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Hyundai Entourage Interior & Trim

backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
Has anyone else found the rear seat of the Entourage uncomfortable? I sat in it at the Chicago Auto Show and found it too low for comfort (I am 5'11"). This is a common problem in minivans. The only rear seat I've found to have a comfortable height/seat bottom angle is the DC vans. I don't suppose it is an issue for kids to sit in back, but could be if adults will sit back there regularly.

Otherwise I thought the Entourage was pretty nice, especially the Mercedes-like power seat controls on the door.


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    caseybeacaseybea Member Posts: 15
    I'm getting a Kia Sedona (Entourage twin brother) in 2 days - made final decision the other day, finalizing finances tomorrow.

    I agree- the rear seat in the Entourage/Sedona is not great for adults; OK for short trips, but not so much for longer hauls or (as you said) "sitting back there regularly". We have a family of 5, with our smallest only 10 years old. She loves the back anyway, so it's a non-issue. By the time she gets bigger, our eldest will be off to college. So, in our situation- it's a non-problem.

    Low seats is the price you pay for their ability to fold under the floor - a necessary sacrifice - and it seems to be a feature in high demand. I pull the seats in my Chrysler out all the time (to fit a huge soapbox derby car in there), and I will admit it's a pain, as those seats are very heavy- especially the back-row bench. OOOOOF.

    For years, I have driven Chrysler minivans - always the best value for the money at the time, but I think they've been left in the dust now by competitively priced vans with way more features and better warranties. I checked out one of their newer models with the stow-and-go seats in the second and third row-- WHOA, are they UNcomfortable. They're also quite "thin" and don't give the passenger a lot of comfort of feeling of seat stability. They even *look* flimsy. Oooops.

    I think Kia/Hyundai did pretty well- the front AND middle row seats are quite comfortable (my opinion), and while the rear seats are a touch on a low side, they're still very solid, and also allow for multiple positions (angles) of the back.

    In any case, it got my vote.. :)
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    backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    I checked out one of their [DC vans] newer models with the stow-and-go seats in the second and third row-- WHOA, are they UNcomfortable. They're also quite "thin" and don't give the passenger a lot of comfort of feeling of seat stability. They even *look* flimsy.

    Well, they are definitely "thin"--that is how they are designed, so they fold up into those wells in the floor. But they have the dense foam cushions which I find firm and supportive, so to me they "sit" bigger than they look. I prefer firm seats over cushy ones. I also like the rear seat on the DC vans better than on any minivan, because the seat cushion angles up in front where others are quite flat, so there is very good thigh support. Again, not an issue for kids but I have two teenaged boys so it would be an issue for me. As for looking flimsy--they don't to me but to each his/her own.

    I still consider the GC SXT to be the value champ of the minivans. I nearly bought one in March when some dealers were offering them under $20k or $99/month lease with $2990 down. But I decided to get an impeccable used van instead.
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    brutusthewhalebrutusthewhale Member Posts: 9
    I know the trims are different in Canada and the US. The GLS "Leather" only differs from the GLS by its leather interior and the power tail gate for a $1k difference. I know I'm going to love the power tail gate but am not sure about leather (never had it before). Does anyone recommend it for a family with 2 kids? (isn't it too cold in the winter and too sticky in the summer? does it tear easily? Does it really clean more easily?)
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    hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    We currently have two vehicles and both have leather. We also have two small children (currently 2 and 5). We have had both cars since the youngest was born, and the older car since the oldest was born. We will absolutely have leather in our next vehicle (in all probability an Entourage). I would much rather clean up that spilled juice or, in the past, the, uh, regurgitation, from leather than cloth (if you can ever really clean the stain or smell from cloth). I believe it is less likely to get torn and will hold up better in the long run than cloth.

    I have never had a problem with it being sticky in the summer (I live in Texas where the summers are plenty hot). We're talking leather here and not vinyl. In winters, which are not severe here, I cannot say for sure as we have seat heaters (and I promise you, we will have them in our next vehicle; they are wonderful--ask anyone who has or has had them).

    Now I am basing this on what I believe to be good quality leather. We have two VW Passats. While I had the same reservations you have before we bought the first Passat, we are not even considering not having leather in our next vehicle based on our experience with our Passats (tan-colored interior).
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    dc_driverdc_driver Member Posts: 712
    I can echo everything that hrngffcr says. Leather definitely cleans much easier (this coming from someone who's infant son has reflux). We get both hot and cold weather here in Northern VA, and leather does great in both climates. Seat heaters really are an amazing invention.. This is my second vehicle that has them. Between seat heaters and audio controls on the steering wheel, they are almost a requirement for me when purchasing a vehicle..

    My sister in law has three kids and she swears by leather in her minivan...

    The other must have for us are the power sliding doors.. I am addicted to them now :) Up until a few months ago, I was pretty anti-minivan... I have completely turned to the dark side now... I would take a minivan over a mid/large SUV anyday. now...
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    brutusthewhalebrutusthewhale Member Posts: 9
    Thanks hrngffcr and dc_driver! Your testimonies are enough to convince me to buy a leather interior (my 3-yr old son vomited in my wife's Honda Civic just yesterday - no leather there...)

    As for schmidtj's comment, I agree 100%. Actually, Honda's reliability is the only reason why I hesitated to go with the Entourage but I decided to go ahead and will buy the GLS Leather next week (I don't think it can be a lemon but if it gives me trouble I'll simply rely on its warranty (and you're right about the Honda recalls - lots of Odysseys were called back because of power door problems; in 2003, fuel tank with tendency to leak; 2004: water accumulation in the fuel pump electrical connectors). The only regret I will have with my Entourage is that in Canada the model doesn't come with a sunroof (the Nissan Quest is the best for this!)- I love mine in my Mazda Protegé!)
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    carfaxcarfax Member Posts: 43
    If you are buying the model in Canada with the leather, then it should come with power sunroof. I know the one my wife looked at in leather and GLS had power doors and tailgate plus sunroof. If not then buy Kia Sedona fully loaded, because a buddy of mine has one and it has everything. The two vehicles are the same with different trim and badging. :)
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    davethecarnutdavethecarnut Member Posts: 248
    I'm 6'5'' and 275lbs and I can sit in the back row for short trips. The seat back does angle back more. And the leather seems to have more padding. Plus leather cleans up much better than cloth :D
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