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Audi A6 Audio Questions

allagarooallagaroo Posts: 88
I have on order a '07 A6 3.2Q including the tech. package. Does the car come with the Sirius installed for a gratis trial period?



  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I believe if you opted for sat radio, you get a certain amount of time free. For BMW's it is a year. Not sure about other makers.

  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    3 months gratis for Audi
  • Dealer told me 9 mos free when I picked up my A6 in Nov.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Well mine went dead after 3 mos with a message to "subscribe"; when the AMI is available for ipod, I'm not sure I will keep Sirius. I think I would rather spend the money on itunes of my own personal taste.
  • After years of making my own playlists on CD's and other formats, I can state that Sirius (and I assume XM) blows the ipod away.

    Of course I like variety and songs I may not know popping up, the predictability of even 300 to 3000 songs stored simply gets to be like going to a restaurant that you've been to a 100 times. Even my favorite restaurant has a menu that doesn't change as often as my tastes. The nightly specials are great, but, alas even they jus' don't do it.

    I would think if Sat Radio survives financially AND can be accessed via a portable device that does not require "storage" that it could kill an ipod.

    Even with shuffle play (which is not really random) the limitations of even thousands and thousands of songs just is too predictable.

    Full disclosure, before I decided being poor wasn't too kool, I was a radio station program director -- my personal collection of "albums" exceeds 3,000 (thank you recording companies for the freebies all those many years.)

    The beauty of "radio" regardless of its broadcast origin is that it can be creative. Even my best programs, once repeated a few times, bore me.

    Sirius ain't perfect -- I have issue with it, in fact -- but it is the best I've heard in a moving vehicle.

    Of course, if, like my friend, you go to a restaurant and NEVER order something you've never had before, well, the ipod is a good choice.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Good comments; I agree with what you say. Paying Howard Stern $100 million up front makes me question the financial mgmt of Sirius. The ipod gives me enough playlist variations to keep the boredom away for a long time.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    for the win. Have them both. I'm really hoping Denison comes to market SOON with their products that work with the systems like Audi and BMW provide for ipod integration while allowing you to also connect your CD changer, USB devices, and MP3 players.

  • well in sirius' defense, i would have to say that they unlike XM have made a very good choice with paying howard that load of money. since he has come to sirius the subscriptions have risen drastically, and now with nascar coming to sirius as well this season, i am sure that subscriptions will continue to rise.. one side note on the howard issue, by paying him that much money he has brought two channels of content , he's brought on a group from florida by the name of bubba the love sponge show (basically a redneck version of howard), a sports guy by the name of scott ferrell, a guy that talks about aliens by the name of riley martin, song parody guy (red peters) and constantly developing new shows.. now look at XM who paid opra a whole crap load of money (if im not mistaken even more than sirius paid howard) and she is only actually on her show maybe 30min a week the rest of the time its all of her "friends" running the show. honestly in my opinion as a consumer who was trying to figure which sat service would be the better value and be around longer, i think it is XM who will be going away before too long. and for the person who brought up the portable sirius unit, yeah they have three portables now, one of which (the stiletto 100) is both a sat radio (the size of most cell phones) but also a mp3 player as well. it not only can pick up the service via the antenna in the headset but by wireless internet as well

    ok there is my 3cents worth lol...
  • Both Sirius and XM are bleeding cash. Due to having DirecTV at home and two cars with Sirius, I do have some reasonable experience with both, so here goes:

    Based on "how long" these guys can bleed cash, I would assume there may come a time when they will be forced to merge. Apparently the hurdle that was once thought to prevent such a "monopoly" can be overcome and unless subscriptions rise sharply, rates go up and/or costs are slashed, this may happen in the mid-term. $600 million in losses can soon add up to some real money.

    The holy grail, one would assume would be taking the iPod and sat radio and creating iRadio (or some better name) that would allow "on command" content, but from the satellite.

    Programming this while you are driving would be an issue, unless voice activated: "play [artist, song], play [artist, song]" somewhat like putting your coins in a juke box and picking the next few songs and then hearing them play.

    But programming an iPod is an in advance activity, too, so this should not be all that big of a deal, especially if you can go to the website and create your playlist and send it to YOUR serial number, kind of thing.

    It is technically possible (or soon will be) much like on-demand services for movies on cable TV, etc.

    Perhaps, too, an iPod - like unit (optional) could be purchased that, just like an iPod, would contain your Internet programmed playlist.

    The somewhat less than seamless radio, iPod interface of today could (and I suspect will) give way to "everything on demand -- or not," marrying the best of the iPod with the best of sat radio.

    Probably the European cars will offer this last or it will have "almost" all the capabilities turned on.

    And, knowing Audi, they'll do it later than the other guys.
  • i've had sirius for over a year now and love every bit of it, though while i am at work i am forced to listen to XM due to that is what they have piped into the building over all of the loud speakers, personally between the two i would rather have sirius, but that is just me.. i know that Xm is definantly struggling money wise (ie the 600mil loss you spoke of) though here is a little piece directly from sirius' website ..

    SIRIUS ended the third quarter with 5,119,308 subscribers, 135% above third quarter 2005 ending subscribers of 2,173,920. During the third quarter of 2006, SIRIUS added 441,101 net subscribers, a 23% increase over third quarter 2005 net subscriber additions of 359,294. For the fourth consecutive quarter, SIRIUS led the satellite radio industry in net subscriber additions, capturing a record 61% of total satellite radio net additions in the third quarter. SIRIUS added approximately 205,900 net subscribers from its retail channel and approximately 236,500 net subscribers from its automotive OEM channel during third quarter 2006.

    and that was just from 3rd quarter, in forth quarter they exceded the subscriber base that they projected howard stern would bring in by over 2million.. ending the year with over 6million suscribers.

    as for the "I-radio" sirius basically has that already with the stilleto 100, its a bit larger than an I-pod, but pretty much combines the best of both worlds with mp3 player and live sat radio, as well as being able to either record your favorite songs as you hear them on the radio, or record your favorite brodcasts (if memory serves me upto 40hours of recording) i think the next step would be for the auto makers to come up with an indash radio that does the same as well as still have an "aux" port for those who have an I-pod that they want to interface with it.

    i would have to agree with you on the merging of the two services, sure it would be a monopoly and what not but hell really would it be any different than all the cellular companies merging the way the keep doing?
  • Just bought the car used. CD cartridge does not eject from the changer. It is plugged in and I traced the wire as far as my arm would reach between fender and trunk wall. It appears to be OK. When I select CD mode on the system the LED says NO CD. Any takers? Anyone know which of the many, and I mean many fuses are for the CD changer? Are there any lights or other indicators at the changer to know it is receiving power?

  • a6drivera6driver Posts: 1
    Recentlhy I purchased a 2007 A6 with the iPod package. I access the iPod connector throught the glove compartment and see the docking station, but it is not a USB connection. How do I connect my iPod to the docking station?
  • I'm considering a new A6 Avant S-line, and haven't been able to answer a few questions. (I haven't asked the dealer--previous experience suggests it could be a waste of time, so apologies if this is all well known.)

    1. How does the S-line's suspension compare to the sportiest setting in cars with the adjustable suspension?

    2. Does the upgraded audio play DVD-Audio disks with full 5.1 surround?

    3. Do the wipers have an auto-on feature if it's raining, or a rain-sensitive sensor?

    4. Do the tail lights have any special features like LEDs or increased brightness when you stomp on the brakes?

    5. Does anyone know (or have a pointer to something that says) what the turning circle is of the Avant?

    Many thanks in advance for any help, and apologies if any of these have been covered previously.

  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    1&2: I don't know
    3: yes and yes
    4: they are LED, I'm not aware of them being any brighter if you stomp on them.
    5: I don't know but it should be standard info on the AOA website.

    Good luck, the avant's are real beauties...
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Since when does the Audi play DVD-audio discs?

    The air suspension, as far as I know, still uses springs, but there are four air bladders that can compress and decompress the springs (ride height lowers during compression and vice versa.)

    I was loaned two Q7s (for several days each time.) One had the air suspension. One did not. I also had an allroad for 3 years. I traded a 2001 A6 4.2 w/sport in on a 2003 allroad with the air suspension.

    This, then, is the only basis I have to comment. My impressions may or may not be correct in the context you suggest.

    The air suspension has a setting called dynamic (which seems to be the lowest of the four.) The ride height changes, the springs are more compressed, etc, as noted above.

    99% of the time, I just kept the air suspension set on the lowest (the most sporty.) This statement applies to both my allroad and the Q7 so equipped.

    Given a choice, here is what I would do:

    Go with the S-Line setting (and save the money on the air suspension.) I loved the air suspension, but rarely changed it from the most sporting level. I had zero technical issues with the suspension, but I assume it would be expensive to repair.

    The air suspension is not real time active.

    A technology called Magana Ride (Delphi) is, to me, much better since it can, in real time, alter the characteristics of the car.

    The audi 4 position air suspension is not a gimmick, however, it works and works well. It can be set in an automatic mode, defaulting to "comfort" and the faster the road speed, the lower the suspension is taken, the more the springs are compressed and the lower the CD of the car and the better the handling. But the change is not at all responsive in real time, it is reactive, slowly reactive, to road speed. There is no attempt to respond, for instance, to a twisty road, if the suspension compresses on a twisty road it seems to simply be based on the speed at which you are driving, not the body roll or nose dive or other real time situations.

    If you want a car that can be set to be comfortable or set for firmer ride and handling, it works. It is dynamic, as advertised. It is not an active system in the sense many of us would want.

    Indeed the unpowered dual diagonal hydraulic system first on the RS6 and now on the RS4 are, despite being unpowered, able to act more or less in real time -- stiffening the corner that would tend to exhibit "dive" and improving the cornering "attitude."

    The air suspension, as long as you are aware of its design characteristics is a good thing.

    If you are, however, expecting it to be an SLine suspension one instant and soft and comfortable the next, you will not be pleased.

    If you want the handling improvements of the Sline set up and would rarely change the air suspension from "dynamic" you would probably be better off, save your money and go with the fixed Sline set up.
  • Mark,

    Many thanks for the detailed answer to my question. On the suspension, that's what I was hoping.

    Re my question on DVD-Audio, I probably could have been more precise. It was in two parts: Does the enhanced audio (labeled "Surround Sound") play DVD-Audio disks? Does it play anything in 5.1 format (using, for example Dolby PLII). I couldn't find it on the web site, the dealer was clueless, but the Infiniti M uses a similar Bose upgrade which does play DVD-Audio disks.

    Appreciate all the help.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The premium sound system in the A6 is a BOSE system, at present. There are 13 speakers. Bass is good, but this is not the car's strong suit. The Infiniti and the Acura do play DVD-Audio disks. The Infiniti plays DVD-Video disks too while the car is in park with the emergency brake on.

    Audi's system will offer Surround Sound (front or rear) and the surround effect can be dialed in. This mode works ONLY on Sat Radio and CD's. On AM+FM, not at all.

    When you are in Sat Mode, you can bring up a setting for Normal, Surround Front or Surround Rear, if you select surround, you can "dial in" with the MMI the surround effect. It is real, it is subtle, it is in no way like adding fake echo or reverb.

    It is, without using the term Dolby Pro Logic II, probably an imitation of this. The surround effect is derived, presumably from the difference signals found in the stereo source.

    This is not discreet, that is. It also cannot play DTS disks and offers not other processing, e.g. THX. The system is at best an A-. Fidelity is good to very good with some disappointment vis a vis bass extension. It is good in this area -- the Infiniti it much much better, as is the Acura.

    The Audi system is "decent." It will not thrill you, but it will not make you grimmace, either.

    I usually give it an A-/B+ -- it is quite good based on what you feed it. Bass response can be improved slightly, but the downside is, the bass is not tight and if you try too hard, it gets muddy.

    The mid and highs are very good.

    This is the next to the best system, apparently, offered as a Premium system -- the Acura and Infiniti take the system to the next higher lever. Audi has teamed with B&O for high end, high buck sound, currently in the A8, and one would imagine coming soon to the A6, etc.
  • allagarooallagaroo Posts: 88
    With the surround sound setting somewhere I remember reading that the recommended setting is plus 75/25rear/ft.. I have it set to the right of normal in the middle. I don't hear much difference as I rotate the knob on Sirius or CD. Perhaps it is the sound source. Any recommendations or is it personal preference?

    BTW I am loving the car. A lot different than my '03 A6 2.7T. More luxury -less sport.
    Liked the engine and the steering feel better on the 2.7 but I am enjoying the smoothness and refinement of the'07 and, oh yes, the tech.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Using a CD that you know well, perhaps one of the DEMO CD's to this day used in high end audio shops, try the sound system in normal stereo mode and then in surround front and surround rear. Dial it in the same for your demo, over and over and over until you either poop out or find something you like.

    Here are some of the artists/types, that can show the surround effect to good advantage.

    Jennifer Warnes
    Donald Fagen
    A "familiar" (to you) Telarc classical CD
    Roger Waters
    Mannheim Steamroller
    Marc Antoine
    Chet Atkins
    Planet Drum
    Luka Bloom
    Cold Play
    Van Morrison
    Lots of selections from Planet Jazz
    Talking Heads
    Yes, Fragile

    And, I'm sure there are many more -- these are some of the ones that are demo'd at "high end" sound emporiums and seem to have "difference" signals that can be decoded and can be then turned into surround sound.

    I notice a "presence" in the surround modes that the stereo (normal) mode lacks. In normal mode, the bass is deeper, but can be muddy and there seems to be a lack of "openness" that materializes in one of the surround modes. I currently have settled on surround rear at +75% surround effect.

    This system needs a good sub woofer.

    Yet, overall, this is an excellent, if not quite top tier, system. Or, a good top tier system.

    After the Acura or Infiniti system, however, it does make one wonder if you really need to upgrade to the $8,000 B&O system. The BMW upgrades do seem to have some of the same issues that the Audi system has.

    In any case, even though it might seem otherwise, I am satisfied with the Audi BOSE system. But, I do listen to lots of Sirius Sat Radio, and there are limitations to its fidelity and dynamic range that even the best systems can only improve so much.
  • allagarooallagaroo Posts: 88
    Thanks for the terrific advice Mark. I'm enjoying the tech. features and busy setting up name tags etc. and learning how to use all the toys. Car is only with me 2 weeks.
  • chiradchirad Posts: 5
    I recently bought an '07 A6 with the tech package.
    I tried using the bluetooth but find i have really weak signal. Is there a way to get a stronger signal or should i place my phone in a certain area?
  • I just got back from the store my car ran fine. 10 min later I go to start the car and it is dead... Battery is great all lights, locks and work but it does not want to crank.. Can you give me a suggestion..
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    Don't know much about 1995 A5's (didn't even know they had them back then, as they are just new this coming year)...

    I've had that happen a few times and it was that I wasn't pressing down hard enough on the brake when trying to start the ignition... hopefully its something as simple as that...
  • Had Sirius installed in my 2006 A6. After a year, only one station from each category remains operative. I called Sirius and they resent the logon signal. Problem remains. Operator at Sirius thinks that it may be a radio setting (utilizing the rotary knob). I have spent hours attempting to rectify the problem. Has anyone experienced a similiar situation? I MISS CNBC. :cry:
  • What you need is a wire with both terminal ends the same as the terminal end of your ear phones your ear phones that plug into the I-Pod. Go to your local Radio Shack and tell them that's what you need. Be sure both male ends have the double copper rings. Each represents one side of stereo. They are usually sold at different lengths, and you can probably get by with the shortest (maybe 4 to 6 inches).
  • 1999 A6 Quattro - 96K miles, good condition, just had valve heads pulled, all new valves, valve guides, springs, heads machined, new water pump, new timing chain, and all related gaskets. Also had entire steering rackreplaced. I'm in MD which is no longer really snow country in the winter. What snow we have had, I purposefully put the car in situations some 4WD trucks and SUV's would have trouble with and this German beauty just walked a dog right through it.

    First problem is the work put into it in the past year costs more then what Kelly Blue Book calculates it is worth. Second problem is, it is daughter's car, she's still in college and not making the kind of money part time to keep gas in it and do upkeep, and I don't want to subsidize any longer.
  • I had a similar problem with my '05. Sirius kept saying that everything was right on their end but I did not believe them. I ended up taking to the dealership and they found the antenna was malfunctioning. They replaced it and everything has been A-OK since. (As a note, this will effect your Bluetooth setup as well so be prepared to have to learn your phone into the system again if programmed as such.)
  • ealazarusealazarus Posts: 23
    Hi everybody,

    I am probably the last person to buy an iPod (1 week ago) and I am hooked on the Podcasts.....

    My 2007 A6 has Sirius, MMI, Navigation.....but for the life of me I cannot find any type of 3.5mm, USB or any other obviously it needs some kind of iPod kit but where would it plug?

    Thank you

  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    I can't rememeber whether Audi started providing the ipod connector in 2007 or 2008. If the car has an ipod connector, it is on the CD player.
  • ealazarusealazarus Posts: 23
    Thank you for replying.

    There is no jack whatsoever on the 2007 in-glove compartment CD.......I did a full search yesterday.

    Yet, in the Booklets that come with the A6 is shows an add-on being plugged into the front of the they knew about it to write about it.

    Do the low frequency FM transmitters work? It may be more logical than to have to put your iPod in the glove compartment or driver with it open.

    Thank you

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