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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis: Keyless Entry

tbebtbeb Posts: 11
edited August 2015 in Ford
I just purchased a 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis. Seller did not have keyless entry pad code. Somebody told me to look for the code on the trunk hinge. Not there--previous owner must have removed it. Somebody else told me that to program a new code I must know the last one. Local Mercury dealer told me, for $25, they could put my car on a computer to find code. Is this the only solution?

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  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    While it would certainly be worth $25, there is one other possibility...check the owner's manual, it may have the factory code in there...many folks do not read the manual, and never learn how to change it to their "favorite" number, so the number may just be the factory code...

    Also, the factory code may be 1,2,3,4 or 5,6,7,8...then reset it to your might work...or $25...
  • tbebtbeb Posts: 11
    Car did not come with an owner's manual either. All I know is that the keyless entry pad code is 5 digits long. I bought this car from a Lexus dealer and was surprised they didn't have the manual or code. (On the other hand, my daughter bought a used BMW from a BMW dealer, and she did not get an owner's manual.)
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    While I am never one to waste $$$, mine or yours, I can't really complain of $25 to find out the number...$100 or more, I would scream to the heavens, but $25??? it and get the number and reset it and get on with your life... :D;)
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    If it's like the ones for the new Five Hundreds, and I think it is, the original factory set number CANNOT be is permanently set (and it is NOT something simple like 12345). The second number is one you can set yourself to anything you'd like, but you must have the first number to change the second.

    I agree that $25 seems VERY reasonable to find out what that number is.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Come to think of it, you are correct, IIRC...the factory number is permanently assigned, and your "favorite" number becomes an additional number used to open the door and, with a VIN, any Ford dealer can always find the factory number, then you can program it with your extra number...

    Thanks for that original thinking on that procedure was wrong, but I stand by my statement that it is worth $25 to get it... :blush: ;) :shades:
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    If it is not too late, open the deck lid and look under the package shelf for the White sticker with the Black numbers. Hopefully it is there which is where I found one on our T Bird.
  • open the trunk. on the inside of trunk lid there is a sticker with the code on it .if not theresa sticker with the code on the ecm
  • I have a 2000 MGM that has become my pride and joy since buying it just under a year ago. I've been lurking here since just before I purchased it (this forum strongly influenced my decision) for tips and tricks. Now I have one that I can't seem to find an instance of it having been answered before.

    I came home with a nasty sinus infection the other day and forgot to lock my doors before I went in the house (15 years in the security industry preaching this stuff to clients...). Some time over night the local hoodlums raided my car for goodies. :mad: They got some unimportant stuff like my cellular headset and a couple of items I'd picked up at a garage sale, but they also took my user manual from the glove compartment. While I do miss having that cool Mercury emblazoned booklet in there, I'm more concerned that the factory unlock code card was in there. Having watched the neighbourhood kids for years I don't think that they're smart enough to come back again (and again) but I'd prefer not to take that chance. Has anyone ever had to change the security module in their car? I realize that the factory code isn't changeable but I presume that installing the module from another car may address my problem. Is this possible? Is is expensive? Am I grasping at straws?
  • harmar2harmar2 Posts: 36
    You'll need to verify this, because it's been over six years and I could have misremembered: I bought my 2000 GM as a program car, and the Owner's Manual was missing. The salesman robbed a 1999 on the lot to get me as close as he could to what mine should have had. He also showed me the keypad, where its code was located (mine is on a sticker on a trunk hinge), and told me it could be changed if I did not like the code and wanted it to be a birthday or something I'd not easily forget, and I could then remove the sticker. In fact, he even offered to change mine right there for me, but I declined. I never bothered to try to change it, and there's nothing whatsoever in my 1999 manual saying how to do so. Before you go to the expense and work of trying to change a module, ask your friendly Ford or Merc dealer for help.

    Good luck.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    It's my understanding these keypads have two codes, the factory one which is permanent and can only be changed by changing the module, and a user changeable one. I know of no other way of changing the factory one...
  • harmar2harmar2 Posts: 36
    Just did a little online searching. By signing up with Mercury Division (they ask for your name, address, phone no. and VIN), you can download a PDF file with your model's Owner's Manual and/or the Service Schedule. I just tried to get mine, but the server was down. Will try again later. Here's the LINK.

    Good luck.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    You are correct. We have two Ford products with key pads. My wife's birthdate is programed into both cars, but the original factory code works as well. A new module is probably the way to go as it is not advised as to how the primary code can be changed.
  • harmar2harmar2 Posts: 36
    I have a '79 F-250 Supercab and went looking for info on it. Found this site, then decided to check on "Keypad Code." Tons of info there, because, apparently, lots of owners lose or never are given the codes.

    There is a factory code in a module that cannot be reprogrammed, but owners can overlay a 2nd code of their choice. (Certain combinations, however, are not allowed. And users are cautioned against using consecutive numbers, such as 12345, or all one number, such as 55555.) The factory code is printed on the module, but the module is placed in various locations on various models and model years. The code is a 5-digit numeral in larger/heavy print than other citations on the module. Several posts said you can buy replacement modules on eBay at a reasonable price.

    On several different threads, these Keypad Reprogramming/Programming Directions were posted (NOTE that I have not yet tried them), and the same steps allegedly work for all Ford products:
    Make sure when pressing the controls on the keyless entry keypad you press the middle of the buttons to ensure good contact with the controls.

    Programming Your Own Personal Entry Code

    1. Enter the factory-set code (keypad will illuminate when first digit is pressed).

    2. Press the 1/2 control within five seconds of step 1.

    3. Enter your personal 5-digit code. Enter each digit within five seconds of the previous one.

    Your personal code does not replace the factory-set code. You can use either code to unlock your vehicle. Each time you set a new personal code the module will erase the previous one in favor of the new code. The factory-set code can not be erased.

    Erasing Your Personal Code or A Prior Owner's Code

    1. Enter the factory-set code.

    2. Press the 1/2 control within five seconds of step one 1.

    3. Press the 7/8 and 9/0 controls at the same time within five seconds of step two.

    The system will now only respond to the factory-set code.

    Unlocking the Doors

    1. Enter either the factory-set code or the personal code (Each digit must be pressed within five seconds of the prior digit). The interior lights will illuminate as soon as the first valid digit is pressed.

    2. To unlock all the doors, enter the factory set code or a personal code and press the 3/4 control within five seconds of the drivers door unlocking.

    Locking the Doors

    1. Press 7/8 and 9/0 controls at the same time. The 5-digit code does not have to be entered to lock the doors.

    Deactivating/Activating Auto-lock

    1. Enter the five 5-digit code.

    2. Press and hold 7/8 control.

    3. Press and release 3/4 control while holding 7/8 control.

    4. Release 7/8 control.

    The horn will chirp once if auto-lock was deactivated or twice if auto-lock was activated.


    Good luck!
  • Aahhhh, the Ebay tip is the one that I was after. It looks like all of my assumptions are correct. The Factory Keypad code cannot be changed, although I can change personal codes until my hearts content. Given that it's the Factory Code that these little brats got from my manual I'd say that a new module will be what I'm looking at. Thanks for all your help folks!!
  • harmar2harmar2 Posts: 36
    Let us know how you make out with eBay, cyberwiz. And where the module is located on your GM when you find it. (A truck owner said his was behind the glove box. I couldn't find anyone who replaced a GM module.) Who knows when one of us will need to duplicate your work?
  • I've got a 94 Grand Marquis. I have the code.. can't figure how to lock/unlock the doors with it. I key in the code.. try different buttons, the lights come on inside but that's all....what else will the code do? and how? trunk, headlights?

  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    To start over with the keypad, tap 9/0 twice.

    Enter your number code and then press 5/6 to see if your decklid unlocks. If it does, then maybe you haven't noticed the other locks releasing after pressing in their codes.

    The owners manual tells and gives direction on how to install a second code. We use that second code on both of our cars with pads. Code= wife's birthdate, that she knows.
  • I don't have an owners manual. and I've never had a car with this feature.. I'm starting to wonder if someone hasn't changed the module at some time in the past... thanks for the help, I'll go try it now.

  • nothing.. I'm using the code both from the card in the glove box and the sticker in the trunk..not getting any response from the code...(except the lights turning on inside, so it is hooked up)

  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Perhaps your battery isn't charged up or strong enough to activate the solenoids on each door at the same time. How old is the battery?
  • I'm not sure, but it starts strong, no other electrical problems. I got the car from my dad, who bought it very used, he said it never worked for him either. I'm assuming all I got to do is enter the code, then press whichever button to unlock/open trunk, whichever right?
    My guess is at some time in the past someone has changed the module that holds the code.. I guess I will have to find a mechanic friend somewhere that can check it.
    Unless you guys have any other ideas.
  • I've got a question for my next door neighbor. They have a 94 Grand Marquis and their keypad is starting to wear out. If I find a new one on Ebay or somewhere is it as simple as replacing the keypad or is there more to it like resetting the computer or such. I didn't know if the keycode was stored in the keypad or in the car computer.

    Any ideas??? Thanks!!!

    [email protected]
  • dan109dan109 Posts: 1
    In the middle of the night the lights come on and drain the battery without any input. Has anyone seen a similar problem? Seems to be more prevelant when it has rained.
  • we bought a 2006 without keyless entry or door pad. I have a few questions does anyone know if the wiring harness would have the plugs for the keyless entry even if it doesn' t have it? also if we get an after market keyless entry, like a viper can we hook up a doorpad to it?
  • sorry 2006 mercury grand marquis gs
  • My MGM has this problem. I had to go to manual on/off for the headlights and forget about the auto on/off. After doing that, I don't have this problem anymore. It must be something related to a sensor or the keypad as my keyless entry keypad doesn't work anymore either.
  • The unlock number is also under the hood but I don't know exactly where. If you can find it, that will save
    $25 and you'd hate to pay them to look under the hood! I just bought my dad's 99 MGM with 50K miles and it needed $500 repair to replace a part to operate the heating system door; the labor was high due to removing the entire dash. Now, I have my unlock code but the keypad is inoperative, won't light up or unlock the door.
  • Look on right side hood hinge, should be a small white sticker with the code.
  • medicleomedicleo Posts: 2
    I bought the "secret" on eBay - dismantled the driver's door only to find that on my 2007 GM the door code is no longer printed on the part number label on the model, which on the 2007 GM is in the lower front edge of the driver's door. There were no other labels in any of the other reported places like hood hinge, trunk etc although these may have been removed as mine was a former rental vehicle.

    My local Ford dealer wanted $55 to plug in their computer and read the code.

    I have determined that the code is a five-digit number, that is fixed by module, and IS NOT a default number like 12345 on every module. (Logic says that would mean that anyone who knows the default code could open every vehicle without keys) You need the fixed primary code to be able to enter or delete secondary user entered codes.

    Pressing 7/8 and 9/0 simaltaneously will lock all doors and test that the keypad is working.
  • silvereyesilvereye Posts: 2
    Did you get this fixed, how? My dome- lightand keypad light up by themselves with just a slight noise next to the car, it must be shorting to a pad, and the pad does not always wotk either....I found some on e-bay but want the right part number for my 99 MGM.

  • I have a 1998 Grand Marquis. When I first go to start my car after it's been sitting over night it starts right up. I'll drive for a few miles then park and turn off the car. When I come back 20 minutes later I'll turn the key and the battery will kick in but when I turn it further there is nothing. The engine doesn't turn over at all. What I usually do is open the hood to "cool" the engine more quickly. I'll get out of the car and lock it via the key pad. I'll wait a few minutes then enter the car via the keypad. When I try again it kicks in and starts normally.

    The only thing I can think of is in the past I couldn't get my key fob to work. A dealership said they key pad module wasn't good and that's why they couldn't get the key fob to work.

    Is there a chip in the key that communicates with the key pad module? If that communication is broken the care won't start? Has anyone heard of that before? I can't think of anything else that would cause my no start behavior. Thanks in advance for you help!
  • sure, the key has a chip in it, but unless the key is getting hot, if it works once , then again later, it is not the program in the key....Check your brake lights when the car wont start..if they are not working your safety interlock multi-contact switch in the steering column could be the started acting intermittant on me and all sorts of goofy stuff happened...If you have a check engine lite on you should get someone with a reader to get the code number ,,usually a used car dealer will have a hand-held unit for fixing the stuff on thier own lot, but they wont try to soak you like a dealer would....Remember, the weather is starting to turn, and batteries get old before you know it, if the car has good compression, and gets warm then a weak battery may not turn it over until it cools, check your battery terminals, clean them with baking soda and water, then after you re-assemble them, cover them with a light..(very light) coat of oil. also check the battery acid level, only use distilled water to top the up, as even maintainence free batteries sometimes get low on liquid, especially after this dry summer... Good luck
  • gobiggobig Posts: 6
    Thanks for the tips. I don't have a check engine lite. I'll check the break lights and the battery. Thanks for the help! I appreciate it!
  • I just bought a 96 Marquis LS and It was in the owners manual a white card with the code on it. and there's a way to change to your favorite in the manual.

    mine was easy plug number and open car.

  • I found my code in the trunk of my 1998 Crown Vic. It was on the support arm.
  • herbh1herbh1 Posts: 2
    How can I get the cover off or otherwise get in to the dome light bulb? I wonder why Ford leaves this out of the manual.
  • cyberwizcyberwiz Posts: 7
    I realize this is a very old post but I'm the OP I was browsing through my old posts and I realized that I never replied to harmar2. No guarantee that anyone who read this thread is still around after all this time but it might help someone out to know that the Security Module in a 2000 Grand Marquis was located under the drivers side interior door skin. I found it quite by accident during some later work on the car and forgot that I had even asked the question.
  • mgmownermgmowner Posts: 1
    Not sure if this will work for the older model, but after you enter the code you hit 3/4 to unlock the doors or 5/6 to open the trunk
  • FACTORY CODE LOCATION: behind driver's door panel. otherwise, in the trunk, or under the dash on a metal box
  • rockchipsrockchips Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Merc Gr. Marquis. Found code on trunk hinge on driver side.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
    @rockchips Welcome to the forums! Thanks for posting that info. As you can see, we accumulate a lot of good information over time. Always glad to see new faces!
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