BMW 328 vs. Audi TT

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I am due for a new car within the year and I was leaning towards BMW 328. But after reading about rfts I am having second thoughts. Road noise, cupping, etc. Hopefully over time the quality of rfts will improve. :confuse: Maybe I will go with the AudiTT but I don't think Audi has a good reliablity reputation. It is frustrating looking for a car in the 30k-40k range. Acura TL only has front wheel drive. Lexus 250 underpowered and lousy leg room for their rear seats. Audi has an ugly truck grill and below average to average reliability. BMW with their rtfs and cup holders and at times questionable customer service.


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    Look at Lexus ES350 and the new Infinity G. BMW 3 is very overrated. Interior is average if not less than average. Paint quality does not meet expected standards for a car in this price range. Sound system is average at best. RFT's are a major problem that BMW refuses to address. BMW has a loyal following that's sold on handling..."the ultimate driving machine." Handling is great while everything else is just "okay". As far as dealers go, some are good and some are poor while there are a few that are terrible. From Customer Service point of view, BMW is horrible to deal with. My experiences with BMWNA leave a lot to be desired. BMW is the "least customer oriented company in the auto industry." My '06 325I is my last BMW for the numerous reason noted on this forum.

    Good luck in your search.
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    Good luck with your selection. From my experience with the 2006 325i (ZSP with RFT RE50As and now, new RFT LM22s on 16" rims for winter), I'd recommend the car. If you are really thinking of a BMW, be aware that cars such as the Lexus and the Acura TL may be a better bet if you want luxury, and, depending on the model, more power and torque. Don't buy the car for the name and then discover painfully and expensively that its character was really not what you were looking for. The 3 series, despite wood and available trinkets, is really not a luxury car at heart. And you may decide that, whatever the fashion of the moment, front wheel drive makes a lot of sense.

    I plan to report later on how my new LM22s handle the snow and potholes. The winter tire and wheel package was a further $1K out of pocket, and would have been about $2,600 had I gone with a 17" RFT package from the BMW dealer -- something to budget for when considering the car in ZSP form. Incidentally, I moved from a TL to the less powerful 325i and am glad I made the change. Also, I'll say it again: the RE50As RFTs after 8K miles are great tires, quiet, progressive, and they grip; just don't expect the car so equipped to be something it isn't.

    Don't buy the BMW for its cupholders. BMW takes a dim view of drivers who distract themselves by consuming beverages behind the wheel and has elected to teach each offender a clear lesson by designing the cupholder to dump the cup and its scalding contents into said driver's lap.
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    The IS250's backseat is too small for you, but you're considering the Audi TT?!?!

    Can you tell us some more about what you're looking for in a car (luxury, room, winter capability, sporty handling, hp, etc.) so we can help steer you right?
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    There is no perfect car. Especially in the 30k -40k price range. I know that I have to make compromises. As a single male with no kids the only room that I need is for my girlfriend, golf clubs, or luggage for a road trip. I reside in Long Island, NY. Winter weather over the years have been unpredictable but we do get enough bad weather for me to consider AWD. Don't know who to believe when they discuss RWD with winter tires vs AWD. I do want some sportiness to the car. I do take some road trips so I don't want to go to the extreme where you feel like your are driving a go-cart. As with the IS250, If I am going to compromise and get something with lower horsepower, as it compares to its competitors, than I want the car to be perfect in other areas(i.e. rear seats, and if I recall the trunk was not big enough to fit golf clubs and hand cart). As with the AudiTT, you really don't have rear seats but you can lower the rear seats which will give you alot of cargo space, and you get a quick car with AWD. The Acura TL might have been the perfect car if it had AWD.
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    The tires on your car determine how well you grip the road in ALL conditions. On snow and ice, dedicated snow tires always have better traction than all-season tires. So generally speaking, A RWD car with snows will grip better than an AWD car with all-seasons.

    Also, AWD helps you accelerate in low gear, but once moving, AWD really doesn't do much for you. A RWD, FWD, and AWD car will all turn, cruise, and stop pretty much the same (assuming they all have the same tires).

    Here's my opinion: AWD is pretty much a waste of money, weight, economy, and maintenance unless you are driving to the slopes every winter weekend for months at a time - and if that's the case, what are you doing driving a $40,000 sport sedan over salty, sandy, rutted roads? Get a 10 year old Jeep Cherokee for the skiing weekends.

    If you want a sport sedan, a RWD or FWD car with dedicated snow tires will get you pretty much anywhere you need to go during the winter. If you can't get there with that configuration, then you probably shouldn't be out on the roads anyways.

    The BMW 3-series is the benchmark for it's "ideal" blend of sporty performance, luxury, and compliant ride. Every other car in the segment offers a different blend on the same formula. For example, the G35 will be a little more hard-edged at the expense of some ride and noise comfort. The TL sacrifices some sportiness for more luxury and a softer ride.

    I think these 3 cars (the BMW, Infiniti, and Acura) pretty much epitomize this segment, and one of them probably possesses the traits you're looking for. Based on your brief comments, I'm guessing that you'll be very pleasantly surprised by the Acura TL, but only a test-drive of each car will let you know for sure.
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    True, tires are the single most important component selection dictating a car's performance. I strongly disagree, however, with fedlawman's assessment that a rwd with snow tires will outperform an awd car with all season tires. They may or may not.

    Regardless of actual performance, the authorities make the decision sometimes. Where i live, the highway patrol regularly closes mountain passes in the winter to all vehicles without chains or 4wd. Doesn't matter if your BMW has traction control and Blizzaks, the authorities will turn you around if you don't install tire chains. Audi Quattro (any model), however, is a necessity if you live in a region like this and would rather drive a refined vehicle. Jeeps suck.

    If one isn't sure about the practicality of the TT, then go for the A3.
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    I think that audi is better than BMW. But it depends on about what TT model you talk. New TT is really very exciting and worth its prise. If you need some interesting and useful information:
    Hope it will help you to choose between BMW and AUDI.
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    I too was considering the 328 but after really looking at it at the auto show this past weekend - still love the TT. BMW has gotten SO BORING!!! I drive an '03 TT coupe quattro and love it but my lease expires soon. No problems at all with mine other than the back is so cramped for my kids... Don't know...may do the new TT although preferred the looks of mine!
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    Personally, in the 3 Series there are only two models that are worth the money: the 330 and the 335i. Of the two, the 335i is the pick of the litter. The 4 door version of the 335i starts around $37k. Even frugal optioning will take you a tick or two over $40k. The 2.0T TT starts at $35k and can be reasonably optioned for around $40k. These are the two cars I'm looking at right now.

    The choice really comes down to what you value and how you use your car. The TT is much lighter than the Bimmer and my guess would be more fun to drive and handle better. It has great cargo room for a car its size WITH the rear seats down. The rear seats are basically useless except perhaps squeezing in an adult for a very short jaunt. Otherwise, children and midgets need only apply.

    The 335i will seat 4 full size adults and has 100 more ponies than the TT. The Bimmer has a real back seat. Which one you choose really comes down to your needs. My wife and I don't have kids, rarely have any adult in the back seat, but we do have a big dog. The dog would probably fit into the TT better because of the fold down seats. Some 335s, the ones with the cold weather package do have rear fold down seats, but hatches just make better use of rear space. But you really can't need to sit an adult in the back, maybe one could fit sideway, but I would it would be a comfortable ride, even for a short hop.

    I go back and forth, but I'm leaning toward the TT even though I think the 335i might be the better value.
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    Took another look at pricing and the 335i is going to run you around $45k reasonably optioned. A reasonably optioned TT could come in just under $40k. The big differences is that the 335i is almost $39k and the automatic is an option. The TT is just under $35k and the best auto in the business comes standard. If you can live without a real back seat, the TT is the call IMHO.
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    If you don't have children, grab the TT!!! I can tell you you are are going to love it. I have 2 teenagers who want the TT but deserve to be comfortable. What a sacrifice! I just don't like the styling on the BMW, whatever the model. I may go and check out the 335i though just for the practial side of it. At this point, it's not even about the $$$...
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    I've just about convinced myself that the TT is the way to go as long as I can fit one adult sideway in the rear seats for short trips. This rarely happens, but it does happen. For the rare times it happens, I can endure the complaints as long as they can be squeezed in the back. The other caveat for me is that our kid is an 85 lb dog. She has to fit in the back with the back seats down. I'm more confident on her fitting than getting one adult in the back seats.

    The pluses of the TT are that it is significantly less money and more fun. I find light cars to be more fun (given enough HP) and the TT is much lighter than the 335i.
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    I am also looking at the Audi TT. I am just afraid of the build quality. The Audi TT has alot of features that I like but I know a couple of Audi owners that complain about oil leaks before their car had 60k miles. I think the BMW might be built better than the Audi. The new Mercedes C-class that is coming out this year might be interesting. I heard that Mercedes made a commitment to quality. What's up with the grills on all these new cars in the past few years (i.e. Chrysler 300, Audi)? They don't look like cars but trucks.
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    No leaks of any kind on my TT Quattro '03; handling is superior on this car; only thing were a few electrical problems ie., windows wouldn't go up all the way (I live in snow country...) Handles amazing in the snow so I've only got good things to say about this car. The only thing is the back seats (they only fit 10 year olds and under comfortably. The new TT is awful looking, can't believe the North American grill...I may just grab the new 4-door jeep and pray something else better comes along. Can't find any car that grabs me like the TT did. I had to have it. I need to have that feeling again...Good luck to you!
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