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Honda CR-V Dealerships

lolu143lolu143 Member Posts: 9
This forum is for those to share their experiences working with specific dealerships. I think it would help us to learn which ones are better to work with and of course, which ones to avoid! My bad experience is with Hayward Honda in the City of Hayward in CA.

I am in the market for a new Honda CRV. I went to Hayward Honda in CA to inquire into their CRV inventory. They didn't have the model I want, but they sent me a WRITTEN quote after I met with them saying that they would sell me the car at $19847 BEFORE tax and license when the car comes in and they would let me know. So I waited for two weeks. They called me on Jan 1st, 2007 saying the car came in. I went in ready to buy the car with the written quote in hand and they wouldn't honor the written quote that they provided me earlier, now saying that I have to pay $500 more above that quoted price. I sent the Internet Managers an email in the last week of Dec inquiring for an update of the CRV, they did not get back to me until the 1st of Jan in the new year. Convienently, they said that email quote was good for before the year and they called one day after Dec 31st, 2006. I bet you anything they had the car in the last week of Dec, but didn't reply back to me until 2006 passed, hoping I would pay more for the car than what they originally said. I walked out of there. Even if I am now willing to pay more, I wouldn't give my business there due to false advertising and misleading me with false written quotes. My message--don't go there to buy any Honda as what they verbally say and any written quotes they give you is not backed up when you are ready to buy the car. Not very trustworthy, my experience there was bad. It was such a big waste of time for since I could have bought my car earlier versus taking their written word for it.


  • nearmspnearmsp Member Posts: 90
    I would vote Honda Richfield-Bloomington in the twin cities as the worst in the twin cities, MN. I met with a condescending attitude by the manager when we went for a test drive. The sales guy who did give us a test drive did not bother to reply our e-mail for a quote! No doubt Honda increased sales by only 5% in the US compared to around 13% by Toyota. St. Cloud, MN is known for not budging on price. They would rather sell less Honda cars then be competitive. One of the reasons is that they make their money selling snow mobiles etc. With the poor snow this year, they may be forced to become more competitive on the car side of business:)
    Mankato Honda is responsive. So also is Buerkele Honda. Tanner Honda in Brainerd is very responsive and fairly competitive in pricing and do attract price conscious buyers from twin cities who are willing to travel 100 miles to pick up their vehicles. I have never got a reply back from Rochester Honda dealership.

    Two twin city dealerships who are responsive (and fairly competitive, though nothing compared to deals reported in the north east) are Luther Brookdale Honda and Luther Hopkins Honda in the twin cities. I requested quotes from Burnsville Honda (directly) and then through Edmunds, but never received a response.

    I would be keen to hear from other MN members regarding Honda dealership experiences.

    Gentile Honda in Racine WI is responsive (but not price competitive at all). A relative of mine, who lives in WI, has twice bought Honda vehicles from Rosen Honda in Gurnee, IL for really excellent prices.
  • carfreak8carfreak8 Member Posts: 58
    "Gentile Honda in Racine WI is responsive (but not price competitive at all). A relative of mine, who lives in WI, has twice bought Honda vehicles from Rosen Honda in Gurnee, IL for really excellent prices."

    I also bought my 2007 CR-V from Rosen Honda. I sent out a price quote request. I ordered the navigation model before they were in dealers in early november 2006. Rosen Honda was almost the lowest price, at $595 off MSRP including destination. Only Pauly Honda in Libertyville, Illinois, beat them (by $100 dollars). Gentile had there price set at $200 over MSRP including destination. They were the highest. The other four dealers that came in between were: Honda on Grand (Elmhurst, IL), Muller Honda (Highland Park, IL), Wilde Honda (Waukesha, WI), and Honda City (Milwaukee, Wi). I was treated great at Rosen Honda. It was not the first time I had bought from them (they always were competitive with prices), or the last.
  • snoopy21snoopy21 Member Posts: 114
    prior to my actual purchase, i contacted the internet departments of about 12 dealers in and around the sacramento area. the most competitive quote i got (by far) was from lodi honda and the internet sales manager there seemed was really cool too but they didn't have the color/trim level i wanted.

    so, i expanded my search and contacted steve hopkins honda in fairfield. the internet sales manager there was terrific to work with...he was really laid back but honest. when we arrived, everything was exactly as we had agreed on over the phone and emails. completing the transaction was totally painless.

    my wife did comment on how they didn't have a mega-play area for the kids like the gigantic toyota dealership we bought a camry from but i told her that tiny dealerships like this with low overhead is how we got such a great price.

    i'd say i was most disappointed in shingle springs honda. they were the only dealership that didn't even bother responding to my emails and, worse, they had the exact CR-V i wanted sitting on their lot. :mad:
  • lolu143lolu143 Member Posts: 9
    In your title of your message, please state which state the dealership that you are talking about is in. This forum is more for California dealerships, but other states are welcome as well!
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    This forum is more for California dealerships ...

    Not anymore! :)

    tidester, host
  • sweesiesweesie Member Posts: 7
    Planet Honda in Union, New Jersey are liars.
    Don't trust them!
    We had a horrible experience. :mad:
  • lolu143lolu143 Member Posts: 9
    No problem! Everyone is welcome to share their best dealership experiences or on the otherhand...vent their worst experiences! Have a good day!
  • sky23213sky23213 Member Posts: 300
    As I mentioned before in the Prices Paid forum, I agree on Richfield-Bloomington Honda - worst in the win Cities. The Internet Mgr pulled a typical bait & switch, wasted a good Sat morning; the finance dude tried the GAP extortion (rate is 5.99% , but 6.49% if you don't buy GAP from us, it's the bank's requirement, doesn't matter if you have it through your Ins Co). The Luther Dealers (Hopkins and Brookdale) were very responsive and competitive, eventually bought from Hopkins Honda - the Internet Mgr was great, matched the lowest quote, no pressure, coordinated the deal with the finance person seamlessly, spent a total of 30 min in the dealership. All was done by e-mail. Buerkle did not respond, the Sales person was nice, but mentioned that would sell for MSRP only, so it was a short visit.
    Wow, you tried as far as Brainerd! I didn't contact even Burnsville.
  • phisherphisher Member Posts: 175
    My experience was good with Burkey and Hopkins. Bloomington was TERRIBLE. I contacted the fleet Mgr and he just played the if I do this, Would you buy today game. I told him firmly that I was going to buy today or tomorrow and if he would be willing to sell the car for that price I would buy today. He refused to say yes or no just kept trying to say things like if I give you x amount of oil changes will you buy today. When I responded for the third or forth time that I was buying today would he be willing to sell the car he just responded with expletives and then hung up.
  • coolchidcoolchid Member Posts: 33
    Honda Cars of Mesa (AZ) was WONDERFUL to work with!! Excellent price, very professional service (even the Finance Guy ;) ), and they had my 2007 CR-V EX-L 2WD in Glacier Blue Metallic in less than two weeks when I'd been told that there weren't any coming into the valley for two months!! :D
  • coolchidcoolchid Member Posts: 33
    . . . was with Tempe Honda. :( Let me preface this by saying that due to an accident last December which totalled my '04 CR-V EX, I was in "urgent" need of a new car. At first I thought that I would go with an '06 as I preferred the familiar body styling of my Gen 2, to the newly re-designed '07's.

    When I had my car towed to Tempe Honda after the accident on December 4, they still had a half dozen or more 06's on the lot & the salesman I met with assured me that he could get me a very good deal on one. After the insurance declared my car a "total loss" ten days later, I immediately went back to Tempe Honda to see what they would do on an '06. I was told that the ones that they had on the lot had all been sold & I wouldn't find an '06 anywhere in the Phoenix area.

    So I took an '07 for a test drive & I liked the way it handled & the added safety features. The salesman agreed to try to locate an '06 SE in Pewter Pearl for me, but he warned that there might be some cost to bring it in from out of the area. I figured with the "deal" I'd be getting, I could handle a freight charge.

    The following week (12/22) he called me to tell me that he had located a new '06 in Pewter Pearl, just like I wanted & it was on their lot & I should come right over to grab it up. I immediately drove over there & met with him, and when he took me out to see it, I asked "Where is it?" and he said "Right there", pointed to a Saharra Sand Metallic CR-V SE that I had previously seen on their Used Car Lot. When I pointed out to him that this was not Pewter Pearl, he just shrugged his shoulders & played dumb. I probably should have walked out then, but having talked myself into the '07, I decided to go ahead & see what I could do on that.

    We sat down & I told him that I wanted an '07 CR-V EX-L 2WD but without any of their "packages". I also pointed out to him that in addition to purchasing my '04 CR-V EX there, my son had purchased his '07 Fit & I had also sent them three other customers who I knew had bought cars from them, in addition to having all our Hondas serviced by them over the last 18 years. He told me that MSRP was $25,395 and asked what I would like to pay for this car. I explained that I had done some research & I gave him my number (Invoice + $1,000) & he went back to present the offer to his sales manager.

    He came back with the sales manager who told me that those cars are going for MSRP only & not one cent less!! I again explained to him my history with their dealership and was FINALLY able to get him to let me have tint at "his cost" of $169 if I paid full MSRP for the vehicle. He said that they have one on order which has a build date of 01/11/07 & they hoped to see by the end of February. Given my situation, I went ahead & put a FULLY REFUNDABLE $500.00 deposit on that car. But later at home, I just did not feel good about the deal, so I decided to see if I could find an '06 on my own & wait for the demand to slow down to meet the supply of '07's. I requested & got a quote from Tempe Honda's Internet Dept. for $21,602 for an '06 CR-V SE.

    On Christmas Eve, I stopped by their lot to show my son the USED BEIGE '06 that they had tried to pass off to me as a NEW PEWTER PEARL. We were approached by a salesman from the Used Car department, who told me that car was probably sold, but that he could DEFINITELY get me a new one for the quoted price. Foolishly I believed him, having seen several on the lot on our way in to the dealership. He said that he'd get it all set up & I should call him later that afternoon. When I called him, he said we were all set to go & bring my cheque book right over. But when we arrived there, less than 10 minutes later, I was told that he was out on a test drive with a customer, and they would call to advise him that I was there. There was a bit of a hushed phone conversation & then I was told that there had been a mix-up & they don't have any '06's. I thanked them for wasting my precious time on Christmas Eve, turned on my heel & left!

    I'm happy to report, that I am now the VERY HAPPY new owner of a 2007 CR-V EX-L 2WD bought for $1167 BELOW Tempe Honda's LOWEST price!! (see above post) :D

    And you can believe that neither my son, nor I will be darkening Tempe Honda's doors again! (except to demand the immediate credit to my credit card of my $500 deposit)& to deliver copies of the letter detailing my treatment which I will be writing to Tempe Honda management, United Auto Group(their parent company), JDPowers, American Honda and others.

    PS - sorry this was such a long post, but I want others to be aware of all the deception & chicanery employed by Tempe Honda.
  • sarahbeesarahbee Member Posts: 5
    We have purchased 2 new Hondas from BR in the past year. Our first one was totaled and we had to replace it.
    No pressure, no financing games, they got us color we wanted from another dealer. Good service department.
    We went to DeLon Honda in Salem and they tried to pressure us to buy today. Kept trying to get us to make an offer, only to refuse it. I was quite happy to tell them when they called me back a week later to accept my offer that I had already a bought a new car. :P
  • kristiecatkristiecat Member Posts: 3
    We have been shopping for a 2007 LX 2WD CR-V since the end of November. We initially started with the two Honda dealers (Clear Lake and McDavid) that were less than 10 miles from us. As many of you know, CR-Vs are flying off the lots as fast as they come in.

    We wasted a good month and a half dealing with bait and switch tactics, being told that we should just get an EX, and that we would have to pay MSRP if we wanted a CR-V. We were willing to take most colors except for black or dark blue but they only seemed to have black available. Finally, one sales guy at McDavid said if we paid MSRP, he would contact other dealers to find the color we wanted but we would have to put down a $500 deposit and gee, "why not buy an EX".. yada yada.

    Clear Lake gave us a "special internet fleet" price that was only valid for about two weeks but never had vehicles available and the salesguy never followed through on contacting us when shipment manifests and VIN #s were available. When I checked their record with the Houston BBB, I discovered they had an unsatisfactory record.

    During this time, on a whim, I e-mailed the people at RELIANCE HONDA in Lake Jackson which is 40 miles from our home but about 20 miles from my husband's employer. I looked at their inventory on their web site and saw a lovely green tea LX CR-V and emailed to see if it was still on the lot. To my surprise, the sales manager himself emailed back and answered all of my questions, he was even willing to match the "special" price from Honda of Clear Lake.

    We got caught up with the holidays and illness and put off the CR-V search until January. When I emailed the Reliance Honda sales manager again, he again promptly returned my emails and informed me that he did have one LX CR-V available in red. My husband was not real thrilled about red as he was currently driving a red car and then the sales manager remembered that we liked the green tea color. He did some calling and negotiating with other dealers in Texas and orchestrated a trade for a green tea model in Wichita Falls, TX (which is near the Oklahoma border). He had his transport man leave that Friday afternoon so that, after an overnight stay, the car could be transported back by Saturday for us to look at and possibly buy. He asked for no deposit and took a big gamble that we would actually come and buy the car. He also honored the price he agreed to over a month ago even though the other dealers we dealt with were now asking for MSRP.

    When we arrived, we were impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. Our salesperson was very attentive and made sure that we knew about all of the CR-V amenities and how to use them before we left. We had a trade-in-: a beat up 1997 Saturn SW2 with almost 140,000 miles on it. The sales manager gave us a fair price on it, soley based on the Kelley Blue book value. There was no pressure about buying extended warranties, VIN etching, or other optional equipment and services. All the extra fees that come with T,T&L were estimated and emailed to me before we arrived so we were not surprised once we got there.

    According to Reliance Honda's web site, the sales people do not work on commission-they are salaried. I checked with the BBB, they have had one complaint which was promptly resolved. It is well worth your time to take a roadtrip to this dealer-they want your business and are willing to expend a lot of time, energy, and resources to try to meet your needs. I was surprised how willing they were to go the extra mile, literally, to get us the vehicle we wanted. On top of that, we paid less than MSRP :). I really appreciated that the sales manager was willing to communicate via email and did not pressure for phone numbers or more contact. We had a very relaxed and efficient buying experience. We highly recommend Reliance Honda to anyone who is looking for a car in the Houston Metro area.
  • lolu143lolu143 Member Posts: 9
    I recently purchased my new CRV on Saturday and was impressed with the professionalism with Fremont Honda. They were very detailed in explaining how each itemized cost is derived, showed me the invoice of the car without me asking for it and after I bought the car, provided a checklist to mark off what is wrong with the car when I did my final inspection and finally showed the vehicle in and out, including the engine without me asking for it. I was done within an hour. They did not pressure me to buy anything extra, which is good! I highly recommend this dealership, ask for salesperson initials PWong.
  • skye_skye_ Member Posts: 14
    Can't speak for all the salesmen there, but the one I had was horrible! Arrogant and rude -- acted like he was doing ME a favor by selling me a new car. For the test drive, he took me around a short, residential block (speed limit 30 mph) and then back to the dealership! What kind of a test drive is that?? I could have driven a 1960 Buick 30 mph and gotten the same impression! He offered no options (I didn't know to ask - nor did I know that there WERE options!) and now I find that I could have added a subwoofer! Granted, I was inexperienced and should have done more homework prior to purchasing my new car, but I guess I was just too excited about finally getting it. Wish I'd gone elsewhere and dealt with someone who actually cared that I was spending my life savings -- on a downpayment and that this was my very first new car purchase! The guy at Pompano Honda was a total and complete, uncaring jerk! I'd like to trade it for another one with the things on it that I want! Lesson learned -- if you don't like the salesman, go elsewhere!
  • crvme3crvme3 Member Posts: 140
    I did quite a bit of research (internet & direct) prior to my 07 CRV purchase. I found Scott Robinson Honda in Torrance CA. & Miller Honda in Culver City CA. to have the least amount of BS and the best pricing of anyone. They both treated me fairly & honestly. :)
  • thelacarguythelacarguy Member Posts: 3
    I researched the CR-V,checked it out and even sold my Lexus RX300 via private party on Craigslist prior to my actual purchase.

    Ater contacting about 10-12 thru on the internet departments of about 12 dealers in and around the Los Angeles area. Indicating what I wanted EX-L 2wd w/o navi in black and black, I got a great deal via a e-quote from Gardena Honda (Danny) in their internet department of $24,700 which is a competitive quote, since the car is so hot in LA right now and their was only about 6-8 in the whole state with the color & trim that I wanted.

    When me and my wife went in to do the deal, they were very professional and we were in and out with the car within a little over a hour.It was also very nice that both our salesman and the head of the internet department called me the next day after the sale to make sure I was happy, the car was okay and that the purchasing experience was outstanding. Overall, everything was great and even though I had a Lexus, I love this car.

    Thanks for everyone's contribution over the past month as I have been shopping and reading the comments on the board.
  • esteezeesteeze Member Posts: 102
    All of my dealings have been with Tameron Honda in Hoover (sold me both my 03 CRV and 04 Odyssey when they were new, and all service for those vehicles has been done there).

    The customer service there has been excellent; although, I've never had a big problem with either car to really put them to the test.

    They may be a bit more pricey than other dealers, particularly for sales; however, the convenience factor is huge since I live about 2 miles from their location.

    I'd be curious to hear if anyone else who may live in the Birmingham area has experiences with Tameron or other dealers they would like to share.
  • micki2micki2 Member Posts: 13
    Does anyone have any idea what these are used for??? Are they used to give bonuses? Awards for the dealership? Have people been fired for non-fives? Any insight would be nice.

    During the transaction, the sales agent asks me to give him all "5"s on the customer satisfaction survey.

    Then after the deal is closed, he reminds me to give him "5s". He also adds that someone received one "4" and they were fired from their job.

    A few days later, he contacted me on the telephone for a related transaction. He leaves a reminder to give him all 5s.

    I went back to the dealership for installation of options. I was reminded to give him all 5s, because his job depends on it.

    It was so bad that my co-worker asked me if he stood outside my house in a sandwich board with a big 5 on it.

    I was dissatisfied with several key aspects of his service, but I was initially willing to give the benefit of the doubt. But the prompting for fives pushed me over the edge. I actually asked the surveyers to call me back in a week so that I could have time to work through my feelings.

    I told the truth. I also mentioned the "prompting for 5s." I asked what the purpose of the survey is if we are encouraged to not give feedback or suggestions for improvement. The surveyer was appalled. He mentioned that is AGAINST company policy and that retailers are prohibited from doing that.

    So, what are the surveys used for?
  • nearmspnearmsp Member Posts: 90
    Thanks for sharing the information about the survey. Was the survey from HMC directly? Did they have an option for an internet based option or is it over the phone only?
  • micki2micki2 Member Posts: 13
    It was a phone survey by Honda Motor Company. Is it used to determine bonuses? Why is there such a push for all fives?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    We just happen to have a discussion called Customer Satisfaction Surveys. :shades:

    The issue comes up often in the Stories from the Sales Frontlines discussion too.

    And yeah, bonuses and pay plans are often tied to good surveys, and some buyers "trade" a good survey for a discount on accessories or a tank of gas.
  • guru_gguru_g Member Posts: 62
    Yesterday, I bought a Honda CRV 4wd EX and all season floor mats (list-$149, typically sells for $99 online) for ~23,300+Taxes ($1330)+Title, license and prep. fee($395)=$25,000 OTD. The first offer I got from this dealership was $500 over invoice and the deal was finalized within 5 minutes over the phone!! I did not trade in anything. I added the extended warranty 8yr/100K $0 ded. for $885 (the dealer matched Bernardi's price without any hassle). The price on the CR-V+floor mats was $1587 below MSRP and I had a really pleasant buying experience from Don Jacobs Honda in Lexingtion, KY. If you live anywhere close to Lexington, I would highly recommend them. I drove 70 miles to buy from them as the local Louisville dealers would not budge more than $500-$1000 from MSRP. I ordered the CR-V last month and the vehicle was in before the salesperson said it would be in. The salesperson was very affable, courteous, and proactive in taking care of everything (called my insurance agent and gave the details of the car, kept me updated on the status of the car and emailed me the VIN when he knew, had the car ready to go when I said I would be in). No BS from the F&I person as well. Thoroughly pleased with the overall buying experience and they truly deserve 5's in the survey (Isellhondas-I am an engineer, teacher & like a good deal, 3 of your 4 criteria for giving the salesperson a bad survey). If anyone wants the salesperson's name email me.
  • beerloverbeerlover Member Posts: 20
    CRV 4wd EX
    $22800 Invoice (w dest charge guessing dest charge ~$600)
    150 avg tag and fees
    100 mats
    23050 base
    - 23695 you paid (23300+395 fees)
    $695 you paid over invoice

    Its the fees they got you on. I think if you look around you'll see fees typically run about $150 (title and doc fees) and they charged you $395

    You still got a better deal than me by a hair and most people so don't feel bad.
  • guru_gguru_g Member Posts: 62
    The exact breakup is as follows:

    $23,266.12(invoice of $22840+$100 incl. floormats and destination)
    $1338.88 (taxes)
    $395.00 (title, documentation, & prep fee).
    25,000 OTD
    The $395 fee is a bit on the higher side but is on par with the other honda dealers in KY. The minimum fee for all the local dealers was $249, but that dealership's OTD price was much higher. I negotiated using OTD price and I knew $25K was a good deal. I don't feel bad at all since my deal is comparable to the best deals people have gotten (per edmund's forums):).
  • marig0107marig0107 Member Posts: 92
    They were hard negotiators and so were we, but fact is, vehicle was too popular to go that much under invoice. However, even before we committed to the car, without prompting or putting money down, they secured the exact car we wanted to their fleet. So when we did decide on their offer, the car was already there. Also, their non-negotiable doc fees, well, at least half of them, if not more were cut. They just had to cut off of other things to make it go away. So on paper, doc fee is there, but on the extra add-ons, they were marked down.

    I also highly recommend their internet sales guy, JR MCCoy. Super nice and helpful, which I know they are supposed to be, but this guy was not slick dealer like some. He even went thru our owners manuals, all of them, and placed post it flags on the should know now items...tee hee....good cause I hate reading manuals.
  • saprissa1saprissa1 Member Posts: 4
    I just purchased a Honda CRV, and wanted to share my experiences with the handful of dealerships. We bought the car from Parker Johnstone, and they were good to work with. Not a lot of pressure from the sales staff, and really the negotiation didn't take more than 20 minutes. The one problem was that it took about 90 minutes to get the paperwork ready to sign (but only 15 mins to actually sign). That was pretty frustrating.

    As for the other dealerships, the people at Bill Rogers Honda were very laid back. Easy to talk to, and they didn't seem to hold back on information relative to the cars in stock. Prices were competitive, but in the end the dealership was just too far away (50 miles) for me to make the trip. Dick Hannah had the best prices, but the sales staff was a little high pressure. The internet sales manager at Honda St. John's was pretty firm with pricing, but I appreciated the honesty.

    As an aside, a friend of mine purchased a CR-V at Beaverton Honda and said it was a hassle free experience.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Edmunds now has a Dealer Ratings and Reviews page that's more "global" than just the Forums, so please take a few minutes to rate and review your dealers there too. Thanks!
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    Has anyone dealt with the above? They advertise at below invoice on the Hyundais and that is quite a bit with the 2000.00 rebate included. What's the catch, do they lowball you on the trade-in?...There is a $99.00 dealer fee plus TT/L and supposedly thats it.
  • mandsecretshopmandsecretshop Member Posts: 1
    I like the Honda Oddessy van. I recently tried to buy one in fact. But the sales staff at my local dealership is horrible. I refuse to give any commission to people like that. How can I get around them to buy the car? I thought about driving to the next town (and would clearly save money in doing so) but worry that service would be a hassle. Do I risk that I would simply never have to use the service department???? Open to suggestions/ solutions.
  • alamocityalamocity Member Posts: 680
    I'd definitely look into other dealerships before buying from a dealership you don't feel comfortable with. As for service that shouldn't make any difference where you bought it from and can have the service done at the dealership closest to you.
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Member Posts: 146
    If hte sales departent is poor, then it's liekly the service department is just as badly managed. Thsi is the case with our local nissan dealer. The closest dealer is 40 miels away, but we've had such bad expereinces we actually go to the nextclosest dealer 100 miles away. But for a reasonable price, they have a pick/drop-off and loaner service. I do most of the basic maintenance myself, but for the major service intervals, I use that service.

    Fortunately for my CR-V, the cleast Hodna dealer so far seems pretty good and that's where I purchased it from. I didn't get the best price, but I'd rather pay an extra $500 to establish a good reputation and saved a 200 miles rounds the nearest dealer had what I wanted in stock.
  • 29er29er29er29er Member Posts: 8

    We just picked a new Honda Cr-v Ex-l 2013. We checked everything out before signing the contract but I did not notice there were small pieces of broken glass making noise when turning. Service guys said the rear window was broken before delivery to a dealer and somebody did not mention that in the papers. There were also some scratches on the rear wiper. We are getting a new wiper and glass is going to get cleaned up at the service free of charge. We also asked to check for structural damage and they said there was none - I noticed some sloppy welding in the rear when you open a hatch.

    They gave us a thorough report. I am going back to the dealer to complain again. Should I ask for a discount or a new car? We know the general manager quite well and it is the 3rd car we bought from them. It was a smooth ride before until now.

    I am bit disappointed that something like happened and has not been disclosed. I am fully aware that cars do get damaged before delivery and most of us will never know but this time they did not even bother to clean it up so they got caught red handed.
  • 29er29er29er29er Member Posts: 8
  • pompompompom Member Posts: 4
    I found damage to a Nissan that I had purchased as new from a dealer. Back then I found out that if the cost to replace/repair is over a certain thresh hold they have to not only disclose it to you but can not sell as new. I contacted the Nissan headquarters who sent out a person to check on this (it was body damage that had been repaired unknown to me). I would ask for a new car but good luck with that. I am currently a Honda owner and received my car in very unsatisfactory condition. My first and last Honda!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    The threshold for disclosure varies quite a bit depending on what state you are in. Here's one example in NC - 5% of the retail value is the threshold.

    I think most states require the dealer to disclose any repairs if you ask but who thinks to ask?

    That link has some suggestions about what you can do.
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