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Lexus SC 430 Wheels and Tires

kcrosbykcrosby Posts: 2
I am trying to purchase a 2006 sc430 without the run flat tires. My dealer tells me the are not available but that they will change the tires (for a price). I have not found one person that likes the run flat tires. Does anyone know if I truley have to replace them myself? THis does not seem as safe to me as buying the proper tire factory installed etc.. Please help


  • jtmavjtmav Posts: 18
    As far as I can tell the runflat tires are a $400 option. You should be able to get a credit towards regular tires. I would check with a couple of dealers and use it as leverage to close a deal, without the change no deal. Spare tire kit is the question. Is that standard because the runflats are an option? I have an '03 with a new set of Goodyear Eagle F1s that are phenominal. I do not carry a spare but I do have the Conticomfort kit, which is a fix a flat type prodcut that is safe for the tire pressure sensors. I hated the Flintstone cement runfalts. What a beautiful car with the proper tires. Good luck
  • kcrosbykcrosby Posts: 2
    The dealer is charging me $900. to modify the trunk and to add a spare tire (donut). All of the literature about the car states that the run flat is an option but....he told me that they are all sent to the US with the run flat now.
  • I just bought a 2003 SC430 with run flat tires. Since
    I don't like the ride and need to drive the car sometimes
    in the winter on an emergency basis, I bought a spare tire
    kit from for around $600 and did the change
    over myself-takes about an hour to do. Am now waiting for
    my Pirelli Nero's to arrive and replace these RFTs.
  • i have the pirelli neros. great ride and so far good in rain
    i carry a can of fix flat or aaa.
  • I am looking for some rims for my SC430. Were shown some Drifz 518S wheels and wanted to know if they were good ones. The price was $850 installed.
    I think I would like some spoke wheels but can't find them in Raleigh,NC
  • Can you have RFT repaired//
  • Both the Pirelli Neros and the Eagle F-1's are "summer" tires not recommended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures or snow and ice. We don't get much of the latter here (Tennessee), but plenty of the former. Any other recommendations for SC 430 run-flat replacements (all-season)?
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I recommend Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. They are doing a nice job on my wife's SC.
  • Thanks. I bought the Michelin PS 2's over the weekend, and can already tell the difference. I only wish I'd made the switch when I bought the car 16 months ago. At the dealer's suggestion, I put 265's on the back, and 245's on the front. It seems to help traction just a bit (and certainly looks better).
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Great discussion. Does this mean that the only way to have an SC without the RFTs is to have conventional tires without a spare and carry a "fix-a-flat" kit? If a "donut" spare is possible, how is it accommodated in the SC?
  • I can't find the exact thread right now, but there's a discussion on the Lexus Owners' Club site [] about a spare conversion kit. I understand the Lexus dealership version may be around $900, but you can get another make (Acura, maybe) that works for a lot less. I've not done this yet, however, so I'd look into it first. Good luck.
  • I found this site using Dog pile, it even shows them on an SC

    good luck,
  • Couldn't stop laughing from that one.
    Just replaced mine with Continentals.
    And thanks for the tip about the Conticomfort Kit.
    I'd buy a spacesaver tire but not for $500.00
  • shyorkshyork Posts: 1
    I replaced my run flats about a year ago and love the new ride - what I was expecting when I bought the car. Since I do a lot of highway driving, I didn't want to get stuck in the boonies waiting for a flat bed truck. I did a lot of research on options and decided to get the mini spare.

    My dealer quoted me $1100 for the kit. Instead I just bought the steel wheel for mini spare from the dealer ($130)Then I purchased the actual tire from a local tire store ($220 installed - pricey but I checked 5 places and they all were within a couple of bucks). The sppare fits nicely in the wheel well and the top still goes down.
  • angelo5angelo5 Posts: 2
    I would like to know where can I buy the compact spare tire
    for 2005 SC 430,size on manual shows 145/70R17 ,need the cover too.The dealer in town don't know perhaps I need a part number or go to different place.
    Thank very much. Angelo5
  • angelo5angelo5 Posts: 2
    I forget to mention that I also need the spare wheel for the Lexus SC430 .Thank You
  • Has anyone replaced the Bridgestone summer run-flats with the Dunlop all-season run-flats? If so, can you tell any difference in the ride?
  • Lots of people indicate great satisfaction and greatly improved ride with Goodyear F1/D3 as well as Michelin Pilot A/S Plus. I am in the process of replacing my Dunlop run flat tires and installing Michelin's from either Costco or Discount Tire with their lifetime balance and rotation.
  • I got the Michelins about a year ago and love them. I also got slightly wider tires on the back, and it really helps hug the road. Enjoy.
  • OK, so I hate the ride on the runflats but I'm afraid to replace them because I've been told (by friends who should know, but still ...) that if I have a blowout on non-runflats with the low profile that the car demands, I'll probably lose control of the car. In other words, I'm not so worried about breaking down somewhere - I have a AAA membership (and could tow the car for the extra money I pay for runflats), but don't want to have a higher risk of tire-related accidents. Does anyone understand the relative safety/risk with regards to a blowout? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  • recently purchased a GS460 couldn't use my sc430 rims b/c of front brake pads much larger.also hv Lexus spare !!!!.Chrome wheels in prestine marks ,.wud like local sale live on West Coast of Fl.
  • bbattsbbatts Posts: 6
    I'm switching from my Dunflops to either Michelin Pilot AS or Bridgestone 960 AS. Tire Rack rates the 960 higher in nearly every category, particularly ride. 960s are also about $50 bucks less per tire so I think I will give them a try from Discount Tire with new custom wheels.
  • eliotjeliotj Posts: 1
    Can you tell me what brand and rim you use for the mini spare? Are there any other parts needed? Thank You!
  • My SC430 has 1 new Bridgestone Potenza RE040 RFT; replaced last week. Want to replace other 3 with Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval RFT. Anyone have a thought on how this will work out?
  • duval1duval1 Posts: 30
    Just replaced my Michelin sport A/S with Goodyear GT from discount tire. Love the ride and handling and a lot cheaper than the Michelins. Excellent reviews on Tirerack.
  • oldersc430oldersc430 Posts: 1
    My dealer says I have to get new tires immediately or risk death to self and family. The tread (original Bridgestone Potenza, 245/40ZR18) still looks pretty good and an independent mechanic said 2-3K more miles if not at speeds. I have 35,000 miles on these tires. My ride is as tough as it has ever been and it is super noisy. I want to switch to regulars. But then there's the Kit business ($1400 quote from my dealer). So, I'm with the others who are buying their own donut. What size? Also, in the $250 -$300 range - what's a good reg tire for handling (no snow) and noise?
  • Lucy,
    Did you every change your tires? I just bought at sc430 and I really really hate the run flats. What was your outcome?
  • jimbo409jimbo409 Posts: 18
    What will happen if you just put on regular tires without the tpm sensors, will the light stay on and beeper stay on. Thanks jim
  • I tried the Bridgestone 960 for about 45 days. Never could get a smooth ride, then Discount Tire identified 3 of the 4 were out of round. Discount Tire was great to work with but I lost all confidence in Bridgestone. I requested to replace all 4 tires with Michelin Pilot AS Plus. I gladly paid a little extra for the Michelin's and now have a great smooth ride. I'm not a hard driver, so a smooth, quiet ride is important. Michelin's do have a very slight grumble up to about 30 MPH that I did not notice on the Stones.
  • I put new snow tires on last winter without the sensors. The indicator light came on and stayed on......that was ok.

    After approx 200 miles, 5the buzzer would come on approx every 3 minutes for about 30 seconds......a real annoyance. The dealership said that they could adjust the program to eliminate the buzzer......cost $250.

    There has to be an easier way.
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