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Lincoln Zephyr vs. Nissan Maxima

azazelazazel Member Posts: 10
edited March 2014 in Lincoln
After 6 months of research & 1 month of test-driving I have narrowed down my choices to a Zephyr or a Maxima. Just wanting some feedback from current oweners of the Zeph. If they would wait knowing the changes for 07 and all. :confuse:


  • 06zephyr06zephyr Member Posts: 32
    Kind of depends what you want. im very happy with the car even with the 221 is a smoothe comfortable ride and the 221hp is enough to pass cars when needed
    I not sure what cosmetic changes they are making, but I get looks and comments on this car where ever I go
    I would think you would get a much better deal now on an 06 then you will on the 07 when it comes out. The maxima is a great car but i just cant buy foreign
    Any other questions you might have please feel free to send me e mail

  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Actually, it would be great if azazel would post any other questions here and then you would answer them here so that we can all benefit from the exchange! ;)
  • tiger16tiger16 Member Posts: 54
    I think I can help you out here. Just traded in a Max for a Zeph. The Max was an extremely durable and reliable vehicle but, it was time to get a new car. In terms of ride quality, comfort, seating, quietness, interior appointments and upscale feel, creature features (that interest me), luggage capacity and the fact that it runs on regular gas - the Zeph is far superior. Handling is pretty much equal. The Max is faster. The 3 things that bothered me the most about the Max were the very stiff ride, uncomfortable seating and excessive road and wind noise.
    It's a little odd that you've narrowed your choice to the Max and Zeph. Other than price point (comparatively equipped), they have nothing in common and are clearly built to target different buyers. The Zeph was made to go after the Lexus ES not the Max.
  • Good points.

    Still, people being individuals, they target different wants and needs. That is why some have compared, for example, the Azera or the Avalon to the Zephyr. The Zephyr being a Lincoln, some people cannot see it directly compared with a more plebian brand. However, when the other car is quieter, more powerful, roomier, better equipped with more standard features, and offers many more optional choices, well, some people are going to look beyond the cache of the brand alone.

    Lincoln has a class exclusive with cooled seats. But this alone will not compensate some people for the lack of other things. For example, the Azera at less than $30,000, includes 263 hp, dual-zone automatic climate control, power tilt and telescopic steering wheel, wheel controls for cruise and audio, memory system for the powered driver's seat, outside mirrors, steering column and power foot pedals, a power rear sunshade, rain-sensing windshield wipers, a power glass sunroof, power folding mirrors, front dual active headrests, EBD, ABS, stability control, high quality leather, the top-level Infinity system featuring a 7-channel, 315-watt digital amplifier, 10 speakers and a subwoofer, with speed-sensitive volume control, and a 6-disc, dash-mounted changer, and eight next-generation airbags. It ain't no Lincoln, but it's not just a fancy Elantra either.

    The Maxima doesn't have Lincoln's smooth ride, because it is tuned more for handling than is the Lincoln. While the Lincoln handles great in normal driving, it drives more like the Queen Mary when compared to more firmly sprung sedans in extreme driving conditions. That should not eliminate it from most people's consideration, as spirited driving is not a hallmark of most Lincoln drivers anyway. Fast and serene is more like it. The Maxima is definitely not as quiet.
  • azazelazazel Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the input. I drove the zeph after driving a charger & a 300c both with the hemi back to back so it felt pretty sluggish. I have driven both 4 & 6 cyl altima's and four different maxima's and could even tell the difference between the 250hp altima & the 265hp maxima. But also could feel the torque steer when mashing the gas on the max. Don't really care for the nose and the interior center stack on the maxima both of which look to be changed for 07. The zeph seems to be slightly smaller in stature compared to the max & the interior is straight up lincoln which I love. BTW the vw passatt to me seems cheap on the interior build and the motor was rather loud IMHO for the price they charge. I might test drive another zeph this weekend to see if 221hp will do. Thanks again for the info. :)
  • savethelandsavetheland Member Posts: 671
    Yeah, I agree. Torque steering kills for me Altima and Maxima, let alone noisy engines and cheap interior. I would compare instead Zephyr to Acura TL – much nicer vehicle than both Nissans. I do not think a powerful and heavy engine is a good thing for FWD sedan. But Ford and Honda know how to design FWD cars to handle almost like RWD cars.

    BTW you can consider Milan, it has firmer suspension compared to LIncoln version.
  • azazelazazel Member Posts: 10
    Well I drove another Zeph today much better when not getting into it after 2 v-8's back to back. I think I could deal with the 221hp, but the dealer said the 06 is no longer in production, so if I can't find one to my specs everything but navi system in grey on grey I would have to wait till Sept-Oct for the 07 (not that it would be bad to wait for 250hp). Funny how these dealers seem clueless to the changes for the 07 model or are either playing dumb to try & make the sale asap. Also looked at toyota's and was plesantly suprised with the 07 camry and the 06 avalon but still have my heart set on a Lincoln. Wonder how well the Lincoln will hold it's value?
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