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Acura TL Audio

I was able to burn a few DVD's for the car that it recognizes & plays very well from a sound quality point of view.

Problem is a few of the songs will play for 15-20 seconds the skip all by itself to the next track.

Any ideas on what the problem is. The DVD's are write once -R.


  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Hi Lori

    I couldn't watch your post go one whole week without a reply, so I'll jump in.
    I can't say 100% for sure, but I believe the stereo from the Type-S will work.
    I've dug up all the dirt I can find, and the wiring harnesses are the same for both models, and both also include steering wheel functions.

    The only thing that may cause the 2 stereo harnesses to be slightly different is if the Type-S was a Nav model.
    Like I said, I don't know for sure, but if it was me making the judgment call, I'd buy the stereo.

    I think it will fit perfectly.

    Hope this helps!
    Let us know.
  • I've called two local dealers & a few custom shops; am disapointed at how few options there are. Am using a Sony cassette to mp3 adaptor now, it does not produce very good sound quality.

    Key questions:
    1.) Do you know what connections are available on the back of a 2004 TL stereo unit? For example, are there RCAs I can plug into? Are there aux inputs for other devices I can tap into to connect an mp3

    2.) What is the best way to connect an mp3 player (mini jack output) to a stock 2004 TL stereo? Provide a specific URL or product name please.
  • As soon as I bought my '03 TL, I drove it to a custom stereo shop. I am window shopping at this point, but got some good info. This is an owner operated shop and the guy knew his stuff (I think.) He said the stock unit does not have RCA-In jacks.

    I told him how much I liked my friend's Mark Levinson system in his new '06 IS 350 and that I had seen a Pioneer stereo system with nav built-in that I liked at Crutchfield or J&R. He recommended one of the AVIC units, an amp and Boston Acoustic speakers (I like classic rock/blues mostly)

    He gave me the brochures from Pioneer and BA. It turns out that the (N1?) system has about every feature you can imagine including integrated mp3 player functionality, bluetooth, XM or Sirius ready and an optional rear camera that kicks in when the vehicle is placed into reverse (just like the new Lexus). The head unit alone is $1500 and then I would be adding speakers, woofer, and amp. I am assuming he covers his labor by charging full retail. It seems funny to spend $3k on the sound/nav system for a car that cost me $16k, but if after taxes, extended warranty, etc, I can be out of pocket, say $23.5k and have a car I actually like better than the IS 350 (more roomy), saving myself about 50% off what he paid, I'm a happy camper.

    For the record, Pioneer makes another Double DIN head unit that plays mp3s that costs less without the nav. If I was looking to save $$, that would probably be the option I would choose.
  • I have a 2006 TL with Nav, and will probably not renew my XM once the trial period ends. Has anyone tried to replace their built in XM radio with Sirius? Is it possible?
  • Unfortunately you cannot replace the built-in XM with Sirius. You do however have other options like using a PnP Sirius radio. Go to the link below and do a search for Acura. You'll get a much better idea of what your options are. a4d32448&f=13
  • Great info on there, thanks!
  • I have the type-S which has the aux input for the ipod in the center console. Don't want to pay the dealer price. Does anyone offer a cable to conect the ipod to the aux input on this car???
  • I have the type-S which has the aux input for the ipod in the center console. Don't want to pay the dealer price. Does anyone offer a cable to conect the ipod to the aux input on this car???
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    How much does the dealer charge? I saw one on ebay for 145.00 with free shipping.
  • Maybe I am a little confused. In my center consol there is an input for my ipod. I just need the cable that goes from the ipod to that input. That is $150?? I think what you are refering to is the interface.
  • you can go to radio shack or fry's. same plug on each end. I think its a mini stereo plug.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701 bad. sorry about that.
  • No worries. I'll check out radio shack tonight. Thanks
  • All you need to do is buy a cable from Radio Shack and you're good to go. I already use the Aux input with Sirius. I had the antenna installed this past weekend and it works great.
  • Got the cable last night. Thanks for the help.
  • Hi All-

    I just bought an 06 TL and when I have the radio on there is a very noticeable rattle from the sub woofer. I emailed the sales rep at the dealer and his response was to adjust the bass. So the dealer wants me to solve this problem by turning off the sub, ha! My question, how is the bass supposed to sound on a TL? Does your sub hit those really low frequencies without a noticeable rattle? My brand new car sounds like one of those piece of crap hoopties that rattle like hell but have a huge system installed. Should the dealer be able to fix this?
  • I have a TLS on order and asked the dealership the same question. They couldn't answer me, which I thought was strange. Anyway, I found an double ended RCA cable for $11.49 at Best Buy. I don't have the car yet so I took it to the dealership along with my first generation IPod. And low and behold, it works. There is nothing special about the cable. It has two ends that both plug into any "head phone" jack 3.5mm (or RCA). I was very surprised that Acura couldn't tell me how there car works. I must say that it sounded GREAT!
  • Haha. I love it when the experts know nothing! I got the jack and have used my ipod a couple times. Sounds good, but then I tried a DVD-A on the system and it blew me away. Once you get the car, buy a DVD-A and see how you like it- you will not want to listen to the ipod any more! Hope you enjoy the car once you get it!
  • I use my Ipod in my TLS most of the time. It sounds very good, much better than the XM. I don't know why anyone would pay for satellite radio. I agree the DVD audio sounds even better than the Ipod, but there aren't alot of DVD's available.
    Ipods have a pre-amp circuitry in them where you can adjust the bass/treble. It can enhance the sound coming into the TL system.
    If Acura offered an ipod link that also charged the ipod and displayed the artists, songs, and album art on the navigation (like an Itunes interface), I'd be the first to buy it. I'm tired of always taking my Ipod out of my car to charge it (you can only charge it in the car while the car is running...useless and bad for the ipod battery unless you are on a long road trip.
  • Well to be honest the only complain i have with my acura tl-s and my previous 2005 acura tl is the sound system=/
    The sound just does not cut it for me , its not clear enough and not has loud has i would like it to be.
    I wonder why most cars today just dont give the option to install an aftermarket stereo system, it SUCKS =(
    Dont get me wrong the stereo is OK on the acura but its not has good has a nice aftermarket system like a pioneer.
    On aftermarket system you can adjust the sound much better and it will come out sounding more clear.
    Not much i can do really , i guess i am stuck with this system =)
    If only they had integrated an equalizer in it, things would be different.
    Now this is what i would like to have on my tl-s,,2076_310069882_34- 724,00.html this will make those speakers sound like a 5k sound system=)

  • I bought my wife an IPOD for christmas and want to connect it to her radio in her 2006 TL Does the Dealer offer a connection package that will connect directly to the radio. Does anyone know of a company that allows you to use the steering controls and will hook up to a TL with NAV and the 6 disc changer.
  • Awesome DVD AUDIO!!! Blew me away! I bought 5 and it is totally amazing! NOT in a BMW! :)
  • I love my TL-s but the audio system its not that good =( it lucks depth and the sound just isn't clear and loud enough.
    BMW are cars that can give trouble like most cars with inline cylinders , because of poor oil distribution.
    The audio systems on most european cars are way better , i dont know why acura just didn't stick with bose for their sound system =/
    My old nissan 350z had a bose system back in 1991 and sounded better then my acura system.
    Beside the stereo i have no complains on the car.

    PS actually i have one more complain=) They should put bigger rims and tires on the TL at no extra charge , it would make the tl look so much better. Its a big car and 17 rims look to small on it from the back.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "They should put bigger rims and tires on the TL at no extra charge , it would make the tl look so much better. Its a big car and 17 rims look to small on it from the back."

    As long as you are prepared to pay for tires that get chewed up every 10-12k miles, then go for 20" wheels and 20 series tires if that's what you want. But I would remind you that the TL is a FWD sedan with a 62/38 weight "imbalance" and, as such, will wreck havoc on high performance, soft compound tires. I had to replace the optional "HPT" tires on my 2004 TL 6-speed at 18,000 miles under rather sedate driving. The 19", 295/30 series rear tires on my 911 S are nearing 12,000 miles and show considerably less wear than the TL 17" ones did at the same mileage. And I drive the 911 with a bit more vigor. But having a sports car chassis keeping the tires flat on the ground makes a world of difference in tire wear.

    Check your memory - what size wheels and tires did that 1991 350ZX of yours have? I still have a 1995 Nissan Maxima SE 5-speed with 155k miles still on it's 3rd set of 15" 215/60 series tires. And, like you sound system comparison, it handles almost as good as the TL.
  • The Acura DVD Audio sound system was rated the best in any car, 86% of hundreds of consumers at car show compared and prefered it to Bose, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson. Put in a DVD Audio disk and open your ears. I agree on XM radio needs an EQ to add more high end. But even my regular CD's sound great. I have put several $2-3,000 systems in my cars and friends. Its so nice to buy a new car and not really need to improve the system. I would like a few more watts, and a bigger sub. But thats to make it perfect. I think it sounds great. :) :) :) :)
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I agree that the TL Stereo is nice, but I personally wonder what that 86% is thinking.
    I like to drive, in the summer, down the highway with the windows and sunroof open.
    I'd like to be able to hear the stereo while doing so.

    The TL lacks here.
    The Infiniti System in my Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited had more power that what is currently coming in the TL.

    Nice system, but it lacks in the power dept.
  • I agree it needs more watts, but it sounds great! The tests were done inside a showroom not going down the highway. What you said makes sense. :shades:
  • i have a honda gold wing too, and it has a feature the same as this TL-S. its auto volume control, in the second menu of the audio button. i think it holds some juice in reserve for the higher noise/speeds, so try turning it OFF and see if that puts full control back to your knob.
  • Yap exactly. I dont really use DVD audio, most of the times im using regular cd`s. I have a couple of cd`s with some mp3`s on them and i play them at max volume (40) and if i roll the windows down i cant hear much.
    Im not one of those guys that is looking for mega super powerfull bass that will shake my windows , but i enjoy having a crystal clear sound coming out of my speakers and acura systems just dont deliver in this department. And the base its laughable =)
    Dont get me wrong i like my tl but the stereo sucks, just face it guys.
    I am not just mad at the fact that the stereo is not that good , what i dont like its the fact that i cannot put an aftermarket stereo on my car , thats what pisses me off.
    I really dont like the idea of having a stereo system that takes half of my dash board and does not deliver has it should and who really needs a tape deck anymore? i sure dont use tapes and haven't used them in years.Big waste of space.
    In other words i would like some of this car company to give us the option to install aftermarket stereo systems, since the car is mine i like to decide what stereo to have on it.
    Maybe if they put an EQ on it that lets me tweak the sound , then maybe i would be happyer.
    4 years ago i had a jetta vr6 and it came with a Blaupunkt system on it. It had no depth to it and the sound was crappy.
    I purchased a top of the line pioneer deck for it and all of a sudden it sounded amazing , crystal clear and loud and all of this on the original speakers.
    Im gona trust pioneer systems more then i will trust acura systems.That deck had so many option to tweak the sound , it was a thing of beauty and made a huge difference once it was installed. It was like day and night and did i mention it looked good ?=)
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