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I hope someone can help me. I have never had a better car than
a 96 ford escort. I am a older lady and had the opportunity to buy a 96 buick lesabre. I love it, I have had it for 5 months, it is in excellent condition, and has all the bells and whistles. My big problen is the radio. I have a great audio system, casette, cd, great speakers--consert--BUT----I left my lights on the other day, my battery went dead, and I had a friend jump my car. After leaving it run for 20 minutes, I turned it off to see if it would start up again, it did and I took it for a short ride----everthing was back to normal---except NO MORE RADIO--the radio shows no LOC or Inop--it shows NOTHING--did I destroy my wonderful audio system?? Please, please somebody help me, I was so happy having such a nice car.


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    The good news about the radio is that it can be fixed easily...bad news.. by the dealer. It has the theftlock system in it. If someone steals it out of your car, it would not work unless they had the 3 digit code. The code is made up by the user. If you know who had the car before you they might remember it. Check the owner's manual for it. It will have a whole section devoted to how to unlock the radio. If you are lucky, the previous owner may have written it down in the manual.
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    Thank you so very much for the advice, I was so afraid that no one would respond to me. The other most important question has to do with the fact that my radio is not showing-- ANYTHING---, I called a dealer, in fact two different places, they both said it was locked, and would cost $90.00 to put it on a computer to find the code---BUT--they also said that the radio should be showing LOC --and it isn't---it shows NOTHING. They said they did not know why it would be showing nothing--it should be showing LOC. Do you have any idea about this, have you ever heard of a radio that shows nothing?? It sounded to me like, this would be another "problem" that they would have to look into, and I am afraid of what they would charge for that. Please let me know what you think. Also, if they did find the code, do they then give it to me so if anything happened again I would have the code ? Thank you again, your reply made me very happy that you would answer me.
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    I think it should be showing LOC also. Is the radio turned on? Maybe you hit the power button and shut it off accidentally?? $90 seems like a lot for such a simple task, but I do know shops have minimum amounts they charge. Try calling around to various GM dealers. There might be someone willing to do it cheaper or free if they think they will win your future business. I would start the conversation like "I'm looking for a good dealer to service my recently acquired car since I can't do any service myself and I am a stickler for good maintenance, and by the way, I have a little problem with my radio.....
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    Thanks again for your fast reply. I just thought I would mention that when this first happened (2 weeks ago) I had a neighbor, who does not really know anything about cars, check the fuse for the radio---he said the fuse was fine. It was after that I realized about the needed code from the complete owners manual I have. But it is the absence of the LOC that seems another problem. Yes, I have turned the radio on and off--nothing. Now just last night again looking in my manual I realized that there is a seperate fuse for the clock, I thought the radio fuse was for the clock also. I am going to see if the clock fuse maybe blew out---if by chance it did, with a new fuse would that maybe be why I am not getting LOC--maybe if the clock came back on I would see the LOC---what do you think? Also, in the manual in the section that has to do with "Jump Starting", which is what happened, I did get a jump start, and I know the radio was on, there is a notice that says "Your radio could be badly damaged if you leave your radio on " Yeeks, that really scares me---now what do you think? I am going to get the clock fuse checked just to see if it makes a difference. I love this car, like I have said, I have NEVER driven a nice car before, but it really scares me, because this forum shows a lot of expensive problems, My 96 Escort always had cheap problems, no bells or whistles, and if my battery went dead, at least my radio did not dissapear. I don't know if I will be able to keep up with the high maintance. Well, sorry to ramble, I just feel so bad that my radio is gone. You have been a great help, if you have the time, I appreciate your replys..
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    I have posted all I know to do. It wouldn't hurt to check the clock fuse, it may light the display. I can't imagine a jump start taking out a radio. I suppose if the dealer quoted you a high replacement price, you could find one a big salvage yard but call ahead first and see if they can put it in for you.
    I think the Lesabres are pretty good cars. Every car you read about has problems, and ususally people come to these boards and post problems and gripe about their car. If I based buying a car on boards like these web sites, i would be suspicious of every make and model.
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    Thanks again for all of your replies, since this has been such a tricky problem, if and when I ever find the answer I will let you know, until then, over and out----Thanks so much.
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    I looked in my 98 Service Manual. there are three fuses.
    MISC/RDO/CLSTR 10 amp # 9C
    INTERIO LPS 10 amp # 8B
    RADIO 10 amp #8D

    This is for a 98 Limited.

    The numbers tell the row and the position in the fuse block above the driver's left knee. The A,B,C,D,E tell the column in each row.

    You might check for all three if that's the way 1996 was doing it. In the service manual there are a few checks and I looked for no light on display and no sound output. The quick option if you don't have a fuse out or bad connection is that they usually recommend replacing the radio.

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    Thanks for the info, I just found this site a few days ago, it sure was a GODSEND, all of the replies I have seen for so many problems like your reply makes it so nice for people like me who know nothing, and have no one to ask. Your greatly appreciated, I really need to look into this problem more, I think the feature of theft detterent is more of a problem then its worth. Thanks again.
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    Thanks again for the reply you had given me about the fact that there are 3 different fuses, I had a friend check that out---and that was it---even though my radio and clock went out after getting a jump start---I did not need a code to get it back, but a simple check of the fuses. When I called the Buick dealer he said I needed the code, when I told him I did not even have the LOC showing, he never mentioned looking at the fuses.Since I know nothing about this kind of stuff, you were most helpfull-, Thanks again.
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    I'm glad checking my service manual helped. The part that bothered me was the absence of any lighting on the dial to give an error code. I never would have expected three circuits involved. Glad my 98 manual matched your 96 model Buick!

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    Thank you so much for all of your replies, I had a friend look into all the different fuses, not just the single one for the radio---he did not know much about this car either, BUT----un believable, even tho my radio went out when I got my car jumped---it was just a problem finding the right fuses, not just the single radio fuse--- I did not need any code, and I have my radio back---no charge (haha) Thanks again very very much---I sure like this site.
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    I have a 2001 Buick Lesabre and am looking to remove the face plates in front of the dashboard so I can remove the Delco radio and replace it with a new system I bought. Can anybody tell me where the screws and clips are located so I don't break anything.
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    I don't know if the 01 is similar in design on the dash as my 93 but, I just did that on it and there appears not to be any screws or clips visible but I saw how it came apart on one in the wrecking yard. The plate on mine came off with a little pressure with a putty knife between it and the other part of the dash. I worked it gently around and along all edges of the plate and it was held in place with prongs that were molded into the plate and were snapped into clips in the other part of the dash. Once that was off, the screws were visible for removal of the radio.
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    I recently purchased a Sony radio/CD player from Best Buy. I currently have the Delco radio in the car but it does not play CD's in MP3 format. Henceforth I decided to buy a new radio. When the technician attempted to install the Sony radio, he said he could not do it because my vehicle had a data card harness and there is no cable harness that can mate aftermarket radios with GM's data card harness. Fortunately my money was refunded. I went to Circuit City and they too said that they could not install radios in vehicles with data card harnessses. I don't have Onstar in this vehicle and never did. Is this true about the data card harness? Does this mean that I can't replace my outdated Delco radio with a more up to date system that can play CD's in MP3 format? If there is a harness that can mate an aftermarket radio to the data card harness, where can I find it?

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    I haven't heard of that--but I sure don't know anything about radios and replacing them... send an email address to my email-it's in the profile. Just click on my name here and read for the email. I can send you some help.

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    I don't know of any solutions to your problem, but out of curiosity...does your vehicle have steering wheel controls, and did they say anything about them still working with an after market stereo? I guess it doesn't matter if you can't replace it anyways, but if you were to find a way I'm quite curious if the steering wheel controls would still work.
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    I just had a new factory radio from Buick that has am/fm/cassette/cd player installed. The 2001 LaSabre radio removed worked fine, I just wanted a radio with CD. I could not figure out how to remove the radio, so I took it to Best Buy and for $50.00 they installed it, and only took about 40 minutes. I watched and almost everything snaps on and off---with caution and proper tools. The snap on clips were very tight and the installer used much caution. First the lower part of the dash on the drivers side comes pulls off, then on the pass side open the door and the dash end snaps mostly off. remove the glove box, then the wood grain across the dash snaps off. and look for several screws across the lower dash,and one under and back that needs a long screw driver, about at the drivers knee. Advise save your self a lot of trouble, and not to break anything take it Best Buy. Hope they have a Best Buy in your area. for $50.00 you cant go wrong.
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    Just out of curiosity, I have a 2000 Buick LeSabre, I want to change the factory installed radio for another factory radio (like you did) with a cd player. Can I just upgrade from a non-cd radio with a cd player radio? Do I need some special wiring? The new radio will be a factory made (in case I can do that). Any suggestions?
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    I have XM radio in My GMC yukon and love it, so as a gift, I bought my wife an XM radio for her 2004 LeSabre.

    Is it possible to directly wire into the delco radio so we don't have to putz around with the FM Transmitter? It has the CD, but no cassette.

    I can't find any wiring diagrams online. I'd prefer to not have to take this to the dealership.

    Any help?
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    I just recently had the great good fortune to purchase a 1995 LeSabre in tip-top condition.. It only has 49,000 miles and the person the owned it before me is an old family friend the bought the car brand new.. To say it has been taken excellent care of is an understatement.. It's literally in mint condition.. My problem is this.. My previous car played all my burned CD's with no problem, the LeSabre is not playing them at all and, in fact, I thought for a moment it was going to eat one and not spit it back out.. Scared the crap out of me, lol.. So my question is this, how hard is it to replace the audio system in this car? And, does anyone have a suggestion on the best replacement for it? There are so many brands out there, I just have no idea which one to get.. It has to be a CD/Cassette player since I still play my cassettes quiet often.. I'm already assuming it will have to be done by a professional installer, so I'm open to any ideas and suggestions.. Thanks much..
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    My tape player has started "dragging the tapes". I'm guessing I need to replace the whole radio system? If I do, I would like to get a deck that has a cd & cassette player. I found one on eBay that came out of a 2002 LeSabre. Does anyone know if this will fit in my 1992? Thank you for any help you can give me.
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    I have a friend who has a 2000 LaSabre who would love to have a factory installed radio with a CD installed. Did you just call a Buick dealer and order one in? This would be an awesome Christmas present for him if so. Then he could just have Best Buy put it in.
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    I want to replace the factory cassette/radio with a cd/radio. Is this possible and which brrands do you suggest. The model year is 1995. Thank you.
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    Has anyone ever removed the carpet over the rear speakers and installed speaker covers or grills. They are muffled by the rear deck. I would think this would be an easy task, but I can't seem to find any grills. My car is the 2005 model.
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    Yes can anyone help I have a factory radio would like to put a factory cd/radio in it and use the factory controls do I have to do anything with the wiring or should it fit with the factory wiring help please thank you
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    I have a 2002 Buick LaSabre. While I get great recption on the FM side of my factory car stereo, I get little to no reception on the AM side. What can I do to resolve this issue?
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    My son and I are on our third day of such a project. He bought new 4-way speakers for our 2002 LeSabre for $40. Evening 1, remove rear "dash" and speakers. Realize that the new giant magnets hit the bars that either pop the trunk or let you escape - I don't know which. Evening 2, decide to go for it anyway. Cut holes in the carpet for the new speakers. Find out that the carpet is backed with wood fiber stiffening material. Very difficult to cut nicely with Buck knife or heavy scissors. The driver's side bar rubs the speaker when opening and closing unless you give it a little pull. Speaker connection plugs on the buick 6X9's, but spades on the speaker. Cut off plugs and solder in a foot of extra wire to make the job easier. Heat shrink and tape the new connections. Temporarily put the speakers in the holes and test.

    The difference is ASTONISHING. We drive around for an hour CRANKING some very well recorded 80's rock. However, the bolts thhat go through the speakers to hold the supplied grills are too short to make it through the carpet. Going to Lowes tonight to buy 1/2" longer bolts to finish the job.

    I don't think cutting holes in the carpet will solve your issue. The stock speakers are lame 2-way speakers. THEY are what's dull. We boughht Performance Teknique ICBM-769's at a discount store for $39.99. They handle 700W annd sound REALLY great with the stock radio/CD. We are putting in a new JVC head (just to get an iPod jack) next, which should supply more power.

    BTW, I am not a car guy, but I do know audio - producer/engineer since the mid-seventies. I know how to solder. This was not fun, other than I did it with my son. But it was worth it big time.
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