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Mazda5 Doors & Locks

raceymomraceymom Posts: 18
edited May 2014 in Mazda
Has anyone had trouble with their keyless remote working? Mine used to work all the time, now when I click it to either lock or unlock the doors it only works maybe one in ten times. I brought it by the dealer and he said it is a radio signal and things must be interfering. I will now have to bring my Mazda 5 back in again so that they can reprogram something in the computer to hopefully make it work again. The list is growing! :lemon:


  • yugoboyyugoboy Posts: 161
    Haven't posted in edmunds forum in ages however a vehicle like the mazda 5 warrants discussion as it is the first of it's kind in north america. I have the opportunity to get into a m5 gt model manual, my question is given the recall and other minor problems would the owner's of the m5 still recommend it. I know of no other vehicle that can transport 6 individuals and still deliver outstanding driving dynamic and fuel economy.

    Also one last tid bit noticed that passenger seat does not have armrest?, and are audio control's illuminated during night time driving? Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    High demand for M5 in western Canada.

  • yugoboyyugoboy Posts: 161
    Sorry to clarify audio control's on steering wheel!!??

  • ffunffun Posts: 29
    I have a M5 Manual GT and I highly recommend it. I haven't had any problems with it before or after the recall. I haven't driven it with 6 adults but it performs well with 2 adults and 4 kids.

    The passenger seat does not have an armrest. I believe this is because an armrest would restrict access to the storage compartments between the seats.

    The audio controls on the steering wheel are lit at night.

    I love driving a manual transmission. This is one of the very few legitimate 6 passenger vehicles that you can get with a manual transmission.
  • ffun is right: stickshift Mazda 5 is terrific choice. Gearshift and clutch are smooth and natural-feeling, and car feels light on its feet. The four back seats are in a different config every couple of days, depending on who and what is being driven where. Long-distance passengers can choose to sit in third row, with feet up on folded second-row, or in second row, with seat-backs reclined. Neither of these options is available in a sedan.

  • ffun is right: stickshift Mazda 5 is terrific choice. Gearshift and clutch are smooth and natural-feeling, and car feels light on its feet. The four back seats are in a different config every couple of days, depending on who and what is being driven where. Long-distance passengers can choose to sit in third row, with feet up on folded second-row, or in second row, with seat-backs reclined. Neither of these options is available in a sedan.

  • If I go out to the parking lot to find my 5spd crushed by a meteorite, I will go and buy another. (ah, that means yes, I'd recommend it)
  • Correct - - No passenger side seat armrest.... Yes, the audio controls (steering wheel) are illuminated during night time driving - as are the cruise control buttons.

    I'd still recommend a 5 to anyone. Even w/ the recall, and now a new problem I'm having now that it is cold - my sliding doors will not latch. The latching mechanism is freezing, and so far, the only "fix" is to heat it w/ a hair dryer. I have an appt. w/ the dealer to get this looked at tomorrow....
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    Do you park your car outside? It has been extremely cold here (minus 3 degrees). I haven't had any problem with that, but rarely park outside for very long.

    My car was finally fixed for the recall, I have been driving it since June when we bought it. I haven't noticed any difference in the shifting or anything. It seems a little smoother now, but could be my imagination. I had the oil changed at the same time though.

    HiFive :)
  • Yes - we do park it outside, as we live in an older home w/a VERY small one car garage. We live inn S. WI, and this December the average temp has been more than 10° below normal. The problem started last weekend when we were in MN - near the Twin Cities. The car was filthy, so we went through a car wash (w/ dryer). When we got to my uncle's house, we could not get either door closed until we heated the latches w/ a hair dryer. Temps were near 0°F.... Problem has persisted, even thought temps have been warming all week.... Dealer called Mazda service, and they've had a few other similar complaints - it's in for service right now - not sure what the fix will be...
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I am in the Twin Cities, and haven't had that problem, but like I said, I rarely park outside. Good to know if it happens to me though. I hope they fix it for you, let me know what happens.

    HiFive in Minnesota :)
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    Could it just be a low battery? We've had our 5 for about two months, and like you, ours used to work all the time, and from some distance too. Now more and more, we have to be right up near the vehicle for it to work, but at that distance, we've never had it not work. It's our first car with a remote door lock opener so we thought it's just a battery issue. Let us know if it's more.
  • when I brought it to the dealer he said he did not think it was the battery. I used to have an expedition which also had a remote keyless entry and I never changed the battery in 6 years and never had any trouble with it either.
  • Keep us updated - I had the same problem in Central Ohio last week. The car was washed 3 days prior and the 'freezing' occurred in a parking lot. My wife drove the car 2 miles while I held the door closed from the front seat to the dealer. By the time we got to the dealer, it worked fine.

    One thing that may help? The latch is in the rear of the sliding door and can be manually moved. I don't know if this would solve the problem temporarily or not.
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I had a problem with the keyless entry in October, I had driven on a very dusty dirt road, I think it might have been a salt sand mix on it also. The keyless stopped working all together. After i got the car washed, it started working again. I also noticed it doesn't have great range, I have to be within just a couple feet. I can be about 10 yards away with our Murano.

  • Left it at the dealer for the day.... The say they fixed them - - fix = clean + lube of latch mechanism. Haven't had any trouble since. Though it's been 35°F+ and we've not had it washed.... Stay tuned...
  • See my earlier terply to this... Just want to put it out there to all M5 owners. If you're ahving this same problem - get it to your dealer to get fixed. The more they see this problem, the more like tech service is going to come up w/ a real remedy.
  • mkatmkat Posts: 8
    I've also been having the latch problem here in Chicago since last week. In my case, only the passenger side sliding door won't latch close in cold temperature. It only happens when the car sits outside for a few hours (car is parked outside during work) but the latch works fine once it sits in the garage for about 15 minutes.

    Luckily, I was a block away from the dealer the fist time it happened. The service department was able to seal up the latch as a temporary fix and it seems to be working now. The service mgr told me they had 5-6 other Mazda5 owners at this particular dealer with the same complaint.

    I also contacted Mazda USA to let them know about it and they said I should be receiving a letter from Mazda USA when a permanent fix is available. (Whenever that will be...) Not exactly sure why this is happening, but I was told that they will be re-designing the latch in the future. HTH.
  • I noticed today that since the keyless remote wasn't working, I had to open the driver's door with my key and then I pushed the electric unlock button on the door and it didn't work either. I turned on the ignition and tried again and this time it worked. I'm afraid I seem to be finding new problems daily.
  • The dealer's solution was to add some lube to the latch, even though 'there was enough on it already.' The service manager (and technician) said that they hadn't seen this with the 5 (there aren't many in northern Columbus - perhaps 10? - counting the 5 that I saw during the recall wait with 5 more waiting to be sold), They did say that freezing was common with sliding doors, especially after a car wash. It will be interesting to see if we get a letter from Mazda about a fix to this problem as noted by Mkat's earlier post).
  • acer5acer5 Posts: 1
    My 2002 mazda protege 5 recently had a drained battery, from a radio being left on. I tried to jump start it but it does nothing no crank ,anything.All the lights work and the radio and horn do since I charged it but still no start. Also I had to remove the horn fuse because it would not shut off. Help!
  • rdrrrdrr Posts: 20
    Try and start it with the lights on or the front door open Try and start it, if the headlights go dim as well as the interior lights you may have a lose connection at the battery or a battery that is so dead it can't be recharged. :mad:
  • bwatersbwaters Posts: 52
    Oops acer5! This is the Mazda5 forum. The 5's radio shuts off when the horn is honked:-) You need to post this on the Protoge 5 forum. However, if any of us who read this forum also owns a Protoge, they may be of help.
  • :mad:
    Friday I sat my baby in her car seat and it took me like 20 tries to finally get the sliding door to close. Locking and unlocking with the door locks and pulling the handle. What a pain! Saturday temperature varied between -2C and -14C. When my wife and I wanted to take our 19months old baby shopping we got stuck at home. The sliding door on the driver side wouldn't open at all. The passenger one opened and it took me for ever to get it to close again. Sunday same story temperature between -8C and -18C still the door would'nt bugge. This morning (Monday) the door opened and closed without any problems. This car is really getting me :mad: and its adding points on my :lemon: chart.
    So i called the dealer, never heard of that problem. Will get back to me this morning. He never heard of internet I guess. I called Mazda Canada to hear what they have to say. And they never heard of this problem yet, just bring it to the dealer they say.
    This is a summer car, not well suited for our canadian weather. Very disapointed at Mazda. They should know, this is not their first car made for canada.
    Outside of that I love my 5. But these problems are more that upsetting.

  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    I don't have that problem yet. Just curious did you wash your car prior to this happening. Also is that the GT model you have which it has the auto door close feature.
  • Its the base model not the GT. I had the car washed on Tuesday in a high pressure non contact car wash. But the doors worked great till Friday lunch time. And then 2 hours later the door gave me problem with its closing. And the next 2 days forget it. Closed completely.

  • Mazda is well aware of this problem through our various e-mails and phone calls and the fact that they told us that they have had reports from others regarding this problem. We are aware, through the internet, that there are a number of other people who have this similar problem besides you and my wife and I. They have no remedy for this problem and are stalling. Our car is useless as a family car because it is the world's biggest two-seater with plenty of storage. Hey, we love our M5 too, but c'mon, it's door technology, not an engineering marvel. We have the GS model in response to a previous posted query. I don't buy the bit about the freezing either, there's something else going on. We've contacted Transport Canada in regards to possible safety issues and we'll move on to report to LemonAid and whoever else will listen, because Mazda's response has been poor at best.
  • For those with the issue, it is best to report it to NHTSA or Transport Canada, whichever is applicable. This is a good way to get Mazda to start doing something constructive regarding the problem.

    One of the most frustrating things in these cases is the lack of information. Kind of like being stuck in a subway train that has stopped in between stations for 10 minutes with no announcment regarding what the hell is wrong.
  • My service manager called me back. Saying he could'nt do anything since the doors now open again. I told him that alot of people were having the same problem in the US through a forum and some of the dealers greased the mechanism. He replied that he can't take in consideration anything from the net. And that cars from the US are build differently than the ones in Canada. Mazda Canada gave me the same response too. I personnaly can't believe that they make different door mechanism for US and Canada come on. He then added I'll see with mazda canada if they have anything with that. And when I told him they had no info, he replied again i can't do anything, just bring it in Wednesday and we'll look at it.
    Very practical to have a family than i can't sit my 19month baby in it. :mad:
    What part of Canada are you from yzerman19?
    So that I can tell my service manager that it aint only in the US. Or is it only people in Canada that have this issue? Anyone can answer?

  • Yes, very practical isn't it? I sure hope they can do something for you, however, we're still waiting for a fix also and have been since November.

    We're from Winnipeg and its very interesting how Mazda Canada told you that they knew nothing about the problem as its been reported to them by us and I'm sure by others. Truth be told, I don't think they know what the problem is so they don't have a remedy for it.

    I heard from Mike at Mazda Canada on Friday and he's looking into our "file" regarding both the problem and the recall issue. We'll see what he says. I did phone Transport Canada as well on Friday but had to leave a message. I haven't heard back from them so will try calling again later.
  • I just spoke with Transport Canada and I'm the first one to post a complaint. They say the'll investigate. But since i'm aware of the default its my responsability to get it fixed or resolved. They usely intervene when there is a passenger security issue that we're not aware of. He told me to keep him up to date after I get it to the dealer on Wednesday. He was more useful explaining to me the Arbitration procedure that we can use against Mazda if they don't bugge. PAVAC is a federal program not ruled by goverment Canada. It basically tells Mazda to fix the problem and if after so many tries we're not satisfied we can ask them to either buy back the vehicule or compensate us. Its like the lemon law is the US. He also told me to call APA.
    We'll see what will happen Wednesday.

  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    I just washed my car just yesterday using high pressure water at one of those coin operated outlets. After reading the problems people had with their sliding doors, I ensure I wipe around the door seams dry. Not sure will this help. I use my car everyday, hope my regular usage will keep the doors from freezing up. This is a big safety concern that Mazda needs to address. I will keep you posted if I encounter anything unusual. I'll test both sides of the door
  • grant8grant8 Posts: 1
    Mazda is fully aware of the problem with the rear doors. I have been informed they are in
    the process of building a new locking system. We have experienced sim. problems and returned vehicle to the dealer. Mazda Canada experts suggested a temp fix. it lasted four
    hours. The rear door on the passenger side has not opened since the quick fix mid. Dec.. I have talked to Mazda Canada and they were less than helpful. Placed the responsibility with the Dealer and it was the Dealer who directed me to Mazda Canada.
    This is a vehicle that was recalled because of the possibility of fire and a repair was made. Now we have a vehicle that could catch fire and if someone was in the back seat you may have difficulty getting them out.
    The only positive suggestion made was that I trade the Madza 5 on a Van. :surprise:
  • It looks like your problem is bigger than ours. Our sliding doors haven't had a problem opening, it's the closing that is the issue. It's very interesting how Mazda is throwing you back to your dealer. I guess they figure that this dealer has a magic wand to fix this defect in the car. The dealer is merely selling a defective car supplied by Mazda. On another matter, the recall work. I looked under our M5 the other day and shuddered. The "plating" that they installed underneath looks cheap and looks like the work I did in high school metal shop... bad. The next time it snows heavy here I don't hold out much hope that this plating will survive with the M5s low profile.
  • Hi Bob
    I know your frustration only too well!
    I don't have kids at home any more, but I have been experiencing your problem of "non-latching sliding doors" for quite a while now. I thought it was just my car. I had to return from eating out (yes we got there fine!)and showing off my new 5 by having to ride in the 2nd row seats with a friend and our knees on a bulge in the doors to keep them closed!!!
    After my second trip to my Dealer, he has been in touch with Mazda and he got back to me with their solution to our problem.
    European latches work just fine so they are going to ship some over to the USA and try them on OUR cars :sick:
    Hope this is a help to you and any others with latch problems on their sliding doors.

    Bob in NH.
  • thorwmthorwm Posts: 6
    And for those who are interested in 'simulating' the problem, here is how you can see what is going on - should work for both Canada and USA models:

    1. Open either rear passenger door.
    2. Hold the handle as if you were opening the door.
    3. Close the door and keep holding the handle out.
    Result: The door will close, but it won't latch and hold in place.

    Bob (and others), I have had the problem once (several days after getting the car washed), so I haven't had the opportunity (lucky me!) of trying to move the latch manually when it gets 'stuck'. The latch is on the backside of the door, not at the front where the passenger climbs in. I have no idea if this will work, but its worth a try, especially when you consider the alternatives (closing/opening the door as you did or others like myself, holding the door closed while someone is driving...)

    Thor in OH
  • I called back Mazda Canada yesterday(Tuesday). Spoke again with Sotia who still standed on his ground that they never heard of the problem. Are you sure? Absolutely sure? I asked. He finally said "Well me personnaly, i haven't heard anything". I told him that I informed myself at another big dealer here in the Montreal region and they've been having numerous Mazda 5 customers with the same latch problem. He then checked with Mike and all of a sudden they were aware of the problem. I told them that I couldn't sit back and wait, since I have a 19month baby and another one coming in mid March and this had to be settled quickly. I also told them that they will be hearing lots of me and that they would have to either take back the car or give me one that works.

    I then called back my service manager and told him that Mazda Canada was now aware of the problem and that their tech dept would help him.

    This morning I get a call from my dealer postponing my appointement by 1 hour because they won't have enough time to temporarely fix the latch before they get new parts.
    Wow! Now thats what I call service. :)
    Finally everybody woke up! Great news! Now I hope the fix will work.

  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I live in Minnesota and haven't had this problem at all. I have owned my car since June, making mine of the first out there. I also drove it through the recall. I have never had any problem. I am wondering how many in the US had this problem, or is it more the Canadians?

    HiFive :)
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    No door latch, or any problems, (knock on wook), with our manual Touring 5 here in Connecticut, so far.
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    I meant to say knock on wood. Don't want to jinx it you know. . . .
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    Don't have a problem yet. Knock on wood! Wash my car last Sunday. We had freezing and thawing weather here in Toronto. I have the GT model which has the auto door close feature, I wonder if this makes a difference. Anybody out there that have this option and is having door latch problems?
  • thorwmthorwm Posts: 6
    I posted the following and I meant it to be for those who wanted to 'simulate' the door not latching:

    1. Open either rear passenger door.
    2. Hold the handle as if you were opening the door.
    3. Close the door and keep holding the handle out.
    Result: The door will close, but it won't latch and hold in place. (you'll see it 'bounce' and come right back open.)

    Thor in OH
  • We had our 5 since last August and had no problem on the sliding doors until THIS morning. We live in NY and there was 1-2 inches snow yesterday. It was around 20 degree yesterday and today so I guess it was the reason we could not OPEN one of the sliding doors this morning. It was like the door was stock and could not be opened at all. But the other side did open. I remember i saw someone wrote to use the hair dryer to dry the latch at this forum. any one has any idea?
  • Personnaly, I could not get it to open for 2 days. Had to wait till temperature increased a bit. I had them grease and oil the latch at the dealer Wednesday(till they get new parts). This morning it was -16C (3F) and it openned fine but I had to fight to get it to close again.

    The latch mechanism is very poorly built and gets stuck easily. I believe if a little water gets in, forget it it won't release at all. I'm not a mechanic, just my idea.

    Good luck

  • rhp96rhp96 Posts: 1
    This problem hit me this morning. I called Mazda roadside assitance. They sent CAA and the CAA driver was reluctant to tow the car because he would have to leave the door open (it will latch in the open position, but not closed). I called the dealer and they told me to--get this--try to tie the door closed and drive as slow as possible to get to them so they can look at it. They even said to pour boling water in there to see if that would help! When I asked "won't that make it worse once that water freezes?" the guy was snippy with me.

    In my opinion, this car IS NOT MADE FOR USE IN CANADA. A car available in this country should work in the winter.

    Has anyone else noticed that it takes A VERY long time to warm the heater/defroster in the morning? I have several times had to use my scaper on the inside of the windows to get them clear--and that after 15 minutes of idling! And I hate doing that--idling for so long. Not only is it against local by-laws to exceed four minutes, it is a waste of gas, and a big polutant.

    I don't see myself keeping this car at the moment.

    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I had the door latch problem on Sunday morning, and I'm in New Jersey :(

    Saturday night, my wife and I drove the car through snowy/windy conditions. On Sunday morning, it took some time warming up the car before the rear passenger-side door would open (it was frozen shut). After getting it open, we drove around for a while doing some errands, and then later in the day the passenger-side door wouldn't close. After a number of tries, I got the door closed, but I don't know what I did differently to get it to close (it just worked all of a sudden). I'm hoping it doesn't happen to me again...
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    Has anyone else noticed that it takes A VERY long time to warm the heater/defroster in the morning?

    Actually, my Mazda5 seems to heat up quite quickly...I don't have any complaint about the heating system.
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    Do have the Touring model(in Canada its the GT model) whereby the sliding door can close automatically, I am just wondering if it is this auto close feature option that is the problem.
  • Its certainly not the automatic closing system in fault. I have the base model and I have a hard time with the closing. Its really a latch problem.

  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I have the Sport model, no power-door mechanism. Just a standard sliding door.

    By the way, in the US neither the Sport nor the Touring models have power-assisted sliding doors.
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    If its a latch problem then all models are affected. Anyways, we expect freezing rain in southern Ontario this afternoon and tonite. Oh boy! Here comes the big test on those sliding doors.
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