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Dodge Sprinter Tires & Wheels

bbird1bbird1 Posts: 8
Hi everyone

I have an 04 Sprinter cargo van 140" :)

I am running the new Firestone Transforce HT, has anyone else tried this tire. I may only see 40,000 miles :( . Need a higher mileage tire.

Have heard good things about the Michelin LTX/MS :) , but at $200.00 more a set tan the Firestones I better get over 60,000 miles


  • bbird1bbird1 Posts: 8
    I am running the Nokian winter tires :) , 7,000 miles so far and no sighns of wear. Has anyone put some serious mileage on these tires :confuse: . Hoping to get get over 40,000
  • bbird1bbird1 Posts: 8
    Anyone have some long lasting tires :) , I am talking 50,000+ miles. So far I have 11,000 miles on the Michelin LTX/MS 16" and no signs of wear ;)
  • I skipped out of northern maine before a flake fell. But I wonder how people have done in the snow with studded snow tires in winter conditions. Mine is a new 2500 140 WB. thanks,paul
  • I got stuck on flat ground on 1" of packed down snow in a parking lot. Stock LTX tires. It just took a little push to get momentum, but I'm still surprised at how easy it got stuck. I'm hoping the 4x4 or all-wheel drive models will be in the works for North America.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    that is a-typical behavior for a Sprinter... I have trudged around in pretty bad conditions including packed and loose and drifted snow, ice, sleet, re-frozen ice, etc. and the ESP/ASR/ASP/ei-ei-OH (alphabet soup) takes over and it just turns/runs/stops/starts straight and easy.

    Starting up my driveway from a dead stop is not so good, but as icy as it gets it isn't even easy to stand up on it in very good cold weather hiking boots. Starting up is always problematic without chains/studs as the (transmission multiplied) torque has a tendency to overpower traction.

    Yes, the Stock LTX tires are not optimum for snow, that is a given. As with all Anti-spin systems I have used so far, a little throttle goes faster than hitting it hard and fast as you can over-power its ability to decide how fast to start up. In a slow corner, then ESP also takes over and you will hear and feel the effects of wheel/brake interactions and the computer slows engine speed for near-zero acceleration.

    KenB :shades:
  • toddh2toddh2 Posts: 3
    I have yet to drive a sprinter in snow, but I always think of an old timer I met many years ago in colorado who said he could go anywhere in his old 2wd pickup with winter tires, lots of weight in the back, and posi-traction. Following his advice I too have had much luck with 2wd pickups in a snowy climate (montana) where almost everyone HAS to have 4wd. So it is no surprise that that a sprinter with the stock tires (without weight) would get stuck easily (even with the traction control).

    You know, most police cars in these parts are rear wheel drive (with good snow tires and all that crap they carry in the back!) ... further supporting my belief that the "need" for 4wd is a bit exaggerated.
  • WOW,
    Hello all. Just read through all of the previous posts. Just bought a 2004 140" standard roof last week. So far so GOOD. Can anyone from up in the snow lands tell me what might be a better snow tire than the stock tires? Might be moving to Washington State in a few months. Thanks
  • toddh2toddh2 Posts: 3
    Nokian makes fantastic snow tires (all seasons or either studded or studless winter tires...check out Blizzaks (firestone?) are also quite good (studless) especially in the first year or two when the tread is new. A good review of snow tires can be found if you google "snow tire FAQ".
  • You'll have to check and see if there are any RV tires that are made for snow. You can have studs put into just about any mud&snow tire. Be aware that you have to get high load rating tires for the Sprinter; which you may not find in stock at your local tire store.
  • Okay after hours of reading the owners manual and pushing and turning everything on the dash I really only have one other far. On the air condition/ rest/ heater booster button.....Is the heater booster an option?? Either the button is jammed or its not connected. The little lamp/ bulb is there but it doesn't illuminate....any thoughts???
  • I think the heater booster function is for heating the cab after the engine is turned off. It automatically turns itself off after 20-30 minutes. From what I understand, it runs the water pump to get hot water into the heater core to heat the cab, with the fan. It won't turn on with the motoe running or cold.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    1) top third is A/C
    2) middle third is heat/boost (push in once while running to heat up faster and maintain optimum heat in cold weather)
    3) bottom is REST (push once while NOT running and key off, to give heat/fresh air after stopping)

    heater boost adds heat until engine gets up to 185 F., then cycles to low speed and only boosts when engine temp falls off (only use below 41 F) Probably only need when idling below 35 F (maybe colder) or running in the teens or lower (*especially into a cold wind*).

    REST only works while the engine/key is off and adds residual heat from the engine to the cab (heater knob turned to HOT), or fresh air only if the knob is turned to cold. Run the auxillary water pump to circulate hot water in the heater core as neeed to use up the heat. Runs about 20-30 minutes as mentioned.

    KenB :shades:

    If you ever have the two vents on the top of the dash (either side of the radio) open, then those either get (ambient/cold) outside air, or cold inside air (prior to the heater core, but after the A/C coil).

    pushing air to the windshield is when you turn the directional knob pointing UP (AND) turning off all of the dash vents!!! Remember the two on top of the dash if you need hot air on the windshield, and close them too!!!
  • Heather booster is to warm up the engine quicker by heating up the coolant with diesel fuel. There are 3 options on heater booster: button on a/c switch, button on center console or top version is on the center console with programable feature. REST button is to keep inside of the cabin warm after engine is turn off.
  • bhmetbhmet Posts: 8
    I have a 2004 cab/chassis 3500 with a stakebed. The tires are Continental P195/70R15, load range 'D'. I am trying to replace 2 and I am getting 4 week lead time. Any one know why? Anyone know of similar tire from another mfr? :confuse: Bhmet
  • Try Bridgestone and quote C=commercial rating for load control weight ratio
  • sppspp Posts: 13
    I'm reading some posts regarding the poor performance of the sprinter stock tire in snow. I just drove in a snow/sleet situation in the northeast and I have never had a scarier ride. I've been driving for 38 years in all conditions in numerous types of vehicles. I have never felt more UNSAFE than today in my 2006 sprinter. It surprises me that previous posts have been relatively calm! Dodge corporation equipping this vehicle with these tires is nothing short of CRIMINAL!!! You are unsafe with these tires in the snow, PERIOD! I believe dodge should replace these tires. After all they had to expect that the sprinter would be used in snow, and we as consumers should feel safe in the vehicle in this day and age! What do you think?
  • sppspp Posts: 13
    Are you serious chrysler is in a heap of do do economically. their bean counters will not even entertain recalling and replacing unsafe tires on the sprinters. I'm sure their engineers knew of potential foul weather problems with the "stock" rubber! Maybe one of the engineers that monitors this site will be brave enough to come out from the cold and attest to the fact that chrysler knew that the sprinter would be unsafe in snow with the stock tire! Damn if they didn't test the vehichle in snow!!! If you own a sprinter and you drive or at least try to drive in snow or sleet you should be outraged. join me in protest and possible legal action to make others aware of chryslers negligence!
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    We had a very bad winter (compared to recent ones) here in Oklahoma and I got around great in my Sprinter (with stock rubber) until the snow turned to ICE and was just about too slick to stand up on.

    Every vehicle I have ever bought did NOT have stock tires even remotely optimum for extreames of weather (rain, snow, ice, mud). In fact, a great mud tire, although pretty good in snow is tragically bad in icy conditions and not all that great in the rain.

    SPP, which "stock" tire did your Sprinter come with? What year, size, model Sprinter do you have? We can see that you are concerned, now give us the details. Since you didn't name the tire manufacturer can we presume that you think the tires are OK for the purpose they WERE designed for?

    When you realized that the tires you had on your Sprinter did not match your driving needs, conditions, or habits what did you do about it? Go back to dealer, contact DC management, switch tires? What was the DODGE or DC response to you?

    Let us know your total experience, it would be appreciated.

    KenB :confuse:

    PS, the tire that is avaiable here in the USA and seems to satisfy many people for Snow and related conditions is the Bridgstone BLIZZAK model tire line. They won't hold their superior ice handling for the entire life of tread, so they may still be good for fair weather after their useful wintertime life is gone.

    PSS I am a former user of Bridgestone tires, and never have been associated with them professionaly.
  • sppspp Posts: 13

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. my sprinter is a 2007 med. wheelbase high roof. The tires on my sprinter are Michlien ltx a/s ct225/75 r16. Absolutely worthless in the snow or light granular ice. I have approx. 16k on the vehichle and can guarantee you that the selling dealership, Lee dodge of commack ny would not even entertain any request to change these tires. I'm having trouble with both the dealership and dodge customer care ( all I hear is that this is an internal matter and I may or not hear back from anyone) to replace a broken switch that controls the interior wall lights from the rear double doors.
  • 2000_valk2000_valk Posts: 67
    How much are you paying at the pump. Here in michigan it went from 259.9 to 299.9 almost over night. The highest I have seen it 313.9. Yikes, What is it in your state. Tom :mad: :cry:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    I agree with the dealer problems... these customer service problems are like a plague on the brand...

    My dealer in OKC, Oklahoma is likely to be removed from 5-Star and Sprinter Dealer status very soon, leaving just about NO ONE to do warranty work in the entire central Oklahoma area!

    I plan to start using a Mercedes shop as soon as the warranty is out (local non-factory MB shop).


    PS, check out the Bridgestone Bilzzaks for the Sprinter they really do look great for the application, including bad weather driving.
  • cornjoliocornjolio Posts: 5
    I have an 04 3500 with a harbor utility body. The 15" tires (195 vanco) apear as tinny doughnuts beneath my truck. Anybody gone to a much bigger tire? Problems? I may have 7 or 8 (one completly new) tires to get rid of without the 4 week lead time..(I went through that too!). Also I live where there is snow..(Iowa) any luck with the Blizzak line?

    I have had lots of dealer problems too! I don't think I will go there if there is any possible way around them. Thanks for this forum..big help.
  • 2000_valk2000_valk Posts: 67
    Looks like a trip to the tire store. I have 78k one the original. I still have some good tread, But why chance anything. Any suggestions out there. Im in mich. I do 60/40 freeway and around town. Any tips, Thanks, Tom :shades:
  • When my '08 Sprinter shows up with the factory aluminum wheels I plan on sending them to SoCal to get plated. The going rate is $125 per wheel (anything 17" or smaller) plus freight. Has anyone had this done or for that matter, has anyone ordered these wheels from the factory? :shades:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Personally I am still leaning toward Bridgestone Blizzak's,
    Otherwise, Bridgestone Duelers (if rated for the load) with enough tread profile to do some good in mud/snow (more than the H/L model Dueler). &Make=DODGE&Model=Sprinter+2500+w%2fCommercial+Tires+Only+(Std+Size)

    KenB ;)
  • Hey I used the firestone Winterforce tires in a 215-70-15 in the back... dualies, and they worked great. Not 8 ply but I dont have a big load and I have four in the back right? The front I left stock for now.... any Ideas for them or to get an extra set of rims? peace, Paul
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 859
    Because this vehicle was designed in Europe, it has some peculiar tire requirements.

    The vehicle either comes with LT tires or C tires (the European equivalent of LT tires.)

    If you have the 15", they are C type.

    In either case you should not use passenger car tires on it.

    Be sure you get the right kind. They need to be capable of at least 65 psi. (There is one version of this truck that is going to require 80 psi.)
  • I just went to a tire website. they suggested 4 snow tires. I have never heard of putting snow tires on the front of a rear wheel drive vehicle.
    can anyone tell me their opinion.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    The tires all have to match or the computer will turn on limp mode due to differential speeds of tires.

    Sprinter turning radius gives a challenge to tires due to turn-in radius and the added traction is a great thing for the fronts as well as the rears.

    Finally, the ASR/ESP/Antilock Brakes all work better with traction all around. In slippery conditions, these systems work together with alternating braking, acceleration, engine retardation, etc. to make turns and maneuvers safer.

    All in all, it is recommended to match tires on a Sprinter, even though it is rear wheel drive only in the USA.

    KenB ;)
  • Hi ken<

    What would Limp mode look like? I am running larger tires on the back duelies. They are passenger snow tires rated at 45 psi. I run 42 cold and get good wear, handling, and with my light loads and four tires I personally have no worries . Is there somethiong I am missing? P.S. I ran the snows through the summer since last year or 30,000+ miles. the only problem is that the cruise control doesnt work over 45 mph...
    Thanks For your input Paul
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