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Jeep Wrangler Maintenance and Repair Questions (up to 1996)



  • birdy0birdy0 Posts: 1
    this jeep just died and now will not start. i have changed the plugs, wires, cap, stator, coil, crankshaft postition sensor, asd relay. now i have checked the codes and i get 22,23,and 24. engine coolant temp sensor, intake manifold air temp sensor, and throttle position sensor. will any of these code problems be the cause of the jeep not starting. regards birdy
  • yjbobyjbob Posts: 56
    I believe I have seen in other Wrangler discussions that a bad throttle position sensor will prevent startup.
    Good Luck
  • if your headgasket is leaking you will presherise the cooling sistome and it wont serculate
  • oldyjoldyj Posts: 5
    bought 94 wrangler 4cyl. 5 sp. New body and paint, new top, new interior, tires, radiator, hoses, brakes, bumpers, stereo. Looks brand new. 102,000 miles. pd. 5,500. After two weeks lost 4th gear...trany shot...replacing trany, transfer case, clutch and flywheel. will now have about 10,000 in it[mechanic is a friend and cutting me a deal]. Now toying with idea of dumping it and buying new. Any opinions on what I could get for it on outright sale, or if I am better off keeping it and waiting for engine to go. How much to replace a 4 banger? Spent last few days reading the first 12000 posts and seems to be a knowledgeable and friendly group. Thanks for any help you can give
  • waukazoowaukazoo Posts: 1
    My son has a 1987 Wrangler, on which the previous owner stripped ouot all of the 'computer stuff'. He can not tell if it is in 4WD or not??? I suspect he's in 4WD, because at highway speeds, he claims the floorboard gets hot and smoke starts coming out. Help!!!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Um, 4wd at highway speeds is NOT a good thing if he wants to keep his transfer case, dry or wet roads.

    The 87 YJ has a vacuum actuated setup in front to get 4wd going, and that is about all I know about it. It SOUNDS like it is working, but it sounds like you need to do a service on your transfer case. I think your son fried it.

  • two different problems: this past week i'm noticing that i cannot make right turns properly. it seems the wheel is not turning enough and i noticed alot of sway in my steering. do you have any idea what this means? It turns left just fine. thanks
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It could be one of several issues with your steering, none of which are inconsequential. Most likely is a steering box problem.

    Have it attended to immediately!
    Consider that sentence to be repeated several times.

    Steering failure could lead to a substantial reduction in your quality of life. :(
  • I had some guys look at my jeep at work last night and guess what?? My frame was broken in half. I was driving that jeep for 3 days like that. Had it towed and presently getting fixed. Unbelievable!
  • cjeremiacjeremia Posts: 1
    ok i see all kinds of problems for the wranglers most of them are nonworry things heres areal question for you guys how about an electric engine one that can bolt up to your tranny or one that can just run the vehicle we might as well start talking about it cause of our fuel crisis besides you want more power well how about an electric engine. I have a1990 4cyl/5sp wrangler gas is getting alittle to high and i like to go 4wheeling hits on this subject would really help
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    You'd be surprised at the torque an electric engine can create, which is great for 4x4ing, but the reality is that torque has a price in short battery life. Offroad, an electric engine will likely die when you need it most.

    Consider a V8 swap. I know of at least 4 people who have put in V8's and are getting in the mid 20's for mileage vs the teens for the 4cyl and 6cyl. Each of the engine swaps was a small block chevy V8 (in one case an LS1 engine) and only 1 was a hemi.

    I've seen a Canadian firm doing diesel swaps and even Extreme 4x4's TV show did a diesel swap (in a Samurai) and run veggie oil waste. There are options.

  • my75cj5my75cj5 Posts: 1
    ok - I just bought the 75 but I need to ask a few questions:

    I am searching for an owners manual first off.

    Was the 3 speed manual transmission original?

    Was the strait 6 cylinder the original as well?

    I am looking to restore the jeep to as close to factory specs as possible. I am also looking for gauges several are out or non-working as well as some some I can't tell what they ever did.

    any help?


  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    May want to look up Collins Bros Jeep out of Texas. They may have what you are looking for in terms of info and parts.

  • my jeep jumped time changed voltage regulator. ignition module,distributer,and timimg gears and is getting fire and is in time what could be causing it not to crank
  • anytjing closer to Tupelo Ms
  • ga93yjga93yj Posts: 1
    I'm on my last leg w/ my 93' yj. I purchased about a year ago and have been replacing some small stuff to make my rig the ultimate hunting and trail rig. from the time of purchase I have had a problem with the jeep sputtering out when driving if I dont stay on the throttle, especially in 1st-3rd gears. I replaced the dist. and plugs and wires in a prev tune-up, I also had a crack in my ex. manifold which i replaced, I cleaned the throt. bdy, replaced fuel filter. still having same problem, its a violent sputter, an ex. when taking off in 1st it will usually start out good, then sputter, almost stall then catch again, it does this in all gears unless i dont stay on the accell. it also is backfiring sometimes when i let of gas while cruising at 2k rpm. The jeep was sitting for a while prior to my purchase and since i have had it its been through 2 tanks of fuel... any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated! thanks AJ-
  • Thanks baffled4. I bought a used '92 for $1500. all was good till I got it home. Test drove nice. A little rough on the inside, but overall nice shape. A few days later it started with the same thing you were describing. Turn the key and wait for the check engine light. I search all over for someone who had a clue what it could be. All I got was "Bring it in and we will hook it up to a computer for $100. Thats not to fix, thats just to see what to do. I do most of my repairs myself. Breaks, Tune-ups, Even a motor swap (ONCE!!). Now I Got The Answer. Thanks again. Saved me a few bucks, and a lot of sleepless nights. :)
  • I replaced the clutch and internal slave/throwout bearing on my 93 wrangler 4.0. The hydraulic line from the master cylinder has a quick disconnect feature to connect the line to the line coming out of the bellhousing that goes to the slave. I reconnected the line to the new slave and when I tried to bleed the clutch and pressure was put on the line, the line came apart at the connection. I would like to meet the guy who designed this junk quick disconnect line. I see no way of by passing this connection. I checked with the local dealer and no one has these lines either. The closest one is at a dealership in Lebanon, Ohio. The price for this hydraulic line is also very expensive. $148.00 and it looks like it actually may be worth $20.00 tops. Any ideas out there? Thanks
  • I have an 84 cj7 with a 258 6cyl it cranked when it was cold and ran for a few minutes the died it would not recrank. I have been having problems since I got it. I have changed the sparkplugs, wires, distributor cap, rotary button, coil, condenser,pickup in distibutor, fuel pump, filter, rebuilt the carb, starter silinode, computer. I'll take any suggestions. I'm out of ideas. as far as I know the timing is right. it ran perfect for a few minutes after I changed the computer the died and would not start.
  • I have a 1992 all stock, 2.5L jeep wrangler and am looking to upgrade it a little bit just to help it run smoother and longer. Where would be a good place to start?
  • Try the crank sensor. I had the same problem with my 95 YJ, I replaced everything from the fuel pump all the way up to the plugs. Turned out it was the crank sensor and took me 5 minutes to replace... Hope it works...
  • Just about all the parts I got for my 95 YJ were from JCWhitney. I bought some off of ebay but start at JC they have just about anything you want. Have them send you a catalog there seems to be things there that arent on the site...
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    JC Whitney can be overpriced. There are LOTS of offroad vendors available, depending on what you are wanting to do to your Jeep. I tend to use the smaller places to support the local economies and their customer service tends to be much better. JCWhitney and Q-tec have been known to be a hassle to deal with when returning stuff.

    Depending on what you want to do, here are some vendors to consider: (Kansas) (Washington State) (Maine/Arizona) (Alabama) (Colorado) (Colorado)

    If you want to go specifically to a manufacturer, many sell direct as well.

    I've used all the above and had ZERO complaints with any of them.

  • i have a 1993 jeep wrangler and the engine will turn over but wont start right away. It used to take about 5 minutes now i am at about 20. After u turn the ignition on u have to wait 20 min then u can here the relays kick on then the fuel pump as soon as the fuel pump kicks up she stars no problem. I have replaced the relays, the fuel pump, and the ignition switch and am still at the same problem.
  • I have a 1995 Jeep Wrangler. I had the same exact problem. I also replaced everything like you did. It was my computer, had it replaced about a year ago and no longer have the problem. The mechanic told me the way to check it, when you turn the ignition and the check engine light is not on, your computer is not sending the signals to start the jeep. Mine took twice as long when it was cold or raining, sometimes took an hour to start. I hope this helps!
    ~Diane~ :)
  • I have a 95 Wrangler. When you turn on the ignition b4 cranking it, the check engine light should be on. If it's not, then your computer is bad and needs to be replaced. If your check engine light isn't coming on at first, try turning your ignition on and off several times and watch for the check engine light to come on. It should start when the check engine light comes on. And if that's the scenerio, then your computer is bad.
  • Can anyone tell me where to find a computer harness for my 84 CJ7? I have looked all over and they all point to the Painless wiring harness, but their complete OEM package still won't include the harness going to the computer. The existing harness has been messed with by the previous owner (splices with duct tape). So if anyone has suggestions as to where to get one I would be thankful.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    This bit?


    There are two complete harnesses on eBay at the moment by the same seller for $150 each.

    Auction One

    Auction Two

    Another solution would be a car breakers.
  • I have a 76 Jeep CJ-7 that sat for several years, it will start and run in "start position" (starter engaged) but dies in run or on position. I am assuming it must be the ignition switch (key switch). All the gauges and electrical work with the key in the “on” position, it just will not run.
  • ronbo2ronbo2 Posts: 6
    just did it, bring it to a pro it cost me 250 cdn for all new,i am a doit youselfer sometimes it's cheaper to pay i have a 92&94 just did the 94 and they should all be the same outside spacer then there is the rubber on the inside leave it on and buy new rubber for the outside[20 bucks]if you buy the tape adhesive you got one shot good luck to be safe i would say a pro would charge 60bucks and you don;t get dirty
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