Honda Civic Si Noises

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I turned down my radio and at VERY slow speeds I've been hearing a rattling noise thump in the back like the suspension or something. Was wondering if that's normal?

And from the front of my car on dips or bumps, I hear this solid noise either coming from the driver side of this thump noise. it happens at slow speeds and majority of the time when i'm in the process of turning.

What kind of problems are happening and what can I do to fix it? I had the honda dealer ship look at the noise in the front, but he didn't find anything wrong and I couldn't repeat the noise i was getting. as for the back noise, i've been getting that just recently (from what I can tell)



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    I don't know about the SI model but it is a well known fact Honda has had (and apparently still does) a shock/strut supplier problem. The problem is that the shocks leak and once the fluid is gone rear and front suspension clunks start. I have a 2006 EX sedan and this was apparent from new on our car and the rear shocks were replaced @ 5000 miles. So, if this were another brand vehicle I would say nope not normal but with Honda?...maybe. By the way there is direction from Honda to the dealers to replace shocks/struts if the customer complains about suspension noises and there is any evidence of fluid leaks.
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    My nephew just got a new 2007 2 door Civic Si. It had a weird noise on the passenger side. Like a bad rotor or maybe the clutch or pressure plate. They replaced all the rotors and pads. It still make this weird sound. They say its the bearings on the right side axel. They now ordered a new axel and bearings. He is VERY UNHAPPY. His first new car. His dad is an ALL AMERICAN UNION Electrician! Now he gets a so called awesome car with problems. Any comments are appreciated!!!
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