Volvo C70 Window and Door Problems

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I have had my C70 in the shop 3 times now because of intermittent failures of the windows and door locks. The dealership has experienced the failure while it was in their shop, but could not determine the cause after reviewing the computer analysis. The "Tech Line" suggested they replace the Driver Door Module (DDM). The next time the "Tech Line" suggested they spray the electrical connectors with dieelectric grease. I guess they were out of Magic Fairy Dust. Now on its 3rd visit to the dealership in a few weeks, my little undependable C70 has been visited by the local Volvo Field Technician, who did another computer analysis, with no definitive results. The dealership said the "Tech Line" people and the Volvo Field Rep. did not know what to do and they are waiting for an answer from the Engineering staff in Sweden. Has anyone else experienced this problem... YET !!!


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    I also had issues with the window and door locks. I made notes (listed below) for the service department. The service report from the dealer reads, “Tech found debris on contacts for top. Tech cleaned debris on contacts.” The windows and locks have been working fine since.

    1. This has been going on for a while, the fifth window control “All Windows” doesn’t always work. The button usually has to be pushed at least twice before the windows will go up or down.

    2. On another occasion, none of the five window controls from the driver’s side would work. After about 20 minutes of driving and playing with all of the buttons, one window would go down an inch or two and stop. I would let go of the button push it again and again it would go down an inch or two and stop. Then I couldn’t get the windows to go up. After about 45 minutes of driving the windows finally worked as they were supposed to.

    3. About a week later none of the controls on driver’s side would work (the top was up). I was in a parking lot trying to put the windows down and trying to lock the doors – nothing would work. I even shut off the car and waited a minute thinking the computer just had to reset itself – no luck. I reached over to the passenger’s side and that window and lock worked fine. After opening and closing the driver’s door and turning on and off the car the driver’s side window controls and lock finally worked.

    4. Then I stopped on my way home and put the top and windows down. I had no problems. I then put the windows up - the temp dropped to 58. When I got home, I couldn’t get the top to go all the way up. It stopped just as it was about 3” from the windshield frame. The dash displayed “Top Failure” and something about bring in for service. I then pushed the top down button and put the top all the way down. Looked at the driver’s side window and wondered if it didn’t go down the 2” it normally does when the top is going up or down. So I put all the windows down and then I was able to put the top with out any issues.
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    Haven't read my manual yet. No need to put the roof down yet.... Snowed and sleeted yesterday - rain and snow today. Put the top down once to make sure it works - when the top went down the windows went up -- is this operating correctly? Seems counterintuitive to me. Why would the windows go up as a default position? No big problem as 1 window button puts all windows down, but why the 2 step operation?
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    I agree that all the windows up by default is counterintuitive.
    For me it should be the opposite, by default all the windows should go down, then if you want or need a little bit more protection you can use the 1 button windows up.

    I don't know why such a choice but Volvo has maybe a reason for it?

    By the way one little detail I like is the windows going down few millimiters at each time you open the doors, then when you close the doors the windows go up all the way.
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    I remember stanwict making the same comment in the previous thread (2006+) - if he reads this maybe he can offer a solution because I had a feeling he was going to ask if it could be re-programmed.

    This again is where volvomax would be of help - try posting on the XC90 threads and maybe max will come back to us!
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    I was asked this question. This is std procedure for most if not all converts.
    My SL does the same thing.
    There is alot of turbulence with the side windows down on a convert.
    There is a simple solution, just let go of the button as the windows start up, and hit the window down button if you want the side windows down.
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    That is a simple solution, but it would have probably taken a long time before I figured it out. Thanks.

    Love the car. Great fit and finish. Seems really solid and rides like a much larger car. Got the manual transmission and the car is fast enough for me. Send some of that Arizona weather up here to Wisconsin - 35 degrees is bad enough but the snow really puts a damper on top down driving.Do you sell Merecedes as well as Volvo? Love the SL, unfortunately I have an SLK budget. Two divorces: 1/2 of 1/2 kinda puts a damper on fun money.
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    I've had my car for three days now (3 days 8 hours). It is now in the shop and I have a temporary 2006 C70. I'm really upset. I rolled my window down to swipe my parking garage card then tried to roll it back up. My driver's side window now won't go back up! It goes up about five inches stops and then goes right back down. The Volvo rep (not technician) forced it up with his hands while I pulled up on the window button - he thinks it has gotten off track and is binding somewhere and needs to be reset on the track. He put tape across the button and drove it around to the service garage for the tech on Tuesday (Monday is New Year's). He asked if I wanted to take it with me over the holiday weekend and then bring it back but I knew it would make me more and more upset to see that window stopped about two inches short of fully closing. Argghh. I had just gone by the dealership 20 minutes prior to ask about detailing (a rock chipped my paint & a door ding - microscopic but I can see it.) He offered to have his dent guy fix it for free. I left and headed to my parking garage where the dreaded window seizure happened. Erisaman, guess I'm not smelling like roses this time (except for the offer to fix my dings for free)... The window is of a little more concern for me now. I saw the forum where someone had trouble with the buttons not working but did not see anything about the window not closing completely (or did I miss something). It goes up slowly when it does go up the five inches then stops and quickly rolls back down.
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    To clarify, I've had the car 3 days but Friday was rainy all day so it stayed in my garage all day. So in actuality I've only driven the car 2 days and now it's at the dealership.
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    That has taken the smile off my face - I am so sorry for how you must be feeling.

    Yes, there have been comments about the windows not operating correctly, on the first thread entitled (I think) C70 Convertible 2006+ and later today I will check it out to find the message # for you.

    Try not to worry - I know it's your pride and joy but, like any pedigree, it's showing you that it has character, you just have to show that you'll not be beaten.

    Seriously - good luck with it, am thinking of you.
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    Hi cricket4 .... really sorry to hear this ... but as our C70 has spent pre-Christmas/Christmas/and now New Year sitting in the volvo garage ... with us driving a hire C70 .... I can empathise with you entirely! As your guy has suggested ..... it's probably going to be a fairly easy fault to rectify ... and if the other windows are all working ok ..... I am sure it's a relatively quick fix and nothing to do with central computers and the like. But I am a woman ... so really know little about engines ... except to say that I am learning fast! Anyway ... the good thing about this site is we can all swop incidents and stories (and I think there are going to be a few!) and help each other out ... and our technical guys!! The other good news is (as far as I see it) that our hire C70 has been faultless and a joy to drive ...... so it is achievable!!! The technical guys start work again on ours on Tuesday 2nd .... and I think their line of communication now stretches to Sweden because our problem has been a mystery to all to date!! We'll all get there ... rest assured ... Happy New Year to you and family and keep us posted! Best wishes London.
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    Back at my desk briefly and have found mention of faulty window controls on msg #900 etc. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the solution but you can be sure, there is one somewhere!

    Keep us informed, we are all wishing you well.
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    I took delivery of my car on 10/27/06 and had a problem with my right passenger window almost immediately. When putting the top back up the window would go all the way up, hesitate and then roll back down several inches. A trip back to the dealer and a software upgrade cured the problem. I have not had a problem with the car since then. I now have 3100 miles on it and absolutely love everything about it, especially the stares it draws when putting the top up or down.

    I hope your dealer will be able to fix your situation quickly.
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    Thanks all for the replies. Sympathy always makes me feel better... sigh. Cucci, I'm finding the same to be true the temporary C70 is absolutely fabulous to drive. But mine is just prettier (I think). I hope the same is true for me as it was for morgenthaler. I hope this is the only problem and after this it will be smooth sailing (driving) from here out. (I just hated watching the sales rep manhandle the window to get it closed. Made me feel like it would do more damage than good but he did get it closed, less about an inch.) And things could be a lot worse. I could have had an accident or the like. At least this is happening under warranty... For those of you with bluetooth - does your bluetooth come from the back speakers (like the subwoofer) or from the front speakers? Mine is coming from the back and I can barely hear the woman's voice asking for commands - is this normal?
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    Can't help from personal experience as I've not yet taken delivery, nor, for that matter, will I have subwoofers to contend with, as I've not specced the Dynaudio system. However, I know a man (or maybe a woman) who does ...

    If you check out the 'Volvo C70' thread, go to msg 1465 and 1466 and there are two contributors discussing the exact same situation.

    So, once again good lady - we wish you luck and many happy motoring miles in 2007.
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    I had a problem with the driver window - but different. The window control would work, but the one click to have window come all the way up or down stopped working and also when the door was opened, the window would go down one inch, but then not come back up automatically. This happened at same time that battery discharged overnight. The solution was a software fix - seems to be a lot of software issues and fixes.

    For bluetooth - I have it and it works fantastic, but the sound comes from the front speakers. I assume you went through the set up to control the volume and gender of the voice??
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    I did not know there was a setup menu. The dealership did not give me a manual with my bluetooth. Am I supposed to just know how it works? Is it that simple? I asked the dealership for an instruction book for the bluetooth and they said they would get me one. (Did yours come with instructions?)
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    Just got word from the service dept at my dealership. The problem with my window was a very simple one. The molding was bunching & folding (rubber molding that rubs against the window). It was bunching and tightened so that the window would not roll up and down easily. They are overnighting new molding for installation tomorrow. (Hopefully, that will work.) Also, they fixed my Bluetooth so that it comes through the right speakers. (Will try to get a manual for the Bluetooth, too) So far so good...
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    I had my Bluetooth installed a couple of months after I received my car. I received a comprhensive manual and the Bloothtooth works great with one exception the sub-woofer in the rear still thuds and booms even though the rest of the audio system mutes itself - Volvo service at my dealer states this is an issue without a fix and told me just power off the stereo during phone calls...

    A quick question for other Bluetooth users with the Dynaudio system, are you having the sub-woofer issue as well?
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    I got the photos of the spot where the paint chip is. There is a bright blue sticky note that marks the spot. The actual chip (on my black C70) is about the size of a peppercorn (not the size of the bright blue sticky). It goes all the way to the metal underneath. I really think a rock ricocheted off something and hit the side of my car (maybe it shot from the tire of a passing car). Either way, I'm getting it fixed! Here is a link to my photos:
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    The dealership dent & ding guy dabbed paint over my rock/paint chip. We decided not to fix it completely because, as it was put by the dealership, the paint would have to "be broken". They would have to take off the topcoat and buff to the metal and re-paint the whole section/panel. I decided I didn't want them to break the paint. Plus, they wanted to make sure that the chip was not caused by something mechanical (like the roof panels resting on each other). So we are going to wait to see if the paint is chipped away anymore. Dabbing it with new paint helped. I think it is not noticeable by the average person - I will always notice it, I'm sure.
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    This is my first post on Edmunds, I was searching for repair information on my 1998 C70 coupe. Boy do I have problems. My inspection was due on 12/06, when I went to have it inspected I could not get it done because the driver's side window will not go up or down, who would have known that if you window does not go up or down in VA, that you car will not pass inspection?. I got a Volvo technician to look at it, and he said the window regulator motor needs replacing. The motor, X bracket etc would cost around $500 and the labor around $600. The total cost at Don Beyer Volvo in Falls Church, VA, a whooping $1,200.00!!! Nobel Volvo of Fredericksburg, VA wants $1,032 to fix it. So, while I save up the money to get it fixed, I am riding around with an almost two month expired inspection sticker. Right now, with the help of a friend, I have a stick of wood pushing the window up to keep it from falling down. It has still dropped down about an inch, and with it being winter and cold, it really, really makes things a pain. Also, got another problem. I got this car from CarMax in Dulles, VA. It had around 63,000 miles on it at the time. The serpentine belt has been replaced, but I do not see anything about timing belt being replaced. The car now has 99,000 miles on it, and I still have not gotten the timing belt put on. Why you ask, well, I found out from the Don Beyer dealership that to get the 75,000 service, which includes the timing belt, it would cost me close to $800.00, and I do not even know if that includes changing the water pump out. I have read that if you do not change the water pump out, that it will start to leak, as the new belt puts extra strain on it. So I have a window that does not work, a timing belt that is getting ready to pop, and possibly destroy probably one of the best engines I have ever owned, and there are more problems. Here is where I need help from the people out there reading this. The two back tires on my Volvo C70 are worn down to the yellow belt on the very inside, I mean completely bald extending to about a half of inch to an inch. Both of the tires on the very inside are like this. I was told by a Volvo tech, that the C70 has some suspension problems and what was showing was a known problem with them. Does anybody know what could be causing it? How much it will cost to fix it? I have had the car aligned and this did not fix it, unless they messed up the alignment and this caused it, but I do not think so. I also will have to get the tires replaced after it is fixed. Currently I have the 225/45/17 Sumitomo's which I have had great luck with and I love them. So, it looks like I am going to have the tires replaced/suspension fixed (will this stop my car from passing inspection too?) I got the same tires priced on and I can get the Sumitomo's for $79.00 a piece, just over three hundred dollars for the four.
    The last problem I have, the drivers seat stopped going back and forth, the electrical buttons do not work. I checked the fuses, they are all fine. Does anyone know what happened to the seat, and how much will it cost to fix it?

    Thanks much,

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    I was driving my car with a semi-broken window. I was having to push it up whenever I would put it down. After about a couple of days of having this issue, it just fell all the down in to the window. Now, I'm being quoted 500+ Euros to have it fixed. Can anyone shed some light on what is a good website to get used Volvo parts off of? and cheap hopefully?


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    there is a raised area in the center of my 2007 volvo c70's upper dash. it somehow was raised and appears to be a dvd screen. i cannot close it and don't know where the switch is. it happened after the car washers finished w/the car. appreciate help. also, the right side door handle appears to have a spring or something broken - it won't open the door - and when pulled just pulls out without any resistance. help? thanks so much. new car to me...looked in the manual and couldn't find anything.
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    the screen in the dash is the navigation system. Sounds like you have an expensive feature you weren't aware of.

    To fix the door handle is going to involved removing the door panel. You need to visit the dealer.

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    I have a small problem it is cold -17 and my drivers window is not closing right due to cold,is this normal????
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    No, that's not normal. Temperatue should not cause window problems. Take it to your dealer.
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    The Navigation system on a 2007 is controlled in two ways. There are controls on the back of the steering wheel on the right (about 10 oclock) and there is a remote control. If there is no remote in your car, you may want to get one. To close the system, toggle the button on the steering wheel to the left. There are two controls, one is a toggle and one is a four way joystick thing. If the system is on, you can move the cursor up or down with the joystick. Then, typically, the left toggle moves back a screen, and the right toggle either enters, or moves forward. Good luck!
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