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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • i got tranny rebuilt 2mo. ago. NOW, engaging slower also. we are just physically ill over it all. so not fair of FORD.
  • I have been spending hours doing exessive research on this problem. The general forum suggestions have been new tranny or torqu converter. My personal mechanic eliminated those a while back and by the results shown in this discussion area, we can safely rule those options out because it did not resolve the issues. Then we are on to sensor issues. I personally, have replaced crank shaft/senor, cam shaft sensor (at least twice), axode sensor, and some other transmission sensor, and the ABS module. I have done the regular 30,000 mile tranmission fluid change as suggested also. My mechanic had told my husband that after the ABS module was changed, if that did not fix the problem there was one other thing that it may be. After doing extensive research, I am thinking that he may be right. I have been reading several service bulletins. Tomorrow my husband is going to attempt to fix it himself per "easy fix" directions that he got and specs that we had printed off at the dealership (you know, the one who "never heard anything like this before"). I will certainly keep you updated. But here is what I found out (from some reliable sources like Consumer Guide):

    ENGINE/TRANSMISSION DRIVEABILITY ISSUES TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Reference Number(s): 06-14-10, Date of Issue: July 24, 2006 Superceded Bulletin(s): 05-23-7, Date of Issue: November 28, 2005 Related Ref Number(s): 05-23-7, 06-14-10 ARTICLE BEGINNING ISSUE Some 1999-2003 Windstar and 2004-2007 Freestar / Monterey vehicles built prior to 6/22/2006 may exhibit engine / transmission driveability issues due to water entering the powertrain control module (PCM) or transaxle vent. Symptoms may include various diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), harsh or delayed transmission shifts / engagements, no reverse engagement, engine overheat, engine lean condition causing a misfire (possibly leading to melted electrodes on the spark plugs), and rough idle. The water leakage may be due to the PCM connector cover not seating completely and water leaking down from the cowl panel grille (cowl top vent panel) area. ACTION During normal diagnostic and repair procedures, inspect for evidence of water damage at the PCM, PCM connector, and/or transaxle. If present, inspect the sealing area of the PCM cover, seal the water leak path in the cowl panel grill area, and service the PCM as needed per the following Service Procedure. SERVICE PROCEDURE Disconnect the PCM connector. Remove the PCM cover from the studs in the bulkhead. ( Fig. 1 ) Fig. 1: PCM Connector Inspect the body sealant on the bulkhead to ensure it is not protruding out causing the cover not to seal properly in that area. ( Fig. 2 ) If sealant is interfering with the PCM cover, remove excess with a sharp tool. Reinstall the PCM cover ensuring the cover seals and is flush with the bulkhead. Fig. 2: Body Sealant On Bulkhead 1. Remove the wiper pivot arm. ( Fig. 3 ) a. Release pivot arm nut cover. b. Remove the pivot arm nut. FORD: 1999-2003 Windstar; 2004-2007 Freestar MERCURY: 2004-2007 Monterey NOTE: This article supersedes TSB 05-23-7 to update the Service Procedure and model years. Page 1 of 4 ENGINE/TRANSMISSION DRIVEABILITY ISSUES -2004 Mercury Monterey 8/3/2008
  • Thank goodness no one got hurt! You are very fortunate to have found an attorney who will help you for free. My contention has always been that a sharp attorney could make this a class action and not have to work "for free" at all! Unfortunately, I live in an area where everybody wants to get paid up front and then do nothing at all. However, there is hope..... More on that later. It is good that you reported toNHTSA. I can't believe they have been silent on this issue for over a year now. mabey there is political pressure due to the fragile state of the auto industry? Nothing would surprise me. Stay tuned.....

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • My particular interest in this specific problem is that my wife and children could have been killed when our Freestar transmission failed, without warning, at 45K miles, in the middle of a busy intersection during rush hour traffic. It took me less than a day to find out that this defect was known to Ford when they sold me the van and they knowingly, negligently, recklessly, and willfully put my family in harms way. Then, when the failure occured, they engaged in an organized, willfull, and deceptive pattern of behavior, from the service advisor at the dealership to the Customer Relationship Center, to Ford's headquarters, in an attempt to cover it up. They even lied, in writing, to the investigator from my state's Office of the Attorney General. My particular interest is primarily to force a recall so that other families can at least be made aware of the problem and get their vans fixed before somone gets killed as a result of this defect. It would also be nice to be reimbursed by Ford for the nearly $4000.00 that I had to spend last year to get my van fixed and to rent a replacement vehicle for a week. Another goal I have is for the people at NHTSA, who's sole purpose in life is to protect families like our from defective products, to actually get off of their butts and do what they are paid to do.

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • 10-4 However; our transmission/torque converter basically disintegrated and had a sudden catostrophic failure. When my mechanic pulled it, there was nothing but metal filings left. It was the result of defective parts AND defective engineering. We had to replace to whole thing.

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • Thank you Jim. With people like you, there's hope for us unfortuanite FORD owners!!!!!!! It is bound to end up for death for some FREESTAR owner. We very well could've been killed when our tranny quit. Again, $2000.00 later, we're having 'MORE" problems with our piece of junk. No response from anyone. Keep on people, we may be at least keeping Fords' sales low. :mad:
  • The one poster on here brings up a good point. I wonder how many transmissions were replaced by non-scrupulous dealers when it wasn't the transmission, but rather one of the infamous "faulty sensors."

    Also, to the poster who mentioned about the slow activation of the transmission, for that I do agree. I notice then when I put it into Reverse or Drive, it takes about 2 seconds to engage. I purposely wait for it to fully engage (you can feel a subtle catch) before hitting the gas. I wonder if hitting the gas too fast with this touchy transmission could cause these paper thin transmissions to give way a little faster. I remember my driving instructor way back in the day telling me one of the worst things you can do to a transmission is to flip between gears too fast without full activation before hitting the gas.

    Also, a thought as to why there is no recall on these things. Is it possible they don't consider a mechanical problem a safety issue? Sure someone could be killed by a failing transmission, but the same could be said for "can" belts that break or anything for that matter that could make a car stop running. I agree 100 % there should be a recall but I wonder if that's the reason there is none.

    One final thought (word of encouragement), I talked to someone at the store the other day with a Freestar. I asked him what year it was. He said it was a 2004 and he has over 200,000 miles on it and it's the best vehicle he's ever had. No problems other than normal wear. It's weird how these things fail on some people so prematurely and yet there are others out there that go for 200,000 without a single problem. Was there perhaps a "bad batch" of these things and a "good batch?" :confuse:
  • The person with the 04 freestar that had over 200,000 miles without a single problem on it must have gotten a lemon! :shades:
  • Ok guys... I know that I have said this before... BUT the fix seemed to work. This time I am quite confident that it is indeed the problem, for the simple reason that my husband (God love his heart) was out working on it in below zero temperatures and could only stay outside for 15 minute intervalts, but because it was so cold, we could see the ice trail leading down in to the PCM. There was indeed courosion on the bottow row of little pegs. The van is running fine now. He said in his personal opinion, it was poorly designed to go back, because the instructions read to remove these 2 little plugs and discard them like they should have never been put there to begin with. I will check back and keep everyone updated. But hopefully that was it. And it only cost a few bucks at the auto store to fix! If it does work, I told my husband, he may have found the answer to his unemployment issue as there are many people that obviously need repairs! lol. Sorry... maybe poor taste, but you gotta laught to keep from crying! This has been the WORST holiday ever.. w/ no transportation, no phone, behind on bills, my oven broke, and yesterday the frig died and the pipes froze! I know someone always has it worse off, so let's all try to keep eachother spirits up and keep the motivation to not give up on persuing these jerks at Ford!
  • new to this site
    and an owner piss of $%#$%$$^%#^&#& freestar
    tranny just went at 41,000 miles, $1,900 later
    sorry there others suffering
    but glad not alone :lemon law should include such problems
  • jtk2jtk2 Posts: 1
    Sorry to hear about all your troubles seems that you have the right attitude though gotta keep laughing. I had a question as just today my freestar seems to contract the same aliments as I have been reading about that is a defect that Ford knew about it seems though I may be one of the luckier ones as my freestar has 91K miles. I was reading your research and wanted to find out if you could help me locate the PCM so my husband can check if it has any water seeping in to it from the Crowl grille. I am very thankful that I found this site as a few hours ago we were convinced it was just the transmission and thought we were in for a very expensive replacement funny thing is that the car not only would not go forward but at a slow rate and not reverse at all but the car died as well. Hopefully it will just be the water problem... We can always hope...
    Thanks so much and hope your fix will work for you.

  • Please include me on a mailing list if there are any class action lawsuits. I've had horrible problems with my 2004 Ford freestar... had to have the trans replaced in Vegas... now as of yesterday, my vehicle will not go into reverse AT ALL.

    It must be something to do with that technical service bulletin.

    My e-mail is [email protected]
  • steve
    if you take it to Liberty Ford and they tell u they have never heard of this problem ask them about my 2006 white ford dreestar still sitting against there back fence. my tranny went out in july and left me stranded in east TX and i live in Cleburne.
    i told them were they could put the van wear the sun dont shine
  • Good for you scummins!!!!! I'd love to do same thing (i paid cash), so im stuck with the trash. It's so aggrevating not to be able to go out of town, etc. As I said, we had tranny replaced in Nov 08. Still not way it should be. For FORD to treat us this way. We'll never own a FORD again!!!!!!!!!!! :lemon:
  • I am a new victim of the Found On Road Dead FREESTAR :mad: I was driving along at 65 mph on the highway when my transmission suddenly wasn't engaged. I kept trying to give it gas and all it would do is rev up the rpms. So luckily I was near an outer road where the piece of junk now sits. I tried putting the van in reverse and nothing either. So my darling husband who just loves to work some more after working his [email protected]@ off all day is going to check the part you mentioned. Thanks for posting the info for the rest of us!! Oh, btw we are 2000 miles outside of the extended warranty that we paid $1300.00 for and never used, go figure!! :cry:
  • We also got stuck on the side of the expressway. Driving home from the airport after vacation on Christmas Day. Mine was 6,000 outside of the extended warranty. Luckily we also had Road Hazard, which covered the tow for unlimited miles.

    Initial diagnosis was $4,000 for a trans and an O2 sensor. Our trusted mechanic said that is why our check engine light was one. Well, it wasn't on. Did a quick google search, found this forum and called him back. He has been talking with Ford and hopefully will have good news tomorrow.

    We also have a '95 Windstar. Replaced the trans in that at about 80,000. Plus my son had a F150. Had to put a trans in that, too. Won't ever buy another Ford!!

  • John,

    Report your incident to NHTSA via their website and, as far as a class action, we are all on board with that should some sharp attorney happen across this site. Stay tuned.......

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • why_mewhy_me Posts: 4
    I too have reluctantly joined this club of 2004 Freestar owners whose transmission has failed suddenly and totally while driving. I bought it in March of 2007 and the transmission failed at 79,975 miles. Of course this was 255 miles past the extended warranty, and of course Ford is so sorry they can't do anything about it. The dealer I bought it from, Koons Ford in Rockville, Maryland, has since gone out of business. Other Ford dealers say, sorry, you didn't buy it here -- we can't help. I have written to the head of Koons Automotive (Dec. 18, 2008) and have not yet received a reply. I have gotten 3 estimates for replacement -- $3750 and $3250 from Ford dealers and $3000 from a local general repair shop. I also registered a complaint with the NHTSA, not that it will do any good, they already have a bunch of complaints. I have appreciated reading the posts on this forum, I only wish I had read them before I bought this van!
  • I know the feeling, "why me". Ford is sooooo unfair on this issue. We had tranny rebuilt in Nov. And our van is not the same. We're unable to go 110 miles to friend's music show in fear tranny going out again. Garage says it could. Im so dissapointed in Ford. Ive told family, & friends & people EVERYWHERE I DO GO, the story & BOUT THIS WEB SITE, and never buy a FORD!!!!!!!!!!!

    F- O- R- D- S ========= :lemon:
  • I talked to the mechanic today and the news wasn't good :sick: , he says that there is metal fragments in the internal part of the transmission. I asked if this was common, and he said "no, but it happens". So we are getting a refurbished tranny, its costing $2528 and from some of the quotes i've seen people getting on here im guessing thats not a bad price?? It also will come with a 5 yr/75,000 mile warranty on parts and labor.... so my husband and I have agreed that we will trade it in at about 50,000 since apparantly these things are rigged to crap out when the warranty is up! :lemon: Won't be trading it in for a ford though!!
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Thank you for reporting your failure to NHTSA. This is a very important step! Also, I found it interesting that Koons Ford in Rockville has gone out of business. My troubles were with Koons Ford in Annapolis. I wonder if they are next? It would be a shame because when Joe Koons SR operated that store, this type of thing would never have happened. I knew him and worked for him. He was a good man. I guess this is yet another example of why the "Big 3" are on the verge of collapse. I know that my next vehicles will NOT BE from Ford. Shame too, I had been loyal to Ford for over 20 years and bought 9 new Fords in that period of time. Seven from the same dealership! The treatment I received, at every level of the organization, from the dealer to the "Customer Relationship Center, to Ford HQ in Detroit has sealed that fate, however. NEVER AGAIN! In the meantime, everybody hang in there. Keep spreading the word. Remember, our MAIN GOAL is an informed public with safety in mind. Our secondary goal is for NHTSA to do their job and force a recall. Our third goal is for Ford to step up and do the right thing and repay those of us that it turned its back on. I have still not even put a dent in the loan I had to take out to have our transmission replaced. Our family will be hurting for years to come because of this situation.

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • myvan5myvan5 Posts: 1
    I have been reading these forums for about a year - just to get an idea of what problems people are having. I was hoping that our van would make it until we could trade it in or pay it off. Think again!!! Our van also broke down on the highway coming back from the Christmas holiday. I had cruise on and going 70 mph for about two and half hours when with no warning at all the rpms pegged out. We almost had a semi on top of us. Luckily, we were not hit, and were able to coast to the side of the road and down the exit ramp. We had it towed to Ford. Big mistake! They want $3600 for a rebuilt transmission. Granted it would have a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty, but our van isn't even going to last that long!!! Does anyone know what this transmission failure does to an engine? Does a 2004 Freestar have a rev limiter to protect it from such things? The dealer says the noise we hear is from the transmission not the engine. Any ideas?
  • msq1224msq1224 Posts: 16
    I'm sorry that I don't know the answers to any of your mechanical questions, but I had to reply since your incident was so similar to mine! (I'm back around entry~#185 in this very sad list of stories.) Ours was last Christmas, and we spent 3 hours on the side of I-65 in central Indiana. I paid for the Ford repair, and while I continue to drive the vehicle (who wants to buy one????), I'm still ANGRY.
  • I just got my van back from the shop & plan to trade this piece of junk as soon as I'm even on the payoff: about 6 months. There should be a recall for these vans as there are too many doing the same thing and its Ford's responsibility. I've reported mine but I'd like to know of any other agencies that might take up our cause for recourse. I've never had a drive train issue on a vehicle under 100,000 miles.
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    First things first; report your incident to NHTSA via their website. They are the federal agency that is SUPPOSED to be looking out for us unsuspecting consumers but thay aren't. One of my main goals of staying so engaged with this cause is to get these vans recalled before someone gets killed. Your scenario is exactly the kind of scenario where someone will get killed. Unfortunately, unless Ford does this voluntarily, which doubt they will, only NHTSA can force a recall. Why they havn't so far is anybody's guess. They have enough information to go on.
    The only other way to force this issue is a class action lawsuit. More on that later...
    In the meantime, tell everyone you know. Tell people that you don't know who are driving their family around in one of these things. You just might save someone's life!

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • bgantbgant Posts: 3
    Well, I am joining the club. I bought my van Oct of 2005. New Year's Eve the torque converter went out and had to be replaced. Fortunately, I was covered under the warranty. I was assured by the dealership that I would not have any more issues with that. Well, 3 yrs later (to the date) it went out again. I am in Kansas City, MO. I took it back to dealership that I bought it from. (the same place that fixed it 3 yrs prior.) They are now telling me that I need to replace the torque converter AGAIN. They say they can not find anything else wrong with vehicle. Of course, they are going to knock of 10% because they such givers.

    So, I have called some local transmission shops and they are telling me that torque converters don't just "go out". I am also going to go the NHTSA website. I would be more than happy to talk to an attorney if this group ends up going that route.
  • bgantbgant Posts: 3
    I went back through and read all 47 pages of posts. We are all extremely fortunate that we have not been physically hurt. I am going to see about contacting a local class-action law suit attorney.

    Kansas City, MO
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Outstanding! Keep us posted on your progress.
    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • I'm late in my reply largley due to the holidays and being a 48 yr old father/step father to 9 children. Thanks for your response. I share your passion for this issue which is becoming reminiscent of the early model Pintos (early 70's) with the exploding gas tanks when rearended. Funny how they disappeared from production just like these vans have. I believe 2007 was the last year. Only these Freestar tranny failures don't require an accident. They just go out unexpected and yes someone is going to pay with their life/lives eventually if they haven't already. I always research extensively before buying a vehicle: bought my van used in Oct. of 2005. There was virtually nothing online indicating there was a problem with these transmissions. Now all of a sudden, this pattern seems to be occurring DAILY around the country according to the emails and thats just through Edmunds. I'm committed with what feels like very limited ability to act against Ford for myself and for all the others that have been robbed of their hard earned money for costly repairs and even more importantly whose lives have been put in danger by Ford! the same company that has very capably built sound vehicles for a century. Absolutley they are liable & somehow must account for this product.

    Steve Cummins
    Joshua, TX
  • bgantbgant Posts: 3
    Well, the attorney I spoke with was quite discouraging. I don't feel that he wants to take this on.

    We have decided to have yet another torque converter put into our van. I guess I was fortunate that the spline materials did not get into my transmission. I plan to drive it a few more months until I can trade it in for a NON Ford product. I just worry then who will end up with my van. I could never sell it myself knowing the issues we have all faced.

    If anyone else has any luck pursuing a civil suit, please let us know.

    Kansas City, MO
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Don't be discouraged. One attorney out of hundreds of thousands across the country will not break our resolve to get justice and force a recall and accountability for this fiasco. My experience in dealing with attorneys on many issues is that they rarely, if ever, want to stray from their area of expertise or take on a case that they don't feel will be a cakewalk. This is not the type opf attorney we need on this case. We need one who has been personally affected by this, either directly or indirectly, who can not only identify with our pain, but also be motivated by the same things motivate us to seek justice. At the rate that these transmissions are failing, it is just a matter of time before this scenario becomes a reality. In the meantime, keep all of your recepts and, more importantly, keep the faith and spread the word. You just might save someone's life!
    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • I think I'm the newest victim of FORD. My van just died last night no reverse/drive, good thing it didn't happen when I am driving my daughter home from school. I have to pick her up EVERYDAY at school and go back to work, it just stop working with no warning. All things I read here are the same to what happened to me today. My van is still under warranty until Nov 09 good thing because I don't have money right now. I don't know what to do with this sh.. after they fixed this, if all I read is all complain for this product. I'm from canada by the way.
  • My 06 Freestar died again last Monday. I was luckily driving on a slow street, but it was during a snow storm. I waited a few minutes it did start back up, chugging a bit, and then continued on. It has been over a week and it hasn't done it again. I am waiting on a loaner vehicle from Ford and they are going to keep it for as long as they need, to figure out what is going on.

    I also had a piece of trim fall off the door. I HATE this van!

    I don't understand how the lemon law would help me if it dies on me and it doesn't show up on their computers and it started back up. Basically it would be my word against theirs if I were to pursue the lemon law.
  • My sister's van just died :sick: . From what I can tell she must have fell victim to the infamous torque converter failure. I'm considering replacing it myself, but not sure whether those metal shaving made it to the transmission. If that's the case she might as well have somebody rebuild it. So far I got a quote for around $1400 for a rebuild and that's including R&I. I think the guy i got the quote from knows what the problem is and that's why his price for the "rebuild" is kinda low. Well I'll check the price of a torque converter and weight my options.

    I've always hated domestics, and now my sister learned the hard way not to buy ford ever again.
    F :lemon: O :lemon: R :lemon: D
  • aggiemeaggieme Posts: 10
    The same thing happened to me when I was slowing down on a street. Here was my problem, and hopefully, this may be your solution too:

    Following up to my previous post......I brought the vehicle to the delearship where I bought the 2005 van, and they called me first thing this morning. The idle control module was stuck in the closed position, and since they replaced it, the van will run great (or so they tell me). I just wanted to add this to the list of things for people to be aware of as we go through the Ford issues together.
  • Thank you aggieme. My van is now in the hands of a different Ford dealership. I have a loaner and I told them to keep it as long as they needed to. I don't want it back until they know what is wrong with it. I always pass on info. that I read on this board. Thanks for the help. If a problem can't be fixed this time I think we are going to force them into giving us a good trade. Is there any Ford that anyone loves? We have had many Taurus's and never have had a problem until this van. I am considering getting the Taurus X. I love the interior of the Flex, but hate the exterior shape.

    There is no way I could sell this van to someone on the street and have a good conscience.
  • kiki6kiki6 Posts: 2
    I am the "lucky" owner of a 2004 Freestar (should have followed my gut instincts as I never wanted the van in the first place but my husband's work lease was up and we thought it would be a wise move to buy it out!). Two days ago, I simply lost power and thankfully, I was not on the highway (I had a very close call with my Dodge trannie blowing in the middle of a highway last year). I am shocked to discover that the Techinical Bulletin was issued and yet, they do not have a legal obligation to issue these bulletins to consumers. The service rep today told me they only have to advise the technical support people at the dealerships but the information stops there. If I had known about this bulletin, I would have never bought this vehicle. I have not had my van fixed yet although one mechanic has advised me that the computer program shows water getting in somewhere?? It looks like we could be in for a big bill from reading some of these emails.

    Anyways, thanks for listening and welcoming me to the "club".

    Carol (from Canada)
  • Im just ill from all this Freestar CRAP!!!!!!!!! As Ive posted many times before, had tranny rebuilt in Nov. 08. Tonite in reverse, heard like 3 weird "clicking" noises, then finally goes in reverse. Bout hour later put van in drive & hesitates, then feels like tranny slips. We've had this piece of trash for 2 years. I'll NEVER buy a FORD again!!!!! And I tell EVERYONE of their unconcerned attitudes!!!!!!! I HOPE FORD READS THESE. YOU'RE A SORRYCOMPANY!!!!!!!!!!! :P :confuse: :sick: :lemon:
  • skihighskihigh Posts: 15
    I went to the local dealership and asked for a spec sheet so my husband could locate the parts. The guy was kinda unhelpful at first. Saying that he never heard of such a problem and we should bring it. If you get a loud enough, they really don't want you to air their dirty laundry to potential customers and will give you what you want to shut you up. No cost. Sad things is, it is a inexepensive fix. After pending hundreds and thousands of dollars, if someone would have been honest up front, it would have saved a lot of heartache for many people. On the hand, if it doesn't fix the problem, you are only out a few bucks for some foam and silicone and instead of thousands for a tranny that might not fix the problem.
  • skihighskihigh Posts: 15
    Sorry I have not kept in contact w/ everyone. Fixing the PCM problem has managed to solve the problem. As it has been in record low temps and snowing and she fires over and runs like a champ!!! THANK GOD!
    Anyway... I did think of you guys b/c the other night I was watching one of those investigation shows (Dateline or 48 hours or something like that). They were in a small town that Ford dumped "sludge" back when they first starting manufacturing autos. There were still traces of paint in the soil. ALL BUT ONE household in this town suffered from CANCER. When they questioned Ford about it, their response was "It wasn't illegal back then". EPA ordered them to clean up another town. They said it was cleaned and upon investigation, it wasn't and they had to go back out. I just couldn't help but to think that all around, the people of Ford have unexceptable customer service and a true lack of human compassion!
  • skihighskihigh Posts: 15
    I found the bulletin I was originally referring to (I saved it on my computer). There are some diagrams on there.
  • :lemon: :lemon: Thanks skyhigh.... My 70 yr. old hubby & I want to go to Hershey Pa. this spring....but dead deal...(unless we rent a CHEVY....) Can't take our $$$$ sucking FORD!!!!!!!!!! As I stated earlier last week our "rebuilt" tranny's screwing up AGAIN.HESITATING kickin in. NO SURPRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FORD CO. IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GUY GOT OFF PHONE QUICK. :mad: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Hi, this is my first time on this forum. I am surprised as to how many people have been affected by this. I thought that I did something wrong, but now I see that it is a manufacturing defect / nightmare. Thank God that at least my problem happened after I got to work. I parked at 7am, went to lunch at 12:30pm - but when i went to drive my 05 Freestar, it did not go in gear. I have called many Tranny shops and they are all telling me the same thing... the torque converter.Mine went out at 97,000 miles. The symptoms are exactly as described in many of the postings here. Is there any advice concerning what kind of repairs it needed?
    I work for a Caterpillar Dealer, so I have some understanding as to the technical bulletins that do come out. Believe it or not, a lot of these issues might be addressed in the corporate level, but not necessarily given to the service level. The actual service department might never hear about some of these problems. To them it seems like "lack of proper maintenance". In some cases it can be, but most often it is a problem with the product.
    to think I almost traded my van back in December. Well, that's life.
    I don't know if Ford will ever do a recall... they might not exist when that happens.
  • My tranny got fixed today with a grand total of $2309.87 including labour and parts.
    The guy in the shop said is cheaper because the warranty company is paying for it
    and they have a discount for parts. Shop said about $3000 or more if I were to go somewhere else without the warranty. I don't know if he's telling the truth, the most important thing is my van is running again and I have another year warranty for it.


  • :lemon: Fallingstar, Not trying to bring you down..... my tranny job was $1495.00 (rebuilt). I HAD TO PAY FOR IT. I too now have a 1 yr. warranty. BUT....... They know it won't happen again for probably 3000 miles. Nov.08 when got our's fixed..., already acting up...... FORD SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well... got my van out of the shop-- running like a champ. Going straight to trade it in.... Honda... here we come.
  • I just got my van back from the shop. They found water was getting in my power control module. It was replaced and sealed up. Hopefully that is the end of my problems. I'm debating trading it in, but I don't want to take a huge loss.

    Madmax....Let us know what kind of trade in you get.
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Better to lose money than to lose your life or a loved one.

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • shocked1, I know mine it's a bit higher than what other tranny shop charge, that time I don't have a choice I need the van fixed right away and I'm not paying for it anyways
    it's the warranty people. If that money is coming from my wallet I will look for the cheapest guys for sure. I'll keep you posted on what will happen to my van. Could you please tell me what do you hear or whats the van doing when it's acting up. Thanks.
  • fallingstar, didn't know if you meant my van. but, if so, my tranny stopped right on the road. got a rebuilt. now it's hesatating in gears. it's ONE BIGGGGG FLUBUP OF FORD'S. love get rid of it before causes a death. I'll buy toyato next time!!!!! FORD IS NOT RESPECTFUL OF CUSTOMER'S SAFETY!!!!!!! :mad: :mad:
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