Honda Odyssey Heating/Cooling Problems

ib9623ib9623 Member Posts: 2
i have an 02 odyssey , there is no temperature control on ac
or heat mode,unless you turn the temp control to the max ,then it will turn on , any other setting i get no air.
i checked freon...and i have good pressure,also jumped out
the freon low pressure cut-out switch......that didn't help.
i want to check the inside and outside temp. sensors, but
i can't find them....does anyone know where these sensors are located ??....can anyone help????


  • user777user777 Member Posts: 3,341
    the 02 doesn't have an automatic setting control by temperature does it? if it doesn't, i would suspect there is no sensors.
  • ib9623ib9623 Member Posts: 2
    yes , you can set a digital readout from 60 to 90 degrees
  • user777user777 Member Posts: 3,341
    ahhh, ok, thanks.

    perhaps your problem is related either to the relay assembly (see items marked 2) or it is the "thermistor" (see the item marked 19) in the following exploded view diagram: - - - cgry1=Odyssey&catcgry2=2002&catcgry3=5DR+EXL+LEATHER+RES&catcgry4=KA5AT&catcgry5- - - - =A%2FC+++++COOLING+UNIT

    one thing you may wish to try is determine if the relays in that diagram are currently well seated in their sockets. if they've vibrated loose, that may be an issue. same is true for checking the connection on the thermistor that is currently in there.

    did you try googling or looking at a Helm's repair manual, maybe speaking with an independant specializing in Hondas?

    good luck.
  • fx35awdfx35awd Member Posts: 218
    This is a great site you have provided us. Thank you user777!!!
  • saip15saip15 Member Posts: 1

    A couple days ago the climate controls froze up and won't respond. The manual controls still work on the navigation screen but the Auto assembly right above it doesn't work at all. Thanks
  • jbaum86jbaum86 Member Posts: 15
    The FRONT control Assembly for the rear AC/Heat just stopped working. The dials spins and if I'm lucky I get high AC other times nothing.

    I found the part,#14 cgry1=Odyssey&catcgry2=2000&catcgry3=5DR+EX+NAVIGATION&catcgry4=KA4AT&catcgry5=H- EATER+CONTROL+%28NAVI%29

    Anyone know how complex it is to replace? Can I do it myself?
  • poocatpoocat Member Posts: 35
    I have a 2006 Odyssey with 8000 miles on it. When I turn off the air conditioner and run the system on Fresh Air Mode only, I get this really bad musky smell from the vents. With the AC on there is no smell at all. Is this normal and does anybody have the same problem?
  • jtcdoylejtcdoyle Member Posts: 3
    What ended up being the problem. I'm having the exact same problem with my 2002 Odyssey.

    Thanks for any information.
  • jbaum86jbaum86 Member Posts: 15
    I never did anything about it. AC is always on in the back, so in the summer it isnt a problem. Let me know what you do. I'm tempted to do it myself, but i'm worried how hard it will be to get the dash panel off.
  • jtcdoylejtcdoyle Member Posts: 3
    I'm not getting air in front or rear. I've had it checked out with and independent that had to eat $450 for a new climate control module that didn't fix the problem. Symptoms are identical to yours. I'm certain that the dash doesn't have to be removed to replace the climate control module. The independent had the old one out and the new one installed within an hour.
  • pkirangipkirangi Member Posts: 29
    Hello ,
    I have a brand new 07 odysset EX-L RES and NAVI.
    I understand that the passenger and driver can have different temperature setting which is regulated automatically. Everyone in the back will have to manually set temperatures which is not automatic.

    But in Page 215 of the manual it says

    "On EX and EX-L models:
    When the rear passenger’s zone is turned on using the REAR button on the front control panel, the rear passenger compartment temperature is selected based on the driver’s
    temperature setting."

    Does this mean that rear passenger temperature can also be automatically regulated, even though it is set to the temperature of the driver?

    I thougth you could not regulate rear compartment temperature automatically.

  • bobber1bobber1 Member Posts: 217
    Yes it's correct you can manually set the temperature and fan setting for the rear people from the driver side of the climate control system. What you can't do is use the automatic climate system(which automatically controls fan settings) for the back people. Minor issue in my opinion. I like to manually adjust things anyway.
  • jalimeyjalimey Member Posts: 13
    I just had a hitch fitted at a Honda dealer. Just the 300$ Honda hitch for a bike rack - no added cooler etc or wiring. It is hot and humid in Chicago today - reading 90 degrees on the bank signs and our thermometer etc., but on the van's readout it says 78 degrees. Would they have switched off the A/c etc to fit the hitch ?

    Since this is a 2007, bought in May from the dealer - is this something that they will rectify regardless of how it was caused without charge?

  • pkirangipkirangi Member Posts: 29
    Thanks bobber1
  • q12849q12849 Member Posts: 1
    Did you every look into changing the relays? My 02 Honda started having the same problem a couple nights ago.
  • jtcdoylejtcdoyle Member Posts: 3
    Below is from Replacing the transistor fixed the problem. Took me about 10 minutes of time and $60.00

    My 2000-EX was doing the same exact thing. Only high fan. Rough noise. No compressor operation. Warm air only.

    I found this forum. Did some reading. And, decided to change the transistor. Did some calling and surfing for the part. The dealer quoted me $60ish over the phone, but dropped it to $45ish when I went to buy it. $45 is comparable to the $38+ from places like Majestic Honda once you’ve factored in the handling and shipping charges. Anyway - It was $52 and some change out the door. I mentioned my symptoms to the parts guy at the dealership. He said he’d heard of all this before.
    I made the comment (jokingly) that I may be back for another part (I think the fan switch relay is mentioned in these posts as well.) if this transistor didn’t fix it. He laughed and said something to the effect of “I think you have the right part for this fix...” He was right.

    The hardest part of the replacement is getting into position to do the work. The unit is located behind (towards the front of the van) the fan blower motor. I pulled the fan out to make getting to the transistor easier, and because I figured it could use a cleaning anyway. It did. Three screws hold the fan in. And three screws hold the transistor unit in. Nothing special about it other than the fan screws being socket or torx drive. The whole job took less than an hour.

    I will note that the new transistor unit does not look exactly like the original in that it has more of what look like cooling fins on it. (Mine does, anyway.)

    After the replacement of the transistor unit. My system works factory new.

    I too, owe these guys quite the THANK YOU !!
    I hate to think of the cost of taking the van to the dealer (or any repair shop), handing them the keys and saying fix the A/C system. Ouch !!

    ps - Please let us know how your story turns out.
  • douglas11douglas11 Member Posts: 1
    When using a/c fan hums.The higher the blower speed the higher the hum.
  • sturnersturner Member Posts: 4
    Own a 2007 Odyssey Touring w/out navigation. This weekend the van was a little warm inside so I went to put the climate control on auto and set the temp to 68 degrees, just to cool the van down. All 3 controls were set the same. All I got out of the driver's side vent and center stack driver's side vent was really hot air. All the other vents were cool. I turned it down to 65 and still the same thing. The only way I could get those vents to push cool air was to turn the temp all the way to the low position. Is this normal? I know the outside them was around 60 degrees but I would I have never experienced this before.
  • billikenbilliken Member Posts: 9
    We may be experiencing the same problem. At 35,500 miles, the system on our 2004 Odyssey began blowing only hot air in the front unit (during the heat of the Summer, no less). We've taken the vehicle into the dealership 3 times and they still can't fix the problem. The first two times, they claimed they couldn't recreate the problem and the third time they replaced what they call the "air max motor." It is now Winter and the air is either extremely hot or extremely cold, depending on whether you set the thermostat on 90 degrees or 60 degrees. Any thermostat setting in between will not change the current extreme (hot or cold).

    Please let me know if this is the same problem you experienced and whether the transistor that you refer to is different than the air max motor. We are extremely frustrated and appreciate any helpful responses on this one.

    Thanks to everyone in advance.
  • towbartowbar Member Posts: 1
    How do you get the glove box out to get to the cabin filter?
  • mikerogmikerog Member Posts: 3
    My 2005 Ody is doing the exact same thing. How did you resolve your iclimate control ssue ?
  • george1067george1067 Member Posts: 2
    Hello, our '05 recently required a battery change. We replaced it ourselves, as it was an emergency situation. This was about 2 weeks ago. We recently tried the A/C and noticed that air isn't blowing out of the rear fans. We have no idea if the blower issue is related to the battery dying. Anyway, we checked the big square 30W fuse on the front passenger floor panel and it looks good. When we put our hand over the vents in the back, there is a very slight (almost imperceptible) warm blow of air. The A/C in the front works perfectly.

    Can someone please suggest how to troubleshoot/fix?

    Any help would be much appreciated. We're checking our warranty, but if they don't cover the work, I'd like to save on the repair.

  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    Is the front control set to rear control and the rear control on low??
  • george1067george1067 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Robr for the response. Luckily the car is still under warranty. We've got an appt to bring it in. We've tried everything to get the rear blower to work. It's not that difficult to figure if it's working or not. Anyway, will let you know how this turns out.
  • tzauggtzaugg Member Posts: 2
  • tzauggtzaugg Member Posts: 2
    The blower motor on my Honda Odyssey would only work on high and the A/C wasn't working. I found info online that indicated the problem could be the blower motor resistor. I bought a new part at AutoZone (part # JA1428) for $72. The resistor is located under the dash on the passenger's side all the way towards the front. It attaches with three bolts (8 mm hex) and has an electrical connector plugged into it. Replacing it was easy, except for the hard to reach location which required laying upside down on the reclined passenger's seat.

    After replacing the resistor the blower fan now works at all speeds and the A/C is blowing cold once again.
  • driver2008driver2008 Member Posts: 1
    Is this the same part that the honda dealer calls the termistor? Can't find blower motor resistor on their parts list. But if it's the same part, Im headed out the door to Auto Zone!
  • rockflyrockfly Member Posts: 3
    I am getting a burning oil type smell when I first start the engine in winter. The car is in the garage so it's not too cold. Not sure if the a/c is sucking in exhaust or if there may be a leak into the heater. Anyone?
  • bmjljbmjlj Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 odyssey.The a/c was working fine when I got out of the car, about 45 minuets later when I started the car back the A/C would not come on.I kept trying all the way home. It finally came back on. When it does come on it cools great.The back blower will come on when the front does not. Does anyone have this problem?
    And know what it might be?
  • tina15tina15 Member Posts: 3
    Did you ever get this problem fixed? I just noticed the same thing a few days ago on my Honda Oddesey 2004. The humming goes away when I turn the knob off of the auto mode.
  • keithtampakeithtampa Member Posts: 1
    I'm curious to know what you found, my 06 is doing the same thing.

    Thanks in advance
  • car_guy_61car_guy_61 Member Posts: 2
    Usually this means the relay for the AC compressor has an intermittent connection internally. I have seen this on other Honda models. To verify, when it doesn't work next time, pull the relay and jumper it directly. The system should turn on, or just replace the relay, it's only about a $17 item at any auto parts store.
  • fritz14fritz14 Member Posts: 3
    My 2006 Honda Odyssey is blowing out cold air on the passengers side and warm air on the drivers side. What is the most likely problem?
  • mikerogmikerog Member Posts: 3
    Fritz14 - I have a 2005 and mine did the exact same thing. Of course I thought the worse, that it electronic or something. expensive. It turned out that it was low on freon. A buddy of mine charged it up and the problem completely dissappeared. It's been over a year and no problems. Good luck :-)
  • fritz14fritz14 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. My reasoning is this. If it was low on charge wouldn't both sides be blowing out warm air. I did not think that there were seperate evaporators.
  • waffleswaffles Member Posts: 7
    Hi. Maybe a silly question, but is there a way to easily control the rear passenger fan speed from the driver's seat? When I have the front/rear/passenger zones linked but then turn down the fan speed from the driver's control panel to the lowest setting, the rear fan continues to blow full strength and the only way to reduce the speed is shut it off entirely or use the rear control panel in the second row. I've played around with the setting "rear control lock" etc and nothing seems to change it. Thanks.
  • ody8ody8 Member Posts: 1
    Where can I find that relay in the vehicle? The A/C on my 2005 Ody EX had just stopped blowing cold air this weekend. I took it to dealer this morning and the service advisor said they have to replace the coil, and it will cost me over $1,000.
    That if the compressor is in good condition, meaning after there diagnosis which I paid $103, they are not sure if the compressor is also kaput. Anyone with similar experience with their Hondas? Thanks for your help.
  • mikerogmikerog Member Posts: 3
    Let me guess, you have duel electronic climate control. logically, you would think there are 2 issues 1. a damaged coil ( cause odyssey's are famous for that. 2. Bad driver side sensor in the electronic climate control because the left side is switched to heat instead of cool. That's what I thought. If you take it to the dealer, they are likely to soak you for $700 - $1000.

    If you take it to Firestone and get them to charge it, it might cost you $60.

    Like I said - I had the exact same problem you did and my buddy said bring it over and lets put some freon in it to see if its leaking. That totally fixed everything and it's been working fine for nearly 1 year. It makes no sense at all - but it worked.
    Best of luck to you - Let me know how you make out.

  • fritz14fritz14 Member Posts: 3
    Interestingly enough there is a diagnostic tool that lets you look at the different temperature sensors in the car. The one on the drivers side does not appear to be operating correctly. However, I can't find it's location in the service manual. The rear control panel also is failing it's diagnostic test. It seems to be working though. In particular cold air is blowing out of it. Any idea on how the cold air is generated in back. I have an EX but, I do not believe that there is a seperate coil in back. I have not totally dismissed your suggestion but, lke you say it doesn't seem to add up. I will get the charge checked before I give and go to th dealer for real punishmnent. Thanks for the input
  • bubbles7bubbles7 Member Posts: 1
    I've got a 1997 Odyssey. The fan that blows heat or a/c isn't working and there is a bad smell, like a burned out motor in the car. Where is the blower motor on this car and is it easy to replace?
  • jj082199jj082199 Member Posts: 1
    Has the charging up of the A/C worked? My A/C now has the same issue on the 2006 EX-L dual A/C system.

    Any inputs on what happened will help!

  • tina15tina15 Member Posts: 3
  • tina15tina15 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 Odyssey. I have noticed that the front a/c is warmer then usual when i have the a/c on. When I first got the Odyssey, setting the a/c at 69 was ok. Now I would have to set the a/c at 62-64 to get cooler air. Does anyone know what is going on?
  • jraedeanjraedean Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey. We were testing out the heat today and to our surprise the air that kicks out into the back vents is not warm at all. Even though the front air is super hot. We tried all the controls in the front and back and none of them helped the problem. The blowers work great but we are not getting any warm air. What would be a good place to start problem solving? Could it be a fuse in the heater motor? Or?
  • ody97ody97 Member Posts: 2
    Hi guys, I have a Honda Odyssey 1997 Model ( automatic transmission) .1 year ago , I replaced radiator when it started leaking.Recently, I noticed oil leaks on the oil pipe from the engine to the radiator (the shorter pipe).It leaks on the clamp.I changed the clamp and its still leaking.After a while I noticed the top hose of radiator was damaged.I changed it.
    Do you think there is a problem with the radiator to cool the oil or maybe problem with the whole cooling system..Does the oil that goes to the radiator from the engine, have a pump,if so is it damaged.
    Fans are working fine (I think) and radiator doesn't leak
  • nd1977nd1977 Member Posts: 12
    Our 2009 Odyssey is 7 days and 300 miles old. While returning from a road trip we noticed that it was getting warm and then realized that the blower was not working. At max speed I could hear it but there was no air blowing out from any of the vents.

    We stopped at a rest area and shut the van completely. When we restarted the van, the blower started working and the van started getting cooler. I did not know that Odyssey now joins the list of "try rebooting" to fix.

    Our dealer service shop cannot figure out what is wrong. Any ideas?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    How long ago did you change the cabin air-filter? It should be changed as early as 15k mi. I think it is about time.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    I saw some where that motor oil and anti-freeze can get cross-contaminated due to certain parts failed. Oil goes to radiator and anti-freeze found in engine.
  • rswprswp Member Posts: 1

    I am experencing this same issue with the rear vents and took the car to a honda dealership who advised that warm air should come out of these vents. But I too can not get it to work. any ideas?
  • letmedoitletmedoit Member Posts: 4
    I'm reading with interest some of the fixes our readers have commented with regards to AC fixes. One notably message perked my interest is where the what-cha-ma-call-it under the passenger dashboard part is replaced for $60 and under 1 hour.

    My problem is that my AC does not cool times (like yesterday), but today it worked like a charm (thus not a freon issue). It seems that it works only when it wants to.

    Any of the readers experienced these types of symptoms? Pls let me know. Many thanks.
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