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Ford Windstar Care & Maintenance

bbanksbbanks Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Ford
I have a 1995 Windstar (price was right 0) but am looking for a repair manual that is not Chiltons (for mechanics) but not "auto repair for dummies" (which walks you thru checking your oil) I am hoping to find something in between ...like a "readers digest how to fix" manual.
Do you have any suggestions, cause I can't afford to keep taking it to the auto shop (starter 250; fuel pump 500; brakes 660; water pump 250; axle cjoints/tie rods 650 and now the battery isn't holding a charge or isn't being charged up (alternator my guess). For a "free' car it isn't turning out to be so free....lol I understand an older car is going to have things going wrong/breaking but if I could locate a manual that I can understand with step by step instructions I could do some of the work myself
Any suggestions you have I would greatly appreciate.
Barbara Banks


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    mike174mike174 Member Posts: 1
    Unsure if you already found this out, but look for HAYNES manuals. You will need:

    36097 - Windstar Mini-Van all models '95 thru '03

    here is the website, but you can order from any mainstream automtive center, in Canada we use Canadian Tire.


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    selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    Forget the special tools, I wasted a good part of my day with them.

    This is very easy. Draw a picture of how the belt is routed before starting.

    Turn the wheels as far as they will go to the right.

    Go under the vehicle and take a standard 13mm open end wrench; turn the belt tensioner bolt clockwise until loose.

    For this next part you will need to put your game face on!

    From the top of the engine, pull the belt toward the alternator this creates excess slack from the loose tensioner, so you can remove the belt.

    Install the new belt, you will need your game face again when putting the belt on the alternator!

    Then tighten to belt tensionor by turnin it to the left.

    This is a 30 min jog and you can get the belt from Auto Zone for $16.99.

    Good Luck!
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    kevinsvankevinsvan Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Windstar. The drivers right arm rest fell off. It happened over a 2 month time period once I noticed it. Anyone know how to re-install?
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    joseph1954joseph1954 Member Posts: 1
    windstar owners manual missing in 2001 ford where can I order one?
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    Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Welcome to CarSpace Forums!

    Check out this article on Edmunds.

    Where To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online
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    donpowersdonpowers Member Posts: 1
    The temperature controls on my 2001 windstar no longer work. Is this something that easily fix at home with basic mechanical knowledge or does it need to be taken to the dealer?
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    great01great01 Member Posts: 2
    I do not have a maual for my van. Where would the block heater plug in on the motor be? And also the driver side door power window will not work, is it a fuse, switch or motor problem? The same control still operates the passenger side.
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    jeffyscottjeffyscott Member Posts: 3,855
    I think you can download a free owner's manual from:

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    jrinehartjrinehart Member Posts: 1
    is the belt tensioner assembly reverse threaed. Because I'm going counter clock wise to loosen the bolt but it won't move. I'm starting to thing it's reverse threaded.

    Any help?

    Thanks again to all the smart people ou there.

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    bluecapsbluecaps Member Posts: 3
    Did you find the reason why your driver side door power window was not working? If yes how did you repair it? You answer is very much appreciated.


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    great01great01 Member Posts: 2
    no not yet.
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    seasandseasand Member Posts: 2
    This may sound stupid, but our passenger window on our 99 windstar wouldn't work for the longest time. A friend riding in the van with my husband kept pushing the buttons on the passenger side up down, then up down, and it finally worked! It worked again for awhile then stopped. So we did the same thing to it...and it worked again! Out of the blue it will work then not. Right now it's been working for quite awhile! There's times it will go up and down with the driver controls and not the passenger controls. We just put up with it, instead of taking it in to cost a fortune for it to work and not work again later we figured anyway. haha
    I have trouble with the power locks not working good. Just the side doors though. The passenger one is the worst one. No matter how often you hit the unlock button from either front passenger or driver side doors, it will not come up so you can open it. You have to unlock it by hand usually. Both side back doors do this but the worst is that passenger one. It's like it's dirty or something...anyone have this problem???
    I have also had problems with the dome lights staying on when you have turned it off and walk away, you think they are going to go out...and they do not. All doors are closed, locked, and the next morning you find out you have a dead battery. Now it's just habit to always wait on the dumb lights inside to go off so I don't have the problem. There has been times I've had to get back in the van and turn the key on and then off and then close the doors again and they lights will finally shut off.
    These vans definetely have some sort of electrical problems.
    We are constantly changing tail and reverse light bulbs too. What's with that??
    Otherwise it's been a pretty good vehicle...if these little things don't drive you bonkers!
    Happy Driving...
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    seasandseasand Member Posts: 2
    I was wondering what year and makes of Ford vehicles were on that list for the faulty(I believe they caught on fire) cruise control? Our cruise control has not worked for a couple of years now, again it would work at times then not others, then it finally just quite working. Do any of you know if the '99 Windstar is on that list? Thanks to anyone who can let me know.
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    ultrabuzzardultrabuzzard Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Windstar 3 litre. When I am accelerating (such as to get on the highway), and I have about 1/4 to 1/3 accelerator pedal down, when the engine gets to 2800 rpms, the engine starts cutting out severely (like turning the ignition on and off), I hear "sneezing"(backfiring thru the throttle body?), and it does this from 2800-3500 rpms. If I floor it, it will finally recover and wind out above 3500 rpms and accelerate normally. It happens only during that type of acceleration. If I am at 75 mph at 2600 rpms and gently accelerate to 2800 and above, it doesn't seem to sputter. I am getting an on again off again engine light and the code that was stored was for a misfire detect in cylinder #2. I have replaced the plugs, wires, and all tuneup items that I know I can do in the garage. I'm thinking the coil pack needs to be replaced. Any thoughts?
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