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Ford Freestar Warranty Questions

harhirharhir Member Posts: 29
edited May 2014 in Ford
I am currently looking for a used van. A local dealer has a 2005 Freestar SEL with 15k miles and lots of extras (Advance Trac, leather power sliding doors, towing package, ...) for a good price. It is certified and comes with the 6-year/75,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty.
My question: Is there an option for an additional warranty that covers the other parts?
Especially the power sliding doors, other engine parts, ....


  • 97xpresso97xpresso Member Posts: 249
    After reading the posts about Freestars in this forum, why would you want to purchase one? What is the "good price" and how many miles are on it already? If it is a very good price, and you sell it before the 6/75,000 runs out, it might be OK. Just remember you won't get much for it at that point.
  • hudsonmohawkhudsonmohawk Member Posts: 2
    Windstar, Freestar - They're both Junkstars. Trust me, I know. I had one - only got it to 53K before I had to dump it or go broke fixing it. Heater door, transmission, engine problems including idle servo, computer and leaky injectors, power steering pump, wiring harness, brakes leaking, paint peeling, intermittent radio, cruise control failed, interior lights flashing on/off (radio and lights not related to the poor sliding door contacts either). All problems occured after the warrentee (time) and Ford couldn't care less. There used to be 5 Windstar/Freestars on my street. Today you will not find one Ford mini-van due to substandard quality and poor reliability. Best advice to anyone is to drive it into a concrete wall before putting another grand into it!
  • old89lscold89lsc Member Posts: 7
    You can get aftermarket warranties or buy an extended warranty from Ford. If your inclined to get it from Ford, you should know that the warranty has a markup for the dealer to make a profit on it when he sells it to you. In other words, the price can be negotiable. There are sites on the internet that will sell you the same Ford warranty at a discount. That is the way I purchased one for our 2001 Windstar. It certainly is easy because once the dealership's service department types in your VIN, your warranty comes up automatically. The internet sites will give you a quote based on the year and mileage of the vehicle, so you can get it before purchasing the Freestar then use that quote to negotiate the warranty price.

    Two important things to remember: Buying a warranty before the original 36 mo/36,000 mile manufacturer warranty is easier and warranty prices do go up each year.
  • pastormortonpastormorton Member Posts: 2
    Hey do yourself a favor and buy a yugo instead--it would be more dependable. Let me assure you that the problems go way beyond the transmission. This one is a dud and I could kick myself for not taking advantage of the lemon law.
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