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Pontiac Vibe Brake Questions

n2hon2ho Member Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Pontiac
I consider to buy a 2007 Vibe and dealer convinced me to get optional antilock brakes and stabilitrak. I never had any of these features on my previous cars. Is it really worth to have these options? Will they introduce any nuisance while driving under normal condition? Are they really helpful or just waste of money?
I appreciate any input. Thanks.


  • nd2105nd2105 Member Posts: 4
    i have a squeeky brake problem...twice now they have tried to "clean" the rotors, squeek sounds like it is coming from the rear drums.....any one know of a fix?

    Also just recently discovered another problem: when i turn off the recirc button something behind the dash starts licking. it also does it when i try to use the defrost? just annoyed now have had the car only 3 weeks and have more problems than i care to deal with.

    Please anyone have a fix for any of these?
  • kristqpherkristqpher Member Posts: 2
    :confuse: When removing the front rotors from a 2003 Vibe, do you have to remove the (star shaped) nut from the center? Hopefully I worded this right. I know it should be simple, but I wanted to ask before I broke anything! Thanks!
  • mo411mo411 Member Posts: 2

    Did you get an answer I am seeing the same issue. How do you get off the Rotors? :confuse: Help. I see the star nut which seems to be a 30mm (1 3/16") 12pt. But even after taking that off the Rotor did not come off. And the replacement Rotors seem to not be secured by this NUT. Any Feedback?
  • kristqpherkristqpher Member Posts: 2
    The bolt does not hold the rotors on. When you buy the replacement rotors , you'll see where it fits around the center piece. I just used a rubber hammer to hit around the edges of the rotor a bit and it eventually came off. Good luck to you!
  • adhreginaadhregina Member Posts: 2
    A little dated, but for those having the same dilemna. I just replaced my original rotors and brake pads on my 2004 Vibe. The rotors would not come off. Checked with a more knowledgeable person who said I needed to remove the axle nut???

    No way was I removing the axle nut but, I didn't want to hammer the rotors any further and wreck the bearings... but it made sense to give it a good hit. I put on one of the tire bolts so it would not fly away on me and gave it a good whack. The rotor came off! PS... always get a second opinion and listen to your gut.
  • mo411mo411 Member Posts: 2
    Yes I was certain that I might have to take the axle nut off. The way I was pounding it would nearly knock the Vibe off the jacks. But after I closer examined the replacement rotors, I spayed a generous amount of Rust Buster around inside and out. The next day the rotors still needed a tap but not a pound. Guess the galvanic corrosion was the culprit. I didn't have as much trouble on the rears.
  • motwnbromotwnbro Member Posts: 6
    hi... sometimes when i hit my brakes, i get a click/ clack sound...not all the time...mostly when it has been sitting far a while...any clues...thank you martin
  • flight387flight387 Member Posts: 1
    Same problem - corrosion bound on the front rotors, and there is of course, no need to take off the big 'star' nut. Beating on the rotor from the back with a rubber hammer, and even (carefully) with a metal hammer did not work. But hitting it between the studs on the front side hard with a metal hammer, and then from the back with a rubber hammer (alternating many times) did the trick after a few minutes. Heating with a heat gun until warm but not hot and spraying WD-40 around the center may have helped but it was the hammers that did the job.
  • didasapadidasapa Member Posts: 1
    2008 Vibe has 32000 km and the car has started giving occasional vibrations on braking. please suggest solutions.

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