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jhknightjhknight Member Posts: 46
edited April 2014 in Dodge
I have yet to find an automatic carwash that is capable of cleaning the rear window, license plate area of the Caliber. Oftentimes a laser wash will scan the car and become confused by the chunky rear and incorrectly treat it as a sedan with a trunk, i.e. aiming the jets downward at the rear, and because of the spoiler the rear window does not get cleaned. most of the time automatic washes completely fail to get the rear end clean even leaving dirt on the rear bumper. Anyone else have this experience?


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    dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
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    bigtsrbigtsr Member Posts: 149
    You seem to embarass easily,most of the cars I have owned
    since 1968 (they were all new) all 15 of them did the same
    thing when going thru carwashes.
    Water driven against the hot radiator by the wash system
    is nothing to be upset about.
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    dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    Well some people like myself didn't own 15 cars and drive them through the carwashes to know this. I wasn't acting "girlish", but for the record, I am a girl.........
    I know about the STEAM, okay. But I have NOT experienced it ever until now. As for this 07 Dodge Caliber AWD R/T,
    it IS the first time that I have had one STEAM after a carwash. No biggy.........just got a lot of people looking at me like my car was on fire. THEY must have been people that didn't own 15 cars and experience STEAM after a carwash either, hey. I thought this forum was for ALL genders, regardless of how much they KNOW or don't KNOW.
    I was NOT upset about the STEAM.........But I am steaming about you talking down to me in front of other "men", etc. at this forum. Let this reply open your eyes to being a little less "I know everything here." I will be back..... ;)
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    bigtsrbigtsr Member Posts: 149
    First of all I didn't know you are a female,
    hard to tell from a post dodgeman6 signature.
    If you are upset sorry but I was just stating
    facts aquired from many years of driving many
    different cars in all sorts of circumstances.
    There a lot of male Caliber owners that don't
    have the knowledge base that some of women
    owners have,this is a gender neutral discusion
    that should stay that way,my beautiful lady
    (44 years married) read the post and thought
    it was neutral and fact based.
    Again sorry if I bent your day!!!
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    dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    Apology accepted. My husband of 32 yrs. read the post and he could see how you came off attacking my statement of being embarrassed. I guess we should focus on the CAR issues/comments instead of you and me picking up on how we
    used words to express our feelings/opinions. You should have stuck with giving me advice on the car and not how I reacted to steam coming from my engine. I knew it wasn't serious but it scared me the first time it happened. And,
    others gave me looks like I said before that told me they wondered what was going on with my car in the first place driving down the road with TONS of steam boiling from the engine. I tell ya, it was not just a lttle steam here.
    Anways, I am "into" my car, and know it well, but was surprised about the initial steam thing. I don't agree
    with your wife that it was fact based. I could have been if you didn't focus on my reaction to the steam thing, okay. Nowadays, women have to speak up to be noticed, and I do that. It even happens when a couple goes into buy a car lots of times. I take offense to MEN getting away with it.
    Your apology shows me that there are men out there that will admit when they messed up. Thank you for that. And, have a great day now, hey. :blush: :P
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    caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    I personally think he understood your reaction to the steam to be emotional possibly because of the use of caps, which means you're yelling and the use of emoticons. I don't think it was in reference to you being a female, I didn't know and I'm sure unless your handle is as obvious as mine you can't tell who's male or female by one post! ;) It doesn't really matter we're all car enthusiastic here to support and help answer each others questions.

    I think you're totally correct in your statement that it's best to stick to answering to the issues of the vehicle and not trying to assume anything from a post. It's so difficult to correctly convey a situation sometimes on a forum where tone and inflection can not be heard.
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    dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    I didn't know that CAPS meant yelling. That was taken wrong for sure. And the icons, I didn't see the tongue sticking out or I won't have picked that one either.
    I am a mature female with no raging hormones here. I just
    pushed it with you after I read your reply. I welcomed your insight to not fret over steam, but you went too far
    when you moved into my private space of assuming who I am
    in regards to over-reacting to steam in the first place.
    Your auto experience is welcomed, nothing else. Thank you.
    I am DONE with this continual chat that has nothing to do with my car. Have a good day, please.
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    caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    Oh shoot, it seems that my post didn't do as intended and move the discussion forward. I was just trying to say I didn't think that he wasn't trying to offend/attack/assume or anything else who you are it was just an observation to the nature of your post(being it was in caps and the use of a crying emoticon). Honestly I could have made the same mistake and personally I think if my engine was smoking I would be embarrassed too as it does make on lookers think your car is in a bad way. Basically I was just agreeing with you that it's always best to stay on topic and that this was mostly a misunderstanding.

    With that said let's drop this topic and move forward with relevant issues. :)
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    galvarezgalvarez Member Posts: 4
    GROW UP!! And yes I am YELLING!! We all have a common issue here and not a small one at that! The Caliber is a crap car!! We need to unite and figure something out. I've had to replace brakes multiple times, replace the transmission, replaced expensive parts associated with the AC unit, the cooler in the glove has never worked properly and now I am dealing with the shift on my automatic getting stuck and a warning light which I need to have looked into. All this in the 2 measley years I've owned this piece of [non-permissible content removed] car.
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    dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    I hope you are telling the HOST to grow up. I am going to assume that you are not attacking me, the one who posted the Caliber R/T tire and wheel issues on line at this site way back when. I hated that damn car. It was a total headache, and even at the simple carwash with steam pouring out after the wash. It probably was a common thing, but not to me. But my issues with this Cailber R/T went way out and beyond car wash steam. It included cupping tires on all fours, tire replacements with me having to pay 1/2 of it since the tire manf. and dealership argued back and forth until I was hit with half the costs for alignments too. This is crap. I got the car fixed up one last time, and SOLD the sucker back to the same dealership, and walked away with a 04 Pontiac Grand Prix Gt which is a kick [non-permissible content removed]
    car for dependability and looks and all. I am DONE with the Calibers. I didn't look back, and if you want peace like I gave myself................dump the car.
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    caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    I hope that isn't directed at either of us, as it'd be very silly for someone to tell me the grow up when I'm asking posters to remain mature and stay on topic. It's a bit counter productive. :shades:
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    dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    I agree. I guess people are just fed up with paying high prices for cars advertised to be worth it. I just had a bad experience with my Caliber R/T AWD. I am free of it. Instead of bitching, I say just sell it or live with it................
    I apologize for nothing though as far as maturity goes. Oh Brother should too, but chat/forum rage exists as well as road rage. I do appreciate the HOST for not getting all upset too, and kindly reminding me and others to remember that we are adults here.................Have a great Halloween 08.
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    bigtsrbigtsr Member Posts: 149
    This is great reading ladies keep up the good work,
    for a moment I thought I had made a wrong turn and
    ended up in the ladies washroom.lol
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    dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    Bigstr, you won't get a rise from me. What would be scary is having Palin for Presdient though, hey. lololololololo. Be sure to VOTE after using the washroom early in the morning of 11/4, hey people!! Only in the USA all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And, in a nutshell, sell your Caliber or live with it. It is a simple as that. :):) :shades:
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    bigtsrbigtsr Member Posts: 149
    I wasn't really baiting a hook with that comment I made it's just
    that sometimes posters don't see the humor in their comments.
    I am not in the US but we here see the side effects of the US
    elections as it influences our economy as well in that we are
    it's biggest trading partner.I think McCains attempt at
    influencing the womens vote with Palin is sad,somewhat like
    the way most of the women posters with problem cars are
    handled by a lot of crappy dealers.
    As far as my Caliber goes it's been 2-1/2 yrs of ownership
    with the same orig tires still on it,29 mpg city,33.6 mpg hiway US,
    free oil/filter changes every 3000 miles,original brakes and 1
    computer flash at my request so I am a happy camper.
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    dodgeman6dodgeman6 Member Posts: 42
    There is too much rage today for sure. And, this forum is to talk about our car.
    My car sucked, and from what I am reading many others are not happy about theirs. You must have got lucky!!
    On the political side, McCain made a huge mistake by adding Palin to his ticket. It will cost him the Presidency. And, if Palin runs in 2012 against Hilary Clinton, it will be a blood bath for her. All countries are hurting for sure, and the USA gets a bad rap at times because it is a super power in the lime light in most cases. One thing for sure, we will bounce back. I am for Obama 100%, as we need someone different, and he energizes people in a way like John F. Kennedy did. I was in London, England and Nurnberg, Germany in the past 5 months, and the people do not hate the Americans like many say. I hate no one either.
    Thanks for your input on the political issues facing us here in the USA. God Bless your and your country during this time of world unrest.
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