Volvo V50 vs Volvo V70

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We have enjoyed our '02 V70 2.4t for about 3 1/2 years and I'm itching for a new wagon. The 70 is plenty big and I'm considering the 50 wagon, perhaps to pick up a little sportiness and tighter handling. Anyone out there who has both models or switched as I am contemplating? The 70 is rock-solid and I'm wondering how the 50 compares. Hoping our dealer has a 50 as a loaner when we take the C70 in for service.(Not easy to do with the beautiful weather in ATL lately)


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    I drove an 850 wagon for 7 years, then switched to a Mercedes A Class (not available in the USA) and immediately ordered the V50 (T5 Summum automatic) when it was available. My husband has the S60 T5, which handles like the V70.
    I personally would have never bought the V70 - the turning radius is just a bit too small for European parking. The wheels of my husband's car and neighbor's car are all scratched up from unfortunate parking incidents. He also has a problem with misjudging the turning - had both sides fixed and painted. That's Europe, though, and you don't have this problem.

    I love the reaction of the V50 T5 compared to his S60 T5. Stays tight in the mountain curves (17 inch tires) I don't miss AWD - we even could drive around Arosa (Ski resort) without it in the Winter.

    Since you don't have snow, and don't have to worry about parking, and certainly don't have mountain roads in ATL, I'd keep the V70 and use the money you saved on paying for the gas it takes to run that tank. The gas mileage between the two isn't so different, so there's no argument there for changing, either. I'm waiting for the Volvo Hybrid...
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    asey, thanks for the insight. Actually, we have a house in the 'mountains' a couple of hours north of ATL (in North Carolina). It is only 14 miles of twisties but I have enjoyed the V70 with 17" P6000s(swapped from the C70 which now has the 16" MXVs from the wagon) taking the turns...amazing-the difference in handling after the swap. Last year, I got a taste of that Euro parking you speak of...we were in Rome for a week and Amalfi with a rental also for a week...crazy driving and even crazier parking! BTW, we can average 25mpg in either car w/29-31 mpg on the hwy cruising around 80mph(both are 2.4t). Wouldn't expect much improvement, if any, with the 50. Mayhaps, I'll hang on for another year or so and see what comes down the pipeline. The C70 goes in for 15k check next week...I'll ask for a V50 to drive as a loaner---just in case! :D
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