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Infiniti G35 vs BMW 3-Series

anthmananthman Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in INFINITI
after testing a 328xi and an awd g, i have to say i prefer the bmw. yes, the g is as fast as my 350z(had to sell when the 3rd kid came), but, there is a certain feel, fit and finish, and atmosphere in the bmw, that infiniti can't give you. both cars handle great, however, you really can't test that fully unless you own one, but both satified.
i guess one can argue that you get a lot more for your 40k in the g, including power and tech, but the tiny steering wheel(sport pkg), high quality plastics, amazing seats,and german-ness, make up the diff for me. a heavy foot in bmw gets you enough satifaction and, if i had the money and didn't need the added awd, i would easily opt for the 335. perhaps i just see too much "nissan" in the infiniti. i guess it all comes down to taste.


  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Don't forget reliability of BMW vs. Infiniti...
  • trigtrig Posts: 5
    spoken like a true bmw fanboy.
    bmw lost their "atmosphere" 4 years ago when other cars like the g, tl, etc started doing everything bmw does for less money. having owned an 03 g, an 01 beamer, and now about to own an 07 g, there is nothing that the bmw has over the g except herds of day-dreaming "upper-class" posers. i will say the 03-06 g was not like a bmw in terms of interior materials. that has changed, the 07 is phenomenal. and i assume smokey is talking about infiniti's better reliability.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    That's exactly what I'm speaking of TRIG. Reliability seems to be at the bottom of most people's list. For me, that's the first thing I look at then I decide between vehicles with decent reliability. Therefore, I would never even consider a BMW no matter how well it performs because of its horrible reliability. Besides, they are so overpriced it's rediculous. At this point you're paying for a name.
  • Have you guys noticed how the Acura folks want to evoke the G into their conversations? I personally think the new Camry is a better comparison. Whereas, we compare rear-wheel sports sedans like the 3 series.
  • trigtrig Posts: 5
    im with you smokey. bmw is below a jag in reliability...a jag!!! made by ford!!
  • I am a BMW owner, but am interested in the Infiniti '07 G35. First, the BMW is significantly more expensive, but it's for UNobvious reasons. I say this because I attended the BMW performance center's driving school. You are able to do things on a track that you are not able to do on the everyday streets. If it came down to it and I'm doing 55 mph and I have to jerk the steering wheel to miss a deer or whatever is in the road I would much rather be in a BMW. The capabilities of the car are amazing.

    Not only that but I have 65,000 miles on my vehicle and I have not paid a penny for service. I have bought new rear Perelli tires that cost me just over $500 for both. I did get the extended maintenance that (it came with a 100,000 mechanical warranty) covers everything from scheduled maintainence, to brakes, truck openers, and everything else under the sun. Also, I have a 745 and I get better gas mileage than what I've been hearing on here on the G.

    So, with that being said, I defend BMW's cost compared to others in its class. Also, that eliminates the reliability issue because it's all covered under warranty. Yes, I have had a few operational issues, such as the motor on the automatic truck going out (they installed a new motor), but never, ever, ever any problems with the engine or drive train. Think about it...if you put a lot of electronics in a vehicle, then eventually there will be a fault.

    Sorry for venting, but I feel strongly about the BMW because I have seen and felt what it is capable of. Now that that is out of the way, I really want an M35, but it's more than I want to pay, so I'm opting for the G. I love the new interior and all the new electronics involved. I'm sure it is a beast on the road. I love the new look of this car. I'm considering it over the Acura TL-S, but If it were in my budget I would rather have a fully loaded 335i. So yes, cost is my determinging factor.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    True... most of us will never use the true performance of the BMW or Infiniti. But many of the auto mags have & they are very closely matched in performance. For me personally 65,000 miles with no major problems is not enough. That should be expected. I keep my cars for 10 years and am looking for no major problems for at least that long. So for me this is why reliability is my first decision maker. I'm still confused how you eliminated the reliability issue & are saying its covered under warranty. You paid for an extended warranty. What is the base warranty in years & mileage (powertrain & bumper/bumper)?
  • My vehicle had a base 50K, 4yr warranty for maintenance and 100K for powertrain. I paid $1100 for the extended maintenance for 100K miles. I'm not saying I have not had any problems with it electronically, but they have all been taken care of. A new set of brakes alone are almost $1000 alone. I am pleased with the service team at the local dealership. But, another person may not be pleased with the reliability of this car. I have had problems with Gadgets (nothing major), but have all been taken care of with no problem.

    I also own a Toyota Corrola that I had in college. I bought it brand new in 2000 and here in almost 2007 I have 192,000 miles on it. No engine problems, although a couple of interior lights have gone out. That's reliability. I still drive it today.

    My point is to defend BMW from those who say they wouldn't buy a BMW, or they are overpriced, etc. I have had grand experiences with mine. But keep in mind you do get what you pay for.

    I really like the new G35, although the M is what I really want. I didn't like the previous G, but I like the new engine, and new interior styling of the '07. In my opinion, a great car is a great car and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    And for the price you pay and options and performance you can get, the G35 is a great car. Oh, and the new steering wheel is Fantastic.
  • trigtrig Posts: 5
    papsephus...let me give you a little insight to the reason for warranties. they are a direct reflection of the vehicles reliability. if a manufacturer is getting hit with a lot of reliability issues, the "adjust" the warranty accordingly so people will still buy the vehicle. why do you think honda's have the worst warranties in the business? because they are year in and year out the most reliable. just something to consider...
    by all means keep defending ur bmw and the "grand" experiences you have had in it. you definitley dont "get what you pay for" in the bmw, unless you like paying for trips to the service department and shelling out a lil extra cash to get spanked by an 07 g in performance tests.
    in addition, light bulbs go out...just like wiper blades wear out...etc...light bulbs going out on ur toyota after 100k+ miles is not indicative of their reliability. if they went out after owning the car for 10 days, thats is. anyway, i truly enjoy reading the fanboy posts...keep em comin...
  • You're absolutely right. I have never had to take my toyota to the dealership other than for normal wear or scheduled maintenance. My BMW, on the other hand, has been several times for other minor issues (again, all covered up to 100,000 miles). But my Toyota doesn't have 1/4 of the technology that my BMW has. This is the same for Audis, Lexus LS, Mercedes, and other vehicles that put a ton of technology in their vehicles. I understand Infiniti has mastered putting a ton of technology in their vehicles and maintaining great reliability. I will defend that as well, which is why I want an M, but the G is in my budget.

    I will defend my BMW because it has been great. If it had not, then I would say so. Now, the 3 series is much better than the 7 as far as reliability for the same reasons stated above.

    I have not driven the G yet, but can't wait. I'm not going to say one performs better than the other because that's not what I'm trying to say. I like the direction infiniti has gone and I'm a car finatic and not a "BMW" finatic. That means I like cars for what they do/offer and not because of a name.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,664
    The warrantee on my xi was why I chose the car. IMO, ALL cars with higher levels of tech. will need coverage.

    I did not like the '06 G visually. I assumed reliability was slightly better with Nissan/Infinity brand and the feel of the BMW was much more to my liking.

    I had a technical glitch with the airbag/seat belt warning system and the car was out of service for a week while the part was sent from Germany. I got to drive a 330i for the week. I also like the service level of my dealer. Top shelf.

    I will lease from now on because all in all the added cost more than outweighs the new car in 3 years effect along with not worrying about the reliability.

    I do like the '07 G, however.

  • My 05 is blistering fast so I'm wondering how much faster can the 07 really be??? Anyone driven the two who has noticed an appreciable difference?

    As for BMW, I'm sure the 335 will even things up, but I'm sure Infiniti will then offer a G45 once the coupe comes out in the spring. Consumers benefit by competition. ;)
  • I don't know why everyone is saying that the Infiniti's reliability is so grand. My family used to be a major Nissan and Infiniti family, but the reliability of these car was so terrible that we switched to being a Lexus/Toyota family. We haven't looked back since. I don't know about BMW's, but i've been looking into them lately. I do want a reliable car and I've been looking at the Lexus IS 350, new BMW 328i coupe, and 2007 G sedan. I went to the BMW dealership to eliminate the car from the list, because I've actually never really thought they were worth their price, but fell in love with it. The car blew the other two away in how it felt to drive. My only concern is reliability because I want a car that will last. I know the stereotypes are that European cars aren't reliabile and Japanese are, but I can tell you that Nissan/Infiniti really isn't reliable. Does anyone have any real experience with BMW's reliability? I usually only rack in about 10,000mil./year and wanted to keep the car for about 8 years (i.e. a total of about 80,000 miles). Will the 328 last this long without any MAJOR flaws? Also what do others think about these 3 cars compared to each other?
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Your experiences with Nissan/Infiniti don't seem to match most others. Reliability can be a subjective thing. Lexus is very reliable and most have great luck, but I'm sure there are people who have had Lexus that have given them nothing but trouble. Does this mean Lexus is unreliable? All you can really do is look at patterns that develop from statistical data of thousands of vehicle owners. The results of such patterns are published by unbiased outlets such as J.D. Power & Consumer Reports. Looking at this data it doesn't appear that the unreliable European/reliable Japanese stigma is just a stereotype.
  • trigtrig Posts: 5
    i see where ur coming from. i think if u get the g, you will never go back to beamer...

    circlew - i have had the previous gen g, and the new g does have a slight performance "feel" increase. but the real improvement is the materials...makes it well worth it...

    tkhan - most nissans have gone to crap in reliability. they threw out so many new models and designs while at the same time trying to cut so much cost in their whole company, which included the better materials, that most of their models have had serious reliability issues. i used to be a contract analyst for nna, and part of my responsibility was creating databases to track issues with new models 0.o ...but infiniti has always been a seperate baby for them, which is good. for the most part, save for the qx, the infiniti brand has been stellar in reliability and resale value.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,664

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I will test drive the new G vs. 335i to see what my perceptions are.

    I compared the '06 g coupe vs. the 330 and the "feel" of the bimmer is more solid and intuitive,IMO. The G felt faster but interior had a cheap feel at the time and wind noise was very evident at speed as I recall.

    I liked the coupe's lines but when my 5'0" daughter's head was up against the rear window, I knew it was not for me. The sedan was blah to me in the looks department.

    I feel the same way about the current Infinity M series...does not inspire, IMO. Reviews have the 45 top notch, however. Since I never drove one, I can't comment.

    330 feels more rock solid despite the disadvantage of the RFT's.

  • I purchased an 07 Sport last week after having test driven the BMW 335i and the Infiniti G35 sport. I think anyone thinking about purchasing either vehicle needs to test drive. No article, forum comment, or description can accurately depict driving either vehicle. I test drove the Bimmer and yes, it definitely felt tight, the acceleration was smooth, the power there. The styling, courtesy of Mr. Bangle, still doesn't sway me like the last BMW generation BUT it is still the Ultimate Driving Experience and it really is a nice looking car. Then I drove the G35 and again, it felt tight, the shifting of gears was not quite BMWish smooth but the power was there. Both cars I felt have great views from certain angles. Both cars I think have rear designs that look odd to me from the rest of the car. Felt the bimmer handled a bit better through the corners. Interiors I felt were very similar, room in the rear for the two kids more comfortable in the G. Tough choice, So what did it come down to? Ultimately, it was $$$. What with $45k + taxes for the 335I, it's a steep price to pay on my income. However, I got the G Sport for $35k out the door. What are your priorities? I feel I now have a great car comparable to the 335 with all the qualities I was looking for and am very happy with the purchase. I highly recommend you test drive both, and then decide at your pleasure.
  • j88j88 Posts: 4
    Well said. We've enjoyed owning 325xi's the past six years but just ordered the 07 G35 to replace. Yes, BMW does have some technological advantages but not enough to justify the extra $10K for an identically equipped sedan (in my opinion). Maybe I'll feel differently in the future if things don't go well with the G.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    Congrats on your purchase. $35k OTD for a 07 G35 Sport is a great price. How much off did your get from MSRP? You should probably post your deal details on the "price and buying experience" board.

    Enjoy the new G.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "Factor in steering that lacks feel, and the BMW 3-Series is still dynamically superior. But that’s not to say the G35 isn’t fun..." infiniti_g35_s.html
  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    I test drove both the BMW and G 6MT. I decided on the G. Here are the reasons:

    1) Got the worst buying experiences of any kind from BMW dealerships. Got verbally insulted in Peter Pan, and virtually ignored in Steven's Creek. (CA dealers) Most arrogant bastards I ever seen. Infiniti, Lexus, and Audi, completely opposite.

    2) Both cars have similar performance and quality. All in all, break even.

    3) All my friends who own BMW told me not to own one for maintance expenses after primary warranty went out. They bought BMW at the time cause other cars are not performing as well. But, they are all crying foul now.

    4) 50K+ vs 38K+.

    5) In no position to support an overpriced maintance responsibility machine, aka, "Ultimate Driving Machine". I am not gonna buy extended warranty to cover up.

    It was hard when the old G wasn't driving as well, but now problem solved. :blush:
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    I had a 2002 330Ci for 3 years. The only two major issues I remember were the O2 sensor going bad and some glitch in the dash instrument cluster. Both were replaced under warranty within a day, and neither left me stranded. Other than those, the car performed flawlessly and put a grin on my face every time I drove it. Maintenance was free for 3 years (now 4). After the maintenance period, service can be expensive if you take it to the dealer (e.g. $90 for an oil change). My experience with the BWM dealer service dept was very positive. Had to trade it in for a large family hauler.

    We also had an 02 Altima that left us stranded when it was less than 3 years old. We replaced it with an 06 G35 RWD (non-sport) sedan. The G has been reliable so far, other than an unpredictable climate control system that the dealer refuses to fix. Very pleasant buying experience at the Infiniti dealer, but the service departments suck at both of that dealerships I tried. None of that "red carpet" treatment that I've read about. They are no better than a regular Nissan service dept, but with a higher price tag.

    As for the G's performance, with the rave reviews I had read and the 280hp rating, I expected it to drive like the BMW or better. But I've been rather disappointed. The engine is very peaky with little torque under 4,000 RPM. The 5-spd auto tranny is slow and jerky, and the lower gears are too tall for a quick launch. The steering and throttle response are too slow and the standard suspension too soft for aggressive driving. At higher freeway speeds, the G just doesn't feel as solid and stable as the 330Ci. Instead of feeling at one with the car like I did in the 330Ci, I feel frustrated when driving the G as if the car was fighting my input all the time. And the gas mileage is pretty lousy, too. Despite some very nice interior features and the attractive pricing, overall I'm unimpressed with the G. Hopefully the 2007 G has corrected all these flaws, but it would take some pretty significant improvements for me to buy another one.
  • Comparing the G35 sedan vs. the 330Ci isn't an equal comparison. The older model G35 sedan is indeed perhaps most of what you say, but the G35 coupe is closer or equal to what the 330ci is and a better comparison. I had an 04 coupe which I drove to the limit a few times and it was true and straight and didn't waiver. It was also reliable (nary a problem) with quick shifts and plenty of torque at low RPM. Having said that, I also test drove the 04 330Ci at that time and still distinctly remember how it felt on the road and yes, it had that quality that kind of meshed the driver with the road which I don't think can be duplicated in any other car other than a BMW. I've loved driving both my G35's, but if anyone wants to know what the ultimate driving machine feels like, go test drive one. You have to be a sport driver enthusiast to appreciate the balance of the bimmer against all other cars. Now I traded my coupe for the 07 G35 Sport Sedan (kids and wife hated the coupe) and while the car is markedly better than the older model,in both power, quality of materials, etc. I recently took that car close to its limit also and it wasn't as taut or straight as either the BMW or the G35 coupe. On the twisties the 07 sport takes them like a champ but I feel, perhaps because of weight and size, that it doesn't match the agility of either my old coupe or the bimmer. Again, perhaps it's not fair for me either to be comparing my new 07 sedan against my old 04 coupe,or BMW, since they're different cars. But I sure do miss it....
  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    I definitely agree that the old G is not as good as the 330. The new G though, is pretty close if not similar or better.

    Also, I have this very "A-type" kind of attitude that I don't think any "Auto" driver should talk or complain about a car's performance for if you don't drive a manual of certain car, u just don't know performance. Sorry! ;) So, a 5 speed or 6 speed automatic, both are alright, cause they are for cruising.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,664
    py, I agree auto is for cruising, stick is for track/performance. What you decide to buy should meet your requirements up front and no complaints after. Just change your ride if you want/expect something different. As I recall, the '07 G rower was noted by a tester that it was improved but not as smooth as 335.

    The sales of performance SMG-type trans are not really true performance targets, IMO. Good but no cigar!

    I would applaud a system where you can have both. A true stick with manual clutch but option to turn on auto. We're talking control here or lack thereof.

    You know us Americans. Never satisfied.

  • BTW, while this forum is BMW vs G35, and I myself have a G35S 07, I couldn't help but post, much to my disappointment, that the magazines' comparison test in their latest issue had the G35 S manual last, vs. the Acura TL S (2nd) and the Lexus IS 350 (first).
  • What were they comparing? Luxury over performance? Obviously...
  • Well, these tests are supposed to be well rounded so both performance and luxury were commented on in the review although for performance, neither of these cars were tested on back roads with curves, or a track, etc. I can't believe they ran 0-60 4.9 sec in the Lexus 350. I read on Car&Driver the new 3 series coupe ran 4.8 0-60-I wonder if the sedan will equal or come close to those numbers.
  • yukityukit Posts: 7
    I drove 335i sedan auto & manual on Sat (Mt View dealer) then on Sun G35s sedan & manual.

    I really liked both. I wanted to get a good feel first, so I drove them normally. They are fantastic cars to drive, so much better than my current car, I cannot really go wrong with either car.

    I found both cars have higher clutch engage position than I am comfortable with. I guess I just have to get used to it.

    I will drive Acura TL-S next weekend. Hopefully I can find a 6MT.
    I was not too impressed with 2006 model last year, but TL-S is promising.

    I have to start crunching the numbers on options to see which car I can get a best deal. As it was pointed out there is no point in comparing the prices directly among these cars.
  • trigtrig Posts: 5
    the problem your going to have is, for example, around here, they are giving away bmw's and tl' opposed to infiniti, which fought me tooth and nail over a vpp plan purchase (my wife still works for nmac). they won't discount those at all right now in dfw area. so you will definitely get "a better deal" in terms of money off sticker on the other cars. choose wisely...
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    I agree a stick shift gives you more control of the car. I'd love to drive a manual on an empty two lane twisty all day, but unfortunately I also have practical consideration like the city traffic and a spouse that only drives automatic. That's why I had to buy auto in both cars.

    I disagree that, just because I bought an automatic, I am not qualified to comment on a car's performance. To me, performance is not just about drifting through corners or screaming to redline in every gear. Even in my mundane daily cruising, I can still feel and appreciate things like powerful brakes, linear steering, and a balanced chasis, regardless of what the transmission is. These are just some of the areas that I feel my 06 G is lagging behind the 330.

    Of course, as another poster pointed out, it's not a true apple-to-apple comparison between the G35 sedan with the standard suspension and the 330Ci with the sports pkg. I was just verbalizing my opinions after owning both cars. Though I know they are not in the same category, I can't help comparing the two when I get behind the wheel of the G (and drooling at every 335i that I see). Maybe I just need to readjust my expectations.
  • Good article. And you're right, most people can't let go of their preference. After all, you spend $35-$40k on your vehicle, of course its easy to want to promote it and justify why you bought it. I myself have the G35 Sport 07 but would have purchased the 335i had it been a comparable cost. So I'd like those here in this forum their opinion (hopefully, those who answer have test driven both cars, or own one or the other): If the 335i were say only a few grand higher than the G35 Sport with comparable features, would it then take the G35 out of contention completely in deciding which to buy? Is it a no-brainer that with both cars at close to same cost, the BMW then becomes by far the only choice. And if you still opted for the G35S, with cost not being an issue, why?
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,664
    I think you answered your own question. Other think the level of difference between the 2 is worth going a different way.

  • yukityukit Posts: 7
    Luckily, I was able to test drive both cars in both auto & manual :D last weekend. This was the first time I have driven a recent model of either cars, so I just wanted to get a good feel for a regular driving experience. I will probably go back for a 2nd test drive.

    I really liked both cars. I figure I cannot go wrong with either choice. Is the price difference worth it to choose the 335i? I admit the snob-appeal of the BMW badge is pretty strong. Leasing (or even ED) does make the deal closer, but I would have to be prepared & comfortable to be able to walk away at the end of the leasing period (effectively renting the car).

    I also have to evaluate these cars (among other ELLPS) for practical everyday driving. I want good navigation (really like Acura) & sound system (ipod integration is a bonus). I care about trunk space (can I fit a bicycle) & cupholders (large stainless bottle). If I have to compromise too much, then these cars are not for me.

    So these cars are still on my short list, but I have yet to check out TL-S & IS250 6MT. It turns out that more challenging to find these cars in manual to test drive.
  • Actually no. Reliability is very important. I would consider the pricier IS350 over the Bimmer.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,664
    IMO, that is why the oriental cars get the business. Actual and then perceived reliability over many years of proving this to get customer loyalty.

    That is why Toyota/Lexus beats everyone hands down when it comes to this part of the value proposition. Honda next, Infinity (not Nissan yet), Subaru and now Kia.

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,631
    Keep us posted as you proceed. The bicycle thing is especially interesting to me -- I don't think the G can do it. Even the coupe, with the fold-down seats, has a smallish triangular hole to put the fork & handlebars through.

    The BMW 3 with fold-down seats is certainly better, but perhaps not better enough. My ultimate fallback is the 3 sports wagon.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your search, and even more the car that it reveals.
  • yukityukit Posts: 7
    Although the total capacity is large, the trunk opening is quite narrow, especially if you get the navi option because the CD-changer is mounted on the top side of the rear deck blocking the opening partially.

    I cannot use my bike/ski rack that mounts on the trunk either since I will lose the trunk access completely (no folding rear seat)

    Another little quirk I discovered is the keyless entry system unlocks the driver's side door, but you need to press a little button in the door handle to open the passenger & rear doors.

    So it may not be the most practical car, but I am sure most people will manage. OTOH, the car drives great, & navi is very good (though I don't like the crippled mode while driving that Lexus use)
  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    first drive? Anyone know when they would have it?

    BTW, please don't "hi-jack" others' thread by clicking reply and changing the subject. Post your own thread if you like. :)
  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    Does anyone know where I could find a comparison chart on all these cars' performance? 0-60, 60-0, etc...
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501 has finally added a Motorweek video for the 07 G
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I would have loved to have bought a bmw 330ci, but reliability is most important to me.
  • has a comparison feature and Road & Track mag also has a comparison chart (of most vehicles)-unfortunately, neither of these have been updated with the latest 07 models (edmunds shows both the 07 G35S and 335i as "being researched").
  • wbb56wbb56 Posts: 45
    I have a deal on the table for 07 G35 Sport with all of the goodies. Great car, good deal. But..I am having trouble pulling the trigger because of the 335i. I've owned 4 BMWs, never an Infiniti. 335i was a little more wonderful to drive than the G35. Dealer (although not a good one) is local--Infiniti dealer is 120 miles away. Price is the biggest issue--10k difference which translates into about $85/month lease payment. Don't know if it's worth it move up--pay the BMW price--or go ahead with the G35 purchase-save $3k?? As I said, a tough one--I can't buy them both! Any opinions from owners of either?? Thanks!!
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    I have a fully loaded G35S including 4WAS package and love it, however if the dealer for infiniti is 120 miles away then, even though I prefer the G over the BMW, I'd say in your case your better off with the 335i. I say that assuming $1000/year more is "easy" for you to digest? if that's stretching you a little thinner then you prefer to go, then get the G and do local oil changes, you'll never need to go to the deal except for possible recalls/TSB's and that might be never, the past generations had very little issues.

    To be honest, I'm not a big fan of leasing because it's a lose-lose decision for the customer. It's probably the same price to finance the G as it is to lease the BMW, except at the end of 3 years you fully paid off all interest and have a little equity in the car, the last 2 years of payments are all equity so at the end of 5 years you then have about $20,000 in value. Looking over the coarse of 5 years, although your payment is probably $750 month, it's really only costing you about $400 a month to drive the car while the other $350 goes into a savings via equity. then in 5 years you can trade the car in and get $15-20K down payment toward a new car.

    Infiniti's offering 5.9% financing which is excellent.
  • turborodturborod Posts: 4
    I just bought a G35 sport automatic with premium and Nav., white with spoiler (didn't really care about the spoiler but car came from the factory with it.) Take delivery this week. Test drove both G and BMW 335i. AS a 67 year old guy who raced GTO's for a dealer back in the sixties, owned 5 corvettes in the past and presently own a 10 second Buick Turbo Regal Limited and a 98 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP,I feel I know a little about performance cars. I offer you my reasons why I bought the G over the BMW.

    The BMWi with 300 ft. lbs of torque at 1400 RPM's is quicker espically on the bottom end. The ride was amazing with the run flat tires over rough roads, smoother than the G but not distracting enough to me to make a difference. Ride over rough roads in the BMW was even smoother than a new Avalon Limited I tested. My Pontiac GTP with 100,000 miles is really rough riding on patchy roads. The interior of the G is much nicer than the BMW with my first impression of the BMW interior as old style plain Jane with very flimsy looking cup holders. I am about 6 feet tall with a long torso, so I need plenty of head room on cars with a sun roof. The IS350 does not fit and while the BMW does offer just enough head room the car is smaller than the G and I sought of had to squeese into the bimmer. Cost is a factor but if the bimmer was as large as the G and had as nice interior, I would of paid the difference for the BMW. I came away thinking the BMW is a great car for a younger guy. (25-35). I also was impressed with the G's Bose stereo and Music Hard drive. I know we are going to just love the new G. Now if my wife can only keep away from getting speeding tickets. It took only a week for her to get one back in 1987 when I bought the turbo limited and this new G is as fast as the Buick when it was stock.
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