BMW Z4 - Should I Buy One?

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I am thinking of picking up someone else's lease, and driving a Z4 for the next year or so. How happy are you folks with the Z4? (I would be looking for an automatic, as my left shoulder is troublesome when I drive with it too much)

How many of you are happy that you are driving a Z4?


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    My wife had a Z3 with manual (I said a Roadster should never be an automatic)...and then we moved to Houston. So we picked up a 2003 Z4 last year with Automatic and only 14,000 miles. Better interior room, plenty of zip and fun to drive. The automatic is just fine, especially in city traffic. She loves the car and would only consider trading it for a 6-Series convertible (but then there's the price difference, so never mind.) Terrific car. Ours is a rare Urban Green and to my surprise, she gets comments from everyone about how cool it looks.
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    I bought a 2003 Z4 when it was new. I've owned it for over 6 years and it's the best car I have ever owned. I have to trade it for a 330CI and I have the confidence the quality is just a good or better. It's not as sexy as the Z4 but it sure is a nice looking car.
    If anyone wants to buy a Z4, I say, "go for it". It is fun, and great quality.
    Some said it was a "mid-life crisis car" but I say if this is a "crisis", bring it on! Driving along on a sunny day with the top down, in the sun, along the beach, is a great way to have a crisis! :-)))
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    While leaving a local airport in the rain, I clipped a cement curb with my Z4. My stupidity left 2 stripes (6 and 12" long by 3-4" high) along the bottom edge of the body below the doors and 2 reminders on my 18" Sport rims. Luckily the doors or fenders were unaffected.

    Any hints on repairing these lovely reminders? The body work appears to be plastic and the rims are alloys. The gouges are relatively shallow and seem to be fixable. I just hate to think what the dealer or a "pro" would charge. ANY decent advice would be most appreciated.
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    I did and so far it has not paid for itself. I've only needed 2 oil changes worth about $125 a piece. I got it since a buddy of mine said that a brake job costs around $1,000 but unless you think you need that kind of work, do the math.
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    Hello All,
    Is the 2011 Z4 35i comes with a new engine N55 which is a single turbo. And the 2011 Z4 35is are twin turbo using the N54 engine ?

    Thanks !
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