Chevrolet Monte Carlo Warning Lights and Problem Codes

boatdr1967boatdr1967 Member Posts: 1
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how do i reset the engine codes on my 87 monte ls had to replace o2 sensor and cant get the bad code out of the system


  • flywheel37flywheel37 Member Posts: 1
    You should be able to disconnect the battery for 60 seconds and this should clear it. Good Luck Bill
  • syrstevesyrsteve Member Posts: 1
    What steps should I take to correct this problem. PO 128 coolant Temp Below Thermostat regulating Temp. My heat works but the Temp gauge doesn't move from below 140.
  • lorddrago1lorddrago1 Member Posts: 19
    got code p0401 I cleaned all the ports and replaced the egr still getting the code. any ideas?
  • harry95sseharry95sse Member Posts: 1
    Had the car scaned and showed a large leak in the evap system, I put a new gas cap on and it did not fix the problem. Checked the hoses and they looked ok, not sure where to look next or test sensors.
  • johnnyfive33johnnyfive33 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 97 grand prix and I am buying a 97 monte carlo and was just wondering if any parts like struts, ball joints and maybe the tranny would fit from the grand prix to the monte. thanks
  • fiafia6fiafia6 Member Posts: 4
    how do I check my check eng light codes. It seems to be a little different to bring it up on the panel then my dodge. I don't think I have the owners manual but any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • pzamspzams Member Posts: 1
    fiafia6, You didn't say what kind of car you have. If your car or truck is newer than 1996 ( Ford, GM, or Chrysler ) it has the OBD-II (On Board Diagnostic 2 ), you need a scanner. You can buy a simple scan tool from an auto parts store for less than $100 you can buy a pretty nice one for about $500 and a real nice one for about $5000.
  • vettman1vettman1 Member Posts: 3
    Could anyone tell me where the Outside Temperature Probe is located on my 2000 Monte Carlo?
    The temperature display is always 10 degrees cooler than the actual outside temp. It has always seemed to be ok, now all of a sudden it's constantly lower.
  • ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
    Hi, vettman1,

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  • monte2000monte2000 Member Posts: 1
    My coolant level low warning light will not go off. The coolant level is full and I have tried disconnecting the battery to reset. Any suggestions?
  • morrowb99morrowb99 Member Posts: 1
    We checked the fuses, all were good and not above or below what the panel or the book said they should be....scared to find out I have to tear the dash out, something about a relay? Is it hard, cheaper to have done, please none of the above would be a nice X-mas present!! Thanx!
  • camacho94camacho94 Member Posts: 6
    Most likely it is the sensor, it is located on the radiator near the battery. If you unplug the sensor the low coolant level light will stay off.
  • camacho94camacho94 Member Posts: 6
    If all the fuses are good in the car, also there are some under the hood, if all are good then it has to be the flasher/ relay which is the actual hazard switch. Either it somehow got unplugged, or is just no good. Removing the dash is not that difficult, all you need is a 7mm socket.
  • camacho94camacho94 Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2001 monte carlo, is there any way to reset the low tire pressure light without the factory radio other than disconnecting the car battery?
  • lildaddy50lildaddy50 Member Posts: 1
    your sensor is shot. It is located on the side of the radiator on the passengers side. It is about 4 inches down fron the radiator cap. Just unplug the wire until you get a chence to change it.

  • garym702garym702 Member Posts: 2
    i have a 1997 motecarlo 3.1ltr i did a head job and all the push rods got mixed up!how do i know witch valve is intake and exhaust!because i know the pushrods are different lenths!i must of put them in the wrong valves because my oil light stays on even though its full of oil! and its knocking!! thank you ....
  • riversmanriversman Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    My 95 monte carlo the low coolant light starts flashing after the car warms up,I dont know what this means.Need help.Also is both cooling fans supposed run,because only the right one is running.
  • buckhorn61buckhorn61 Member Posts: 1
    My service engine soon light came on, pulled up the codes PO341 and PO420. If i change these sensors would this solve my problem so i can clear the light and get the IM on the car?
  • goodday8goodday8 Member Posts: 1
    How do I pull a code for a warning message
  • kingtechkingtech Member Posts: 1
    intake push rods are Short, exhaust push rods are Longer. take em all out and redo it. When you remove the pushrods for the next time get a box and draw a picture of the engine with the front and left and right sides, punch six holes in the box for the left and right sides and place each push rod in the hole as you take em out. :sick:
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