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Ford Aerostar Heat & AC

brokecar2mebrokecar2me Member Posts: 1
My fiance owns a 1994 ford Aerostar 2wldrive 3.0, it was leaking coolant to the heater core so he bipased it but now the heat doesnt work and now its startign to get cold out.. my question is where is the heater core behind the firewall?? Im thinking about replacingit it wont cost to much but i need to know where it is...
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  • mongoxmongox Member Posts: 4
    Well, it's under and up behind the dash by passenger's right foot - at the end of the heater hoses!

    Look over the Chiltons for details.
  • jweaver4jweaver4 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 1994 aerostar 3.0L,I cant get the engine temp above the "N" on the temp gage. I've changed the thermostat three times,fan clutch,water pump,coolant, basically everythin but the radiator.I'm getting about 155 degrees out of the vents.Any Ideas???
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Given that the engine coolant never rises above ~180F in normal operation 155F airflow isn't bad on higher blower speeds. Lower the blower speed and you'll get something closer to 180F.
  • ksalz1970ksalz1970 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 94 aerostar and it gets super hot. The coolant doesnt seem to be circulating(I've filled the radiator the ran the engine with the rad. cap off. It pumps the fluid out the cap hole) Is this the thermostat? If so, how do you access it ? It's not exactally front and center.
  • robbie14robbie14 Member Posts: 1
    Need to take the water pump out of the 94 aerostar do not know how to get to it to take it out
  • ksalz1970ksalz1970 Member Posts: 2
    I changed the thermostat and the problem disappeared. Thanx for your info. :)
  • chemalurgychemalurgy Member Posts: 1
    I am having a problem with my 89 Ford Aerostar. It has the 3.0 V6 engine and dual air. The rear A/C and Heater does not work correctly. I only get cold air through the top rear A/C vents even when I want heat to come out through the bottom rear vents. The front A/C and Heater work ok. Any help would be appreciated.
  • tubajoetubajoe Member Posts: 2
    I have a 95 aerostar 3.0 that blows hot air all the time no matter what the temp setting. The temp control knob in the van seems to be hooked up okay. Could the problem be related to the heater core, or a vacuum leak? The horn and cruise control do not work either, but that's another matter!

  • lpn1971lpn1971 Member Posts: 1
    When I parked my van about 6 months ago the ac/heater fan worked. I recently started driving it again and it doesn't blow air. When you turn it to AC or Def the compressor comes on but it doesn't blow air (hot or cold). The rear fan doesn't work either. If it is a fuse, where can I get a pic of the fuse panel? I don't have the owners manual.


  • gpaintergpainter Member Posts: 1
    I've got the same situation today. Did anyone ever answer or have a possible solution?
  • carljimcarljim Member Posts: 1
    Hi, the thermostat opens and heats the upper hose but the lower hose remains cold. No strange noises coming from the water pump, it appears to be ok, water flows free through the radiator. Any suggestions??
  • wosheawoshea Member Posts: 1
    i have a 95 aerostar the temp control knob will not turn past middle.Ihave traced the problem to the control switch on top of the heatercore.MY question is this how do you undo the quick links on the heatercore hoses to flush them,and is my problem maybe somthing else.
  • propbuster64propbuster64 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 93 and have had it replaced by the dealer twice. The second one was on the final day af warranty. Lucky me, my wife came in and said you van is leaking anti-freeze. Smart girl. The coil is either made of plastic or the end caps are. I have been told if the car has ever overheated it may cause the coil to leak.
  • kawishkawish Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a Ford Aerostaar 97 everything was fine when I was in Mexico but here in the cold there's not much heat coming out from the fan how can I check if the heater core work properly, I just put a new thermostat this the third one in 2 year .thank you
  • mrford3mrford3 Member Posts: 1
    I just changed the heater control valve trying to get heater to work. Neither the fron or rear will work. They both just blow cold air. I just replaced the thermostat also and the system is full of 50/50 mix. I disconnected the lines going into and out of the heater control valve but no water there.I also noticed there is a vavle with a wire facing the radiator that a hose is connected to that tee's into the bottom radiator hose. When i squeeze this hose the other outlet that feeds to the heater control valve water comes out of it.
    The van is running a normal temp and some water comes out of radiator fill when reving the engine. I checked the temp of the lines going to the heater core out of the thermostat housing and was getting 130 degrees coming out, at the tee to the rear heater it dropped to 115, then was 90 at the heater control valve but no water coming out of the lines that hook up to the heater control valve feeding the heater core. Could the water pump/impellar be bad but still cool the engine ok or possibly the previously mentioned valve that feeds to the lower radiator hose be bad. Auto Zone did not have any pics or secription of this valve either.

    I need to get the heater going so my kids dont freeze. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • ajgravityajgravity Member Posts: 1

    I have a rig that the heat quit working in. I've had the thermostat replaced and the radiator flushed. The AC does work. A few months ago the van started "ticking" when the vehicle is turned off. Like I drive 25 miles to work with no heat or air being used and when I take my smoke break two hours later the vehicle with "tick". Last week, the van got hot, which was a first. I noticed there was a leak on or around the heater control valve. I haven't done anything yet, except finding this site.

    My thoughts are to replace the heater control valve. I have no diagram to do so, it'd be nice to confirm that it was hooked up correctly.

    My question is what can be my problem with the lack of heat? Does a bad heater control valve cause the heat not to come out? Could my heater core be bad?

    Information/opinions are appreciated. I just want my rig to have normal heat. I worry that some "other" damage could be done my continuing to drive it as it is.

    Thank you.
  • kathysierrakathysierra Member Posts: 3
    Automotive heating systems take the hot antifreeze and pass it through a small radiator called a heater core. Air is forced over the core and blown out the vents to heat the vehicle's interior.Heater cores can be located either in the cab for models with air conditioning or in the engine compartment for those without an A/C.

    No matter where the heater core is located, follow the same basic steps. First, remove the cable from the negative battery terminal. Wait until the engine has cooled down, then drain the antifreeze from the radiator. Save the antifreeze if it's not old so you can put it back into the radiator after replacing the Ford heater core. Remove the heater hoses at the firewall but leave the engine-side connections attached.

    Hope it may work.
  • beastnkid97beastnkid97 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 95 Aerostar and have a coolant leak where the heater hoses go into the firewall. There is a 3-port tee there. What is it and how do I change it?
  • kitch56kitch56 Member Posts: 1
    how do i disconnet the cable on top of heater box?
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