Cadillac DeVille Steering Problems

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My 2002 Deville has very stiff low speed steering. Worse when it is cold. Local mechanic says this is a common problem with this car and VERY expensive to correct.Must replace entire steering rack. Anyone else have this problem?


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    My 1985 had this problem! You mean after 17 years Cadillac hasn't fixed it yet! GM should be made to recall all of these junks!
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    Yes, had it on my 88 Mark, and now have it on my 95 towncar. mechanic told me that it is the u joint in steering column, and he has been lubricating it, and hoping he can get it totally loosened without having to replace the whole column
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    My 2001 DHS started giving me problems turning left i.e. very stiff turning. Dealer said it was a valve in the steering rack and that it couldn't be fixed except to replace the whole steering rack. The options were an aftermarket rack for half the price of a new replacement but the mechanic said another owner had gone this route and had come back several times with the same problem. I chose an original equipment steering rack which was very expensive and as the car was out of warranty despite only having 40,000 miles on it, I had to pay this myself. Only a few thousand miles on it since then and so far so good.
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    I have a 1998 Cadillac and the steering just "went". I had the oil changed at Jiffy Lube, drove a few miles and the steering wheel disenguaged completely. I had to have the car towed. I live in the Atlanta area. Is there anywhere that you know of that specializes in fixing these problems?
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    I have a 1998 Deville that the steering was difficult to turn to the left. This existed for about 6 months. Recently, the steering column "broke". I was unable to steer the car. Is there some recourse that I can take? I see that this has happened to at least 179 other GM autos.
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    Did you ever find out if there was a recall on this problem? I have it too.
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    I have a 2004 DHS when driving during rain or going thru small puddles the water seem to splash up on the drive belts or the serpentine belt. I had this same issue with a 1993 STS. Is there a fix for this?
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    I checked with the dealer, and they say others have reported it, but it is like they do not want to address it. So far I have not had any luck there.
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    Have a 2004 DeVille that has developed a steering problem within the last 18 months. Whenever it rains heavily or the roads are very wet, the steering totally locks up when making turns. No amount of turning will relieve this problem for a few very anxious moments. However, turning the ignition off will immediately relieve the problem. Eventually, the problem will resolve itself until the next incident.
    Any suggestions from out there?
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    my 2002 deville has just started a problem. when turning right everything is fine. When I turn left there is no power steering. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    I have a 96 sedan deville with a front suspension noise i can describe as between a rubbing and clunk at any movement,seems like if i hit a big bump i don,t hear it..I was told to check the front struts for leaking and both are dry.I check front end parts for loosenes and all are tight.Any ideas?
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    What about the 'dog-legs' that come off the top 'front' of the engine to the radiator support. These just stablize the motor, but they do have rubber bushings which might be worn enough to give a clunk.
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