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This car is our daily driver and we don't really want to spend a lot of money upgrading it. However we would like to change our cassette radio for a CD player/stacker. One local dealer offered us a 6-disc in dash changer but being from a later model it did not fit into the slot. Can anyone please advise us where to look for a player or a stacker for that year or possibly share your experiences of upgrading to one.

Many thanks! :confuse:


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    A post 2002 radio will not fit in a pre 2003 Grand Marquis dash. The reason is when the 03 makeover was done, the climate control ductwork was redone in the dash to allow a full DIN 2 sized radio to fit. That is why prior to 2003 a multi-disc CD player had to be put in the trunk.

    The best you will be able to do is get a single CD player, but you will loose the cassette player in doing so. Look for a radio that is DIN 1.5 sized.
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    Look for the link on their page that says: "What fits my car?" and follow the prompts.
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    I always had a lot of problems with "picket fencing" when trying to pick up AM radio in downtown areas. Also, after dusk, many AM stations reduce their power.

    I guess if you don't listen to AM radio, probably not a big deal.
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    I reached 37,000 miles and now have problems with radio reception, and the vehicle is out of warranty. I have never used the CD or cassette player.
    The radio doesn't hold onto a station for more than 10- 20 minutes on FM-1, FM-2, or AM settings. I tried the scanning control, but it just keeps scanning thru all the channel numbers, never locks on to any station.
    Don't want to take it to a dealer at $70 hr to find problem.
    Is it the radio, electrical, or rear window antenna? If the radio, is it easy to replace? Any estimates on cost? What will fit?
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    Because the audio receiver constantly receives a very small amount of electricity to keep the settings fixed, it may be of help to disconnent the Negative connection to your car battery for a minute or two. After reconnecting the battery terminal, the receiver tuner section may "reset" to be ready to be programed again by you manually. Sometimes this proceedure works and if it doesn't, no harm is done.
    Good Luck. :)
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    Would a power antenna or signal booster improve reception?
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    A signal booster only amplifies what the transmitter sends and that includes interference. It does not increase the power of the transmitter.

    An antenna whether "power" or manual is just the receiving agent for the transmitter's signal.

    If interested in receiving FM stations, the antenna should be extended only the length of the FM wavelength or about 30.5 inches. If interested in AM, squirt some liquid Viagra on it. ;)
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    So basically nothing can be done to improve the reception? I'm operating on the original antenna in the rear window.
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    There is an antenna port on your receiver. Replace what is plugged into that port with the male end of a new conventional antenna. If that improves reception, then install the conventional antenna.
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    i have a 1994 grand marquis LS with the original factory am fm tape player in the dash. how difficult is it to install an after market cd player into this model. specifically, do i have to rip apart the dash and woodgrain to get inside to dismantle? if not, what is the best way to get inside and easily replace the stereo?
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    Do the cd changers from one or more model yr.'s work in other models? I know the mounting style may be different. My crown vic (2000) is wired w/ data cable in trunk and I want to get a ford cd changer that is plug n play.
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    Your best bet is to go to an independent stereo dealer and tell them what you want to do. That will end up being a lot cheaper. I have a 2K GM and the Ford CD player I found out is actually a Clarion. After I found out that my Lincoln Mercury dealer wanted $80 for 6 disk magazine for my player I did some research, determined it was a Clarion, and went to a Clarion dealer and bought one for $15. I'm not sure what Ford charges for a CD player but it will be much more than what you can buy a compatible unit for at a place like Crutchfield (do a search for their website).
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    Im finding that Ill probably be better off buying a changer from a reputable shop. I talked to my local audio wizards and they said that the connectors mite not be compatible from model to model (yr.). You always get what you pay for when you guess at something like this. I'll take good councel this time.
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    Hey guys, I'm new here, and I'm new to Mercs.

    I have a 2000 Grand Marquis, and I got an aftermarket CD player from Crutchfield. It came with a dash kit and wiring harness, which I connected.

    The cd player works and everything, but now the Climate Control doesn't turn on. I'm pretty sure I just missed a wire (there were a few that didn't have mates when I was connecting the wiring harness). I hope I didn't damage my system somehow!

    Any help concerning the wiring would be appreciated!
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    Where would be a good spot to run a power wire from the battery through the firewall? I've got a 98' GM.
  • ttlpwnge721ttlpwnge721 Member Posts: 2
    I've got a 98 GM, I have 2 twelve inch subs to put in the trunk, where is a good hole in the firewall to run the power wire through? I'm trying to get an idea before I start the install because I want it to go as smooth as possible. If so does anyone have pictures of it?
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    I have a 2006 MGM that came with single CD (non Audiophile) radio and it had "OK" bass, but not very good audio characteristics or ambiance. The OEM subwoofer is not installed. I changed the radio to the OEM 6-CD unit (Audiophile) with RDS and now the bass in much less even with the bass level set to maximum. The bass level is as set to minimum on the single CD radio. I plan to install the OEM subwoofer shortly its on order. Just wondering if that will improve the bass in the four speakers because the radio wants to see a subwoofer.(?)

    Is less bass normal with the Audiophile radio without a subwoofer installed? Or do I have a defective radio?

    Also, what would be a good choice of rear speakers to install? Looking for something in the $50 range.

    Thank you, Tom
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    I don't think the OEM subwoofer will improve the bass output in the four speakers, but it might give you the bass response you desire. The four speakers should be directional and the subwoofer is usually non directional.

    If your in dash radio has a cross over network, the subwoofer will be fed the correct frequencies, otherwise the factory bass control on the four speakers should be set "Flat", not attenuated.

    Do you now have a "Premium" set of speakers from the factory or just a Good set? If just a good set, plan on spending more than $50 and listen to some mj quart speakers.
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    euphonium: Thanks for your reply.

    I have the stock speakers and not the premium that comes with the audiophile system. I agree, I don't think the subwoofer will improve the bass in the other speakers either. What I need to know, is the normal with the audiophile radio to have less bass or do I have a defective radio. I wont be able to "qualify" the radio until I install the OEM subwoofer.

    It appears that the single CD radio does have the subwoofer connector. I will try it with the sub and see what it sounds like. I will take a look at the speakers you mentioned
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    I am buying a 2008 Grand Marquis. It does not a visable external antenna. Is the antenna hidden in the windshield or something? Does the reception suffer due to there not being a telescoping antenna?
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    Car makers have been placing AM/FM antenna on rear glass (above rear defroster) on most cars today except some pick up trucks and some small cars. On minivans and SUVs, they put it in the side glass (less effective compared to rear glass)

    Depending on the antenna design, sometime, there is little reception degradation except directionality (more sensitive in one direction vs. others). Sometime, they screw up big time and as a result, the radio reception is very bad.

    The whip antenna is still the best antenna for radio reception. However, it projects the low tech image and causes wind noise.

    So test drive that vehicle and compare with you reference one. Sometime, if the glass antenna is good enough, the new radio with better technology could compensate for the overall system and you may like the new system better.

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    Thanks for the reply. My existing 2000 Neon has a whip antenna, but the new Grand Marquis I am getting does not.
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    I'm buying a 2008 Grand Marquis LS, but the one I test drove did not have the audiophile unit, so I have never heard it. I ordered a car with that option. Does anyone have that stereo and is it good? Sound quality is very important to me and was unhappy that the only model the dealer had did not have that option for me to hear.
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    in a car or truck, its allways best to run your power cables as high as possible in the engine compartment. go thru the firewall at the best place you will be able to have acces. Please use grommets, I have seen two carrs burn to the ground because of this. 400 to 800 watts i suggest 4 guage wire 800 to 1200 i suggest 00 guage, with caps the amp draw can reach 120 amps under load. the wire and support for big amps is A major factor in planning for a system but well worth it in the future.
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    the radio on my 2003 grand marquis works on cd and tape but keeps scaning
    on am/fm1 and fm2 i hear volume but no reception
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    I have a 2003 Grand Marquis LS and my radio just stopped working... I checked the fuse under the dash and also under the hood audio fuse. Both are OK. Is there another fuse on the radio itself? I looked at the dash and truthfully cannot figure out how to take the radio out to check... HELP!!!
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