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I’m looking for advice on the Z4 wind deflectors sold by BMW. BMW sells a mesh wind deflector ($185) and wind deflector w/removable center piece ($373). How is the visibility through the rear view window and does it keep the wind out of the cabin? The $185 is removable with an elastic mesh and leather (which covers the roll over bars) could be slid down to (not requiring deal install) versus the $373 which requires dealer install. I’m seeking advice or reviews from anyone who has purchased both of these wind deflectors. Is it really worth paying $373 vs $185? I’m not sure which one to get. Thanks for any help given! :D

$185 wind deflector:


$373 wind deflector:



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    Both of those pictures are of the cheaper mesh deflector. The $400 kit doesn't cover the roll-bars, which are covered in both images. I went for the expensive one myself, I like it better as it's more integrated to the car. I've heard the mesh one isn't hard to see through, but can be finicky to mount properly.
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    I have the more expensive plexi glass version, and yes it does keep wind out of the cabin. Being that it’s clear, it has no impact visibility, you don't even notice its there. In fact the only reason I remove it is for cleaning.
    I drove a Boxster with a mesh version, the thing was constantly flapping in the wind. I think its worth the extra cash, as usual you get what you pay for.
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    Check out roadster solutions. They have a 3 piece plexi glass based wind blocker for a decent price.
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    I am taking delivery of my 2006 Z4 on Wednesday and would appreciate some help with security systems. As you all know, the 2006 models come prewired for security systems. Do you have to buy the factory system or are there good aftermarket versions available that are easy to install. Resources or websites would be appreciated!

    I am so excited about getting this car! It will be my first convertible!

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    I'm having the factory system installed in my '06 on Friday... total cost including the install kit and labor is $360... pretty cheap if you ask me :)
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    Has anyone tried installing the Wind Deflector with removable centerpiece? The dealer quotes 2 hours labor. I think I could do it myself if no drilling is required and save another $224 and parts tells me that the installation requires no drilling or modifications to the car. Has anyone done this or have an installation diagram?.
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    just recently bought my Z4 and reading all the blogs about it, wondered where to get aftermarket accessories for it like wind deflectors and such. thanks :)
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