Honda Accord Coupe Brakes

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I have a 1999 Honda accord coupe that I bought1 month ago. I had it serviced by my mechanic and I have rode it around without problems. Today when I was braking to get out my driveway, it make a loud rubbing noise. What is this? It has been raining very hard today..could it be the rain? Thank you.


  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    This is an old post, I realize, but a lot of times when brakes have gotten wet, they will get a very light coating of oxidation (rust) on them. The rubbing noise could very well have been you wiping the rust off with your pads. It usually goes away after a couple of brake applications.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    Well, I figured if one poster has that question, another reader is likely to as well. Can't hurt to share my experiences.
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    I have a 95 honda accord and recently my brake lamp came on and i know it means i have a brake light out or it is in reguards to my brakes... do i need to take it to the dealership to have it changed or can i do it myself? if i can can anyone tell me how?
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    I have an '01 Accord Coupe and the rear brakes appear to drag on the rotor or at least when it is jacked up and the wheel in spun it lightly drags or stops the wheel completely. Any ideas on the cause? By the way the brakes don't fade, they don't heat up, the rotor or pads don't wear quickly (70k+ miles and the pads are still good). I recently changes the wheel bearing assembly and put on a new rotor while I had it apart and until the caliper mounting bolts are tightened to specs the rotor turns freely, but once you tighten the bolts down the pads drag on the rotor. Is there a shim for the caliper or has it been damaged? I find it very odd and can find nothing in my service manual that relates to this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hello fellow Honda Accord drivers......I own an 02 Accord Coupe with rear drum brakes. I was wondering if anyone new what would be required to convert them to disc brakes?....
  • johngf1johngf1 Member Posts: 37
    Anyone have info regarding squeaky brakes on a 2010 accord coupe. My were making noises for a while before I went to the dealer who said I needed new brakes and needed all the rotors resurfaced. BTW the car had 8200 miles when the work was performed! I'm not hard on brakes and hope this doesn't occur again. Dealer stated that the brakes must have been defective.
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    I have an '09 Coupe and have had to bring it in twice for this reason. Either your brake pads are worn down (which was the case the 1st time it happened) or they need to put a "cushion" between the pads so they don't rub so hard when pushed. This was the case the 2nd time, the Honda dealer told me that it is a problem they have with these specific Honda brake pads and Honda came out with a special pad to insulate better. I would take it to your local Honda service dept. as they are aware of the problem....
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