Ford Fusion vs. Mazda 6

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Anybody drove both fusion and mazda 6 with manual tranny?
How would you compare these cars in driving dinamics, road noise and general ride quality.


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    Go for the Mazda 6 forget about the Fusion. 1st of all they are both sharing the Jag. X-TYPE platform. The Mazda 6 will give you more like a rear wheel drive feel. Thanks to the engineer from Japan they design the rear suspenisons similar like a the BMW 3-series. Fusion = Milan = MKZ = Mazda 6. Also the styling looks a lot I mean a lot better than Fusion. Unless Ford really bring in the Mondeo otherwise forget about Ford.
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    I agree with the message, but not the details.

    First of all, none of these cars has anything to do with the Jaguar X-type, which is built on a European Mondeo platform.

    And what's this 'engineer from Japan designing rear like BMW ...? This is nonsense.

    The Mazda 6 is just that - a Mazada designed platform. Ford took it and stretched it a bit, whatever, and is using it for the Fusion, Milan, Edge, Lincoln MickeyZ and X. It's supposed to be a pretty good platform, though personally I dont want to buy a Lincoln that's basically a Mazda, but I digress. None of them will give you a rear wheel drive feel - they're FWD cars for goodness sake. With an AWD option, yes, but still FW-biased.

    The Ford is larger inside and out. Bigger trunk and seating area etc. The Mazda is sportier.

    Now for my HO - the Fusion may look kinda cool, but it's a pretty bland car all in all. Just take a look at the shifter they put in the thing for proof - It allows the driver the choice of "D" or "L". That's it. Now most Grammas want little else, but some folks want to be able to take control of their car at times and you just cant do that in the Fusion. The Mazda places no such limitations on the driver and, in fact, offers a manual transmission if u like that sorta thing.

    In short, and IMHO, the Mazda is designed and built for drivers, the Ford is built for Grandma and those who see a car as a basic appliance and nothing more.

    Final advice - drive both, you decide.
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    1st of all they are both sharing the Jag. X-TYPE platform.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. The X type uses the EUCD platform (European Mondeo). Ford took the Mazda6 CD3 platform and stretched and widened it for the Fusion.
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    6 months ago, I had both of these cars on my shopping list and spent time in each of them. I assume you're looking for a 4 cylinder version, since you mention a manual trans and Fusion isn't offered with the V6/manual combo.

    My impressions were that the Mazda felt a little tighter, the Fusion a little softer, but not dramatically so. Fusion might be a little quieter as well. The shifters on both of these worked well, didn't make you feel like they were penalizing you for not paying for an automatic.

    They're both nice driving cars and good values. I found the interior of the Fusion felt a little bigger, but was a little cheaper feeling in some areas than the Mazda, other than the stereo - the Ford has a great standard stereo. Unfortunately, if you don't get the top trim SEL Fusion you get cheap feeling plastic steering wheel and shift knobs, where Mazda does leather-wraps in pretty much everything but their cheapest stripper 4 cylinder version.

    These are both good cars, and more fun to drive than your Accord/Camry types. I ended up with the Mazda, because I really liked the V6/manual combo, and the generally more sporting feel of the car.
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    Good comparo.

    And isn't it nice when a car company gives the consumer a choice of drivetrains? V6/stick is the one I'd get too.

    How's your mpg in it?
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    Please do a bit more research before be nonsense about information. The engineer that design the Atenza which is the US verison of Mazda 6 was originally work with BMW.
  • atenza94546atenza94546 Member Posts: 6
    According to the Atenza which is the Mazda 6 we called here is using the X-type platform. Which is also branch out to the Mondeo and S-Max.
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    Mazda6 is called Atenza in Japan.
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    "the Ford is built for Grandma and those who see a car as a basic appliance and nothing more."

    You have got to be kidding?? My Fusion in no way looks like a Grandma mobile! See it in Carspace.. Styling is just one of the Fusions strong points in every review I have read. As far as comparing to the 6.. Fusion has more room, more trunk.. It really comes down to personal taste.
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    Sounds like you're enjoying life in "D-L" then. That's mainly what I was referring to, the inability to actually DRIVE the Fusion, you merely sit in it and let it drive you. Like Grandma would want. No Zoom-zoom factor. That's all. Sorry, didn't mean to offend. They are actually kinda nice looking cars, though to me they look cheap, especially the rear end. Personal HO.
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    The fusion is more comfortable/practical and has better styling and is nearly as fun to drive as the mazda. For pure driving fun it'd be hard to be a mazda 6 with turbo but for me comfort and styling won out.
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    This doesn't really have anything to do with driving dynamics, but one of the nicer things (I think) about the Mazda 6 is that you can get it in hatchback form (as well as a station wagon if that's your thing.) The Ford doesn't have an equivalent.

    The spy shots that are popping out there suggest that the next version of hatchback and sedan will be Mazda's version of the Ford Fusion, that is, a stretched Mazda 6 platform, with bigger engine, etc.
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    personally i would go for a 2006 fusion, it had the antenna in the rear window, rather than the current body style of the mazda 6. BUT you can get a v6/manual in the 6. however both cars do offer alot of the same options, but it just depends on what styling you want.

    if i would to get a mazda 6 i would wait for the new mazda 6 coming out, suppose to get a 6-speed manual, all new body

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    According to the Atenza which is the Mazda 6 we called here is using the X-type platform. Which is also branch out to the Mondeo and S-Max.

    That is incorrect. The Mazda6 / Atenza is built on the GG/GY platform, which Ford refers to as CD3 global platform. GG is the platform for the sedans and 5-door and GY is the platform for the wagon, which is discontinued.

    The upcoming 2009 Mazda6 / Atenza. appears to be built on the EUCD platform, which is a version of the C1 platform that Volvo engineered, and shares with the Ford Mondeo / Volvo S80.

    I source my info directly from my employer, Mazda.
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    Both cars are built on a modified version of the European Mondeo platform. The 2009 Mazda6 will be derived from the new generation Mondeo CD3 platform. Please note both Fusion and Mazda6 share the same platform but Mazda vehicle dynamics guys tune the chassis to a sportier level, consistent with the brand DNA. However, Fusion's vehicle dynamics exceed everyone else with the possible exception of the Accord (and Mazda6), although the new Accord might be less sporty with the added bulk.

    Fusions are NOT grandma cars but grandma might really like the vehicle dynamics of a car that has a good ride with responsive handling and strong braking.
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    EUCD is the European platform for both the Mondeo and Mazda6. In North America the Fusion is built on CD3 which started as a Mazda6 platform but was widened and lengthened. I think the 09 Mazda6 will be CD3 based (but not the Mondeo).

    The next generation of CD vehicles in both NA and Europe will use a new common CD platform (combined CD3 and EUCD). Same for the Focus.
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    Does anybody know how to obtain the correct cup wrench for this filter cap. The X engine has a cartridge type filter which is more difficult to deal with if change your own oil--o rings--wrench cap--potential leaks--etc. The spin on filters would be easier to deal with and cost less to purchase. This is not a better idea in my judgement. The Fusion seems to be a nice vehicle but this idea is similar to technology of a 40's Ford tractor. :(
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    Aren't the cartridge filters generally considered to be higher quality and more durable than the spin-ons?
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    How are they better? They are more difficult to deal with if the correct wrench is not available but I would like any information if it's available. Thanks for your input.
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    If it's anything like my 2003 Mazda6, I had to go to the dealer to buy the tool. I can't remember how much it costs. But yes, it was a "special tool," at least back in 2003 (I no longer own the car).

    Hope this helps!
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    i didnt use any special tool to get my filter out, i just used tongue and groove pliers, worked fine, no damage done
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    Hey, do you want to sell the tool? [email protected]
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    Actually the catridge style is better overall. More secure, less chance of leaking. My Olds intrigue has the same thing. very easy to change if you have the right equipment.

    BTW you need a 74 mm, 14 flute oil wrench. Try your major auto parts store for the wrench or
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    You know your platforms, so can you tell me if I can put GG/GY shocks onto the Fusion CD3 platform. There are several good after market shocks (Bilstein, Koni, Tokico) for the Mazda 6 and I have found some websites listing the same Tokico part numbers for the Fusion. Ford does not seem to want to confirm this compatibility so what do you think?
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    For now, I would say no. The suspension components are not the same. You might want to inquire to those specific companies if it's a direct fit. I wil look into it. Give me a few days.
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    That would be nice.

    It would be nice on the 3 also.
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    Well, time to revive this old post now that both of these cars have been replaced with newer variants. The old cars were much closer cousins. The Fusion being slightly longer and more softly suspended. Both were good. The 6 was just sportier. Now the tables have turned.

    The new Fusion Sport is the sportier feeling of the two. Now the 6 is the bigger car and it feels like it is. There's nothing really wrong with the new 6, mind you. It's just that I liked the old one so much (I still own an '03 6s 5 speed). I do not like how big the new 6 has become. I would buy the Fusion Sport over the new 6 if I were to replace my current 6 because it is more like my car only better.

    In the end, bigger is not always better. Mazda should not have built this car except to add it as another model. Can you say Mazda9?
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