Sierra/Silverado Governor?

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I recently bought a Sierra 2500HD 4x4. Without a doubt, it's the best truck I've ever owned. I'm a little dissapointed with one thing though. GM has installed some type of governor that cuts fuel to the engine at 98mph. Yeah, I know, I should not be driving that fast anyway. I have a problem with it though, for what I paid for the truck, shouldn't it be my choice as to how fast I want to drvie? I'll probably never drive that fast again, but I want to make that decision for myself. Does anyone know how to have this governor removed (dealer won't touch it)? It's a principal thing with me. It wouldn't matter if the governor was set at 198mph, it would still tick me off.


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    Limiter is there due to tire rating.....go to JET CHIP or HYPERTECH sites for info on
    programmers to reprogram engine CPU to disable speed sensor (fuel shutoff) etc

    Good luck
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    Amora is right, the speed limiter is because of the speed rating on the factory tires. If you drive faster than the tire's speed rating, a tire blows, you crash and your heirs sue GM. So they put in the speed limiter to prevent lawsuits. Dealer won't touch it for the same liability reasons.

    You can buy a Jet chip to disable this feature. The only problem is, where to buy 'E' load rated, 'H' speed rated tires? If you buy less than the 'E' load rating, then you comprimise the load carrying abilities of your truck.

    Good luck,

    Mike L
    2000 Silverado 2500 4x4 6.0L 5spd
    Deadhorse, Alaska 6-6-99 (with my 99 1500 4x4 4.8L 5spd)
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    Are really only applicable for extended high speed running at really warm temps at full load....

    The stability of our PU's at 110-120mph would worry me more than the tires overheating during a short passing/speed run.

    PS. Did you know that a rental Northstar Caddy has a governer shutoff of 108mph? hehehehehe
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    The hypertech power programmer III is on order. I'll let you know about the stability of our trucks in another week or so. I never knew about the speed ratings of tires before. I guess it certainly makes a lot sense for GM to limit the speed then. I don't believe that I had any speed limiter on my 98 Dodge. Then again, I didn't really have the courage to push that truck as hard and I may have but never found out. The new Sierra does 90 and feels like it's doing 60. I won't be driving the thing at those rates of speed a lot, but I do want to find out what the thing is capable of. The fuel cuts off at 98 and the tach is around 3200. Plenty of room for more...
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    If I remember right most dodges are limited to about 112 mph ( my 98 and 01 are limited there) the fords vary most are at 96 mph but if you have the 17" wheels it is 110. and most GM trucks are 96. I agree the limiters are a pain, but on the other hand it is not good to have a 33" tire spinning 30# of rubber @ 2000RMP either, can you say tread separation?
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    I checked last week and the Hypertech isn't available according to them. Now this is for the 8.1, but they replied nothing for the 2500HD...
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    112 on the Dodge eh? I would never try to go that fast in a Dodge. My 98 made me nervous at 75. Must be why I never found out about the limiter.
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    I don't know who told you that you that it isn't available, I had no trouble getting one ordered. has them.
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    Hypertech doesn't list a module for the 8.1L. doesn't list a Hypertech either - all I could find was a Jet module on that site.

    Mike L
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    Lou: Not to question truckperformance, but direct from hypertech...

    Thank you for your interest in Hypertech. We are sorry to inform you

    that at this time, we do not offer any products for your vehicle. When

    something becomes available, it will be posted to the web site. If you need

    further assistance, please call our Sales/Technical Department at




    Hypertech, Inc.

    At 02:46 PM 2/26/01 -0500, you wrote:

    >Below are the contents of the Chip Request Form

    >Submitted by Eric Mitchell on Monday, February 26, 2001 at 14:46:51


    >Name: Eric Mitchell


    >E-Mail: [email protected]


    >Year: 2001


    >Make: GMC


    >Model: 2500HD Crew-Cab 4WD SLT


    >Engine: 8.1 Gas (496 big block)


    >Transmission: Automatic


    >Comments: Expected availability dates? Also, can my current PPIII be

    >updated for this motor? If so, how much?

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    Apparently I didn't pay attention to what I was doing when I was at I thought I punched up the 8.1 and actually punched up the 6.0. You guys are right, they don't have a hypertech for the 8.1. They do have it for the 6.0 though. I'm running the 6.0 and mine should be here in another day or so (I hope). Hope Hypertech comes out with one soon for you 8.1 guys.
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    I got a little concerned with the Hypertech unit that I ordered after I read the posts on here. I called Hypertech and they said that a unit is NOT available through retail as of yet. They informed me to cancel my order with the company I order mine through (apparently some dealers are selling the same unit for the 2K 2500 and it's not the correct unit for the HDs). They said they do have some that are out there, but they are beta versions. They were willing to send me a beta version. They take 50 bucks off the price for the beta version. They said the PPIII for all 2001's (including 8.1) will be available in a few weeks. They said they have quite a few beta versions left and are willing to sell them direct. You have to call Hypertech direct at 901-382-8888. According to the tech I spoke with, the units are ready for production. The only reason for the hold up is due to some minor concerns with Onstar. Since I don't have Onstar, I'm not worried about getting a beta. If you have Onstar, maybe you might want to wait a little while until the regular version comes out.

    Hope this helps anyone who had some questions.

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    I wouldn't pay too much attention to what web sites day. If you believe the Helm web site you can only buy a manual for 2000 trucks. That's after searching for every model year! Yet I bought a 89 manual via snail mail. Now if I could only order one for my 01!
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    Yep, I understand speed rating, load ratings, shouldn't drive fast, and lawsuits. But I agree with Sierra2500HD in that I would like to make the decision myself. I am interested in the top speed, and have owned a couple of peppy cars that I didn't have the guts to max out. However, I believe the 2500HD will be very stable at 100. Without realizing I found myself at 85 with the 8.1, Allison and it felt stable as a rock. I suspect I never will take the 2500HD to top speed. My 88Ford F250 only has an 85 mph speedometer, and I have buried that several times. It too was stable, and feels solid at a constant 80 mph. On the lawsuits, I don't believe in them. If my kids ever sued GM or the tire company because I killed myself at 100+, I would come back from the grave and haunt them the rest of their lives.
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    I had the HD up to 98 (when the limiter kicked in) and it felt extremely stable. I've been in many a car that felt like they would fall apart at that kind of speed. The HD took it without any problem.

    I agree that we should probably never drive that fast. However, if you're on an open road with nobody around, what's it hurting?
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    I just thought I'd give my 2cents also about the Power Programmer. I have a 99 LS chevy z-71 classic w/5.7Liter v8. The programmer will allow you to set your speed for cut off. I always set at highest.......128. Done it a few times with 33" Super Swampers on interstate when no one around. Felt fine as long as you're on a good road with ample space( I was on an 8 lane highway). Cut out at 98 before programmer. Thought some one might be interested. Oh yeah, Never felt unsafe or compromising the ride.

    P.S. about to get 2001 or 2002 crew cab 4x4 2500hd Duramax w/allison........anyone have experience with this combo yet?
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