it cost me $43.47 including tax. And it took me about an hour to replace it. Thanks guys, As I have talk to plenty of my mechanic buddies and none had a clue about this problem.
  • I have a 05 Impala and the heat does not come on. If I switch the climate control over to heat I get cool air. Help I'm freezing. :(
  • It sounds like you have the same problem with the actuator as the others but yours is the one that controls the heat and A/C duct which would be located in the center position on dual temp control. The part # is the same as noted above 15844096. There are (3) three of these actuators on the dual temp. control units. If you know how to install these actuators the parts guy will print you out a diagram of where it mounts. If you don't know how, then I suggest you take it to your mechanic/technician and let him order it and install it for you.
  • Purchased the 2007 LS in September. Have had it back to dealer 3 times and they are still waiting for a fix from GM Engineering. Problem is:

    The climate control does not work with the remote start. The fan kicks in and blows air but only whatever the outside temperature is. Once you put the key in the on position the hot air kicks in. it does not matter where the controls are set. I would think that if they have systems that are working and, some that are not i am told, it should be a simple fix. Apparently not. Has anyone else had a similar problem. All other remote start functions working as they should. Thank You
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I have an 06 and haven't let mine run long enough to ensure the heat is working but I'll give it a try. The one problem I've noticed is that my heated seats will (intermittently) not remain on after using the remote start. It usually only happens when I have both seats on and then, it's usually the driver's seat that won't stay on longer than a few seconds. Once I stop and restart the engine normally, the problem is gone. My guess is it's another software problem. I'll follow up on the remote start/heat issue.
  • I own a 2005 Impala. The blower does not kick in as soon as the fan switch is turned on. It is 8 degress outside and makes for a real rough ride. What may be the issue?
    If it is a relay or something, where may I install it?
    Thanks a whole bunch!
  • I am having the exact same problem and the mechanic told me it was the drivers side temperature control motor. My heat does not work on the drivers side or the passengers side. I ran into the problem of asking for this part at the dealer, they started asking other questions then tried to get me to just let them fix my problem instead of my mechanic. I was looking into this actuator that you listed, have you heard of the motor part I referred too and is this actuator a part of this possibly??
  • Well, it's both of the blower motors that do not work. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I also had asked a mechanic and his response was that there was a faulty computer relay. I did find that if i strat the vehicle slowly, the fan works, if I turn the key quickly, it will not. Since I have duel control, I heard that the Ford Vic vehicals also have the same issue. I check deeper into this. Tha nks for letting me know, I 'll check past postingss for the part number. Thanks again!!!!
  • Any ideas?
    When it stopped, it didn't make any funny noises.
    So... I don't believe the motor, bearings/bushings, brushes or armature are the culprit
    I have looked at the back of the heater control panel all the wires and connections look good.
    I understand dc wiring.
    I just got the car and I don't have a Chevy shop manual yet for wiring diagrams.
    Any thoughts or info would be appreciated...
    Thanks in advance!
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    On a car that old it could easily be a wire shorting out. I've had a couple of instances on older cars where things went awry, and ultimately found a wire that had been rubbing against a surface for years until it wore through the coating on the wire and shorted out. Not saying that's the case here necessarily, but it's an easy fix if it is (but can be tough to find though).
  • almuerzoalmuerzo Posts: 5
    I have a 2003 Impala with dual climate control. The passenger side blows hot air regardless of the temp setting. The driver side is fine. I replaced one of the relays (the middle 5-pin one) thinking that it may be the problem. I found that a fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse and it instantly popped. I am looking for the wiring diagram but cannot find it. None of the parts houses have them and it will take up to 5 weeks to get a copy of the book here. I understand that the slides (controls) are a printed circuit board and I would have to replace the whole thing if that is the problem. How can I be 100% that is what it is. Where the R/S harness connects to the back of the board, is there a certain voltage to look for? Are there any particular troubleshooting steps to follow? The part at my dealership is $290.00. I just want to be sure that is the problem before I continue to change stuff out and spend a lot of money. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    You've probably already considered this, but you might check a local "you-pull-it" auto parts place and see what a used part might cost. Obviously there's no guarantee on used parts, but when I had a similar problem with my '89 Toyota I think the used HVAC controller costs @ $40, while the new part went for $400. (I still ended up buying the new part eventually, but at least by that point I was able to install it in record time!)
  • almuerzoalmuerzo Posts: 5
    I'll try it. Thanks.
  • woody20woody20 Posts: 7
    Almuerzo, sounds to me like either your air actuator on the passenger side is fried or the vent air arm off the actuator is sticking causing the fuse to blow or you have a short to ground.

    Did you find the problem?
  • almuerzoalmuerzo Posts: 5
    Yeah. Kind of. We traded the car in for a new one. I was not able to pinpoint the problem but it's over now.

    Thanks for your respnse.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    So did you stick with an Impala, or go with something else?
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