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Mitsubishi Eclipse Tires and Wheels

cheryllynncheryllynn Member Posts: 1
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Has anybody on here purchased any rims for their 2006 or 07 eclipse? I have the UV blue eclipse, and just bought the ADR M Sport hyper black rims, I think they are going to look pretty nice.


  • loyal2mitsuloyal2mitsu Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Eclipse SE (Special Edition). It came with the sword finish wheels. The wheels got black stains in them the first time I cleaned the car. Luckily, Mitsubishi stood by their warranty and replaced the whole set of wheels. I think I will have them clear powdercoated to prevent it from happening again. My friend bought a 2007 Galant RalliArt with the same wheels...having the same problem. He is waiting for the service rep to look at them for replacement. Anyone else with these wheels having this problem?
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Member Posts: 17,786
    I want 18" wheels for a base GT which come with 17" as standard equipment. Has any one gotten the dealer to replace the 17's with 18's? If so how much extra did it cost? One local dealer said basicly that I was stuck with the 17's and although he could sell me some 18's he would not do any kind of trade.

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  • mrnew2mrnew2 Member Posts: 6
    Im not to sure how I could help anyone on this one,
    But I have a 95 eclipse RS and was wanting to put 18's on it but the only thing is its standard is 16.5

    would 18's fit on it if i had low profile tires???
    can anyone help me
  • ajsimsajsims Member Posts: 1
    I had the very same problem and the dealer would only cover half of the cost of refinishing, which was $200.
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Member Posts: 17,786
    I'm considering putting better tires on my 2008 Eclipse GT as the reviews say the standard Goodyear tires are not the best for handling. I'm considering Ultra-High performance type summer or all-season tires.

    The problem is that the tires I see listed on Tire Rack have such a wide difference in price that I'm concerned that some might not be much better than what I now have. Prices range from $139 to $289 per tire. All have the same traction rating but they differ on treadwear rating. Since I'm buying for handling, I'm not as concerned about wear but I still would like to have the tires last as long as possible.

    How do I figure out which brand of tire is best?

    Can anyone name a specific tire that offers superior handling on the Eclipse?

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  • jaded420ajaded420a Member Posts: 1
    Although your car is 13 years newer than mine, I hope this helps. Not many people I've encountered realize that Avon makes car tires as well as motorcycle tires. Knowing this, I figure they have a fairly sticky compound. I used to run Douglas GT-H's on my 95 GS as they are a low priced touring tire readily available @ Wal-Mart or the like. These tires will take many miles on them and a little bit of abuse around corners. I spent $350 on 4 Avons from Tire Rack, back in the spring of '07. That's only $77 per tire, cheap for a street performance tire. They are Z rated in leiu of the H rated Douglas. I noticed how sticky these things were the instant I drove home from the garage after having them mounted & balanced. I could hear my new tires picking up tiny bits of gravel as i slowly drove out of the parking lot. As far as the punishment they caqn handle, make sure they are inflated correctly for your particular circumstance ( wieght, size, temp), and you should NOT be let down. These tires are like silent ninjas through rural back-roads. You'll chicken out before these tires will let go of the asphalt, I kid you not!
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Member Posts: 17,786
    Thanks :)

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  • broke_dadbroke_dad Member Posts: 10
    The last suggestion is very good. Also consider the Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z II series if you have the bucks for them.

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