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Oldsmobile Intrigue Audio

dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
edited July 2014 in Oldsmobile
Has anyone upgraded the radio headunit or the speakers on a BOSE option sound system in their Intrigue? Crutchfield didn't have a clue about the Bose systems but said that some cars with Bose have amps on each speaker and such the entire mess must be replaced to upgrade. I was curious if someone had been down that road before.


  • indrgbindrgb Posts: 115
    My Intrigue has the Bose system. It has 8 speakers. Four in the front door (2 high - 2 low), and 4 in the rear deck. It also has an amplifier mounted on the underside of the rear deck. The head unit looks just like a standard one, except it says Bose. I think there are a few differences in the audio settings. I do know that it's a great sound system. A couple of years ago, I wanted to add a CD changer to mine. It used to be an option on the 98-00 models, but the dealer I talked to said it could not be done without changing the head unit. I still question that. There is a wire in the trunk that hangs down and goes no where. I always wondered if it was for the optional CD changer.
  • markybennmarkybenn Posts: 2
    Decided to move question here. My radio is a non Bose with cassette. I seem to have 2 connectors with 2 separate harnesses that plug into the radio. One with the majority of wires and the other with 2 or 3. All the harnesses I see have only one connector. I bought a scosche GM03 from cardomain but it doesn't even fit the larger connector (p.i.a. after tearing into dash).
    Spoke to cardomain again and they now tell me I need GM05 harness which looks like it would fit bigger connector but still has only that single connector.

    Thanks, Mark
  • I have the same thing as you. I also upgraded my deck with a Pioneer deck. If I'm not mistaken 2002 gl's came standard with steering wheel audio controls. That's where the small connector on the back is for. When upgrading to an aftermarket deck, the steering wheel controls will be lost.
  • Hi!

    I want to enrich the overall sound of my 380 SL, I have a CD player installed and originals speakers. Consider I drive with top down most of the time.

    Can I just change the speakers, add other 2 on the doors and a Subwoofer maybe?

    Not idea, budget about $350

    Thank you for any advise.

  • rosscmrosscm Posts: 13
    I'm going to spread some sound dampener in the trunk and front doors.

    What are the fragile things to watch for?

    I would like to be be able to re-attatch cleanly when I'm done with the install. I'll also be putting in a new head unit, amp, f&r speakers.

    What is the best way to run the power and ground to the amp?
  • I have done many of those systems and there are a few ways to do that. In the Intrigue there is one amp for all speakers depending on what year you have. If you are trying to put another amp on the speakers in the car you have to go to the amp in the trunk. It is located in the trunk under the speakers on the rear deck. And in that case you must delete that amp from the system. If you are just tryin to put a new stereo in the car you have to connect the amp wire from your new radio to the black with white strip and the blue wire from the new harness to your radio or the factory amp will not turn on. The blue wire goes to your amp turn on(usually the blue with white strip) and the black with white goes to your ground for the radio. Any other questions just E-mail me at [email protected]
  • Fragile things as far as what? Where you should put the dampener or what to watch out for? What kind of car are you putting this in? With that info I can give all kinds of ideas. Just E-mail me.
  • Well I'm gonna try and answer question right. Yes you can upgade your speakers to something better, but after all my years in the business you will need to put an amp in that can fine tune the sound and increase the level of the sound. Convertables are really hard to make sound great without suffenciant funds. 350 can make it sound great with the right choice of speakers and amp. Now depending on your preference on brand you have a lot of choices. So really the choice is yours, from a professional stand point, Kenwood, Hertz, and American Bass would be your best bet. They are pricey but you get what you pay for.
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