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Scion tC Tires and Wheels

jadugarjadugar Posts: 1
Please help, we have 2005 TC and it has 30,000 mile on it. our biggest problem is that we have gone through 2 sets
of tire already. Now we need 3rd pair on front. Does any one have similar problem with tires. If not what could be the issue our TC. It's not the way we drive because we never had this issue with other cars. Thanks in advance.


  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    just above what you posted, i just posted awhile ago, that there is a service bulletin on a faulty steering rack and power steering pump.. if the rack is bad, then of course your tires will wear! There's the problem, beyond just the fact that low profile tires don't last that long either, if a steering rack is faulty, forget about a good alignment and there goes the tires..
  • madhanimadhani Posts: 1
    I too have 2005 tc with almost 30k on it. I have gone through 4 pairs of tires - the last one lasting only 6 months. I'm going to take it into the shop today and ask about the steering rack. If anyone else has encountered this problem and has already resolved please post.

    I wore about the Potenzas that the car came wiht in about a year and then i got 2 pairs Fuzions HRI (had good reviews and were cheaper). The first pair lasted me 6 months. I got the second pair put on about 2 months ago. Does anyone have any suggestions on good quality tires that are affordable (since I'll be purchasing my 5th pair now). :(
  • I've had my tC since 9/04 and have about 15K miles on it. I rotated the tires at 10K and they still have decent treadlife left. BUT, the treadlife is rated as 150, which is very poor. Probably will need replacement at 20K.

    You might want to go to and check out the continental conti line. They are rated for 80K miles.
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    Before you go and spend more money on tires that are NOT lasting that long, sounds like you have a defect in the suspension. Should get that checked out and fixed. Otherwise you'll just keep putting tires on the car. Sure, the tires are low profile, but they don't need replacing every 6 months! that is extreme, sorry to say but it is. Better get your car's suspension checked out, and refer to that service bulletin about the replacement of the steering rack.. :sick:
  • sighon6sighon6 Posts: 10
    first things first get your alighnemnt checked. also with low profile tires you are never going to get 80 thousand miles out of a set of tires. myself being a mechanic i know that our options for tires are limited. we dont have a ton of options and what we do have for options are not all that great or cheap. but i also need to point out that tire wear rating are useless. you need to understand there is no basis for tire wear ratings. these rating are made up from brand to brand, there is not a universal standard fro wear ratings. each brand has there own system for there brand of tire. so it means nothing to base a good tire from a bad tire. i can say that goodyear is basically one of the best. i would by Goodyear Assurance if they made them min my size. they are about the best tire on the market right now.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 1,986
    Check out the Kumho ECSTA ASX - Discount Tire sells them - depending on the size they may need to special order them - but it only takes 2 days.

    I just put a set on a Mazda3 - the Goodyear RS-A that came stock on the car were HORRIBLE - loud - harsh - very poor wet traction. The ASX is a big improvement. Discount wanted $770 for a set of Goodyear RS-A, the ASX were less that $400 - installed tax included. The have a wear rating of 420 traction AA temp A - I have about 1,500 miles on them and they are great.
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    um.. goodyear rs-a tires do NOT come on the tc stock at all.. it's either Bridgestone re92 or yokohama 32a tires.

    and glad that the kumho's are working for you.. but most of us like the Toyo Proxes4 or Pirelli Pzero Nero m+s.. for me I'd go with the Toyo Proxes4.. Most of the tC owners who have tried the kumho just say they are way too mushy, and not that great of a tire at any price.. Might be different on a Mazda3 but not on a tC
  • markg4markg4 Posts: 44
    what about the Avon Tech M550's? they are $20 more/tire than the Kumho's at Tirerack but how do they compare?
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    well a lot of tc owners like the Avon Tech M550's.. but from the reviews i've seen a lot of them were out of round and not balanceable (you can read about it at the tirerack).. and since the tirerack is the only place that sells them in the US you'd have to go back to them to get a replacement (kind of a hassle).. I think that the Avon's are probably better than Kumho's..
    not to push you into something but why don't you look at the Toyo Proxes4?? Great handling, smooth ride, comfortable, great handling.. and one tire didn't even take weight when balancing it was that good!
  • Hello,

    I am currently considering buying a 2007 tC and am starting to reconsider after reading the tire forum. Does anyone know about how often the tires will have to be replaced? The tC seems like a great value- but if I have to buy it new tires every year or two, I may have to consider other vehicles.

    I am a gentle driver, and would be using the car to drive approximately 30 miles per day... and sometimes on long road trips.

  • lvlghlvlvlghlv Posts: 3
    It's always easier to complain about something that's broken than praise something that works right. With that said...45,000 miles. That's how long the stock Bridgestone Potenzas lasted me.

    I have an '05 tC (first model year, she turned 3 years old yesterday - 52K miles later, literally one of the first ones on the road). I have done my maintanence regularly according to the manual. I am by no means a tame driver - I do a lot of city and interstate driving, high mileage, high speed - have lived in MD/DC/VA, FL, and TX with this car. I got my car with 1 itty-bitty mile on it (she was a custom order), and have loved every last mile, and look forward to many more. :) My $0.02.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    on other Scion tC boards about the "crappy" Potenza's. I always wondered how lame that complaint about the Bridgestone Potenza's may have been. Now I know it was not rooted in sense, I wonder how badly these early tC drivers were as far as how they treated their rigs, ya know?

    I still think Scion has done a great job with this tC and don't miss the outgoing Celica much at all. A lot of whining about the Celica being replaced by the tC but I never understood all the whining.

    lvlghlv...was your tC involved in any repair work for the sunroof...the breaking glass issue at freeway speeds? Also, does yours have the rattles in the hatch area some have had?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • lvlghlvlvlghlv Posts: 3
    Sunroof: ah hmmm...those who read their manual know that it says you should close the thing at speeds above 60mph...let's think about this - sheet of glass @ 80mph wind, you do the math. Ironically, though, before I read that tid-bit even I was guilty of sunroof open in up-there speeds. For those how have to have it open: just tilt it... Also, on the sunroof, I did get a little mailer saying take it in for inspection - it was a rubber seal inspection, nothing to do with glass flying off.

    Hatchback rattles: Didn't know that was an, no, no rattles.

    Tires: I just switched onto Continental ContiExtremes - HATE them. Absolute crap - they keep losing air pressure, tire wall blew out after 5k miles (was luckily covered under roadside warrant, but...) ... I haven't even put 10K miles on them, but am getting ready to bite the bullet and just put Potenzas back on. Anyone else considering ContiExtremes: you may have a different experience, but they have been zero joy for me.

    (Ironically, it's back to seeing if I can't get Continental to cover what I've got under their roadside program, too...)
  • I have a 2005 Scion, with the Yokohama tires. The problem is, in addition to lousy tread life, the wheels/rims are getting dented from all of the crappy roads up here in MA. I'm sure that because they are the low profile tires it worsens the effect of pot holes. Will the Bridgestones be better, and when you buy the tires does that include the rims, and if not, are there any cheep alternatives to the $495.00/each that I have now?
  • Check for tires and rims at It's super easy to use and you can price tires and rims both separately and as a package. There is a shipping cost and you'll have to get them mounted at a local shop but it may be much cheaper than the dealer. Also check Firestone auto shops, Sears, Pep Boys, etc. for tires and rims. Their prices are usually much lower than the dealer. Good luck.
  • I am currently driving a Mazdaspeed6 and by no means do these tires last. I drive A LOT, about 100 miles a day, at least four times a week... and a lot of the roads are worn or under construction/interstate/highway speeds. The tires on my mazda blow all the time and constantly need to be repaired, and are NEVER in stock.

    I am currently considering getting a tC but are the tires going to have the same problems as the 6??

    I currently have Pirelli low profile tires... and reallllyy want to stay away from them at all costs. What are the tires that come on the Scion and are they low profile?
  • Thul17Thul17 Posts: 25
    Yes to profile question! 215/45Z-17 is the usual tire size unless your car's choice is 18s.

    My stock tires were Yokohamas. They were terrible in snow. Then I bought Hankook all seasons. They were much better BUT I ran over nasty pothole and blew two of them. At this moment, I'm driving on my winter tires. Vredstein Wintrac Xtreme. Not ALOT of people know about this company. They are European tire maker who specializes in "Run Flats." The higher end makers like Audi, Benz, and BMW usually has this maker on stock but only on those famous $60k+ models.

    I have driven over hand full of potholes this winter already. They are STILL going strong! I have put on 12k miles so far on these tires and I'll have enough tread to last me until Winter of 2012!

    Just a warning...these tires were $160.00 bucks per tire!

    But if you want to make tread longer, just switch out tires for the seasons. Put on Winter for Winter then put on All Seasons or Summers for Spring, Summer, and fall. Go to well known tire shop, they will do those switches for you.
  • I brought some Yokohamas tire from sears and the tire didn't even last more then 6 month because the housing had a big lump in it. I had to pay again to get it replace. I still have my stock bridgestone and I have 67k on my 2006 TC which I bought in 2005. I decide to go with the falken tire and they seem to be working pretty good.
  • I bought my tc new in 2006. I had to replace the stock bridgestone tires (which run almost $200.00 a piece on a $17,000 car...go figure.) 17 months after purchasing the car. I replaced them with coopers which 22 months later need to be replaced. Personally I am getting friggen sick of replacing tires at $600.00+ without getting more than 25,000 miles on them (I have 42,000 miles on my car.) Additionally, this car really really stinks in the snow. I have problems regardless of whether it's a dusting or a storm and when I'm on call for work, I am in a constant state of anxiety if there's snow predicted because I spend the entire day and night shoveling my driveway to keep it down to pavement. I'm thinking of spending the big bucks on michelins but don't know if it's worth it.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    Time for a set of snow tires.16" should be good for TC.
  • bec1498bec1498 Posts: 1
    I drive and love my 2006 Scion tC. I have just over 40,000 miles on it and the dealership has been tracking my tread wear and I am getting close to having to replace them because they will be legally bald soon. Should I put the stock back on- Bridgestone Protenza or something else? It looks like I have gotten good life out of the ones I have based on other reviews. I am a mostly city driver maybe putting on 10 miles a day in school season.

    Any recommendations for snow tires? I live in Cleveland and fishtail a lot in the winter. I had a pair of Blizzacks for a Dodge Stratus and loved them. Would they work for my Scion? Could I get away with just outfitting the front two like I did with my Stratus or do I have to do the four?

    Potholes are killer around here too any suggestions to soften the blow when I can't avoid them or didn't see them?

    Thanks for the time!
  • I just got back from a stay in Germany where I had my 07 Scion TC. First off... I love that car. It did great on the Autobahn and all that. Part of that was the tires though. I'm from Texas, so the whole winter and summer tires thing was a new experience. I found that the Dunlop Winters were awesome. Granted, I drive a manual, which is a bit better, if you know how to drive them, in the more harsh conditions. 3 winters with the Dunlops and no problems. The traction was incredible even with the hills and such that I had to travel each day. Even at 120-130 MPH they did real well.
    To clarify something right quick too... In Germany, you have to have the winters on from October-Easter. So... I wasn't just driving them in the snow, but a lot of rain as well.
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