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Chrysler 300M: Audio

P.S. (F.Y.I.)

How to remove door panel / speaker access / Fix speakers.

In case anybody has to fix/replace speakers, or fix window rollup/down problems.

Remove metal speaker screen by prying it off.(Tricky part)
Remove 3 speaker screws and/or 3 panel mount screws.
Remove 2 screws holding window vent speaker, remove speaker.
Remove 2 screws holding Window speaker bracket.
Remove 3 screws along bottom of door.
Remove 1 screw in door opener, behind square plastic cover.
Remove 1 screw in cup of door handle.
Remove 2 screws below speaker, in the indentation part.
At this point, less I am forgetting a screw, simply lift the door panel up and away from the door.
You will have to detach the piece of plastic that holds the door lever rod.

The hardest part was that it took me a while to figure out that the screen mesh just pry's right off and snaps back in.

The speakers have a plastic cover with screening that needs to be pryed off. Using a screw driver, pry the plastic cover away from the speaker assembly at the speaker mounting brackets.



  • uniguyuniguy Posts: 39
    This is probably a repeat question, but what size are the speakers that are mounted to the a-pillars (window frame)? The one on the driver's side and vibrates really bad. I'd like to buy a replacement at Best Buy and try to install it myself.

  • 300mguy300mguy Posts: 9

    I had a problem with the door speakers vibrating. You probably want to make sure it is not those that are vibrating. I had originally thought it was the window speakers that were rattling. The small window speaker just come off with 2 screws.

    I wrote up how to fix the door speakers on 1306-26111 & 26112. There is another msg about speakers on 1305-26088.

  • uniguyuniguy Posts: 39
    Thanks, but I'm certain it's the little speaker mounted to the window frame.

  • uniguyuniguy Posts: 39
    My apologies, you were right. Upon further investigation, the vibration was coming from the speaker in the door. Just ran to Best Buy over my lunch break and bought some Sony Xplod's -- 250 watts max output and 55 watts RMS. Should be better than what came from the factory. In my opinion, even "premium" factory sound systems are inferior to what is available in the aftermarket.

  • 300mguy300mguy Posts: 9

    Yeah, the manufacturer of the speakers did not use enough glue (Cheap Skates, Mass manufacturing). The tricky part of removing the door panel is realizing the screen covering the speakers just pops right off.

    You can still repair the old speakers by prying off the plastic circular piece and gluing the cone back to the frame. Total cost is about $3.00 for a bottle of glue.

  • uniguyuniguy Posts: 39
    Had my new speakers installed yesterday. You were correct, the cone had about a 4 inch rip in it. I was surprised that these "premium" speakers had paper cones. I expected they would be polypropylene like most after market speakers. They are much better at producing bass than the stock Infinitys. For some reason, I can clearly see these speakers through the grills in the door panels whereas I could not see the stock ones. Not sure why that is... Probably something only I would think about.

  • According to the install guy at Best Buy, the small speaker in the center of the dash is a special size that is only available thru Chrysler dealers. Does anyone know if this is true? I was thinking it was a standard 3.5" speaker.

  • Anyone know?
  • You do have to buy it from Chrysler it's like $35 I had to replace mine. Circuit City and Bestbuy did not carry the correct size. Also called specialty shops and the wanted to drill and cut the hole to make it larger. So I bought it at Chrysler. Hope that this helps.
  • Thank you for the info!
  • Does anyone know how to get at the front center speaker? Do you have to remove the dash? and where exactly is it? Thanks
  • I don't know the technical details and can't give you step by step instructions but I can tell you that I know that in order to get at that little center speaker, you have to remove the gray plastic a-pillar and remove the long black plastic piece just behind the windshield. I'm sure it's a real pain. I'm having it replaced at the Chrysler dealer next time I take it in for service.
  • Thanks. Excuse my ignorance but where/what is the a-pillar? :confuse:
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Where the windshield is mounted.
  • Now I understand. Thank you.
  • Hi I just put new Radio to my 1999 chrysler 300M and I can hear out only the radio. there is no sound from minidisc and my cd changer player. does anyone know why? thanks
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Need more details. Is this a new, stock radio or aftermarket? Is it the stock CD-changer with aftermarket radio or vice versa? Is everything connected?
  • Hi, its aftermarket sony radio I had it before in my other car and everything was ok. now I now its playing equalizer and time are moving but there is no sound...
  • Hi, about one year ago I started experiencing static and scratching from the lower, driver door speaker. I removed it with the intent of replacing it at a later date. About three months later, the same thing happened with the lower, passenger door speaker. I removed it also with the intent of now replacing both front, 6-1/2" or 6-3/4", speakers. Just recently (after a year of not having my lower door speakers in) I purchased a pair of Infinity Kappa speakers, 6-1/2" round. I tested them out of the door by using jumpers/extensions and still noticed that the sound is not optimum. In other words, the sound is not clear. I believe the problem still exists but just sounds different with these new speakers, so I do not believe it is a speaker problem any longer. I even went as far as trying my car speakers with my home stereo and they did not exhibit the problem I heard in the car. I realize that the Chrysler 300M speakers are 2 ohm (YES-- TWO OHM!!!) and am surprised that others have been able to buy off-the-shelf speakers from Best Buy which only carry 4 ohm speakers where I live. They may still work but I have heard that you may be overamping the amplifier on the stock stereo. Which brings me to the belief that my stereo is the problem, but only the two lower front speaker channels-- anyone experienced this problem? Is there a separate amp that drives these speakers that is not inside the stereo? By the way, the 6-1/2" speakers I purchase are NOT the same diameter as the stock Infinity's which leads me to believe the actual stock diameter is considered 6-3/4" although the actual measurement is closer to 6-1/2" (am I supposed to include the tabs as part of the diameter?). Thanks in advance.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Yes, speaker sizes are measured by the entire speaker, frame and all, not just the cone.
  • cgrecucgrecu Posts: 1
    Hi everybody,

    a few months ago my cd changer (4 disc) stopped working, not sure what happened, but it looks like a disc got stucked or something, because when I press eject it tries for a while and then displays an error message and moves to the next disc and so on.

    I'd like to replace the cd changer, somebody told me that unless I use a factory model I will lose the on-wheel controls and I will only be able to control the new stereo via its own knobs, not sure if that's true?

    And, since I'm at the subject, I'd like to be able to plug my iPod to the car stereo, is there any way I could do that? I've read on this forum that the 6-disc model has an aux port - that should do the trick, but is it compatible with my 2001 300M?

    Also, how easy is to replace the cd-changer, I have little experience with this stuff, but I'd hate to go to a dealer and get charged $1000 or smth like this when I could buy everything I need off ebay and do it myself.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    If you're going to replace it with a factory CD changer (which might not be necessary), it's easy as pie. Pop off the console cover and take out the two screws holding the CD player in place. Pull it out, unplug it, grab the new one and reverse the steps.

    Yes, you will lose the use of the steering wheel buttons with an aftermarket stereo.

    There is an adaptor you can buy to hook up to the factory radio that allows you to plug in MP3 players. I can't remember the company that makes it though, sorry. Do a google search or go to the 300M club website forums and search the Audio Upgrades threads.
  • redyredy Posts: 1
    Can someone assist me in changing out the radio/CD player from my 1999 300M. How and where do I remove the console cover? Do I have to? Everything is plastic and I am afraid to break something. A CD got stuck in the old one so I am replacing the entire unit.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Just pry the plastic cover off the console then there are 2 screws holding the CD player in. Why not just open up the CD player and take the disc out? It would save you a few hundred bucks.
  • thepajthepaj Posts: 1

    I just bought a 2001 300M, and I love it. However, I was putting CD's into the player and the whole stereo is frozen and reads 1SEL. the 1SEL stays on even after I have taken the keys out of the ignition.... Any advice out there.


    The Paj
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    It's stuck in Driver Memory Selection mode for some reason. Press #2 on the seat memory button and see what happens. Then press #1 again.
  • mike23bmike23b Posts: 5
    i just bought a 1999 Chrysler 300M and the door speakers don't work on either door all small speakers are working does anyone no what the problem could be
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    The speakers are either not there, or they're disconnected.
  • mike23bmike23b Posts: 5
    I check the speakers are there so could you tell me how to check and see if there just disconnected. :confuse:
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Take them out and see if their plugged in at the back of the speaker. The grille just pulls right off, but you might have to use something to pry it loose first. After that, I believe there are 3 screws holding the speaker in. Unscrew those and pull the speaker out.
  • mike23bmike23b Posts: 5
    There hooked up in the back of speaker but still not working any other solutions
  • 300mr300mr Posts: 5
    I just pickup up a 2000 300M. It has an after market Sony Stereo, and has the wiring harness adapters. So I went ahead and hooked up my JVC CD stereo. All the lights are on but no sound. I checked everything, nothing worked. So I put the old stereo back in and now that has the same symptoms, no sound. Is there an AMP is these cars that I need to reset or a fuse for it? Any advice would help. Just as a note I'm a DIY type of guy and have installed many stereos. All wires are color coded and with the after market wiring harness it makes things even easier.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Yes, there is a factory amp in the truck on the passenger side behind the liner. Sounds like the previous owner may have taken out his aftermarket amp which had been routed to the speakers.
  • 300mr300mr Posts: 5
    Thanks for the input, but I forgot to add that the Sony worked before I pulled it out. The radio worked fine, CD player didn't work and that was part of the reasoning for me to install my JVC. So i was wondering if this is a common issue with these types of cars and if they are fussy when adding removing stereos. Maybe I blew the fuse for the factory AMP?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    No, they're not fussy at all with adding equipment. Tons of 300M guys have hacked up their dashes with all sorts of aftermarket stereos and such. Maybe you did blow a fuse. I don't know which fuse is for the radio, though. Disconnect the battery and start pulling fuses until you get lucky. ;)
  • 300mr300mr Posts: 5
    Thanks for the great advice!
  • 300mr300mr Posts: 5
    Can you tell me exactly where the AMP is, I realize you stated in the truck on the passenger side, but where exactly. Is it mounted high, is it mounted on the floor etc. I could use the help. I confirmed that my stereo works by hooking speakers up directly to it, so it must be the amp in the car that has a fuse blown for all the existing speakers inthe car not to work.

  • 300mr300mr Posts: 5
    Thanks for the feedback, in all my haste I didn't hook up the Blue (Remote) wire for the AMP. DUH! All good now, sounds great.
  • Does anyone know how to remove those?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Yes, and you're not going to like the answer. :sick: You have to remove the whole backseat and the plastic trim on the C-pillars. :surprise: Then carefully slide the parcel shelf forward to remove it (to some degree); the middle seatbelt goes through it.

    - Remove the lower seat cushion. Just give it a firm jerk upward on the driver and passenger side and it pops right out.
    - Unbolt the seatbelts. Those bolts also hold the seatback in place.
    - Get a good grip on the bottom of the seatback. Pull the bottom forward to clear the mounting studs then lift up on the entire seatback to unhook it. This is a very awkward procedure.
    - Remove the C-pillar trim. Use firm, but STEADY pressure to remove the trim, otherwise you will break it or a mounting tab. Once you feel the tab pop out, lean the trim out at the top (toward the opposite side of the car) and lift out.
    - Loosen or remove the lower trim beside the seatback. It's probably better to remove it. To remove it, you will have to take out the door sill cover. It just pops right out.
    - Once the trim pieces are out of the way, slide the parcel shelf forward and pull it out.

    Now you have access to the speakers. The steps to getting to the speakers will take you 20 minutes or less, depending on your comfort level. Good luck!
  • thanks a lot. I got to them. you'd be amazed at what falls in between the seat. i'm glad that i got to them because one of them had a tear in them. it was an annoying install but not more annoying than listening to that busted speaker every morning
  • gregoryjgregoryj Posts: 2
    :confuse: I now have my rear deck exposed and removed factory infinitys with after market infinity kappa 6x9 3-ways with x-overs....Problem when the kappas are seated in mounting space they ground out...remove them from slot they play fine...anyone know of a wiring ground by-pass or should I try silicon adhesive to mount kappas to avoid metal-metal contact....???
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Avoid the metal-to-metal contact.
  • After installing the kappa 693.6x9" and the Kappa 60.7 for the front door..(without supplied xover)..the sound is lacking in bass in the the front and weak in the there any user adjustable settings on this factory infinity system that can be accessed or can a powered sub be added..if so how.... :confuse:
  • I recently replaced the original battery in my 300M. After changing the battery, all my radio presets were still OK, but the radio doesn't seem to recognize that the changer exits (only switches between AM & FM on the steering wheel button). The changer is powered up, and no problems loading or removing discs. The radio just doesn't seem to know the changer is there... Any ideas?
  • bull56bull56 Posts: 1
    Ok Car Gurus,
    I have a 2000 Chrysler 300M and my “premium infinity” sound system is starting to become crap. The driver-side door speaker is all static/vibrations so I turned my front speakers off. However, now my rear speakers are starting to get a little vibration to them. I do not blast my speakers by any means, but by the sound of them one would think so. I have to admit; I am not car repair savvy so doing a personal repair may be difficult. I took my car the Best Buy and they told me that they would need to rewire my whole sound system for the new speakers. :( So I guess my questions is… “Is it possible to buy high quality speakers and install them myself?” Or am I looking at spending some $$ to fix the problem. :confuse:

    Thanks for the help in the matter.
  • Does anyone know if there are RCA audio outputs on the factory stereo or amp? i want to add some bass but don't want to replace stereo or use high level inputs.
  • I had the same problem with my 2001 300M cd changer and I bought a new one from an Ebay auto parts dealer that is the exact same cd changer model number and when I plugged in the connector on the back all the amber lights started flashing in unison and I got an Err message on the display. I tried unplugging and re-plugging and get the same result. Am I missing something?
  • It is easy to change the speakers in the front. They could be going bad like mine did. All you need to do to change the front speakers is pop the grill off and unscrew the speaker and unwire it and rewire it. A lot easier than it sounds. The rear is a PITA. You have to take your whole back seat out to get to them. Get you a Haynes 300m guide to find out how. It is worth it in the end.

    Dont go to best buy for car installs. You will only have to go behind them and do it over.
  • k well ive got a few problem replacing some of the components of my 2002 300M sound system.

    1. I bought a new stereo for it and when i go to plug it in it turns on fine, but there is no sound coming from the speakers. I reinstalled the stock stereo and the speakers work as usual. How do I get the speakers to work?

    2. I am hearing some buzzing from the mioddle dash speaker, but cant get the dash piece all the way off to access it for repair/replacement. How do I get that piece all the way off?

    3. I am planning on replacing the rear speakers at a later date but dont know how to access them. How to I access them for replacement?

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