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Mazda RX-8 Tires and Wheels

slices17slices17 Posts: 35
edited March 2014 in Mazda
I brought my RX-8 to the dealership today for recall 4206F. When I picked up the car at the end of the day, the printout they gave me had an item that read, "RED STATUS - NEEDS TIRES NOW"

How long are the tires supposed to last? I have 18-inch wheels and about 32800 miles on my RX-8. How many miles did you guys have on the car when you replaced the tires?

Thanks in advance.



  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    You got 33,000 miles from a set of Z-rated high performance tires!?!?

    That's more than reasonable.
  • I wasn't paying attention. With my previous cars I usually replaced the tires at 45000 miles, but then those were not performance tires.
  • mklismklis Posts: 6
    I am in need of getting new tires and am looking for suggestions - should i replace the potenza's or look for a different tire?

    I have heard the Avon's are just as good, and much cheaper.

    any other thoughts??
  • estanoestano Posts: 1
    I replaced my worn out original Dunlop rear tires with oversized Yokohama 245/50-18R tires. They perform great, are quiet and are a serious improvement in every way over the originals. I get significantly better traction, stability and slightly improved gas mileage as well as a smother and quieter ride. However there is a problem, after driving for a few minutes I get the EXPECTED warning lights from the TCS/DSC indicator as well as the electronic brake force distribution system control unit.
    I did expect this but I am wondering if anyone knows if this can be corrected by adjusting or resetting the computer? I do expect this to correct itself when I replace the front tires with ones which more closely match the diameter of the rear. I have put these tires to the test and they truly are a significant benefit. I would like to get rid of the anoying warning lights or better yet readjust the computer to assure that these systems work and give indication only when there is a real problem. My research has shown that the indicators light due to a difference in tire diameter front to rear only.
  • seapalseapal Posts: 6
    i need to replace my OE tires for wet, freezing, slushy conditions this winter and want an all weather performance tire, not a dedicated snow tire since i live in the DC area and we get only 2-3 storms a winter with only a few inches, mostly wet,cold pavement. This also allows me to keep the 18s rather than move down to a 17 inch tire like the owners in Denver and St Paul have to do.

    any recommendations?
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