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Toyota 4Runner Vibrations



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Bent rims, tires out of balance, warped rotors.?

    I don't believe you ever mentioned bent rims, tires out of balance or warped rotors in any of your previous 22 postings on your issue so I'm having a hard time understanding why you're dumping on robm2 for asking a simple question. He likely has not followed your saga from beginning to end and most of our members are not mindreaders!

    His question was simply "Is it possible you're over-reacting to a little vibration?" which was a great opportunity for you to provide newcomers to the discussion with the full details of your plight. There is no need to overreact to an innocent question. :)

    tidester, host
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    I respectfully suggest that you go back and read the posting again. He clearly stated "What's wrong with a little vibration?" and then chides all of us who are having this problem with a brand new $36m vehicle by stating " I mean, if you really wanted a super-smooth drive, why would you buy a 4x4 truck?" Having driven 4x4's exclusively since 1969 I find these statements completely out of the realm of sensibility. Apparently I read this posting in a different light than you did and I would be very surprised if the other people who have posted here regarding their problems with this vibration would disagree with my interpretation of his meaning. Poking fun at those of us who are suffering thru this nightmare only adds to the frustration. I also take exception with your comments regarding the fact that I did not ever specifically mention warped rotors, bent rims, etc. I have continually mentioned the fact that the vibration disappears when you let off the gas pedal and then reappears when you step back on the gas pedal. If I had a bent rim, warped rotors, unbalanced tires ( which I have continually said I do not have and the dealer has confirmed this) letting off the gas would not eliminate the problem immediately, which is what I have continually stated. I could go on and on, but It appears that this fellows posting was read differently by you than it was by me.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I respectfully suggest that you go back and read the posting again.

    Actually, I did before I posted. :)

    I also take exception with your comments regarding the fact that I did not ever specifically mention warped rotors, bent rims, etc.

    It's still unclear to me why you mentioned them in your last message. No matter.

    He clearly stated "What's wrong with a little vibration?"

    Yes, he did, but only after he asked "Is it possible you're over-reacting to a little vibration?". If the premise is "it's only a little vibration" then the follow-up question is equally innocuous.

    In any case, you may avail yourself of the opportunity to spell out in greater detail just what the problem is for the benefit of those who have only recently joined the discussion.

    tidester, host
  • I have an 03 Limited V8 and have had no sunroof problems, no vibrations, no engine problems etc but my gas mileage is terrible. I get fluctuations from 15 to 18 on the Hwy and 12 to 16 city. I recently changed from Bridgestones (orig tires) to Goodyear Wranglers which are a little larger and heavier and that might be affecting my gas mileage somewhat, but no vibrations ever. I am looking at some performance parts such as chip and/or throttle body spacer to help the mileage.
  • I forgot to mention in my last reply to check the torque on your lugs when having new tires installed. My torque is suppose to be 110psi and after having my tires installed, I had four lugs at over 150 and the rest were between 135 and 145. That could warp your wheels. Oh, one stud was broken. I fixed myself easily after getting a new stud. Tire dealer was unresponsive..
  • Tidester,
    I know you have the powers to start a new link dedicated strictly to a certain topic...say "'06 4Runner Vibrations."
    This thread is getting a little heated as you can see. I believe that these "vibrations" are real to some and no matter what, we won't be able to convince that what they are feeling doesn't exsist...nor should we.

    Not to take away from the importance of this topic, but some of us would like to see it's own thread and get on with other issues at hand.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    It looks like Steve got to it first! :)

    tidester, host
  • tidester/Steve,
    The way things are going, you'll soon have hundreds of different threads... :surprise: :surprise: :cry:

    Thanks guys!
  • I get a Shimmy/Shake/Vibration on my 2000 4 runner that is a 1 year old problem. When I purchased it, it was fine.
    I did get hit from behind while I was stopped at a light with a replacement of the back end and all body parts.

    I've taken it to multiple places including the dealer and no resolve. The shake occurs at 65 - 70 MPH. I have had an alignment done, rear shocks replaced, tire rotate and balancing, 4 replacement tires, and the front brakes replaced.
    All mechanics have said that the front suspension parts are fine.
    I have read that maybe there is a special balancing for the factory wheels for some Toyotas. the lug centric.
    Is this one of them?
    Also, I have read the thread about the problem being characteristic on 06 model but this is a 00.
    I have a 2WD 4 cylinder. I had Cooper Tires now I have winterforce tires. Both have the same problem. A smooth ride til i hit 65 MPH.
    Could it be a drive shaft?
    I am feeling it in the steering wheel and the gas pedal. It's not intense but it's bumpy and unpleasant. My passengers also feel it though not as strong.
    any one with any insight, please advise.
    thank you.
  • tom007tom007 Posts: 40
    i'm on 1800 miles, no vibration at 60 -75 mph i think i'm just lucky.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "I have an 03 Limited V8 and have had no sunroof problems, no vibrations, no engine problems etc but my gas mileage is terrible. I get fluctuations from 15 to 18 on the Hwy and 12 to 16 city."

    I've got 53,000 miles on my 03 Limited 4WD. I've had no sunroof problems, no vibrations or engine problems.

    As for the mileage you are getting, that's about what you can expect. My overall mileage is 17-18. If I'm very gentle on acceleration, keep my highway speed to 65 mph, and use cruise control, I can get about 19 mph on the highway.

    I don't think any performance parts will improve your mileage.
  • my 06 limited has had 3 radio's replaced for the popping/cracking sound and they cant find what is making the radio unit go out. did they tell you what the problem was with yours?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Try the main Toyota 4Runner discussion or Toyota 4Runner Accessories.

    tidester, host
  • vkhangvkhang Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2007 4 Runner and notice a vibration when driving between 55-60 mph as well. I wish I would have research this first. Love the car, but wonder about the vibration. I was told it too was a common characteristic of Toyota. The service manager told me they too drove other 4Runner and have the same noise.
  • Topic Discussion: Toyota 4Runner: Problems and Solutions
    Msg # #2076 Re: Clunking when accelerating and stopping
    *I have met the my Regional Customer Service Representative on this issue and on the drive train vibration and moaning sound.
    The rep told me Toyota considers these issues "normal operation characteristics" of the 4Runner. The rep also indicated that new company 4Runner they were driving had the same issues.
    *Read "Truck Trend" January/February 2007,pp 88 re:"Good Vibrations Gone".
  • Vibration comes standard with 4 runner.I own 2006 4 runner and i also worried a lot about it. I got it repaired 3 times but the vibration could nt be removed. Then i asked for a buy back by toyota and then they sent a regional representative who inspected the car. Then dealership kept the car for a day and did something.On the other hand I lost arbitration hearing to Toyota because it was all paid for by toyota. Now my car vibrates between 65-75 mph.Toyota says it is quite an achievement on their behalf.
    Dude i am not buying Toyota in rest of my life. :sick:
  • bumbarbumbar Posts: 2
    I've had my 4runner for 2 years now, it's my second one, the first being a '91 V6 manual with off-road package, the one I have now is a limited '96 and I have never had vibrations at high speed. or at any really.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    i have quickly read through these posts, and I don't know if this has been covered.

    But the wheels on a 4Runner have to be balanced using a lug centric balancing machine. One of the manufacturers is HUNTER. You can search for their website.

    Also, when brakes are done the "runout" is something like .005. This is very exact. If the rotors are turned and not kept to this spec you will get vibration as well upon braking.

    For sturdy vehicles they are rather "fussy" in some regards!
  • Hi – I’ve been tracking all the vibration posts, and can sympathize. I have a 95 4Runner with 160K miles on it. Great car/truck except for the vibration that started a couple of months after having the transmission rebuilt. The vibration starts about 65 mph and goes on thru 78 mph (in which range all my frequent freeway driving is done.) The worst vibration occurs when coasting downhill. Have had the car into several dealers in GA, including one in Atlanta whose running gear man is legendary, having come from a racing background. He could not locate the source. The Michelins are Hunter balanced and verified by several others. Had the transmission rear bushing checked, even checked it myself while they had it out – no sloppiness. (I was told the two-element driveshaft was bent, and was told a new, straight balanced driveshaft is better than a bent, balanced one, so had a new, one-piece driveshaft made & installed by a drivetrain specialist in Savannah – and it still made no difference. Took the driveshaft out and towed the car down the road up through the critical speed range, with no vibration at all. I put the car in neutral while sitting still and revved the engine through the critical range, but no vibration. The ujoint is properly clocked. Have replaced the ujoint several times, all to no avail. (This saga has been going on now for two years, and I forget exactly in what order all of this happened, but tried to do it in a logical fashion, so as to use a process of elimination of the most logical things first.) I have sort of accepted it, and plan to drive it until the wheels fall off, since it wouldn’t be worth much on the open market. P.S. - I now have an unexplainable pull to the right when braking at low speeds. The brake man, who is normally competent, is baffled. :confuse:
  • mike805mike805 Posts: 33
    Sounds like you have isolated it to the transmission which may be the same problem people are having with the 2006 models. Would it be possible to rev the engine to the critical speed range while it is sitting still after removing the drive shaft? This would confirm it is the transmission since the problem was not there when the transmission was in neutral under the same conditions.
  • Am considering a 4Runner 2WD, 6cyl. Am reading abuot the vibration problems and am wondering if they occur in both 2 and 4WD? Appreciate any comments.
  • I plan on buying a 2007 limited v6 with 4wd. Does anyone have any information as to vibration in this model and year?
  • Up until a couple of hours ago I was buying a 2007 4R Limited with most options. Had made an offer and they called today to tell me it was accepted. Now I will call and cancel. No way do I want the vibration headaches you guys are talking about. Also looks like transmission problems with stuck solenoids or something. I rented one for 2 days and it is sitting out front now. Thanks for the heads up guys. TOYOTA TAKE NOTE; YOU JUST LOST A CUSTOMER.
    :lemon: :lemon:
  • i was considering a 2007 4runner. what is the status of this problem. are the 2007s also vibrating. thanks. rr70
  • bobgordonbobgordon Posts: 156
    RR70 and others,
    I can't comment on the '07 model and not to make light of this problem that some are having....but I have an '06 4Runner 4WD Sport and no vibration whatsoever.
    I've got almost 10k miles, have traveled across the country in it and I think it's a great truck!

    My suggestion is to drive the truck you are interested in. Get it out on the highway and see how it feels. If the dealer won't agree to this, then they don't want to sell their trucks.

    Good luck.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    53,000+ miles on my 2003 4WD Limited. No vibrations.
  • I don't have any vibrations, 2005 SR5 4WD. I do have the driveshaft "clunking" issue, however.
  • alloboallobo Posts: 2

    I have a 2007 4 runner with 4000 miles, prurchaed new. The right side passenger body panel above the tire vibrates/shakes at highway speeds. I took the vehicle in to the dealer twice to have it checked out. The dealer says there is no problem with the vehicle and that that vibrations are normal. I did not buy the dealer explanation.
    Any thoughts or solutions would be welcome.

  • c5t4rc5t4r Posts: 13
    Well, I've had mine for about a month...right off the lot it had a slight steering wheel shake. A week later, I took it back in to have some accessories added that were part of the deal, and asked to have the wheels/tires checked. I was told that 3 of the 4 were out of balance...drove it home that day and it seemed ok.

    I do a lot of around town driving, rarely getting up to 65+. Well today, I got out on the freeway and sure enough, the steering wheel and even the seats were shaking. I tried another road on the way back - same thing.

    The dealership supposedly has the Hunter machine, but I don't know any specifics about how they used it, the readings they got, etc....

    While surfing for some more information I came across the Centramatic system. At $199 for all 4 wheels it seems expensive, but first thoughts are maybe it will pay for itself with fewer, if any, balancing jobs needed after installation...especially if the Hunter balance is $80 or so.

    Has anybody ever used this? Opinions, thoughts?
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