Ford Edge - Who's the Competition?

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Does anyone else in here think that the GM CUV's, the Arcadia and Saturn Outlook will poise a real problem for the Edge. THose CUV's have more power, are bigger, and from what I have seen have a nicer interior. The pricing is about the same. The Saturn starts at $27K and the Edge at $25K. Something tells me, if the Aura is any indication, that the Saturn will be very well equiped in the base model, meaning that you may have to step up to the Edge SEL to be comparible and the Edge SEL starts at $27K. I see a real problem with the Buick Enclave, maybe coming in at $35K which is equal to the Lincoln MKX but the Enclave destroys anything in that segment based on looks alone. Not to mention the 270hp engine is very powerful for the segment and the interior is as upscale as a Merc... well in looks anyway since I have not been able to actually sit in one.


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    Although I agree the pricing of the Outlook is more competitive (especially if you have access to the GM Supplier price), I believe the Edge is targetted at a different demographic. If you need 7 passenger seating, you're going to go for the GM triplets, if you don't I believe a lot of people will find the GM'rs too big and heavy. Time will tell.
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    On a similar vein, Hyundai's Veracruz sounds interesting at least on the surface.

    Don't get me wrong - the Edge is still the clear leader on my short list (the new Santa Fe is there too), but the mid-sized CUV / SUV space is becoming increasingly crowded, with lots of choice.
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    Looked at the Buick Enclave's videos last night; very nice. I'm not in love with the plastic woodgrain, but very, very nice. Yes, maybe a bit on the big side for me, but I'll look at it.

    The one thing I don't like about the Edge, I want the panoramic roof, but I can't put roof racks on the car with the roof. I carry kayaks so I need roof racks. I look at other cars with with "panoramic" roof lines like BMW X3 and I can get both p roof and racks.

    Edge still looks very good.
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    Just because the factory doesn't offer the roof rack with the panoramic roof doesn't mean you can't get them aftermarket. Is the roof actually in the way of the rails?
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    Yes, I've seen the after market roof racks which fit or clamp in the doors; I'm not a fan of them at all. I prefer real racks on the roof for spreading the crossbars to around three because the boats ride better. I'm talking kayaks in 16 - 18 foot range.
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    I meant permanent after market roof racks.
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    I am looking at the Mazfda Cx-7 awd, Ford Eedge awd and need good gas mileage , low payemnts and towing capacity for 1,800 lb boat. Any hybrids fit the bill? What's the better buy between these 2? Gas mileage etc...

    Thnaks ,

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    Neither are economy vehicles, but the major complaint of the Mazda CX-7 owners is poor gas mileage. Check their postings. The Edge would be a better towing vehicle. The Mazda is a 4 cylinder turbo motor--not good for towing.

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    My wife has a CX-7. She loves it. The gas mileage is not great though around 16 MPG in the city. But the Ford will not be any better. She had a couple of Check engine lights due to a defective part whcih Mazda has since redesigned. No other issues in 3,000 miles.
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    Really, for me, it's coming down to the Edge Limited AWD and the CX-7 Grand Touring AWD. Same options (very close anyway) is over $50/mo difference for a lease.
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    FORD EDGE LIMITED V. CX-7 Grand Touring AWD
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