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My husband wants to buy a Dodge Ram 1500. We had pretty much sealed the deal on a 2001, ST with Sport package, etc. However, the dealer, at the last minute, changed the interest rate on us and then indicated he had given us the wrong figures. We were ready to buy and then had to back out. We contacted another dealer who has a 2000 Ram 1500 that is LOADED!!! What should we expect to pay for the 2000? It has no miles on it and my husband test drove today. Considering the 2002 model will be out soon, should we even consider this? Please let us know. This is our first truck and we want to get the best deal we can


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    If you really like the styling of the 2002 Ram, then wait for it. However, the 2002 design will be a "Version 1.0", and new models always have their share of problems. I would suggest going for the 2000. Its likely to be cheaper, and there really werent any major changes for 2001, other than slightly better emissions and other small modifications.
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    I'm looking for a Dodge Ram, too. Did I read you message correctly? Is Dodge changing the Ram for 2002? I didn't know that.

    I've been posting around on other Dodge sites, and I have a concern about the 5.2 liter Magnum engine. I've been told that the intake manifold is prone to leaking, and there is a pinging problem. Have you found that to be true? On another board, it was pretty much a common consensus that the gas engine was a mistake, and to go with the diesel. Do you agree?

    How many miles is too many miles for a used Ram 1500?
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    The 1500 dodge will be changed for 2002. The diesel is not now and is not slated to go into the 1500 anytime in the neear future. The 5.2 will be dead at the end of this year and the 4.7 and 5.9 will be the only v8 choices available. There is a new engine, a hemi, 5.7 liter that was going in for 2002 to replace the 5.9 but there were engineering problems that they could not iron out and will be available in 2003. The 2500 and 3500 dodge ram will not change untill 2003 and the rumor is that they will have thier own body style much like what ford did in '99 and chevy in '01.
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    The 5.2 liter is a 60-year-old smallblock design, and it's not the best motor by today's standards. If I were you, I'd skip the 5.2 and go straight for the 5.9. It has more power, it's "only" 40 years old, and the differences in fuel economy are marginal. Of course, you can't get a 5-speed stick with the 5.9, but you get the same 4-speed auto with either engine. If you want to spring for a 2500, you can get the bulletproof 5.9-liter Diesel Inline-six, or the powerhouse 8.0L V10.

    If you want info on the 2002 Ram, check out the "Dodge Ram (2002) Unveiled!" message board.

    "Too many" is a relative term. If it has 200,000 miles on it, but was driven by an old lady who used it for sunday choir trips, then its a pretty safe bet. If, on the other hand, that same little old lady was involved in Master's Class offroad racing... you get the idea.
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    Boy are you off on the age of the 5.2 and 5.9. The 5.2, the 318 was introduced in 1967. There was a 318 prior to that but it was a completely different engine. The 5.9 the 360 was made from the 340 which was made from the 318 and introduced in 1974. This makes the 5.2 34 years old and the 5.9 27 years old. Also the 2 engines are the same with a few minor changes like the bore and stroke.

    From my experience the 5.2 is one of the most dependable engine ever built. I have had many over the years and none had any problems.
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    Was to convey the comparative age of the engines. Fine, i'm off. So what? We have a 5.9 Durango and I love that engine too.
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    I bought my first dodge truck a 96 sport in 98 loved it ,traded in on a 98 quad cab never had any trouble with either one ,both had 5.2 motors &I tow a boat in summer,With Air on & 4 people aboard does a great job towing boat
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    I currently own a 99 Dakota SLT club 4x2. I love the truck, however it is not fulfilling my needs. I
    have two children who currently ride in booster seats and the room is pretty tight. As they grow, it will only get tighter. Anyway, I will eventually be moving to a slightly higher elevation and will be in need of a 4X4. I do not want anything smaller than a 3/4, as for the resale and payload. Here is my delema: When I am at play, I do medium to medium heavy hauling but may need to haul
    heavy cargo, as per my move. Also with the gas prices soaring in CA, diesel fuel is significantly
    cheaper. So, I am indecisive as to which brand and type of cumbustible engine. I kind of like the
    sound of both types, each has its own.... how should I say... (arh arh arh). Its basically power vs
    torch. Reliability is of utmost importance. I will also be using this mystery vehicle to and from work 8-10 miles, which is a lot of cold runs. I am a little gun shy as to Fords, as I was fixing or repairing daily but they were first on race day. In all fairness, they were not Pickups.
    Any advice is appreciated.

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