Ford Aerostar: Care & Maintenance

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just bought myself a 93 Ford Aerostar 3.0 L V6 XLT Sport, it has 252,400 KMS, now I've read about all the problems linked with these vans but I've also heard all the good things about them too, I'm just hoping I can get 3 or 4 good years with this van so I can save up to get a better vehicle down the road.

I'm prepared to do regular maintaince on the van but nothing too too major.

Can anyone give me some details on what to look for with the 93 model year Aerostar? Thanks in advance. :)


  • newaerostarmannewaerostarman Member Posts: 2
    Well.....I've had my first problem with my new(used)93 Aerostar, I was driving down the road near a major mall and then I encountered steam(smoke)coming in through the dashboards. When I checked the gauges on the dashboard I noticed that my temp gauge was right at the H so I figured....OH OH....gotta be a rad.....anyway I pulled into the mall, got a tow truck and hauled it to the mechanic, he supposedly fixed the situation and called me and told me I was all set(this was yesterday)oh btw this problem occured on Sunday. Well I went out of town with my wife today, went to where I wanted to go no problems, until I left that place when I noticed it happened again....the temp gauge went right back to that blasted "H" was I mad, I thought that mechanic didnt do a very good job so to make a long story short I got another tow truck, hauled it back to that same mechanic and tomorrow morning I will give him a piece of my mind.....shouldnt have the same problem twice in less than a week I figure. Hopefully this is it for a while! Just wanted to pass along a new story here on this forum....which btw I enjoy reading from time to time, like to know how other Aerostar owners are doing with their vehicles. :D:D
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    Does somebody know where I can buy an air cleaner box for my aerostar 4.0L. I would like to order from a site on-line because I living in Romania.
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    Try this site:

    Good luck.
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    I have a 96 Aerostar V6 with 257000 kms on it, bought used in 99 with about 75,000 kms on the clock. I have had a new alternator fitted (bearing whined), a new battery last year(old one was fine but AAA man suggested replace it), two flex pipes with mufflers. I also had two new tie rods fitted at 160,000 kms. I've put brake pads/skimmed rotors 3 times (winter seems to kill them), rear shoes replaced once. I also had a new starter motor fitted ( which was the real problem when I replaced the battery). I think thats excellent for a van of this age. I still drive it 40 kms /day round trip & frequently do 1000+ km round trips. This van I will not get rid of, it has NEVER let me down yet in 7 years of almost daily driving!
    Rock on Aerostar,

    Regards, Aeroman ;)
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    1989 Aerostar van XLT. Steering fluid hose had a leak. The hose is SAE J188 3/8 inch. The hose with its cripms and metal fittings is a very long piece. The part is not easy to find or replace. I could see the tear in the hose where the fluid was oozing. Thought I will do a hose repair by cutting it and inserting a hose repair fitting (metal not plastic) and clamps. I knew this was a high-pressure hose. As I was cutting it with a knife, I cut the rubber but saw a metallic, corrugated-surface 'tube' inside (either a tube or simply the re-inforcement in the hose). Obviously, I could not cut it or repair it. Now the leak is a shower of steering fluid! What to do next? I had no inlking that there is a metal tube inside.
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    Has any one ever installed one ? is it Hard ? My 94 wenttoday, I got a new one but have yet to put iton, Any sugestions will be helpful thanks
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    Ok Job done,

    The hardest part was removing the starter from under the van, you need to remove the front drive axel in order to get it out ,

    Starter is located under the drivers side of vehicle 2 bolts it out enough wire to pull it down and remove the cable, relatively easy once I located it and got the an jacked up, I had to lower and move it once in order to get to all the bolts on the drive shaft, just roll it back a few inches and jack it back up again.
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    Exactly how do you remove the front drive shaft/axel from a 92 aerostar?
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    Any ideas on how easy it is to change the power steering hose? My husband said mine is leaking. He's good at working on Chrysler cars but is not too sure about Ford and we really cannot afford taking it and having someone fix it. Any help would be very much appreciated. By the way it's a '94 Aerostar.

    Thank you.
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    my 94 aerostar's sliding door will not open (my son slammed it)I think the latch hook came lose I have removed the interior lining but cannot find where it is can anyone help
  • fish_oincfish_oinc Member Posts: 3
    Any clue? Where should I go in from the hood or inside cover?
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    anyone know why my 92 aerostar would have a prob with the oil guage needle bouncing then going to the low mark while stopped in traffic? if i keep my keep the presure on the gas peddle then i can keep the needle in the middle of the guage. i just had a water pump replaced, and all the things that go with replacing one. my oil is clean and full.
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    I have had a 93 Aerostar XL Sport for about three years and have had great results with the engine, but had to rebuild the transmission twice and replace it after that. There is an oil leak so be sure to check your fluid levels weekly. Also replaced the fan clutch, radiator, power steering pump and seals (check the seals first if you begin to lose power steering fluid; maybe your pump will last a long time). I met an engineer whose wife goes to church with me. He was on the development team at Ford for the Aerostar and was pleased to tell me that the engine should last 500,000 miles! Mine has 258,000 on it and I use it in Florida to deliver fruit and vegetables to needy people in the Orlando area. I too hope it will give me three or four more years of good service. Hope this helps.
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    I must aerostar mod. 86 motor 2,8 I want to know if they can say to me whichever pressure needs the pump oil so that it lubricates the aims

    I do not speak English and I request excuses to them by the spelling
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    anyone know how much labor is involved in changing an ignition switch on a 91 ford aerostar?.... is it something i can do myself?.... thanks!
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    Sir, my name is Michael. This page was brought to my attention the fact that your friend's spouse was on the development team for the aerostar. I am currently looking for my father. If you wouldn't mind helping me that would be greatly appreciated. His name is Peter T. Curtis, He's originally from the U.K but moved to Canada. He obtained his Engineering degree and started working for a company by the name of Excel something. He helped design and map out the ford aerostar's aerodynamics. He was on the design team. I would like to know if you could question your friend's husband if he knew a man by the name of Peter Curtis. Thank you very much, this would be greatly appreciated. My email is [email protected] if you could email me that with any information at all that would be appreciated.
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    how too remove driveshaft on my 1992 ford erostar
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    My '89 with 230k miles is still running ok. The problem I have occurred a few days ago. I can shift into gear but it won't go out of 1st gear. Any suggestions before I go to a mechanic?
  • jamc128jamc128 Member Posts: 19
    Did you check the tranny fluids?
  • rharris6305rharris6305 Member Posts: 2
    Yes. Someone also advised that it may be a vacuum modulator. I'll let you know what the mechanic says :(
  • jamc128jamc128 Member Posts: 19
    I also changed everything you mentioned except the tranny, it has 241000 mi. And i now have a problem with de oil pressure, when it gets to its normal operation temp it makes a hitting noise y the gauge marks 0 oil pressure, I think it is the oil but I really dont know, Does anybody know?
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  • gentfromalaskagentfromalaska Member Posts: 2
    I own a 1995 Ford Aerostar 4.0. AWD; OBD1. I seek information on the correct camber adjustment tool for my Aerostar. Does a one size camber adjustment tool fit all . I was told it may be a 9/16, 3/4" or a 22mm. When I order do I ask for a minivan camber/caster adjustment tool or a Aerostar camber adjustment tool?

    To train the next gen of auto mechanics. A vocational technical school requested they be allowed to work on the Aerostar under supervision of a certified mechanic instructor. The camber tool will ultimately be donated to the school for future use.
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