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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • I was just at the local Ford dealer today. Bought an 04 Monterey. I am supposed to pick it up Monday. I didn't sign anything or leave a deposit...just a credir application. Looks like I'm going to back out of this deal. I don't need any headaches. Too bad, it was a nice van, but no thanks. :sick:
  • Good idea Michiman........ Only wish I could sell mine. (2004 Ford Freestar) A REALLLLLLL :lemon: fEW OTHERS STOP BUYING THEIR JUNK.....MAYBE A RECALL WILL HAPPEN. THANK YOU
  • AHHH, the power of the internet. It is good to be an informed consumer. In my opinion, you will definitely dodge a bullet if you back out.
  • Don't buy it! And tell them why you don't want it. Loudly. So everyone in earshot can hear and be protected.

    I am still trying to get anyone in the Koons organization to respond to me. I have sent a letter to Jim Koons, No response. I sent an email to Jim Koons. No response. I called Jim Koons. My phone call got sent to someone else's voice mail box. I asked for a call back. No response. I just sent out 10 letters yesterday to everyone I could dredge up the name of in the Koons organization . . . business addresses and home addresses. If I don't get a response within a few days, I am moving on to any consumer protection organization I can think of. Any suggestions? And I will be contacting the television and radio stations in the Washington area to see if I can get them interested in this problem. If they think I am going to get bored and tired and let go of this thing, they better think again. I have already paid 3 car payments for this useless van since it broke down and February's payment will be due shortly. Any of you willing to talk to the media if I get something stirred up?
  • I'd like to thank everyone here for no doubt saving me a massive headache and countless troubles. Time to move on and look elsewhere for a vehicle. And good luck to those of you with a van with issues. I know it's not fun. :sick:
  • Good luck with Koons. They are the same clowns who gave me such a runaround. Their first response was, "We have never heard of that before." "Yours is the first Freestar EVER to have that problem." "Must be something you did to it." "Did you have the 30K mile transmission fluid change?" "No?" Then its your fault." "Oh, by the way, we would have paid for half of your repair but you never had any work done in our shop so, we owe you nothing." One of the Koons brothers actually accused me of lying when I told him I purchased 7 new Fords from the Annapolis dealership since 1987. I even went so far as to report them to the Office of the Attorney general of my home state, MD. They actually lied to the investigator from that office, in writing! Compare and contrast that to the writer who went to Norris Ford in Easton, MD. Ford actually flew in a rep from Detroit who ACKNOWLEDGED THAT IT WAS A DEFECT and they paid for her repair! Her story is one of the 495 posts in this very forum if you would like to read it for yourself. As far as the media, if you can find someone to take an interest in the story, I will be the first in line togive an interview. I have been trying to get the Baltimore stations on board for over a year now. Finally, you are 100% correct. DO NOT LET THIS GO. tell everyone you know. Tell people you don't know if they are driving one of these vans. You just might save their life.

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • :sick: Had tolet others know..... I received (again) a notice from FORD'S warrenty dept. wanting me to renew warranty!!!!! :mad: When I called to say WHY IM NOT RENEWING, the smart alec said i don't care bout your tranny problems! Please tell me, what is our bussiness world gone to????????????? I'll NEVER own a FORD or ANYTHING with that name on it!!!!!
  • Since I backed out of the deal, the dealer has called me a few times. In the end, their final offer was $9,100 for the van, and they were going to toss in a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty which would have covered the trans. I said don't think so.
  • You did the right thing. Maybe you could suggest to them that they call Ford and explain that they lost a sale because you took the time to educate yourself as a consumer and found out about their problem with these transmissions. maybe then they will realize the power of the internet and an educated consumer and work to resolve this propblem through a recall.

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • OK, I have taken a couple of different steps with Ford to get answers. They don't dare say anything to me but well scripted replies. I have repeatedly asked for a press statements about this issue. I will say that after every time I contact them I see corporate lawyers on my site through the analytics program. So now it is time to take a different approach. If you can, I need to get some information (no personal info.) from any, and all freestar owners. What I ask for is. Year of model, trim package, and mileage of tranny failure. I will construct the database and use some wild cards that I have, so that we can light a fire under the appropriate management team to get answers, and or results. I will also be hosting a pdf file for people to send to their state senators to have the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation investigate this serious safety hazard of Ford's.
    send an e-mail to corpabuse@gmail with the items I need, and check for the pdf letter on on about February 16th 2009. or you can send a request for an e-mailed version by sending me an e-mail
  • 2004. "S" Model. 45K miles.
    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • This will be a great thing.....DATA is king when it comes to dispustes like this.
  • I have a 2004 Ford Freestar... tranny quit at about 69,000 miles... in Nov. 08
  • Mine is 2004 SE- 62500 miles
  • 2004 freestar sel 59000 mile. Husband was pulling into work
  • kiki6kiki6 Posts: 2

    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned Phil Edmonston's Lemon-Aid book in all of these postings along the way, but I found it interesting to discover that in Canada, we have had several Small Claims successes in which the judge ordered Ford to pay for engine and transmission repairs, even when the original warranty had expired. The book also provides precedent letters and instructions on how to proceed with your own claim. Not sure what would be available for American residents and I know a lot of people have been pursuing legal avenues here but I thought I'd mention this anyways.

  • Outstanding information! If nothing else, this would verify our contention that Ford did, in fact, know about this propblem when it falsely claimed to each of us that it did not. I will be looking for this book tonight.

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • 2004 Ford Freestar S Mileage :mad: 94000
  • 2004 SEL failed at 67000 miles in 12/2007 :mad:
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    2004 SEL - 49K miles.

    Based on the posts thus far, the 2004's seem to be the winners.
  • I have a 2004 Freestar and my torque converter went when I had 79,000 miles on it. Had absolutley no warning ...just wouldn't go anymore while driving. Cost me $2500 plus car rental. Ford refuses to own up to this default in the Freestars.
  • Sunburn posted: Based on the posts thus far, the 2004's seem to be the winners.

    Or have our 2005, 06, and 07's just not hit that magic number when our trannys will die.

    I have tons of problems with my 06 Freestar Limited, 24,000 miles but so far the tranny hasn't been one. It would lose all power while driving. I just had the power control center/ box?? fixed on the van before moisture was getting in there and causing issues. This has helped 90% of my problem.
  • Misty10....... Look at ALLL the needed recalls, FORD isn't going to "own up" to a recall. I don't believe they will when there's a death from it either. But they're begging for $$$$from Obama? WELL, FORD DON'T FORGET YOUOWE US CUSTOMERS SOME OF THAT$$$$!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I also would like to be added to any possible class action suit. I was quoted $3250 to replace trans at Ford with 100k warranty on their rebuilt trans. I think my mechanic will want more for a Jasper. We'd love to get our money back as well. Trans was serviced twice in the last 2 months, once by my mechanic, 2nd time by Ford. I was told the torque converter would not hold lock. I got a check engine light a few days ago, made an appointment to get it looked at, but my wife got stuck on the highway, fortunately she wasn't hurt. If contacted for the suit, I will provide all contact info.
  • 86000 miles, tranny went out Saturday Evening. 2004 SEL. Like others have said, just like someone threw it into Neutral. Towed home, then back to the dealership. Was told that the Torque converter is definitely bad, and a band is screwed up in there too. 2800 bucks for a remanufactured one! ....I have 7 Ford vehicles....My 1998 Mountaineer has 250,000 miles on it, and its still going strong other than minor stuff...Im not happy
  • Mike,
    Something may already be in the works. In the meantime, stay tuned, report your transmission failure to NHTSA via their website, and do let us know if you have success finding an attorney. I couldn't hurt to have more than 1 firm working on it.

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • I have a 2004 Ford Freestar... tranny quit at 77,938 miles... in feb. 08
    NO WARNING, was pulling out of my driveway. I'm going to be calling some attys
    to see if i cant start a class action lawsuit i will post as soon as i find something out.

    Please e-mail me at if you would like to talk about this problem!!!!!!!!!!
  • 2004 Ford Freestar trasmission died at 69,000 miles. No warnings or lights prior. Also I called Ford Service department to see if it was still covered under manufacture warranty. They told me "no, the warranty was only 3years/36,000 miles and that they didn't offer longer powertrain warranties until 2007. Left work one night, put it in reverse, worked fine, put it in drive and it went nowhere. No noises, no lights, no movement. My brother in law hooked it up to a diagnostic machine and it puts out no trouble codes. Any ideas???? Ford tells me they will install a rebuilt one for about $3.600 and that it will only be warrantied for 3 years/36,000 miles again...HMMMM :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :mad:
  • Reported my issue to NHTSA yesterday and also emailed Here's a copy of the email and response:

    Ford Motor CompanyMain Topic: VehicleServiceIssuesEmail Questions: My transmission has died at 69,000 miles. After researching this online, I have found hundreds of the same issues with this 2004 Ford Freestar. I purchased this van as a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle from Clarke Ford, Hudson, Ohio and have been told that the estimated cost for repair/replacement would be $3,600. I would like to know what you can help with about this issue, since it seems to be a manufacture defect? I have not had the van fixed yet as I can not afford that amount for repairs. In this economy who can?There are several posts stating that there is/will be a class action law suit filed. I thought I would pursue this avenue first and hope that you will stand behind your consumer and take the necessary steps to correct this issue. Thank You for your time.Owner: YesVehicle Identification Number: 2FMZA51654BA33970Mileage: 69000Vehicle Location: InPossessionIf Contacted Dealer: YesDealer Name: Clarke Ford, Montrose FordOwner First Name: ChristinaOwner Last Name: Owner Email Address: Owner Address1: City: TState: OhioZipPostal: Country: United StatesDay Phone: Client Browser : Firefox 3Client OS : Windows

    Dear Christina,

    Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding the transmission concern on your 2004 Ford Freestar.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this situation has caused you. However, we have documented your concerns and your information will be sent to your Dealership. Your Service Manager is in the best position to assist and should contact you within 4 business days.

    Sometimes e-mail communication does not allow us to gain additional information that may be helpful in responding to your inquiry. Should you feel that we have not adequately addressed your questions, please feel free to contact us via telephone at (800)392-3673 between the hours of 8am and 5pm, local time, Monday through Friday. Hearing-impaired callers with access to a TDD may contact 1-800-232-5952. Please provide your 10 digit reference number - 1356130579.

    Customer Relationship Center
    Ford Motor Company
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